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  • Donahvan E. Crossgrove
    Donahvan E. Crossgrove11 godzin temu

    man that third one got meee weakk asf

  • Kairo YT
    Kairo YTDzień temu

    Actually my mom sings this song And i was like:👁️ 👁️ 👄 Oh my.... My virgin ears

  • M. Lee
    M. LeeDzień temu

    I think the parents reaction is that this generation has gotten so vulgar and its nothing left to the imagination anymore.. Of course they know about sex. Everybody playing it for their parents is probably having sex but again the lack of morality on display and self respect is gone.. People are literally selling their souls to gain the world.. Amd we know how that ends.. Smh..they talented but do u hv to be nasty.ijs..the beat is tight..but the lyric is filth flarn filth ...hoe's really. Glamourize that...

  • Mrs. King
    Mrs. KingDzień temu

    @4:30 mom in the kitchen cooking when she heard that verse about cardi not cooking or cleaning and she still got a ring.. Mom: bitch tell me more 😳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor2 dni temu

    No wonder democrats push this stuff on black culture. 🗑

  • Jesse Brooke
    Jesse Brooke2 dni temu

    Madisons mum is so cute just laughing at the song hahah. can i hang out with them? :D

  • AudreyWilliamsMusic
    AudreyWilliamsMusic2 dni temu

    I truly don't like this song or the video, but I had to laugh when the momma was trying to beat the devil out of her child.

  • Mlssr Sevenseven
    Mlssr Sevenseven2 dni temu

    ASK YOUR MOMS ABOUT “TWO LIVE CREW” “95 South” “Whisper Song;” Stop lying to kids

  • SleexZ YT
    SleexZ YT3 dni temu

    Rip gabriela😂😂😂

  • Im old greg
    Im old greg3 dni temu

    WTF As a guy why would you want to listen to that in front of your mom?

  • Michael Antonio
    Michael Antonio3 dni temu

    i like the first one

  • Marvin the Martian
    Marvin the Martian4 dni temu

    2020. Yep.

  • ryan H.
    ryan H.4 dni temu

    But when these moms were young they knew every nasty song word per word. Now their shocked, youngins dont let them fool you they were freaks in tha sheets how do you think you came about.

  • Jessi Valdes
    Jessi Valdes5 dni temu

    This is Filth 😂😂😂

  • hype knuckles
    hype knuckles5 dni temu

    Omg I'm gonna hit a fr the 2nd mom should learn the lyrics real good and re rap it a parody it definitely with go viral...she got the pipes and voice for it ..

  • I Am Just Here For The Tea!
    I Am Just Here For The Tea!5 dni temu

    Pregnant mom: Pull out game weak#

  • Eddie Kane
    Eddie Kane5 dni temu

    Momma look like she got WAP, LOL

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson5 dni temu

    Parents just don't understand

  • bee
    bee6 dni temu


  • Jake Israel
    Jake Israel6 dni temu

    I couldn't play this for my mom's she was cool but I know she ain't that cool broke brooms on my head and pulled a knife on me no use in takin a chance some ish u just don't play with my mom my dad was scared if my mom temper

  • Liz Alphonse
    Liz Alphonse7 dni temu

    I also just figured out what WAP stands for 😆 😆 omg 😆 😲

  • Liz Alphonse
    Liz Alphonse7 dni temu

    I'll listen to this not with my kids but i am the 2nd Mom everytime my son plays music...hes 14 lol

  • Vanhook4456
    Vanhook44567 dni temu

    Well, there's a fine line between owning your sexuality, and giving it away to who ever....its better (imo) if a woman keeps her good good a mystery, then letting whoever want it get it....but when strippers become mainstream artists this is what they know🤷🏾‍♂️

  • TB
    TB7 dni temu

    The second mom lowkey loved it

  • mimi88
    mimi887 dni temu

    everyone's parents are so reserved! my mom was the one to show me the WAP first

  • Tyshema Lynnp
    Tyshema Lynnp7 dni temu

    i love watching white people reactions finny asf

  • Poopoo Peepee
    Poopoo Peepee8 dni temu

    i rlly dod cry ow nmic video wo nice unnny hshhshhs

  • Poopoo Peepee

    Poopoo Peepee

    8 dni temu

    wait eral >>>>???

