Potassium Metal From Bananas!

I extract pure potassium metal from ordinary fruit.
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  • Gold Fish
    Gold Fish8 godzin temu

    "I will be turning the bananas to ash" is a sentence that no god, merciful or otherwise, intended anyone to say.

  • elephantwalker smith
    elephantwalker smith12 godzin temu


  • ak101farhan
    ak101farhan12 godzin temu

    What happened to iron ?

  • crispee nug
    crispee nug13 godzin temu

    Excellent sound design tips for those who need glassy sounds but don't want to break a ton of glass in their studios lol

  • elfbiter
    elfbiter14 godzin temu

    There is old joke about supposed diet of ice hockey players eating banana peels...

  • Tiger Toxins
    Tiger Toxins16 godzin temu

    I tried this experiment when I was in high school, on my own. Never finished it, of course, I got to the point where I added calcium hydroxide to get sodium hydroxide but the drying residue was near nowhere enough, so I gave up from there. I still have that tertiary butanol left..

    Steve CUDDZILLA19 godzin temu

    Absolutely amazing process. Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

  • Daniel Firdaus
    Daniel FirdausDzień temu

    This is why I used to love chemistry class

  • Weston Prather
    Weston PratherDzień temu

    Your videos need to be way more popular and deserves so much more exposure. You are easily one of the best most widely varied scientist PLcliprs I’ve watched over the years, you and Nile Red. Awesome content as always Cody! Love going back and watching and rewatching your older videos!

  • Weston Prather
    Weston PratherDzień temu

    I’ve only ever eaten the peel of a banana a handful of times, not the most pleasant eating experience, but I’ve had worse. Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky was probably the worst. Way too hot for normal human consumption, perfect for masochists though.

  • Weston Prather
    Weston PratherDzień temu

    God, my science teachers all throughout my schooling should’ve just shown your videos (granted they’d need a time machine) because they all sucked, except for you, Mr. Vandergrift!

  • Weston Prather
    Weston PratherDzień temu

    1:21 KITTY GET YOUR BUTT AWAY FROM THE BANANA Wow I didn’t think that I would say that sentence or anything close to it when I woke up this morning. I miss my cat.

  • Greg Robinson
    Greg RobinsonDzień temu

    Coming soon: Extracting truth from the teeth of politicians.

  • zeake13
    zeake13Dzień temu

    That was awesome and it makes me feel like an idiot. Seriously only a smart guy can make this kind of thing happen. I am not that guy. I am a good business guy though. . . .LOL

  • Freddy Russell
    Freddy RussellDzień temu

    I find it interesting that the entire time of condensing that water has no effect on the potassium but once in metal form it is highly reactive. Great video.

  • AlGoreRhythm
    AlGoreRhythmDzień temu

    Me, at the grocery store in about 10 minutes: "I require all of your expired bananas"

  • Alex Morrison
    Alex Morrison2 dni temu

    I imagine if he was in breaking bad it would be codys drug lab.

  • Rio Bank
    Rio Bank2 dni temu

    Duh. It's only radioactive because, your changing the chemicals make of it....stick a Giga Counter on a Banana. You get no radioactive

  • Lünkel


    Dzień temu

    That's not how this works, chemical processes don't mess with nuclei so they can't make non-radioactive substances radioactive. The potassium is just a lot less concentrated in a banana.

  • Rio Bank

    Rio Bank

    2 dni temu


  • William Mueller
    William Mueller2 dni temu

    Is this the Canadian version of Breaking Bad?

  • William Mueller
    William Mueller2 dni temu

    what is he trying to prove. Life in Canada is so boring you need to do useless experiments to kill time? Got to kill 8 months of winter somehow. Why doesn't he just play and watch hockey.

  • Billybob Jones
    Billybob Jones3 dni temu

    Every year that you grow a crop on the same land, the mineral and vitamin content will slowly decrease as they no longer and haven't done for years allowed a plot to rest, continuous crops year in and out will end with either fruit that is of no value to us or the plants will lower the amount of fruit it produces to try and keep the required vitamins and minerals that it thinks is needed, even though the fruit no longer has seeds in it. It's also why a piece of fruit when I was young had over nine to fifteen times the vitamins and minerals they have today. It will only get worse over time and is why what the amount of vitamins and minerals stated don't now match what they did when that test was done.

  • behemoth asmodeus
    behemoth asmodeus3 dni temu

    this content makes me crave banana i fckin love those bananas why?!!!!

  • Moisty Mime
    Moisty Mime3 dni temu

    So this is how they figure out how much “stuff” is in our food ?

