The Truth About Steve & Jean-Ralphio


Ben Schwartz, who played Jean-Ralphio Saperstein in "Parks and Recreation" and Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harrington in "Stranger Things" sit down with Entertainment Tonight's Nischelle Turner to address the popular Internet theory that Steve is Jean-Ralphio's father.
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  • Fun with DIGLETT!
    Fun with DIGLETT!2 dni temu


  • Realsrachels •
    Realsrachels •10 dni temu

    That means Ben had joey wen he was 11 with someone lmao

  • Samaira
    Samaira11 dni temu

    so like we are just gonna pretend that andrew garfield does not exist

  • Tom Bystander
    Tom Bystander11 dni temu

    Ben schwartz has an ugly name but a beautiful soul

  • stuped stuff
    stuped stuff15 dni temu

    I’m here cause of mike

  • Dylan Pritchard
    Dylan PritchardMiesiąc temu

    *in harmony* “MP3 copied onto vinyl” 😂😂😂

  • 82jp
    82jpMiesiąc temu

    That they rehearsed something like this increases my respect for both actors

  • jaylecia davila
    jaylecia davilaMiesiąc temu

    this will never not be adorable. LOL

  • Chmm
    ChmmMiesiąc temu

    we live in a society.

  • Stephen
    StephenMiesiąc temu

    So he has just about the worst genes. He produced the saperstiens

  • Mina Chung
    Mina ChungMiesiąc temu

    Joe’s jump at 4:31 🦘

  • cccaarrrlliinnaa
    cccaarrrlliinnaaMiesiąc temu

    i just.....ok

  • call.meh.ruby. XD
    call.meh.ruby. XDMiesiąc temu

    St 1: die joe keery St 2: he kinda hot St 3: can you be my 2nd mom

  • Jack Hamilton
    Jack HamiltonMiesiąc temu

    Anyone else think Ben Schwartz looks like Michael Imperioli?

  • Felila Privada
    Felila PrivadaMiesiąc temu

    omigod this is a thing

  • lil pookie
    lil pookie2 miesięcy temu

    this is the best video ive ever seen

  • Dorsey Clmxn
    Dorsey Clmxn2 miesięcy temu

    simple i see joe keery i click.

  • Gabe Putthoff
    Gabe Putthoff2 miesięcy temu

    Imagine Joe keery, Ben Schwartz, and Andrew Garfield in the same room

  • Eggs, For breakfast?
    Eggs, For breakfast?2 miesięcy temu

    What if they’re brothers

  • zubná_ pasta
    zubná_ pasta2 miesięcy temu

    Another Steve's kid?

  • lol z
    lol z2 miesięcy temu

    i love this video sm

  • NRN Ehigie
    NRN Ehigie2 miesięcy temu

    This is offensive to Henry winkler

  • Penelope Lopelopelope
    Penelope Lopelopelope2 miesięcy temu

    No joke but I dated a guy looks exactly like both of them I am so confused now

  • Findley McRae
    Findley McRae2 miesięcy temu

    Well Steve would be in his 40’s and Jean Ralphio’s dad is played by Henry Winkler who is a bit older. It’s close but I don’t think so.

  • Gretel
    Gretel3 miesięcy temu

    plot twist: ben is joel keeny

  • Kathleen Nelson
    Kathleen Nelson3 miesięcy temu

    The synchrony tho

  • Rae Elaine
    Rae Elaine3 miesięcy temu

    this is still literally my favorite video i’ve ever seen, this and ryan reynolds and jake gyllenhaals wired autocomplete interview

  • Mahky V
    Mahky V3 miesięcy temu

    Andrew Garfield should've been here too

  • assbrass
    assbrass3 miesięcy temu


  • Samantha Quirante
    Samantha Quirante3 miesięcy temu

    He was born to be mama steve

  • sylroma
    sylroma3 miesięcy temu

    Wouldn’t it be cool if that guy was in a tv show and he was a single mum with 7 children? Damn they should make that a serious

  • Emma Doster
    Emma Doster3 miesięcy temu

    im back again

  • Finn WolfHard
    Finn WolfHard3 miesięcy temu

    Ben Schwartz is the guy who played sonic the hedgehog

  • Masterjediofcoruscant0515
    Masterjediofcoruscant05153 miesięcy temu

    So.......... is Steve Dr.Saperstein?