  • Andrew Horry
    Andrew Horry8 dni temu

    I see that other mom was crossing her legs Mighty tight

  • King Harlem
    King Harlem8 dni temu

    When they get older they just forget what they used to do. How do you think you got here

  • -A
    -A8 dni temu

    The last guy was hella handsome

  • Jorge Arturo Fonseca Morales
    Jorge Arturo Fonseca Morales8 dni temu

    Aaaah shit! Now everybody think they are "saints" and everybody goes to church jaja, 🤣🤣🤣 c'mon ya'll

  • Janine Crenshaw
    Janine Crenshaw8 dni temu

    I love how the perants are like ew but they did it to make a child

  • K Aaron
    K Aaron8 dni temu

    All those mamas know they listening to that WAP when they by themselves. Preparing for that night.

  • Kourtnee Weber
    Kourtnee Weber9 dni temu

    Jamario's was my favorite lmao xD

  • Sean Ferdinands
    Sean Ferdinands9 dni temu

    Some of these parents are shocked by the song, yet let it play the whole way through 😳

  • Tineka Glass
    Tineka Glass9 dni temu

    Some of them look like they was having old flash backs from when they had that wap 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rodnesha Jones
    Rodnesha Jones9 dni temu


  • ItzMixhelle
    ItzMixhelle9 dni temu

    *"Turn it off"* Also her: 👁️👄👁️

  • Ty
    Ty9 dni temu

    Now play Juvenile's Back That Azz Up.......

  • Nancy. K. Michael
    Nancy. K. Michael9 dni temu

    Parents when they get the lyrics : Most of them :*lord save me* * Kids these days * *done with this *😂

  • Tyrone Midzi
    Tyrone Midzi10 dni temu

    Why is she soooo aggressive about it ?🤣🤣🤣

  • Raihan Rockzzz
    Raihan Rockzzz10 dni temu

    മലയാളികൾ ഇണ്ടോ??

  • Elle soma
    Elle soma10 dni temu

    That one Mom said this is re Dick Dick ulous. Lol

  • Ulot 23
    Ulot 2310 dni temu

    I love how we know deep down they were twerking to that song... like darn back in my days lmao

  • Ekwatoriano
    Ekwatoriano10 dni temu

    Will you turn that shit off..

  • Morten
    Morten10 dni temu

    Moms be like: "Disgusted" but fascinated and can't stop listening ;)

  • Matt Motes
    Matt Motes11 dni temu

    My mom would probably say something like “we don’t say those words”

  • Anissa Good
    Anissa Good11 dni temu


  • Dustin Sanchez
    Dustin Sanchez11 dni temu

    Alright let's get it straight its literally no different from snoop talking about it ain't no fun if the homey cant get none and went on to greatness so I'll give it to them

  • Elisefied
    Elisefied11 dni temu

    My parents told me I was dropped off by a mf stork

  • Mr ALF
    Mr ALF12 dni temu

    Mom 1:59, best momma reaction ever!

  • Yoboydeeyee 2
    Yoboydeeyee 212 dni temu

    Bro when mom started vibing 6:29

  • Pits
    Pits12 dni temu

    Same reaction when hispanic parents hear safaera from Bad Bunny 😀😀

  • Stephanie London
    Stephanie London12 dni temu

    U can't tell she not kincky

  • Andre Bryant
    Andre Bryant12 dni temu

    I remember when when white folks the say hoes it was whore...I’m 53

  • vivi_ etc
    vivi_ etc12 dni temu

    People who play the clean version are cringey lol

  • trasfratedd student
    trasfratedd student13 dni temu

    Why is she so aggressive about it . Lmaoo 😂😂

  • A'Loyea Jones
    A'Loyea Jones13 dni temu

    They act like they don't know about this like this is how you had kids💀

  • Allen Masiya
    Allen Masiya14 dni temu

    I am lucky my mom is half spanish and half french lol

  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson14 dni temu

    Funny thing, momma used to dance worse

  • Dorothy Brown
    Dorothy Brown14 dni temu

    That one mother when she said there's some hoes in this house I lost it I died right there in there and came back like to laugh really really hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chris Bass
    Chris Bass15 dni temu

    The Black moms were the best. 🤣😂🤣

  • Sun&Moon Love
    Sun&Moon Love15 dni temu

    This song makes these mom's so uncomfortable 😂😂

  • MikeJonesGT3
    MikeJonesGT315 dni temu

    5:51 That’s all I got to say.. 🤣😂

  • Prisila Issack
    Prisila Issack16 dni temu

    Gabriella 🤣🤣🤣

  • Beautifully Created
    Beautifully Created16 dni temu

    I guess they never listen to Lil Kim back in the day🤷🏾‍♀️😭😭

  • Christine UK
    Christine UK16 dni temu

    Im 48 & im laughing so much🤣😂 Edit: I think I'm the only mum that would shout "turn it up"✌🏼✌🏼

