UEFA Euro 1996 in England. All Goals.


The 1996 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as Euro 96, was the 10th UEFA European Championship, a quadrennial football tournament contested by European nations and organized by UEFA. It took place in England from 8 to 30 June 1996. It was the first European Championship to feature 16 finalists, following UEFA's decision to expand the tournament from eight teams.
Matches were staged in eight cities and, although not all games were sold out, the tournament holds the European Championship's second-highest aggregate attendance (1,276,000) and average per game (41,158) for the 16-team format, surpassed only in 2012. These numbers were based on official attendances, which reflected the number of tickets sold, not the number of spectators in the ground; which was a significantly lower amount. The large number of empty seats in most of the games not involving England was blamed on a number of factors: a lack of travelling fans from most of the other nations concerned, a lack of interest among locals for games not involving England, kick-offs before 17:00 that made it hard for children at school and adults at work to attend, steep ticket prices and UEFA's ticket sales policy of only selling tickets in blocks (each block consisting of a set from each of the three price bands).
The tournament was the first European Championship where three points were awarded for a win during the qualification and finals group stages, as opposed to the old system of two points for a win, reflecting the growing use of this system in domestic leagues throughout the world during the previous decade.
Germany won the tournament, beating the Czech Republic 2-1 in the final with a golden goal during extra time; this was the first major competition to be decided using this method. This was also Germany's first major title won as a unified nation, adding to the two European Championship titles won by West Germany prior to reunification.
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  • Football's Great
    Football's Great2 miesięcy temu

    England was good with Alan Shearer at the top. "But in the end Germans always win" :)))

  • Money Maker

    Money Maker

    14 dni temu

    Germans always win came because Germany reached 1954,1966,1974,1982,1986,1990 wc finals at that time this phrase came

  • tackler96


    Miesiąc temu

    Shearer with Sheringham

  • Conrad Füllgraff
    Conrad Füllgraff2 dni temu

    A wonderful time as german supporter for about 3 wonderful weeks in England. everything has been full of harmony and in the halffinal Germany was just lucky. For me it was the crowning of an supporters-carreer to get all tickets til the final and to be an friendly visitor of an really pretty country with friendly people. Thank you England, it was a pleasure !

  • Pável Muñoz
    Pável Muñoz3 dni temu

    Gol de muerte súbita.

  • Enem Vyec
    Enem Vyec3 dni temu

    The time when football was cool :)

  • Iverson88
    Iverson884 dni temu

    A esa misma Alemania la tuvimos 2-0 abajo y cerca de eliminar en la falla histórica del Pajaro hernadez que nos daba el pase a cuartos

  • X XS
    X XS4 dni temu

    suker is genius🙌🙌

  • Igor Škrijelj
    Igor Škrijelj4 dni temu

    Croatia was robbed against Germany but we got our revenge two years later when we beat them 3-0

  • Yurii Boiko
    Yurii Boiko6 dni temu

    Cool euro, with half empty tribunes on games

  • Max Pan
    Max Pan6 dni temu

    Russia sucks

  • Bijou
    Bijou7 dni temu

    That chip from Suker! I still remember that game: Suker vs Schmeichel running all the way, poor Schmeichel was running back to his goal like a beast, Asanovic finds Suker, and then great CHIP!

  • Bijou


    6 dni temu

    @Tom Santo Similar tho. He had some amazing saves, not to mention Modric's pen. On the other hand Subasic had prolly a match of his life vs Denmark in WC 2018, saved 3 shootouts in the nerv breaking match vs Denmark. Big respect to both goalies. Pete should be proud of his son and Cro should be proud of Subasic. :)

  • Tom Santo

    Tom Santo

    7 dni temu

    And 22 years later, his son went through the same thing. Only this time without Šuker.

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan8 dni temu

    All the goals are equally amazing.

  • FC Kuban
    FC Kuban8 dni temu

    Черчесов - полный писец.

  • Александр Цусима
    Александр Цусима8 dni temu

    опять Германия вздрюкнула ... совок! ну типо победителей....

  • Nerdlinger
    Nerdlinger8 dni temu

    Such a horrible way to win a great tournament with a "golden goal". No wonder the idea was scrapped afterwards.

  • Андрей Котов
    Андрей Котов9 dni temu

    14:25 Якубович?

  • overlandnsea
    overlandnsea9 dni temu

    Gazzas goal against the Sweaty Socks ... THE greatest goal EVER scored 😎👍🏻❤️

  • Ash Ketchup
    Ash Ketchup10 dni temu

    Gran recopilación

  • Shilard L
    Shilard L10 dni temu

    Davor Suker's goal against Germany was so elegant. I remember it till this day.

