oddly satisfying but you can touch it

I'm a little shocked at how many of these sensory toys were things I played with as a child and really made me feel calm. These are some of the internet's preferred ways to fidget.
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  • •idiodic_•_cøyfish•
    •idiodic_•_cøyfish•46 minut temu

    I have a clicker snail

  • Nevaeh Bergara
    Nevaeh Bergara3 godzin temu

    It's actually called a pop't not a push pop

  • ROBLOX_livi_potato
    ROBLOX_livi_potato6 godzin temu

    By the way the snappy thing is called a wacky track :>

  • Anahita Gaming
    Anahita Gaming8 godzin temu

    The snap toy is called a wacky track

  • 777AvaT __
    777AvaT __8 godzin temu

    "Jelly Squish" Accurate Answer: Mochi "Pea" Accurate Answer: Pea Popper

  • Mim’s world 1000 !!!
    Mim’s world 1000 !!!11 godzin temu

    Where I live, at our Learning Express Toys shop they have those lava tiles at the checkout area lol

  • Sweeta Singh
    Sweeta Singh18 godzin temu

    It is not Warter thing it is water snake 🐍🐍🐍

  • Sweeta Singh
    Sweeta Singh18 godzin temu

    It is not pea it is pea proper 😊😊😊

  • Sweeta Singh
    Sweeta Singh18 godzin temu

    It is not mash marble it is marble and mash 😅😅😅

  • Sweeta Singh
    Sweeta Singh18 godzin temu

    It is not snap and click thing it is Infinity cube. 🙄🙄🙄And yes it is clean

  • Sweeta Singh
    Sweeta Singh18 godzin temu

    That is not gummy thing that is mochis

  • Sweeta Singh
    Sweeta Singh18 godzin temu

    Thats not snap it is snappers

  • Sweeta Singh
    Sweeta Singh18 godzin temu

    It is not push pop it is pop it

  • Xxgacha_pandaxx X
    Xxgacha_pandaxx X19 godzin temu

    There Called wacky tracks

  • eloraRBLX
    eloraRBLX20 godzin temu

    They say it is a push pop but it is a pop it

  • Emily Whitfield
    Emily Whitfield22 godzin temu

    Those lava tiles used to be on the floor for the check in at my old preschool and they were the most fun thing ever everyone liked them and the flooring always be filled so some kids would have to be pushed off

  • Ana Flores
    Ana Flores22 godzin temu

    Me when I see fidgets: gloom those are called fidgets they a lot of them they are simple dimples, and the pop thing are called pop it’s , and btw the snap thing you are talking about are called wacky tracks, marble mesh, and those peas are called peas and the pod or peapopper, the jelly thing are called mochii’s and those rings are called puncture rings (I kinda forgot the name) and they are more! I even have some myself and I play with them all the time

  • Kiah Harris
    Kiah HarrisDzień temu

    I did that too but I had a pencil not a pen do you know would like you know like a couple of like a month ago since you know I’m on summer break now

  • Meme Time
    Meme TimeDzień temu

    its called a wacky track

  • Kemi Bencomo
    Kemi BencomoDzień temu

    The snappy toys are called wacky tracks

  • Emma Sharno
    Emma SharnoDzień temu

    That Tik-Tok that said push pop when it's actually a poppet all those are all fidgets

  • _eddie.kaspbrak
    _eddie.kaspbrakDzień temu

    Sensory Ring? You mean Hair Tie? 😂

  • LaGirla Fit
    LaGirla FitDzień temu

    rip george he died a couple days ago may you rest in our ooga booga monkey hearts 😔😔😔😥😥😟

  • Pumpkin pie Gaming
    Pumpkin pie GamingDzień temu

    2:41 sad news, the monkey in the video passed away :(

  • ℓє ¢нιмкєи υωυ
    ℓє ¢нιмкєи υωυDzień temu

    thats not a fidget cube, its an infinity cube. Fidget cubes are much different

  • ℓє ¢нιмкєи υωυ
    ℓє ¢нιмкєи υωυDzień temu

    the "little gummy things" are called mochis

  • София Маринова
    София МариноваDzień temu

    The snapping toys were wacky tracks!☀️

  • qu3stionable_
    qu3stionable_Dzień temu

    It’s prickly?

  • Amariah Johnson
    Amariah JohnsonDzień temu

    Get a snappers

  • Gamer_Mal11 :P
    Gamer_Mal11 :PDzień temu

    6:39 we have some at the north Ogden Library here at Utah

  • Glenice Guo
    Glenice GuoDzień temu

    I am always stressed and wanted the push pop for months but my mother did not want to buy one for me.

