Post Malone - Only Wanna Be With You (Pokémon 25 Version)


Only Wanna Be With You - Pokémon 25 Version by Post Malone, from the virtual concert celebrating 25 years of Pokémon. Get the song here:​
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  • DERICK Israel
    DERICK IsraelGodzinę temu

    It's super cool

  • Kaenne Solomon
    Kaenne SolomonGodzinę temu

    Why Post malone always mention names on his lyrics

  • EGA
    EGA2 godzin temu

    He's high af lol

  • morey- things
    morey- things5 godzin temu

    *** cat vibing to music :) ***

  • morey- things
    morey- things5 godzin temu

    *cat vibing to the music*

  • Michael C
    Michael C7 godzin temu

    Okay but solo is Champagne Supernova

  • Muhammad hakim zaffri
    Muhammad hakim zaffri10 godzin temu

    The song is base on cianwood city

  • Mangekyou Sharingan
    Mangekyou Sharingan11 godzin temu


  • The Horror Guy
    The Horror Guy13 godzin temu

    I have no idea what this has to do with pokémon

  • chubeviewer
    chubeviewer13 godzin temu

    Intro is ecruteak city music

  • R. C.
    R. C.13 godzin temu

    Pokemon has existed for 25 years and yet the games are only 23 years old. I'm only a few months younger than pokemon. I grew up with this franchise. Still proud to say i love it to this day. I'm excited to see where it goes. Pokemon forever!

  • Tarudizer
    Tarudizer16 godzin temu

    It'd be hilarious if in the middle of singing he just suddenly stops and goes "HOLY SHIT IS THAT A LUGIA"

  • Muñañyoo Hamood
    Muñañyoo Hamood18 godzin temu

    This is my English homework...

  • Sarah Wilde
    Sarah Wilde23 godzin temu

    I only wanna be with you Post

  • Cassandra Wickham
    Cassandra WickhamDzień temu

    I have all the pokemon ii love my shiny wall. Yltra rare and it cool

  • Dinam Big
    Dinam BigDzień temu

    This is Poke Malone ....

  • Rita Herder
    Rita HerderDzień temu


  • Jordan Welsing
    Jordan WelsingDzień temu

    This says all the feelings that i have for pokemon in my heart 😍

  • Eric Heemstra
    Eric HeemstraDzień temu can he get away with not giving hootie and the blowfish credit...

  • Purple SSB
    Purple SSBDzień temu


  • SovietJacob
    SovietJacobDzień temu

    Pokémon Black and white: Seasons change Iccurus city and all the items accessible during winter: but I love when it’s coooooold

  • catcrapinahat
    catcrapinahatDzień temu

    The little Lanturns poking their heads out to see what all the commotion is makes me want to melt, it's adorable.

    NA'EEM MALEDzień temu

    i only wanna be with u (postmalone music)

  • Noel Hernández
    Noel HernándezDzień temu

    Incredible music

  • Ag ag
    Ag ag2 dni temu

    I only want to be with you 😀. Pickachu 💋💋

  • T H E S T R E E T S __77
    T H E S T R E E T S __772 dni temu

    Never get boring !! I'm still watching

  • Sandra Afrim
    Sandra Afrim2 dni temu

    barbie 2003 animation vibes

  • momin Rana
    momin Rana2 dni temu

    Your the bestttt

  • Azarus
    Azarus2 dni temu

    Post Malone used hyper voice.... It´s super efective and amazing!

    Mr. AKA THE HEDGEHOG2 dni temu

    I see charmander t posing

  • Lisa Loki
    Lisa Loki2 dni temu

    Posty im loving everything you got out right now!! 😘😋🥰👏👏👏

  • Luís Moutinho
    Luís Moutinho2 dni temu

    2:06 : Oasis - Champagne Supernova.