  • Arturo Tamez
    Arturo Tamez11 dni temu

    Alemania es Alemania

  • nicky29031977
    nicky2903197711 dni temu

    Anyone else notice so many empty seats in the first round games and also in the semi final between France and the Czech Republic.

  • Магомед Гучигов
    Магомед Гучигов12 dni temu

    Англия-Германия,сильный матч! Рубка была, конкретная. Арбитр очень многое прощал Англичанам.Лучшая как всегда была,сб России

  • Магомед Гучигов
    Магомед Гучигов12 dni temu


  • Mohammad Al_khalify
    Mohammad Al_khalify13 dni temu

    Germany my team is the best in the world.....

  • Hakk Demir
    Hakk Demir13 dni temu

    Ulan alpay vlaovici sen kalk dusurma fair play al euro 2000 de fernando coutoha yumruk atip kirmizi kart gor

  • Karl Heinz Yassir Guderian
    Karl Heinz Yassir Guderian15 dni temu

    und noch einmal..deutschland uber alles

  • ali ali
    ali ali16 dni temu

    Italy VS Germany???

  • Marco Ferrari
    Marco Ferrari16 dni temu

    1996 balon de oro Davor Suker no Matthias Sammer...

  • guillen gutihe
    guillen gutihe18 dni temu

    England ate Spain in 1/4 Finals and Germany was the Champion !!

  • Грибник Рыбалкин
    Грибник Рыбалкин18 dni temu

    Даааа...уж,Харин как был дырой,таким и запомнился....

  • Талгат Бобров

    Талгат Бобров

    9 dni temu

    Так там усатый играл

  • dan x
    dan x22 dni temu

    Lipsește golul lui Dorinel Munteanu din România-Bulgaria

  • Аслан Омаров
    Аслан Омаров23 dni temu

    Комментатор русский. Комменты под видео хз

  • Marin Mikuljan
    Marin Mikuljan24 dni temu

    Poor Turks they didn't stand a chance in that strong group.

  • Anthony Leighton
    Anthony Leighton24 dni temu

    Bulgaria's last half decent team....

  • Anthony Leighton
    Anthony Leighton24 dni temu

    Coistie hit a beauty that made the Swiss roll......

  • Anthony Leighton
    Anthony Leighton24 dni temu

    Football came home then the trophy went back to Deutschland again......

  • Nguyen Dai Lam
    Nguyen Dai Lam25 dni temu

    Do you know what I think to Germany? Kuntz.

    DANIEL LATTEO26 dni temu

    England did pretty good in all the World & European cup competitions... But they always seem to fail at the final sprint.

  • Cain Nuke
    Cain Nuke27 dni temu

    Best Euro ever. All teams were at their top with their legendary top starts. It also featured the best uniforms ever and it was won by the greatest champion of all time GERMANY!

  • Come ti chiami Cipio borgo Vittoria Torino

    Come ti chiami Cipio borgo Vittoria Torino

    17 dni temu

    @Cain Nuke ma taci va

  • Cain Nuke

    Cain Nuke

    17 dni temu

    @Come ti chiami Cipio borgo Vittoria Torino they all were far from their top level in 2008...

  • Come ti chiami Cipio borgo Vittoria Torino

    Come ti chiami Cipio borgo Vittoria Torino

    18 dni temu

    @Cain Nuke Italy, Spain, France, the Nederland , Germany , Portugal , Croatia.....

  • Cain Nuke

    Cain Nuke

    18 dni temu

    @Come ti chiami Cipio borgo Vittoria Torino cant compare. A very mediocre Spain won and most teams were not at their best.

  • Come ti chiami Cipio borgo Vittoria Torino

    Come ti chiami Cipio borgo Vittoria Torino

    18 dni temu

    For me best Euro ever was 2008

  • ruben dario
    ruben dario28 dni temu

    22players. 1 ball. Forever winner Germany.

  • Алексей
    Алексей28 dni temu

    Крутой был чемпионат,помню даже записывал игры плей-офф на видак.

  • Carrington 89
    Carrington 8928 dni temu

    The queen was happy that her country won the tournament.

  • Alper AKSU

    Alper AKSU

    11 dni temu

    @UCstRcrkYWeBAIhlT7uDEBSQ Thank you very much for your informing..👍👍

  • strohsternbastler


    17 dni temu

    @Alper AKSU check out her ancestors and House Windsor

  • Alper AKSU

    Alper AKSU

    28 dni temu

    What do you mean? isnt she British? is She German???