  • Emma Crossing
    Emma CrossingDzień temu

    4:01 snap n clicks and gummy things are mochis

  • Rou Xuan Ng
    Rou Xuan NgDzień temu

    Talking abt shaving cream makes me remember how me and my sister used to steal my fathers shaving cream to play with it and everytime my father realized almost half of his bottle of shaving cream is gone made us laugh

  • Floralz Plays
    Floralz PlaysDzień temu

    2:37 who's here after George passed😭 Rest In Peace 🕊

  • ꧁༒ᴀᴤᴀʜɪ༒꧂
    ꧁༒ᴀᴤᴀʜɪ༒꧂Dzień temu

    I dont think anyone would care but....So When I was in the first grade i would get stressed and pick at my eyebrows and people in my class started telling the teacher and the teacher called the school counselor gave me a tangle thing,I was told to bring them home and to go to the counselor's office when I needed to get another fidget toy and the teacher wouldn't care. Apparently they thought I was put under stress at my house,nope! It was the school that made me stressed :) Edit: I lost the fidget toys in my house

  • EmmaDoesThings
    EmmaDoesThingsDzień temu

    4:05 i believe that is a wacky track

  • mariiiiiiiaaaa
    mariiiiiiiaaaa2 dni temu

    There called wake track's

  • Amelia Ring
    Amelia Ring2 dni temu

    I'm a fidget toy expert

  • Kawaii kiwi
    Kawaii kiwi2 dni temu

    The snap toys are called tangles! (I believe in other country's they are different)

  • Rotten Apples_ gacha Life
    Rotten Apples_ gacha Life2 dni temu

    The jelly things if you wanna know to buy it it’s mochi

  • Christa Younes
    Christa Younes2 dni temu

    5 simpile dimpls

  • Christa Younes
    Christa Younes2 dni temu

    3 wacky tracks

  • Christa Younes
    Christa Younes2 dni temu

    i have 15 pop its

  • Jenny Bradley
    Jenny Bradley2 dni temu

    4:21 It’s a wacky track

  • Bam Bam Gaming
    Bam Bam Gaming2 dni temu

    8:59 in the video it’s a sensory coil

  • Bam Bam Gaming
    Bam Bam Gaming2 dni temu

    The Pea it’s a Pea Popper

  • Bam Bam Gaming
    Bam Bam Gaming2 dni temu

    6:16 in the video the jelly squish it’s a Mochi and the Mesh and Marble it’s a Marble Mesh

  • Furry mittens
    Furry mittens2 dni temu

    3:55 those are mochi's and the other one that you had in your childhood is wacky tracks 😁

  • Harry
    Harry2 dni temu

    The snappy things are called wacky tracks

  • •potato_ lover•
    •potato_ lover•2 dni temu

    The thing u didn't know the name of those were finger traps

  • Simran Kumar
    Simran Kumar2 dni temu

    Me love shape cube

  • Krazy Kimi
    Krazy Kimi3 dni temu

    The 'Gummy things' are usually at the dollar tree

  • Gabriela Castro
    Gabriela Castro3 dni temu

    They don’t know The fidget name for all

  • kourtneyc10
    kourtneyc103 dni temu


  • manuel yazzie
    manuel yazzie3 dni temu

    By the way by the way gloom actually your name is Cassie like right but but a push pop is actually a pop it and and yeah like it's called a puppet and those are called fidget toys I know this was like 1 month ago and fidget toys were in that time and that was more older cuz but by the way how to like tell me how you had a fidget toys when you were small cuz fidget toys were never existed until today like seriously but I still like her I still like your videos so keep on following your dreams by the way you're the best bye

  • Sloth Person
    Sloth Person3 dni temu

    The cracking thing is called a wacky track

  • Sloth Person
    Sloth Person3 dni temu

    The gummy thing is called mochi

  • Gacha Cake
    Gacha Cake3 dni temu

    There called fidgets

  • no name
    no name3 dni temu

    I had a tangle. I broke it and now it’s somewhere in my old closet

  • Makka Pakka and his fish
    Makka Pakka and his fish3 dni temu

    I've just realised....WHY HAS KASSIE ONLY GOT 6M...LIKE WTH.. THOUGHT WHE HAS 12M..please get her to there so i wont be wrong please!💗😘

  • Emily golden
    Emily golden3 dni temu

    Snap and click toys are what people call wacky tracks now days

  • Zaniayah Chenery
    Zaniayah Chenery3 dni temu

    adults call them sensory toys kids call then fidget toys lol

  • Livvi TikTok animal edits
    Livvi TikTok animal edits3 dni temu

    1:56 a push pop?

  • Katie Benard
    Katie Benard3 dni temu

    The monk died rip😞

  • Cʜo̸ᴄo̸_ɪᴄᴇᴄʀᴇᴀᴍ _n̥ͦe̥ͦr̥ͦd̥ͦ
    Cʜo̸ᴄo̸_ɪᴄᴇᴄʀᴇᴀᴍ _n̥ͦe̥ͦr̥ͦd̥ͦ3 dni temu

    I laughed so much🤣 LOOK AT HOW WE CHANGE LOOK !!!