  • Mr Joker
    Mr Joker2 dni temu

    Pokemon is 25 years and ash is still 10 years old

  • NotiuQR
    NotiuQR3 dni temu

    FF: 0% RELAX: 50% MOTIVATIONAL: 100%

  • Nanis Beatz
    Nanis Beatz3 dni temu

    02:45 Nostalgie Pur 🤩

  • danielle
    danielle3 dni temu

    i have so much love for this

  • Ema 93
    Ema 933 dni temu

    no one: me at 8 years old playng pokemon white whit a Samurott at level 100 destroing all enemies

  • Rudy Mendez
    Rudy Mendez3 dni temu

    As a cowboys fan I can totally relate to this song

  • Mark Maney
    Mark Maney3 dni temu

    6000 people actually dislike this? Every one of you people suck! He may have went mainstream but bro still killing it.

  • Samuel Lalremdika
    Samuel Lalremdika3 dni temu

    I can listen to this song as long as this song is still on PLclip

  • Libby Libby
    Libby Libby4 dni temu

    They must have been so happy when they realised they could play the Pokemon Gold motif over's the music from Ecruteak good x

  • Sunny PunsTV
    Sunny PunsTV4 dni temu


  • DeepakAgrahari8 SujalAgrahari7
    DeepakAgrahari8 SujalAgrahari74 dni temu

    If you want to be with them then play Pokémon Go , trust me it works 😉😉😉

  • Camila Andrea
    Camila Andrea4 dni temu

    This is amazing!!!!!! ♥

  • Pseudonym
    Pseudonym4 dni temu

    I like the video but the song is about a girl he wants to be with. It doesn't fit very well with Pokemon.

  • Taylor Reiss
    Taylor Reiss4 dni temu

    Easily the most versatile artist in history.

  • Don Fharis

    Don Fharis

    3 dni temu

    Nah I’d say Michael Jackson

  • korneliz
    korneliz4 dni temu

    post pokelone

  • paras


    2 dni temu

    Or pokemalone 🤗🤗

  • Brandy Sible
    Brandy Sible4 dni temu

    I love the remake of this song!! You sing it better. The video is devilishly amazing delight for the eyes and ears. Your the best!

  • Overt Drugs
    Overt Drugs4 dni temu

    What a Beautiful cover song. I get chills everytime I hear it. 🙌

  • Jans Coronel
    Jans Coronel4 dni temu

    My 2 year old brother loves this song

  • Facundo!
    Facundo!4 dni temu

    Este video con este tema es una acaricia a la siempre necesaria nostalgia!🙂

  • Jared Fragoso
    Jared Fragoso5 dni temu

    Seré yo o a post malone lo hicieron delgado y el es panson

  • GamingReaper
    GamingReaper5 dni temu

    what a fucking tune and to Pokémon OMFG they need to make this the new Pokémon theme song

  • rock SOLID
    rock SOLID5 dni temu

    This is so dope

  • Paul Burrows
    Paul Burrows5 dni temu

    Boss song

  • Jason Kittycat
    Jason Kittycat5 dni temu

    Ecruteak City

  • Oneh1ghkid Pokémonandgaming
    Oneh1ghkid Pokémonandgaming5 dni temu

    I love Pokémon

  • chris eaton
    chris eaton5 dni temu

    Did he use ecruteak city theme in this song too?

  • Owen Belmont
    Owen Belmont5 dni temu

    3:24 ❤️

  • Temperance Hayden
    Temperance Hayden5 dni temu


  • Dos Santos Júnior
    Dos Santos Júnior5 dni temu

    top , love you

  • Hopper
    Hopper5 dni temu

    Love you Posty❤😘

  • Fury
    Fury5 dni temu

    I don’t like the music style but because post is in the song i like it ❤️

  • cami styles
    cami styles5 dni temu

    Soy fan 🙂💖

  • SyromerB
    SyromerB5 dni temu

    0:15 Von welchem Pokemon Soundtrack ist der beat? Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass er von Gold und Silber ist. Edit: Habs gefunden, es ist Ecruteak City / Cianwood City Theme von Pokemon Gold und Silber

  • Lalaso Res
    Lalaso Res5 dni temu

    Achievement unlocked: *Happy pokemon memories*

  • Julia Kuhlwein
    Julia Kuhlwein5 dni temu

    👾 🥰🤗

  • jessica chacon
    jessica chacon5 dni temu


  • Yamete
    Yamete5 dni temu

    Hi Post Malone..

