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  • Kenth
    Kenth2 dni temu

    I'm here for the 30 seconds meme.

  • Kurayami
    Kurayami5 dni temu

    Holy fuck that 1st clip💀

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two7 dni temu

    normis have normal human to love us our wifus are just pillows statues and 2D what a sad life :(

  • prince rose._ _
    prince rose._ _8 dni temu

    0:13 off to a great start

  • Lil ACE
    Lil ACE10 dni temu

    The first was crazy

  • Cynlz
    Cynlz10 dni temu

    0:10 That wasn't necessary

  • Lyxh ゴースト
    Lyxh ゴースト11 dni temu

    Gamers : Misunderstood : 99% Romance : 1%

  • Chunibyo Rimey
    Chunibyo Rimey11 dni temu

    Is it just me or do Fujiwara's VA and Fubuki Sound a lot alike?

  • r m
    r m12 dni temu


  • Hello Simp
    Hello Simp12 dni temu

    They kicked him out of the fucking window for tea and snacks *Yeah That Makes Sense*

    VLAHD12 dni temu

    Whos the girl with the eye patch and red suit at the end

  • WitchyPlayz
    WitchyPlayz13 dni temu

    3:18 ... yeah that ain't Megumin being jealous, she's freaked out about how Kazuma and Aqua are being so chill about stuff

  • Mr J
    Mr J14 dni temu

    2:20 it's almost kira's laugh

  • Meh xD
    Meh xD14 dni temu

    Are you cheating on me? Me being a h-anime protagonist:I am establishing world dominance by creating a HAREM therefore am not cheat

  • Neuro-Chan


    14 dni temu


  • Jared『 Elvura 』
    Jared『 Elvura 』14 dni temu

    0:11 those sfx are godly

  • Djalu Yudhistira
    Djalu Yudhistira15 dni temu

    2:33 pervert Loli

  • Endlessly-
    Endlessly-15 dni temu

    Hmm, konosuba part megumi at minutes 3:16 is not jealous scene tho,

  • T for THOT
    T for THOT15 dni temu

    0:13 Ricochet

  • ShredZeppelin
    ShredZeppelin15 dni temu

    5:16 NICE

  • weeb rx
    weeb rx15 dni temu

    0:03 YEET

  • Brandon Wong
    Brandon Wong16 dni temu

    6:14 "The One I love doesn't even exist" Why do you gotta do this to me, no rather to us

  • Giovanni Eric

    Giovanni Eric

    10 dni temu

    @Kyson Cory yup, been watching on Flixzone for months myself :D

  • Kyson Cory

    Kyson Cory

    10 dni temu

    Pro tip : watch series on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching lots of of movies these days.

    BLANK ANIME17 dni temu

    Hello if you are looking for a good anime to watch please look at my recommendations

  • Neuro-Chan


    17 dni temu

    Lain Evangelion In spectre Code geass Higurashi

  • Koga
    Koga18 dni temu

    1:03 what is anime?

  • Neuro-Chan


    15 dni temu


  • T for THOT

    T for THOT

    15 dni temu

    @Neuro-Chan yeah i just say chill,cuz answering with other language is yeah,chill

  • Neuro-Chan


    15 dni temu

    I am a girl 😅

  • T for THOT

    T for THOT

    15 dni temu

    @Neuro-Chan chill bruh

  • Neuro-Chan


    18 dni temu

    Los nombres están al inicio de cada corto

  • Ahmad Shafiee
    Ahmad Shafiee18 dni temu

    3:29 which ep is this? I want to rewatch it

  • Gregfer G. Montilla
    Gregfer G. Montilla18 dni temu

    Nerve senpai!

  • Junior _15_
    Junior _15_19 dni temu

    Ah I see you're a man of culture as well

  • Vii X
    Vii X19 dni temu

    Neuro-chan. You should get some art work with fox ears instead of horns. Mostly cause it'd be an interesting change up. :P

  • Ruddy Marcela Bohorquez
    Ruddy Marcela Bohorquez19 dni temu

    Nice Video 💖

  • Kadeem Mentor
    Kadeem Mentor19 dni temu

    Not even two minutes in and it's awesome. Yes\10 Edit: Someone end me...

  • sabishiihito
    sabishiihito19 dni temu

    3:54 Subs definitely off there. Momo was saying she supports the relationship between *Onee-sama* (=Lala) and Rito.

  • -nvm
    -nvm19 dni temu


  • Aa nime
    Aa nime19 dni temu


  • Joel LIU
    Joel LIU19 dni temu

    New upload lets go i waited so long

  • Dr Stoner
    Dr Stoner19 dni temu

    Anime MC - surrounded by girls My chances of getting a girlfriend are 0.000017% (I used a actual formula and real math for this number and the odds are in my favor cause I did want to write more 0's cause it is depressing)

  • BabySloth


    3 dni temu

    It might increase if you're willing to open up your options (orientation) or change your gender

  • Kadeem Mentor

    Kadeem Mentor

    19 dni temu

    Go get em bud. Win it for all of us

  • Dr Stoner

    Dr Stoner

    19 dni temu

    @Neuro-Chan Hold the F I am not dead yet I still have a miniscule chance

  • Neuro-Chan


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  • Vii X
    Vii X19 dni temu

    Neuro-chan is back!

  • Ivan Chernenko
    Ivan Chernenko19 dni temu

    Have I seen Lala from To Love... short-haired?

  • Neuro-Chan


    19 dni temu

    Is momo

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy19 dni temu


  • Neuro-Chan


    19 dni temu


  • jesus manani
    jesus manani19 dni temu

    Arrive early YES!