  • Luis Arando Pérez
    Luis Arando Pérez29 dni temu

    Turquía,buenos para las novelas, más cero a la izquierda para fútbol... 🤔

  • Endri Berni
    Endri Berni29 dni temu

    Lots of error in names of goals

  • LaganRitam
    LaganRitamMiesiąc temu

    18:25 damn

  • Mikoyan Gurevic
    Mikoyan GurevicMiesiąc temu

    Euro 96 and 2000 the best European tournaments with great players on all teams. WC 94, WC 98 and WC 2002 by far the best World tournaments. And the 2006 also...

    WHKMLAMiesiąc temu

    It appears, the comment is in Russian

  • Василий


    Miesiąc temu


  • Alex Rezel
    Alex RezelMiesiąc temu

    My childhood is there. I've been collecting those stickers for Panini magazine. First major tournament I got much interested in. Remember how seriously I took each defeat of our national squad.

  • Alex Rezel

    Alex Rezel

    Miesiąc temu

    @Василий But I didn't manage to collect the whole album actually. :)

  • Василий


    Miesiąc temu

    Same here with Panini stickers in Russia

  • ᕼᗩᔕᗩᑎ ᗰᑌᖇᗩTOĞᒪᑌ
    ᕼᗩᔕᗩᑎ ᗰᑌᖇᗩTOĞᒪᑌMiesiąc temu

    The first match is England vs Turkey, not England vs Switzerland. Yıldıray Baştürk plays for Turkey and not for Switzerland

  • ᕼᗩᔕᗩᑎ ᗰᑌᖇᗩTOĞᒪᑌ

    ᕼᗩᔕᗩᑎ ᗰᑌᖇᗩTOĞᒪᑌ

    Miesiąc temu

    @Astral Cowboy Yes you are right. Somehow I confused Kubilay Türkyilmaz with Yıldıray Baştürk. Kubilay played for Switzerland, that's right

  • Astral Cowboy

    Astral Cowboy

    Miesiąc temu

    You should delete this to avoid looking dumb

  • Алим g
    Алим gMiesiąc temu

    Зидан самый молодой футболист в сборной Франции..

  • Андрей Котов

    Андрей Котов

    9 dni temu

    Но уже лысый

  • Талгат Бобров

    Талгат Бобров

    9 dni temu

    Да Зидан 72 г.р. Реально, ему всего 24 года, но уже проглядывалась лысина))) Клюйверту тогда и 20ти не было, но уже в основе выходил и забивал. Как быстро летит время 😕

  • Gejamugam Latsoomanam
    Gejamugam LatsoomanamMiesiąc temu

    Surprised England didnt cheat like in 1966

  • Dremayer
    DremayerMiesiąc temu

    1:34 Gazza is back😎

  • Anne Fresse
    Anne FresseMiesiąc temu

    deutschland ist da verdient europameister geworden

  • tiz zoe
    tiz zoeMiesiąc temu

    This is Gold. Thx 4 the Cut.

  • Sergey Bahdasaryan
    Sergey BahdasaryanMiesiąc temu

    Deutschland uber alles

  • Плохие Новости
    Плохие НовостиMiesiąc temu

    Англія була найсильніша на тому чемпіонаті

  • Loungejay
    LoungejayMiesiąc temu

    Zidanne with hair?!

  • Ugo Me
    Ugo MeMiesiąc temu

    I was 10 yo in 1996. And I still remember this Euro better than Euro 2016... (Most goals are from Russian TV, so it's very warm not only to see it but also to hear that emotions). Thank your channel for this.

  • Чай На
    Чай НаMiesiąc temu

    Какие игроки, в каждой сборной есть легендарные игроки

  • chiều lang thang
    chiều lang thangMiesiąc temu


  • Phong Thanh Luu
    Phong Thanh LuuMiesiąc temu

    I have all things make but only onetime bullshit is for me fuck

  • Ruslan Mirzoev
    Ruslan MirzoevMiesiąc temu

    Deutschland uber alles☝

  • Ruslan Mirzoev
    Ruslan MirzoevMiesiąc temu

    8:34 Дырчёсов

  • basir v
    basir vMiesiąc temu

    F the Queen

  • warlord MG
    warlord MGMiesiąc temu


  • PedroPedritoZZ
    PedroPedritoZZMiesiąc temu

    Germany dominating england

  • Volaan
    VolaanMiesiąc temu

    Didnt know if i should laugh or cry when Scotlands player of the year did that against us. watp.