  • Nemo
    Nemo6 dni temu

    The ecruteuk city theme in the beginning 😢

  • Meldium
    Meldium6 dni temu

    Nope. Don't like. Some songs shouldn't be touched. Can't believe Hootie allowed this.

  • Maryann Campbell aka Shyanne Wolf
    Maryann Campbell aka Shyanne Wolf6 dni temu

    Post Malone that is

  • Maryann Campbell aka Shyanne Wolf
    Maryann Campbell aka Shyanne Wolf6 dni temu

    Future husband of mine , luv 💖 Mack Campbell

  • Sascha N.
    Sascha N.6 dni temu

    i didnt even knew that this is in an relation to pokemon at all till i saw the video. but i have to say as i heard it on radio i got instand memories of playing blue edition on gameboy as i heard the 8-Bit-Music.

  • Single Mother Studios
    Single Mother Studios6 dni temu


  • 4kzero
    4kzero6 dni temu

    bruh that Ecruteak city theme fkin nailed it

  • Masum Wahid

    Masum Wahid

    3 dni temu

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  • Jacob Barnes
    Jacob Barnes6 dni temu

    Never expected this, but I'm glad it happened anyway. Absolutely beautiful.

  • c z
    c z6 dni temu

    Did he make this song cuz Post Malone and PokeMon sound sort of similar

  • Zul Lo
    Zul Lo6 dni temu

    imagine dancing w/ Charizard........ the dream

  • Rui Karma
    Rui Karma6 dni temu

    Ecruteak City Theme reference

  • David McDonald
    David McDonald6 dni temu


  • eyeeyepie
    eyeeyepie6 dni temu

    Nice song

  • Orion Pax
    Orion Pax6 dni temu

    this is scary

  • AN SH
    AN SH7 dni temu

    We need post Malone in Pokemon anime ♥️

  • Kevo23
    Kevo237 dni temu

    Post Malone + Pokemon = Post Malonemon

  • Nanis Beatz

    Nanis Beatz

    3 dni temu

    Pok(é) melon

  • Trin
    Trin7 dni temu


  • Clay McClendon
    Clay McClendon7 dni temu

    Cowboys make me cry too

  • Her0
    Her07 dni temu

    Maybe post malone isn't so bad after all

  • Cesar Gonzalez
    Cesar Gonzalez7 dni temu


  • Fairy TwatMother
    Fairy TwatMother7 dni temu

    Yessss babe, yesss

  • Jj
    Jj7 dni temu

    and it's a gem AGAIN

  • Fabiano
    Fabiano7 dni temu

    😊👍 Great sing.

  • Tú Nguyễn
    Tú Nguyễn7 dni temu

    It’s a secret, I will use this song to edit my first date with my girlfriend. What a song !

  • xDawn Rainsfordx
    xDawn Rainsfordx8 dni temu

    Amazing! Love This!

  • eduardo nicolas cordova salazar
    eduardo nicolas cordova salazar8 dni temu

    Amazing song ❤️💛🧡💚💙

  • Jose Rosas
    Jose Rosas8 dni temu


  • Kevo23
    Kevo238 dni temu

    This crossover was so unexpected but amazing

  • garci
    garci8 dni temu


  • brickfighter 14
    brickfighter 148 dni temu

    This is a crossover that we didn't want but needed, seriously it was just plain beautiful on how well Post's music actually fits with the aesthetic of Pokémon

  • black panther

    black panther

    3 dni temu

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  • nolanb052
    nolanb0528 dni temu

    This. Song. SLAPS! Nice cover!