This *INSANE* Alpha Pack Opening Took 2 Years To Make...


This is the ULTIMATE Alpha Pack Opening, this Rainbow Six Siege Montage is all about the pain of duplicates when opening these forbidden packs....
I just wish I made another Aruni or Tachanka Rework video instead...
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🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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  • مموت احمدی نژاد
    مموت احمدی نژاد23 godzin temu

    Nice 😂

  • Zad1m
    Zad1mDzień temu

    i think that the only problem there was that HE ALREADY GOT ALMOST ALL SKINS FROM THE GAME

  • Simon Sykora
    Simon SykoraDzień temu

    Spider web: 🤩🤩 Jager logo:😐😐

  • nokisgp
    nokisgp2 dni temu

    How did it take 2 years to go its 24 minutes worth of a video

  • Kermit de_Frog
    Kermit de_Frog2 dni temu

    What is the song at 5:35?

  • Young dizz stomach
    Young dizz stomach3 dni temu

    It’s so satisfying seeing his renown going up after getting so many dupes

  • Juice Valoushe BR
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  • Zaxrec
    Zaxrec4 dni temu

    Hello everybhodi

  • Powercathat
    Powercathat4 dni temu

    2 years for a 24 minute video

  • Raven Bloodrose
    Raven Bloodrose4 dni temu

    I have all the ops and I don't buy alpha packs so I'm close to getting the diamond skin... Three mother f*ing times over

  • Príscíllá Hálf-Brééd
    Príscíllá Hálf-Brééd4 dni temu

    I’m trying to figure out that song right before crab rave pops on, as soon as he says diamond BOSG

  • wasd wasd
    wasd wasd5 dni temu

    *cues atomic amnesia*

  • Dennis K
    Dennis K6 dni temu

    why :-(

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    ภัทรดร ไชยาวรรณ6 dni temu

    Yee and E

  • Folded
    Folded6 dni temu

    Realization (pause) 9:23

  • Elias Cimen
    Elias Cimen6 dni temu

    The donkey King music makes it funny 22:55

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  • Jac._.k
    Jac._.k7 dni temu

    This man must have the best self control ever

  • IcezyKun
    IcezyKun7 dni temu

    Am I the one waiting to hear that guy attempt on every Liberté?

  • Prypiat Shadow
    Prypiat Shadow7 dni temu

    So let me get this straight: Out of 999 Packs, You got 715 duplicates? Anybody See a problem? Im fucking waiting till the EU finnaly passes the anti-onlinegambling act so we dont have to get this shit.

  • Sqwishey
    Sqwishey7 dni temu

    how the hell did he guess non duplicate headgear

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    THEOTANQUE JOGA11 dni temu

    4:00 Brasil

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    Christophe grelet11 dni temu

    hello I am a resident of France and your French is really good

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    Robyn Kolos11 dni temu

    All I hear is dupes

  • Nicholas Satrya Johan
    Nicholas Satrya Johan11 dni temu

    you just made my day :D

  • Ayaan K
    Ayaan K12 dni temu

    i just started r6s and i opened my first epic pack and it was a mp7 black ice and my bro was like HOWWW

  • nicolas aguirre
    nicolas aguirre12 dni temu

    Love your pacience, i cant wait to open a pack

  • FBI
    FBI12 dni temu

    8:45 I died laughing here

  • Xinctify
    Xinctify12 dni temu

    Back when I played r6 for a little maybe like a week or so, I was playing with my friends and I had a pack a to open and I got a black ice for the ace gun. I didnt know what it was, but he told me it was a very good gun camp. So later on that day I opened another pack and got another black ice. Probaly my best luck ever.

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  • ChiefB_RadGrant
    ChiefB_RadGrant12 dni temu

    I wasnt ready for the Viva Pinyata audio

  • Jesus Barrios
    Jesus Barrios13 dni temu

    The amount of butty the legendary skins are sometimes, most of them look like commons

  • Dark Phoenix
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  • TheLadVoidz
    TheLadVoidz13 dni temu

    16:39 i respect the music choice

  • exaltedlmao
    exaltedlmao13 dni temu

    I've never laughed so much at an opening video until now 🤣🤣

  • Zaynox
    Zaynox13 dni temu

    The skin liberté it is the flag french

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  • Michael Liu

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    IKON-RAYDYT A&G videos13 dni temu

    Y'all check out my amazing drop shot in rainbow six siege on my channel!

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    HK Police,oh~gg😂

  • Alek Garneau
    Alek Garneau14 dni temu

    13:47 pass

  • Linkon hargreaves towers
    Linkon hargreaves towers14 dni temu

    if someone can count how many dupes he got i applaud you

  • 5ubzi


    14 dni temu

    its in the bottom left of the vid lol

  • Yes Box
    Yes Box15 dni temu

    Tjenare behöver du en Editor om du behöver det så når du mig via discord: Razmuu#7061

  • Forcoolbr
    Forcoolbr15 dni temu

    My first legendary was aquamarine for Kali

  • Nathan Mrdjenovic
    Nathan Mrdjenovic15 dni temu

    All black ice weapon skins 2:05 3:33 5:01 9:36 10:01 10:07 10:21 10:29 11:16 12:01 13:08 14:31 15:01 17:34 18:07 18:37 18:43 19:50 20:58 22:11 22:15 23:12 Your welcome hope this helps.