  • 88DopeChords
    88DopeChords17 dni temu

    Cardi B freaking it

  • Sheila Santos
    Sheila Santos17 dni temu

    3:53 that bass tho

  • K C
    K C17 dni temu

    Ridiculous mom is me

  • Ellen Godfrey
    Ellen Godfrey17 dni temu

    How thy get mad when they hear the curse words and then curse about it has me confused.

  • Tom C.
    Tom C.18 dni temu

    I'm the dog at 3:30

  • Euly Duran
    Euly Duran18 dni temu

    My mom said I was disrespectful for putting this on🤣🤣🤣

  • clmh
    clmh18 dni temu

    3:30 - RIP, Gabriela

  • clmh
    clmh18 dni temu

    No way I would have played this for my mom

  • Kat
    Kat18 dni temu

    RIP to the Italian kids that tried this and got beaten to death with the wooden spoon 🙈😂

  • StxrLiqht1
    StxrLiqht118 dni temu

    0:49 I though it would be worse she looks like a karen but don’t judge a book by it’s cover 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Thomas Southard
    Thomas Southard18 dni temu

    I hate mumble rap

  • Mocha Pancake
    Mocha Pancake19 dni temu

    My dad know eng but my mom doesnt *when he is at work I open it all the way up so my neighbours can hear this masterpiece*

  • Sundara Daya
    Sundara Daya20 dni temu


  • Shemaiah Bradshaw
    Shemaiah Bradshaw20 dni temu

    I play some fucked as shit and it's my oldest daughter lols who yelled at me lols said it was inappropriate

  • awildsoraka
    awildsoraka20 dni temu


  • Aniket Singh
    Aniket Singh20 dni temu

    american parents: hawwwwww turn that offff!!!!!!!!! mere mata pita(my parents in hindi): threw me out of my balcony

  • MaZE Plays PS4
    MaZE Plays PS421 dzień temu

    Why do I feel like the moms was recorded they didn’t get mad?

  • Look at this Dood
    Look at this Dood21 dzień temu

    Tbh my mom was chill when i showed her the music video -sent from heaven

  • navecamnedia
    navecamnedia21 dzień temu

    2:21 at least she laughed at that punchline lmao

  • Rissa Love
    Rissa Love21 dzień temu

    Yall know there are some videos out there not being posted cuz of strict ass parents

  • mazuma marc
    mazuma marc21 dzień temu

    I don’t need that in my house

  • Fighting Flanker
    Fighting Flanker21 dzień temu

    Mom driving Car!! Yep she was able to fly the car!!

  • We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr
    We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr21 dzień temu

    Bruh the first one was indenial lol

  • I'm just an ugly citizen
    I'm just an ugly citizen22 dni temu

    I played this infront of my mother she didn't had a reaction cause she isn't here anymore🙂 She Probably yelling in heaven

  • Ruffled Fur
    Ruffled Fur22 dni temu

    I’m really surprised more kids aren’t dead Bc of this challenge

  • Ruffled Fur
    Ruffled Fur22 dni temu

    Gabriella’s mom is my mom. She’d beat my ass, no joking, no laughs till the next week....maybe.

  • Suga's hoe
    Suga's hoe22 dni temu

    right??Cardi is so agressive

  • Fish eye
    Fish eye23 dni temu

    in my mom's house. this is a 5 secondes song before and good old slap int the face lmao

  • Ali Almamun
    Ali Almamun24 dni temu

    Cardi B is Dominican to them it’s normal

  • Lilly Andrews
    Lilly Andrews25 dni temu

    There are some moms that are vibing, freaking out or ignoring it or just laughing.

  • MadMax Shvec
    MadMax Shvec25 dni temu

    Ахахахахаха, а если им перевести все песни группы Красная плесень

  • johanna quinten
    johanna quinten25 dni temu

    That's my jam..... LMAO 🤣 My kids couldn't get my reaction cause I love cardi

  • Skylar Breeze
    Skylar Breeze26 dni temu

    3:34 when her mom started whopping her 💀😂😭😂😭