  • Damijan ma
    Damijan maMiesiąc temu

    Why does euro 96 looks like it wqs in 74?i remember watching this on tv.why am i so old already?omg

  • Mallakai
    MallakaiMiesiąc temu

    22:34 Gascoigne: i am here look at me 23:22 Möller: wo bist du ? raus bist du! :-D

  • Jere_dieKralle
    Jere_dieKralleMiesiąc temu

    Fun fact for England: Germany never lost a penalty shot out, neither at a Euro or at a World Cup.

  • Stephane Branday

    Stephane Branday

    Miesiąc temu

    @Jere_dieKralle first and last one :))

  • Jere_dieKralle


    Miesiąc temu

    @Stephane Branday Oh right i forgot about that, maybe because it was the first one.

  • Stephane Branday

    Stephane Branday

    Miesiąc temu

    They lost just one time in 1976, against Czechs. With the famous Panenka

  • SampCasual
    SampCasualMiesiąc temu


  • Aditya Sarwono
    Aditya SarwonoMiesiąc temu

    The tournament of my life. I rooted for Germany and they won. I watched 2 Germany matches in the stadium. The 1st one was the match versus Italy where Kopke blocked Zola's penalty and the 2nd one was the final match in the old Wembley, cheering in xtc when Bierhoff scored the sudden death goal

  • Martin Tjan
    Martin TjanMiesiąc temu

    Czech Republic??? i think Czechoslovakia....

  • Žiga Babnik

    Žiga Babnik

    Miesiąc temu

    So, you know how to use PLclip but unfortunately you don't know how to use Google to do some research...

  • Miguel Peralta

    Miguel Peralta

    Miesiąc temu

    Czech Republic. Czechoslovakia didn’t exist since the beginning of the nineties

  • Luca TV
    Luca TVMiesiąc temu

    It’s a shame that England didn’t win it

  • Homie Agha
    Homie AghaMiesiąc temu

    Suker just Ended Schmeichel

  • Tom A Tom

    Tom A Tom

    23 dni temu

    ... just look all his goals... someone writed before: true lover of the ball & its 100% true

  • Nwihsphysio 2014
    Nwihsphysio 2014Miesiąc temu

    Receiving a trophy from the queen of your rival nation is the biggest achievement for the GERMANS, I think that english footballers are jealous of GERMAN footballers.

  • Žiga Babnik

    Žiga Babnik

    Miesiąc temu

    @SOK TAU BOLA TV Yes, I agree with that. English mentality is not any better.



    Miesiąc temu

    @Žiga Babnik only europeans hate german. But many countries in africa and asia hate the arrogant anglo-saxons (especially US and UK). the former allied countries in ww2 are actually the organisers of wars after ww2. But because it doesn't happen in europe, europeans are ignorant.

  • Žiga Babnik

    Žiga Babnik

    Miesiąc temu

    @A simple Yt user It's Germany's fault that so many people hate them - arrogant attitude, feeling of supremacy, most violent in Europe (started two world wars in just 20 years and even in 19th century Nietzsche is asking: "what kind of water will clean the blood from our hands?"), oppressing and germanizing the Slavs, Balts and the others, genocide on Jews, lack of humor, boringly focused on discipline, technology and productivity,... Hitler was elected and supported by the majority to the very end. Yes, Germany should pay forever and never be forgotten nor forgiven. If I was German I'd have been ashamed and changed my nationality. I've been in Germany many times and it's just a deep darkness. Same goes for Austria - well, they're Germans anyway.

  • majki majk
    majki majkMiesiąc temu

    Best goal Karel Poborsky vs Portugal

  • Талгат Бобров

    Талгат Бобров

    9 dni temu

    Liverpool champion!!! Fan from Kazakhstan)

  • Fernando Benitez
    Fernando BenitezMiesiąc temu

    How do you manage to no be blocked by UEFA copyrights?? By the way, excellent video!!!

  • Mukdaphan Saengitram
    Mukdaphan SaengitramMiesiąc temu


  • Mukdaphan Saengitram

    Mukdaphan Saengitram

    Miesiąc temu

    เปลี่ยนแปลงชื่อและนามสกุลฯ จาก ออย ก้อนแก้วฯ 😍 เป็นนางสาวอัญมาศอัญมณีฯ คงสถิตย์🥺❤️👌 คริสต์ศักราช1996 1385/1985 May th5 🙏👌💯

  • алекс мракобес
    алекс мракобесMiesiąc temu

    England was the best!

  • Hakk Demir
    Hakk DemirMiesiąc temu


  • haggis supper.
    haggis supper.Miesiąc temu

    Queen and family ecstatic that their home nation won🤣... 👀

  • Le Campeur
    Le Campeur2 miesięcy temu

    Germany lucky

  • Gustavo Mb
    Gustavo Mb2 miesięcy temu

    And that was the only time that Germany won a battle in England...