  • Sharmistha Sodha
    Sharmistha Sodha3 miesięcy temu

    4:31 that jump 😹😹

  • artistic persona
    artistic persona4 miesięcy temu

    Both of them are so great actors and they are very similar and i love them both

  • wonderspace90
    wonderspace904 miesięcy temu

    Here I am among the viewers but I have not seen either show.

  • Capsuletrack7 Slim
    Capsuletrack7 Slim5 miesięcy temu

    The best crossover does not exist. Wait what

  • igor ; me
    igor ; me5 miesięcy temu

    😌Wow nice exercise😌🖖➡1:04 to 1:10

  • Hannah Enloe
    Hannah Enloe5 miesięcy temu

    I JUST watched the video where David Harbour plays Eleven and whenever they ask where he got his clothes he says he made them. Is I This is there contracts?

  • Azin Ahammed
    Azin Ahammed5 miesięcy temu

    This comment section is ruined

  • Michelle Cartwright Bruckner
    Michelle Cartwright Bruckner5 miesięcy temu

    who are the dumb ass 1000- people down voting this awesomeness???

  • theUltimateBadass146
    theUltimateBadass1466 miesięcy temu


  • Merle Ginsberg Official
    Merle Ginsberg Official6 miesięcy temu

    Oh my god if this was a porn I’d never watch anything else

  • Evan Moss
    Evan Moss6 miesięcy temu

    LOL !

  • Maya Kadan
    Maya Kadan6 miesięcy temu

    So Steve becomes a doctor

  • lexi lo
    lexi lo6 miesięcy temu

    ok but I think it’s switched

  • Maria Therese
    Maria Therese6 miesięcy temu

    Eh, they're not quite the same...Steve's a tad handsomer. 😉

  • Anne Hocque
    Anne Hocque6 miesięcy temu

    Jean Ralphio is like a love child of Steve and JD from scrubs

  • Carly Philpott
    Carly Philpott7 miesięcy temu

    if steve is jean-ralphio's father then he's also mona lisa's father because they look so much alike

  • Glynn Beatty
    Glynn Beatty7 miesięcy temu

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who thought this

  • Gabriela Rivera
    Gabriela Rivera7 miesięcy temu

    Steve is a doctor

  • Brianna D
    Brianna D7 miesięcy temu

    Instead of that being his father what if jean ralphio is Steve but he changed his name after all the upside down stuff happened. And needed to get away from the craziness of Hawkins. Obviously it’s just a random theory but it would be funny if they ended up putting them together on one of the shows 🤣

  • Dalia Díaz
    Dalia Díaz7 miesięcy temu


  • simplykennyp
    simplykennyp7 miesięcy temu

    no steve is mom

  • Hannah McLeod
    Hannah McLeod7 miesięcy temu

    Steve has now adopted his 6th child. They grow up so fast :')

  • Lucy Rattner
    Lucy Rattner7 miesięcy temu

    ben and joe are hilarious in this skit, as expected, but i think nischelle is the champ for her impeccable comedic timing

  • HendrixRipoff
    HendrixRipoff7 miesięcy temu

    Does he really not know how to make a fist?

  • Wolfpack Productions
    Wolfpack Productions7 miesięcy temu

    Wait, doesn’t jean ralphio have an actual father in the show

  • Jaden Dodd
    Jaden Dodd7 miesięcy temu


  • Joey FL
    Joey FL7 miesięcy temu

    Joe Keery gets more handsome every day

  • Miguel Angel Guzman Figueroa
    Miguel Angel Guzman Figueroa7 miesięcy temu

    What a great father

  • Marcus
    Marcus7 miesięcy temu

    his dads name is al

  • Suhaani Shrivastava
    Suhaani Shrivastava7 miesięcy temu

    I was just hella confused when I watched this video cause I was drunk😂

  • Hayden Goldsamt
    Hayden Goldsamt7 miesięcy temu

    Jean Ralphios dad is in parks and rec

  • Stephen Blakely
    Stephen Blakely8 miesięcy temu

    Are we then lead to believe that Steve became a dentist and now looks like Henry Winkler

  • Lillyan Soliz
    Lillyan Soliz8 miesięcy temu

    Joe and Ben act like the popular twins in a high school

  • Natalie
    Natalie8 miesięcy temu

    OH that makes sense they're brothers

  • David Qvarford
    David Qvarford8 miesięcy temu

    yea but you meet Jean-Ralphio's father in the show

  • Peter, god of suits
    Peter, god of suits8 miesięcy temu

    So, who is supposed to be Andrew Garfield ? Wait...

