Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones?

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The Sony Xperia series is way cooler than any sales numbers indicate!
Xperia 5 ii: amzn.to/2SHTcsR
Xperia 5 ii with headphones: geni.us/mfM164
The Sony sales numbers: sonyreconsidered.com/sony-mobile-earns-practically-0-of-smartphone-markets-profits-in-2019-7053153c4d49
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  • Filipino Conservatarian
    Filipino Conservatarian41 minuta temu


  • Art L
    Art LGodzinę temu

    Link to that wallpaper?

  • dutch night
    dutch nightGodzinę temu

    Glad to see a video like this! Its sad people dont know about Sony or think they are bad. Sony is the one that shaped the phone technologies. And Sony's phones last for decades. My old Z2 and XZ both still work fine and not even scratched.

  • Rahul R
    Rahul R2 godzin temu

    Lamborghini will not do marketing but their diehard fans will buy. same like Sony Xperia

  • Ganesh Singh
    Ganesh Singh2 godzin temu

    Because it's not available in India

  • YuYu Hakusho
    YuYu Hakusho2 godzin temu

    Watching this from my Xperia Xz1, why buying a new one? My phone still works perfectly

  • Imorokr
    Imorokr2 godzin temu

    I thought it was obviously because it doesn't run on Verizon/Sprint.

  • Regan Spears
    Regan Spears3 godzin temu

    Because they aren't available in my country like a lot of brands.

  • irwan shah
    irwan shah5 godzin temu

    Sony is just like lexus,over engineered products but so bad at marketing.

  • Iiska78
    Iiska786 godzin temu

    I know Sony but size of phones .. WAy too big..

  • David Kang
    David Kang6 godzin temu

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  • Peter Ford
    Peter Ford7 godzin temu

    Still as wonderful as that phone is, most of us don't have a grand, to spend for a 2 year phone. My pixel 2 XL vibrates while listening to videos or music too. I like the Sony features but like I say, I don't have a thousand dollars plus, for something that will be be obsolete two years from purchase.

  • One Plus
    One Plus8 godzin temu

    Sony android os use to get crazy slow over a period of time.

  • jasontt25
    jasontt258 godzin temu

    It is not available in every region...

  • Vladimir Pakhomov
    Vladimir Pakhomov9 godzin temu

    Because they don't sell it in Canada(

  • Yangadem Enak
    Yangadem Enak9 godzin temu

    Yeah me too, I just kind a surprised when Sony still makes their phone. But I'm glad they're still doing it

  • Dm
    Dm10 godzin temu

    My z5 was slow and hot. It got so hot in fact that the glue holding the screen onto the chassis melted. Just mine? It was a Uk model.

  • Rubia Victoria
    Rubia Victoria10 godzin temu

    I had 3 of them and the only reason I'm switching is since nobody uses them it's hard to find accessories, components, etc

  • J Garbo
    J Garbo12 godzin temu

    Remember Betamax...?

  • Proxydian
    Proxydian13 godzin temu

    I dont buy a new xperia phone because there is no newest left.

  • ibNsiNa Himel
    ibNsiNa Himel14 godzin temu

    i love sony 💙💜

  • Brian Lee Jun Hong
    Brian Lee Jun Hong14 godzin temu

    With Chinese brands on the US blacklist. Sony may have a resurgence in sales if they are willing to give it a shot.

  • Nianiabee
    Nianiabee14 godzin temu

    I love Sony phones, however! The charging port has been the weakness for the high end Xperia that I have had and that's on two different models. The phone still works, but if the charging port is unable to hook to charger after a while then it becomes unusable. I still have them cause maybe I can have that fixed when I can. They are really good phones and the screen is really crisp.

  • EternalStark
    EternalStark14 godzin temu

    Why can't Sony just watch this video and get back up in the market

  • Neil Pearson
    Neil Pearson15 godzin temu

    I had a Xperia z3 back in 2014. It was a fantastic phone. It was also made of butter. It bent constantly just looking at it, and when it bent the screen cracked. When the screen cracked, you could not use the screen below the crack. So it was useless

  • Jae Ra
    Jae Ra17 godzin temu

    If sony only invests in promoting their stuff, they'd easily beat the other smartphone brands.

  • jrmop 09
    jrmop 0917 godzin temu

    Japanese just don't get smartphone marketing at all.

  • callMeYASU
    callMeYASU17 godzin temu

    people don't buy sony is mainly because Sony Japan don't have official dealers worldwide! they don't club up with gsm providers to push devices and frankly they wana keep their market to selective individual who understand the sony! SamsungS21 ultra is around usd1200 fone with no expandable storage and no headphone jack and slow processor with hefty android and samsung3.1 ui! where Sony Xperia 1"2 is around $1000 with expandable storage and headfone jack and SN865 with stock android 10 (upgradable to 11) but samsung will win because of their market grip over the years!

  • Donald Kelly
    Donald Kelly20 godzin temu

    Because they are outrageously expensive, end of story.