  • Hing Yee
    Hing Yee3 dni temu

    Thanks ! Bang ! Bang !

  • John Morrison
    John Morrison3 dni temu

    eat the peels for more potassium OR... Pig out on dried bananas and use the peels for potassium metal :)

  • David Griffith
    David Griffith3 dni temu

    Why is he in snow? Why not in Spring?

  • HardTekBen
    HardTekBen3 dni temu

    fuck yeah give this man a like

  • Laura Edwards
    Laura Edwards3 dni temu

    Why is no one talking about the fact that he just told us bananas are radioactive

  • B Rumm
    B Rumm3 dni temu

    8:15 - Bんnnωnw

  • AppliedCryogenics
    AppliedCryogenics3 dni temu

    I was just reading a soapmaking diy treatise, and they said that ash from banana trunks and fronds is an exceptional source of potash.

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson3 dni temu

    Out of everything in this video, the main thing that has stuck with me is how much I want a dehydrator to make fruit chips

  • James Relativo
    James Relativo3 dni temu

    Next episode: Cody's Lab extracts cocaine from the original 1885 Coca-Cola recipe

  • Laura Maue
    Laura Maue3 dni temu

    Never thought I'd hear "banana" and "charcoal" consecutively in a sentence, but I'm so glad I have.

  • IMPc
    IMPc4 dni temu

    “Stop eating banana after reading this article and here is why”

  • Timothy Hale
    Timothy Hale4 dni temu

    Try and avocado next

  • S P
    S P5 dni temu

    Now turn the potassium back into a banana.

  • mwm48
    mwm485 dni temu

    This video was bananas. 🍌

  • Cody Campbell
    Cody Campbell5 dni temu

    How does one get radiation from bananas?? Is this mans a god?

  • Rocky Wang
    Rocky Wang5 dni temu

    20:35 he holds the soul of a banana

  • Krystello Pastinaca
    Krystello Pastinaca6 dni temu

    Wonderfull job !!!

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh6 dni temu


  • Duck Nation
    Duck Nation6 dni temu

    you need to do this with avacodos cause im pretty sure they have more potassium

  • leokimvideo
    leokimvideo6 dni temu

    This is why people who eat a lot of bananas are literally mad. Just look at those extreme vegans, nuff said.

  • joe prinsen

    joe prinsen

    6 dni temu

    id be mad too if i never got to eat a big juicy steak again.

  • LazuLazu
    LazuLazu6 dni temu

    great, now bananas aren't going to get through airport security.

  • Gerhard Jansen van Rensburg
    Gerhard Jansen van Rensburg6 dni temu

    Love you cody!

  • Abdullah Muhammad
    Abdullah Muhammad7 dni temu

    i love this channel so much

  • Nolan Newman
    Nolan Newman7 dni temu

    people in the comment be like ohhhhh their are people in africa who... shut the hell up

  • Paul Edward Madanlo
    Paul Edward Madanlo7 dni temu

    That's why where potassium name comes from pottashuim or pot ash uim

  • David Dumon
    David Dumon7 dni temu

    Before you burnt it, were you 100% sure that the burning would not potentially carry away some potassium? I guess no potassium-containing gases occur but maybe very fine particles could be carried by the airflow?

  • Khaled Mahfdee
    Khaled Mahfdee7 dni temu

    how can I extract heumic acid from .. 1- Leonardite. 2- black water from city waste.... sludge.

  • Burnol Ltd.
    Burnol Ltd.7 dni temu

    That's some high quality slowmo at the end 😨

  • Brandon gotz powers
    Brandon gotz powers7 dni temu

    Cody you still Extract Americium-241 from smoke detectors to see how much radioactively it is

  • Kirk Lazarus
    Kirk Lazarus7 dni temu

    Change your name to .. DR STONE.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe7 dni temu

    ABSOLUTLEY brilliant thanks for the share I think you done more than well 💪👍

  • Flaming Orange
    Flaming Orange7 dni temu

    "Turns out bananas are hard to burn" So we should build houses out of bananas!

  • Ali Othman
    Ali Othman8 dni temu


  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader8 dni temu

    Hours of work lead to the best word: *nice* That ladies and gentlemen is what I call time well spent.

  • Dyson Huey
    Dyson Huey8 dni temu

    Now, show us how to extract gold from goldfish.

  • qazi huzaifa
    qazi huzaifa8 dni temu

    When life gives you bananas!

  • Vineet Agrawal
    Vineet Agrawal8 dni temu

    Chemistry was never so interesting.

  • bag chand
    bag chand8 dni temu

    Extract iron from blood

  • m k
    m k9 dni temu

    You seem to be doing a lot better codes. Good to have you back.