  • Luke Schoberg
    Luke Schoberg8 miesięcy temu

    it’s like when you look into the mirror and try to have a different reflcetion

  • Kiley McDonnel
    Kiley McDonnel8 miesięcy temu

    This looks like some shit I’ve done in my theatre class😂

  • sonic Obsessions
    sonic Obsessions8 miesięcy temu

    Is JoE KeErY PrEGnAnT

  • Firman Christian Sianturi
    Firman Christian Sianturi8 miesięcy temu

    So Joe Keery is gonna be Henry Winkler?

  • Maanya Pagare
    Maanya Pagare8 miesięcy temu

    So basically no one will talk about how the thought of Steve and Jean-Ralphio meeting was in our subconscious and James Corden made it come true?

  • Ya Boy
    Ya Boy8 miesięcy temu

    jean ralphio's father is the fonz..

  • Inbal Plaut
    Inbal Plaut8 miesięcy temu

    i hate that everybody here comment on steve/joe instead of jean ralphio/ben

  • Sylvia Twedt
    Sylvia Twedt8 miesięcy temu

    What about Mona Lisa saperstein?

  • dumratz
    dumratz8 miesięcy temu

    who wore it best? joe keery no question

    MILENA OLIVARES8 miesięcy temu

    Teory Steve is Jean-Ralphios father Me: DoEs StEvE gEt MaRy

  • Legend of Oxsomeox
    Legend of Oxsomeox8 miesięcy temu

    ah man i cant wait to see in season 4 him and his son killing a demo with a bat then chilling on the couch

  • drakey much
    drakey much9 miesięcy temu

    04:20 they're look like married couple loll

  • Kepno 3
    Kepno 39 miesięcy temu

    You see Jean-Ralphio's father, played by Henry Winkler, this is just any fan's excuse to make Steve be Fonzie

  • Federico Cejas
    Federico Cejas9 miesięcy temu

    I saw earlier an interview with Rob Lowe saying that maybe Billy from stranger things was inspired in his character from "St. Elmo's fire"... and now I'm thinking that Chris is LITERALLY Billy. Finally all makes sense!!!!

  • Rochelle Lobo
    Rochelle Lobo9 miesięcy temu

    "Ahoy" "We're the beesssttt"

  • Cassandra Frost
    Cassandra Frost9 miesięcy temu

    I need Aunt Mona Lisa here, just to be sure

  • Cassandra Frost
    Cassandra Frost9 miesięcy temu

    Aw yes, my husbands.

  • Mr Fudge
    Mr Fudge9 miesięcy temu

    I broke when she said, "Ben, your older then Joe"

  • TOProductions
    TOProductions9 miesięcy temu

    I like to imagine that this isn’t scripted

  • LegoLoos2006
    LegoLoos20069 miesięcy temu

    I legit thought it was a green screen clone, could have sworn they were the same person.

  • Kenan Sengul
    Kenan Sengul9 miesięcy temu

    What jean ralphios dad is in the show and his name isn’t even Steve

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia9 miesięcy temu

    “You like to do the Bill Clinton thing too!?” Lololol

  • Melissa Ferrell
    Melissa Ferrell9 miesięcy temu

    “Benny schwa is a beast in the sack” - Ben Schwartz

  • Pain
    Pain9 miesięcy temu


  • alicedotcom
    alicedotcom10 miesięcy temu

    i clicked this thinking they were real life brothers and being like, WTH

  • Gavin Parker
    Gavin Parker10 miesięcy temu

    People still like cordon?

  • Kevin Malone
    Kevin Malone10 miesięcy temu

    Technically I’m hOmElEsS

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez10 miesięcy temu

    Is it just me who's thinking "Who wears a green shirt under a red and blue flannel/button-up?"

  • Rebecca Rich
    Rebecca Rich10 miesięcy temu

    What in the world did I just watch

  • Justking05
    Justking0510 miesięcy temu

    “You guys realize this is impossible right” Steve: tHiS hAs To WaIt