  • DJ Koyna Roy
    DJ Koyna Roy20 godzin temu

    I Love Sony Mobile Because Still My Phone is Working 7 Years Challenge

  • DJ Koyna Roy

    DJ Koyna Roy

    20 godzin temu

    Sony Xperia T 2

  • Jacq
    Jacq21 godzinę temu

    Maybe Sony phones might sell better if they focus on things that people actually want. Like price, ease-of-use, better batteries, smooth UI etc. Instead of expensive toys and overloaded features that most people won't use.

  • Titan
    Titan22 godzin temu

    Sony just don't advertise seriously on their phone as much as they do on their cameras and ps5.

  • Ron Harding
    Ron Harding22 godzin temu

    Sony doesn't seem to want to sell phones - not sure why they are still in the market. I love their products but they don't really help the consumer....

  • autofixation
    autofixation22 godzin temu

    Posting this comment from my Xperia 1 ii because of this video.

  • Lockman Cyrus
    Lockman Cyrus22 godzin temu

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  • Andrew Lee Yong Hooi
    Andrew Lee Yong Hooi23 godzin temu

    Simply, because they're retards Sony phones have the best money worth for top phone

  • Francis
    Francis23 godzin temu

    Sony is the best, but their marketing is the worst.

  • Random-access Memory
    Random-access MemoryDzień temu

    Sony already pulled out their Song Xperia kiosks here in the Philippines last year.

  • Random-access Memory

    Random-access Memory

    Dzień temu

    I mean year 2019.

  • Alex Rusinov
    Alex RusinovDzień temu

    My wife had Xpera XA1 Ultra. We already replaced the charging port professionally twice because it keept going loose. This is why I won't buy another Sony phone. Same thing happened to my Nokia 7.1. Wont be buying another Nokia...

  • Tarek Sherif
    Tarek SherifDzień temu

    also there is no way to get a sony phone in most contries since 2018 you cant even find the brand sony under any smartphone category

  • Aviv Gannon
    Aviv GannonDzień temu

    I had xperia xz premium. It was laggy, full of bugs, and after a year and a half the phone just kept crashing and wont turn on for a couple of hours whenever the storage was over 80% full. Not just that but the camera also smears all the colours with really weird photo rendering. I'd never get the new sony phones because of the ridiculous aspect ratio that hurts games and videos, and the lack of a headphone jack. Any other cheaper main brand is better in every way.

  • Akhil Juvvanapudi
    Akhil JuvvanapudiDzień temu

    8:59 The main reason for people not buying Sony Smartphones is - THEY CAN'T BUY IT . (─.─||) Sony doesn't sell smartphones in India and many other major markets

  • 123455667
    123455667Dzień temu

    Because they are ugly

  • Victor Ciobotaru
    Victor CiobotaruDzień temu

    what about LG smarthpones??

  • H B
    H BDzień temu

    I’m upgrading from apple to this phone

  • Mike Rose
    Mike RoseDzień temu

    Amdroid One (stock with timely updates) on their high end hardware and proper marketing would be perfect for Sony phones to take off

  • Kekoa
    KekoaDzień temu

    I would have continued to buy Sony phones but no one sells them in my area anymore. Not since the Experia Z3. Best phones I've ever had.

  • The Centaur
    The CentaurDzień temu

    I used to have one but i switched to samsung. My sony only lasted for 2 years while my samsung 3 years and counting

  • Twishampati Ghosh
    Twishampati GhoshDzień temu

    I actually owned a budget Sony phone, R1 Plus. It had a great camera at that price point, and the software and hardware was just fine, too. People would always come up and ask, "Whoa! Sony phones are still available?!"

  • YS gamar Swarnkar
    YS gamar SwarnkarDzień temu

    All right

  • clear man
    clear manDzień temu

    I have Sony xperia xz2, bought it 2018, keep working ⚒ perfectly.

  • raghumudipu bhat
    raghumudipu bhatDzień temu

    I think Sony’s problem is one of perception. The appeal Sony Ericsson had was so big that everyone dreamed of buying it but since it became Sony that image is gone! Sony should immediately change its lettering style of name to that style of Sony Ericsson! It was a premium feeling with that logo of Sony Ericsson and the lettering style!

  • Shane O'Shea
    Shane O'SheaDzień temu

    TL;DR Sony isn't for dumb dumbs like Apple drones

  • Tom and LilB
    Tom and LilBDzień temu

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  • Kaiza Kizaru
    Kaiza KizaruDzień temu

    Basically this phone just too good for some people

  • ChuuniKaede
    ChuuniKaedeDzień temu

    Because Theyre not available for finance from my carrier.

  • TheWobblyEmily
    TheWobblyEmilyDzień temu

    short: cause they succ. and aren't special anymore. in any way. and price

  • george gouves crete
    george gouves creteDzień temu

    I buy samsung because is cheaper and good


    I think bcs the desing looks too businesslike and a little bit boring. And they use similar desing every year and this make people feel like it is the same phone. And they are not good at marketing at all.



    Dzień temu

    + Price of the phone is higher than other similar phones from other companies.