  • Furious Arcturus
    Furious Arcturus9 dni temu

    Next video: Extracting Cesium from Sunflowers 😂😂😂

  • Mike Burdis
    Mike Burdis9 dni temu

    Thanks, I find this video appealing

  • Owen Popkowski-smith
    Owen Popkowski-smith9 dni temu

    What would happen if you ate pure potassium

  • Owen Popkowski-smith
    Owen Popkowski-smith9 dni temu

    One of the smartest people on PLclip, and you can’t spell banana.

  • Mr. Eric De la Cruz
    Mr. Eric De la Cruz10 dni temu

    nice... you are the real Breaking Bad, but for now you are yet Breaking Banana.

  • Evan Trevino
    Evan Trevino10 dni temu

    Is that a w i t c h c r a f t

  • Dawson May
    Dawson May10 dni temu

    This is bananas...

  • Paulie
    Paulie10 dni temu

    i like the sound of sh.

  • ObserverWill
    ObserverWill10 dni temu

    Classic Codyslab. Really interesting video. Thank you!

  • John gobble
    John gobble10 dni temu

    8:15 that’s the best string of words I have ever heard

  • Chirag Solanki
    Chirag Solanki10 dni temu

    Now let's reverse it

  • jayo84
    jayo8410 dni temu

    I don't know how I ended up here but I am glad I did! Well done sir!

  • Computer Aided World
    Computer Aided World11 dni temu

    How comes the potassium reacted with the water in the pond but not the water you used for transfer and such?

  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry11 dni temu

    I was told spinne potatoes had more potassium, maybe a future vid?

  • Prince David Bentabal
    Prince David Bentabal11 dni temu

    after watching this video, now I'm craving for banana chips, some chocolate fondue, and some white powder i won't mention

  • Zack S
    Zack S11 dni temu

    Fairly confident the words "banana flesh ash water" have never been uttered in that arrangement before this video

  • Bull Hippo
    Bull Hippo11 dni temu

    I feel very informed and uneducated at the same time

  • Tim Hitt
    Tim Hitt11 dni temu

    breaking bad bananas

  • tigro sabertooth
    tigro sabertooth11 dni temu

    So, you're telling me, that a "banana bomb" from "worms" is a real thing?

  • Dmitry Ts
    Dmitry Ts11 dni temu

    Walter White's teacher!

  • Prasanna Sarkar
    Prasanna Sarkar11 dni temu

    I wonder what happens if anyone sits ont that chair😂

  • 0 00
    0 0012 dni temu

    Can same thing happens with coffee bean?

  • BroChopin
    BroChopin12 dni temu

    You are literally Rust...

  • Dip_n_Swag
    Dip_n_Swag12 dni temu

    Now that I think of it I think my science teacher In 7th grade said you couldn’t extract the potassium from a banana but it’s kind of clear it can be

  • Noah Papp
    Noah Papp12 dni temu

    sounded like a 38. lol

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor12 dni temu

    -shoves firecracker inside banana -paints banana gray -lights it and throws it into the water “See. I did it too”

  • Jan


    10 dni temu


  • Johnny Britches
    Johnny Britches12 dni temu

    My monkey brain is going OFF right now looking at this video.

  • henri carlos dominicini
    henri carlos dominicini12 dni temu

    Nobody: Pepole in math problems:*whole vid*

  • Fee Nok
    Fee Nok12 dni temu

    I love dryed banan snacks!

  • xiomara guadarrama
    xiomara guadarrama12 dni temu

    Heisenberg making breakfast

  • Marc Gaspard
    Marc Gaspard12 dni temu

    So when thrown in water, what did happen to the Potassium?

  • Mr H
    Mr H12 dni temu

    Little do we all know Cody is the biggest hoarder on 🌎 lolol jk 🤣😍🤣.

  • Fake One
    Fake One12 dni temu

    Cody be like: I used potassium to make the potassium

  • parampaa2
    parampaa213 dni temu

    Cody just made the Banana grenade weapon from Worms game irl

  • DrDookBear 1
    DrDookBear 113 dni temu

    Wow! That's bananas!

  • Cookie squad
    Cookie squad13 dni temu

    this is cool. I like that. fucking weird tho.

  • Nothing\
    Nothing\13 dni temu

    I would have been interested to see you test the banana fruit and peel charcoal with a geiger counter separately to see which is more radioactive. Or to test the potassium itself once you've extracted it.

  • turq_iwnl
    turq_iwnl13 dni temu

    “That is not how banana is spelled lmao” Any askers?