  • Vesperal Fingers
    Vesperal Fingers15 dni temu

    First legendary skin i've ever got was that one 20:35 So you have no right to complain about your skins EVER

  • Lukas79
    Lukas7915 dni temu

    The theme song from crash bandicoot😂😂😂😂

  • SirZero
    SirZero15 dni temu

    6:12 Fuka you

  • Fóka
    Fóka15 dni temu

    16:04 "Its sounds like madmadagaskar"

  • gamerbo3 yt
    gamerbo3 yt15 dni temu

    i just got insided on a dino game ;(

  • noisygab
    noisygab16 dni temu

    can you give me your renown im saving up for diamond

  • Aceplayz Gaming
    Aceplayz Gaming16 dni temu

    Is aquamarine kali skin rare?

  • Nighto R6S
    Nighto R6S16 dni temu

    Hello I am french and love you guys !!!!!!

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    U cant open 1000 packs and not expect dupes😂

  • Pimpek _j
    Pimpek _j16 dni temu

    When u open Theo alfa pack i open 1 and i drop Black ice

  • mruczeus
    mruczeus17 dni temu

    Hello! I have a question. Why You don't like Duplicates? It's free points

  • Kyah Gordon
    Kyah Gordon17 dni temu

    Bro 12:15 had me dying 🤣

  • I·L·N
    I·L·N17 dni temu

    Im french and he did the "liberté" really good at 13:45 😂

  • galbin 57
    galbin 5717 dni temu

    13:44 yes liberté I'm french

  • Rick Roll
    Rick Roll18 dni temu

    Was I hearing dk jungle music ?

  • gingerr
    gingerr18 dni temu

    OH MUFFIN CAKES, this had me laughing 🤣

  • Jake Anonymous
    Jake Anonymous19 dni temu

    I remember getting a purple alpha pack and was soooo hyped for black ice.... but got toilet paper. I felt that when it happened to you

  • Guillaume Paré
    Guillaume Paré19 dni temu

    13:48 yes you did pass.

  • Taoufik Ghourbani
    Taoufik Ghourbani19 dni temu

    Seeing them trying to pronounce french names for skins like liberté and fleur de lys is so funny since im french

  • Syd Rutherford
    Syd Rutherford19 dni temu

    Is it just me that sees that he is level 300+ and he isn’t in a league

  • KaiAteYourPie
    KaiAteYourPie19 dni temu

    What if the footage corrupted :(

  • Daniel H. Bretzke Mueller
    Daniel H. Bretzke Mueller19 dni temu

    13:46 yes he passed

  • Bradley Lloyd
    Bradley Lloyd20 dni temu

    did anyone recognise the pokemon mystery dungeon theme in the background lol

  • Martin
    Martin20 dni temu

    As a French I must say that you passed French class at 13:45

  • Koal Masson
    Koal Masson20 dni temu

    imagine if marley had your black ice luck

  • AyD Adopted
    AyD Adopted20 dni temu

    if it makes you feel better im level 130 and ive only ever pulled two legendaries and they both suck

  • mohawksniper79
    mohawksniper7920 dni temu

    Toilet paper charm was my favorite 😎👍

  • AL Rahmani
    AL Rahmani20 dni temu

    what font are you using for thanks for watching outro

    M.R BANDITO MASLINA21 dzień temu


    M.R BANDITO MASLINA21 dzień temu

    Jojo six sprintell Flow SwiftKey SwiftKey 1

    M.R BANDITO MASLINA21 dzień temu

    Жека Я не так уж и плохо чувствую себя в как то не

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    hexagons are the bestagons

  • crxsz blxdez
    crxsz blxdez21 dzień temu

    bodhi: Alight boiiis ???: _its gonna be a duplicate_ Bodhi: FUCK OFF

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    Niskiq Demon22 dni temu

    how you sell the items

  • Svinx is God
    Svinx is God22 dni temu

    Video corrupts

  • Ant
    Ant22 dni temu

    Imagine being that guy who made a skin which you said sucks lol

  • Casey Thul
    Casey Thul23 dni temu

    You gained 565,155 Renown just from dups

  • Dokzz
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    this is more of an alpha pack re-opening

  • 北格horny
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    open bags to get RICH HAPPY DUP :D LMAOO

  • Shark boy3581 On xbox
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    Omg bruh how u not break from not opening from those packs for so long

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    I couldn't even bring myself to keep save 1 alpha pack

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    For every duplicate, take a shot.

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  • Mavi Avila
    Mavi Avila25 dni temu

    i started three days ago, the only skins i got off the packs are black ices somehow

  • Nek 0
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    I love your accents french 😂😂😂