  • Jon Creamer
    Jon Creamer3 dni temu

    Get a pop tub you can pop that

  • Fiona Browne
    Fiona Browne3 dni temu

    Its called a wacky track ;>

  • Shio Rblx YT
    Shio Rblx YT3 dni temu

    I have this sensory toy called a pop toube, and its a like a straw that you pull . and it makes a really satisfying clicky pop sound. Would recommend

  • Linda Robles
    Linda Robles3 dni temu

    The push pop thing is a pop it 🥲

  • Zahli Jade
    Zahli Jade3 dni temu

    K is any money not stressed out how how that girl had all these fidget toys and got every toy wrong like she's even know what a pop it's cold it's a she says is a

  • iilxvlyhxnzii
    iilxvlyhxnzii3 dni temu


  • Dinesh Dec sarma
    Dinesh Dec sarma3 dni temu

    I am a girl this is my grandfather's phone

  • Dinesh Dec sarma
    Dinesh Dec sarma3 dni temu

    Hi kassie I am 9 years old.i love your channel and I heard that if we say a PLcliprs name 3time we get a heart Gloom Gloom Gloom

  • xXHeLloFeLlOwKiDsXx XD
    xXHeLloFeLlOwKiDsXx XD3 dni temu

    gloom search up fidget toys the `push pop' is a pop it! there is a lot of stuff like wacky tracks colour changing needo its really fun search it up oh and the `water wiggle' is a water snake k? the one u want is a wacky track I hope this isn't offence, I have autism and I hope this helps.

  • Artistry
    Artistry3 dni temu

    i used to know how to make the little balloon dogs but i forgot

  • [ B u g z ! ]
    [ B u g z ! ]3 dni temu

    1:11 my trypophobia sense kicks in: *aaaAAaaaaaaAAAAAaa-*

  • Ferdous Alam
    Ferdous Alam3 dni temu

    If you want cracking sensory toys you should get pop tubes

  • Emry Adcock
    Emry Adcock3 dni temu

    Wacky track

  • Tya & Aqif
    Tya & Aqif3 dni temu

    Its a wacky track the clicking classroom thingy is a wacky t- TRACKKKKKK ->-

  • Isla McGahan
    Isla McGahan3 dni temu

    RIP gorge

  • Julia
    Julia3 dni temu

    R.i.p George ❤️

  • SethG13 Boss
    SethG13 Boss3 dni temu

    I think a pop tube

    THE MIGHTY KITKAT3 dni temu

    happy day i’m gLuUuEeEe

  • Sophia Riland
    Sophia Riland3 dni temu

    Even when i watch a vid my hand a just all over the place

  • Bubbleleasha
    Bubbleleasha4 dni temu

    2:10 that’s what she said 😭😂

  • Hannah Barrett
    Hannah Barrett4 dni temu

    It’s called a wacky track

  • carlos aquino
    carlos aquino4 dni temu

    1:56 Uhm isnt it called a pop it? NOT a push pop

  • Ellie Chapman
    Ellie Chapman4 dni temu

    The snap and clicks are called wacky tracks :)

  • Sadiah Uddin xox
    Sadiah Uddin xox4 dni temu

    I’m late but Astrofigets_ on tt has some of those and she says the names of me at of her fidgets

  • Banannalisse :3
    Banannalisse :34 dni temu

    I just wanna know where she got that shirt I love it!

  • Kermet Love u
    Kermet Love u4 dni temu

    Gloom if you want them go on amazon and put on the search fidget toys

  • Denki_simp
    Denki_simp4 dni temu

    1:57 gloom it’s name is actually a “pop it”

  • AGMJ
    AGMJ4 dni temu

    The snap toys is called Wally track

  • ꧁Just Muffin꧂
    ꧁Just Muffin꧂4 dni temu

    Push pop: pop it Gummy thing: Mochi Snap n click: Wacky track New snap n click: infinity cube Water wiggle: water snake Mesh and marble: marble and mesh Pea: pea popper Sensory ring: acupressure ring

  • Theater Nerd, fidget whiz, Eve
    Theater Nerd, fidget whiz, Eve4 dni temu

    Did they really just call it a push pop... ITS CALLED A POP IT!!!!

  • Em&Annabel!!!
    Em&Annabel!!!4 dni temu

    4:11 that’s I think a whacky track

  • T.C. Watt
    T.C. Watt4 dni temu

    I do have sensory toys and now the push pops are called pop it and that made me cringe 😂

    TAN ENG TECK4 dni temu

    At 4:17 they are called wacky tracks

    TAN ENG TECK4 dni temu

    They are called poppet not push pop

  • Gymnastics For ever
    Gymnastics For ever4 dni temu

    You should look up wacky tracks and snappers and mochi s.