  • Berrlett&TheGameplay
    Berrlett&TheGameplay2 miesięcy temu

    This has be to be the ugliest German team to lift a trophy but efficient enough as usual.

  • Alejandro Delvasto
    Alejandro Delvasto2 miesięcy temu

    My first euros 😍

  • Mr-mistery -

    Mr-mistery -

    8 dni temu

    Y yo tb

  • Mr. Leandro
    Mr. Leandro2 miesięcy temu

    Alan Shearer e Hristo Stoichkov on fire! 90's is great ❤

  • T B
    T B2 miesięcy temu

    13:35 Best goal Suker vs Schmeichel

  • Mario Andriano

    Mario Andriano

    11 dni temu

    18:37 this one beautiful goal too

  • Kora Goal
    Kora Goal2 miesięcy temu

    German was close to wins in 66 world cup in london .. german wins euro 96 in london.. bayren vs durtmund in london final 13 .. bayren win on arsenal 5-1 and spurs 7 and chealse 3 in london what fu***** the story between german and london even that hitler destroyed london in world war 2

  • Nguyen Dai Lam

    Nguyen Dai Lam

    25 dni temu

    And we destroyed Dresden.

  • Gaynanshin. A
    Gaynanshin. A2 miesięcy temu

    8:00 чурчхесов специально руки убрал, как будто боялся руки обжечь?!? 😯😯😯Или мне показалось?

  • Mordegard Glezgorv

    Mordegard Glezgorv

    24 dni temu

    Он вообще очень странно «играл». Даже кто-то из англ комментирующих заметил, что русский вратарь как будто не пытался отбивать мячи

  • Всем Салам
    Всем Салам2 miesięcy temu

    Черчесов вообще прыгать умеет?

  • Андрей Котов

    Андрей Котов

    9 dni temu

    Боится рейтузы запачкать

  • arley orjuela
    arley orjuela2 miesięcy temu

    Que euro de Klinsmann un jugadorazo un león..campeón del mundo y de la euro!!

  • Mr-mistery -

    Mr-mistery -

    8 dni temu

    Te enamoraste de el? Yo tb

  • Saul Davalos
    Saul Davalos2 miesięcy temu

    Cuando españa era una mierkoles en futbol xd

  • juandazgz83


    Miesiąc temu

    Aún siendo entonces un "miércoles", tuvieron que tangarle 2 goles por fuera de juego inexistentes para que pasara el anfitrión 👍

  • James Slade
    James Slade2 miesięcy temu

    Gazza and shearer were magic 💞

  • Destroyer Cz
    Destroyer Cz2 miesięcy temu

    Best goal by Poborsky 18:55

  • Lewis Wambua
    Lewis Wambua2 miesięcy temu

    Congrats to the mighty Germans

  • Irwan Krisnawan
    Irwan Krisnawan2 miesięcy temu

    One of my favorite euro o all ttime

  • harimurti wibowo
    harimurti wibowo2 miesięcy temu

    Finally, Germany's penalty stopped England. This history is really unbeliveable. Germany vs England.

  • Abel Reis Carvalho
    Abel Reis Carvalho2 miesięcy temu

    The 90s footballers were the last golden generation the world has seen . Now all we got are tattooed footballers behaving like music pop-stars

  • Edmond Dantès

    Edmond Dantès

    14 dni temu

    @Stephane Branday truly amazing casting

  • Mikoyan Gurevic

    Mikoyan Gurevic

    Miesiąc temu

    Absolutely agree...

  • thiago Molica

    thiago Molica

    Miesiąc temu

    I agree with you from Brasil 🇧🇷

  • Cnoac de Tara

    Cnoac de Tara

    Miesiąc temu

    @Tom Burris If all your background to criticize something is just to say that someone is a "boomer" or something is "old", you are just an ignorant, nothing is bad or good for being new or old, no one with music knowledge would say that cardy b is a better musician than Beethoven, or that Uwe Boll is better films director than Orson Welles...

  • Tom Burris

    Tom Burris

    Miesiąc temu

    Just stop with the boomer crap, it’s old and pathetic.

  • the walker caçador de petralhas
    the walker caçador de petralhas2 miesięcy temu

    *poor england always defeated in important cups..since 66 they never won nothing*

  • Stephane Branday

    Stephane Branday

    Miesiąc temu

    Even at home, with 100% pro England referees, they lost. Spain scored 2 valid goals in 1/4, and they should have receive 3 red cards in semi final.... But Germany broke them. Karma!

  • Patrick Albrecht
    Patrick Albrecht2 miesięcy temu

    My First EM