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Godzilla have decided to spend some time playing with his kaiju friends in Among Us. Will he find the alien Impostor and save the Crew?



  • DinoMania
    DinoMania21 dzień temu

    It's finally here! Sorry for any possible typos/mistakes in spelling. (SPOILERS BELOW!!! READ ONLY AFTER WATCHING!!!) Congrats to everyone who got the impostor right! The real reason why Zilla Jr is Impostor in this animation: 1) If it was Ghidorah, it would've been too obvious, because he's the main enemy of Godzilla. 2) If it was Mechagodzilla, it would've been even more obvious, bruh. 3) I just thought that it would be cool to see Zilla Jr being an Impostor. If anyone wonders why Zilla Jr was doing a task (when he's The Impostor), he wasn't, he was faking it. If you pay attention you'll notice that he's not even trying to complete it. This is also first and (probably) last time Zilla Jr was a villain in my animations, lol. Edit: also if anyone needs song at the end, it's *Cover* by *Patrick Patrikios* .

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    Np bro but your video is good man witch app do you man

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    @ DinoMania Can I edit your shin godzilla which was posted by lord gojrarex

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    Hey Dino mania make a video of toxic Godzilla what is like a nuclear toxic Godzilla

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    Mechagodzilla is pissed because of Zilla Jr.

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    Baby king guidora uwu

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    reason why godzilla touch shin: because shin tail is so long

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    Ghidora was voted out because everyone else was racist XD

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    Godzilla: Shin u ready? Shin Godzilla: flame trower mode active Shin Godzilla: Haha Me Go BRRRRT

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    My ears triggered because of their screech XDDDDD

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    *Zilla* Hold up guys, I think we missed the basic point here *Godzilla* What is that, junior? *Zilla* Who are the impostors? *Rodan* Aliens, I guess. *Zilla* Now tell me, which one of us in Alien? *They all look at Ghidorah* *Ghidora* Fricking dum. Also, can yo imagine when at the end, people see all those Monsters just *CHILLIN'* and then every is just like: OH FRICK.

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    How to know rodan is not it: if he was it why did he not kill anguris

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