  • arun mystery
    arun mysteryDzień temu


  • crayan14
    crayan14Dzień temu

    Man i've watched this several times, and still watching again. i just wished sony would listen

  • KY FA
    KY FADzień temu

    Well we cant play god of war on it so no

  • Miquelle Cordova
    Miquelle CordovaDzień temu

    Nice 12 min Ad. Also the price..... That's the reason

  • plamengeorgiev1
    plamengeorgiev1Dzień temu

    Weak marketing

  • jimmy e
    jimmy eDzień temu

    Competition from Sorny

  • Warren Van Zuydam
    Warren Van ZuydamDzień temu

    I'm watching this on my XZ1 rn

  • Koji Kuza
    Koji KuzaDzień temu

    the price its all was been

  • haceshazel hazel
    haceshazel hazelDzień temu

    sony full of gimmick, less material quality, less powerful hardware,inspired from the pampers, design for old men,the unit is not friendly with others brand... full of goodness advertise but its less compared to others brand..

  • Mohamed Imshan
    Mohamed ImshanDzień temu

    Using Samsung just because Sony is not available in SL since 2018

  • hazrpg
    hazrpgDzień temu

    If the comments section is anything to go by, 8:57 graph makes sense if devices can last from 3-5 years without needing to replace it. That huge 39% of people are likely the people still using their phones in 2015-19 region. It would be interesting to know what their market share was in 2020 is to see if it started going back up again with people at the point of needing to upgrade again. The percentages shown year on year from 2015 to 2019 are likely just the "I need to have the latest" enthusiasts you were referring to earlier in the video that rely on or use Sony's cameras.

  • Emil
    EmilDzień temu

    People are generally too comfortable with sticking with their own brand that they already know.

  • RAY KING Sterling
    RAY KING SterlingDzień temu

    Start selling BS phones like Apple that will put Sony back on the Map.

  • Nicolae Prisacaru
    Nicolae Prisacaru2 dni temu

    Love the punchhole-less screen

  • jj vlogs simply joslin jacob
    jj vlogs simply joslin jacob2 dni temu

    Only one answer its not good

  • bossanova
    bossanova2 dni temu

    I have a Xperia 1 since 9/2019 and it's far the best phone i've ever had so far. Everything is still working fine, a few minor glitches ... but hey, my last Sony was a SonyEricsson, 15 Years ago. Few Apples, between them ...

  • Edgar Armada
    Edgar Armada2 dni temu

    I just bought a Sony xz3 a while back. I also just bought a oneplus 7 pro. Because the Sony is just...plain. It has great specs on paper but in real life, it's just kinda fallen flat for me. Like nothing is particularly remarkable. They ruined the phone with the android 10 update. I'm a Sony fan and have been slightly more disappointed with every recent release

  • Cantwealljustgetalong
    Cantwealljustgetalong2 dni temu

    Because they haven't been able to work on CDMA networks historically.

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard2 dni temu

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  • Taseen Hussain
    Taseen Hussain2 dni temu

    Because the front facing camera is terrible, sony has really good features but it's horrible front camera is a massive let down

  • ؟؟؟ ؟؟؟
    ؟؟؟ ؟؟؟2 dni temu

    So monotonous!!! Sony should start other models apart from Xperia.

  • Kurtis Heinlein
    Kurtis Heinlein2 dni temu

    I like this phone I’m kind of considering this lol

  • Kurtis Heinlein
    Kurtis Heinlein2 dni temu


  • Bogdan Bucur
    Bogdan Bucur2 dni temu

    Japan product = quality product

  • Irene Bongol
    Irene Bongol2 dni temu

    Lost my Sony Xperia Z2 which i had for 5 years a few days ago and now I'm here watching this video cause i miss that bad boy

  • tclass99
    tclass992 dni temu

    Sony CEO: “So uhhh... Marcus... our VP of marketing spot has just become available”.

  • Estu Karyadhi
    Estu Karyadhi2 dni temu

    I want 1, but its always out of my budget, Zenfone 3 ZE552KL still in my hands

  • Mark Palmos
    Mark Palmos2 dni temu

    Yeah, pity, it's pretty dismal... I loved my early sony smartphone.

  • Pixels
    Pixels2 dni temu

    Because they don't market, heck not even their own innovations. Remember the 3 layer stacked cmos sensor? Samsung ripped it off and made it sound like they invented a whole new sensor. Sucks that companies can get away with these...

  • Baxcille Baxil
    Baxcille Baxil2 dni temu

    wait isn't that WH-1000XM4 headphone?

  • Drew Longbrake
    Drew Longbrake2 dni temu

    i wish i knew about these sooner, thank you for telling us about this! without your video, i would have never known.

  • J. Torre
    J. Torre2 dni temu

    My first android phone was sony xperia z1. It stopped working (made sure all flaps are closed) when I took a picture underwater which was less than 5 five feet 😅. The service center says it isn't advisable to have it repaired and just buy a brand new one. That was the day i decided not to buy any phones from Sony 😅.

  • Aanonymous88
    Aanonymous882 dni temu

    I cannot trust sony phones anymore. One time I got the M2 my buddies have z2 and z3. They have 1 common problem, signal gets so poor when inside the house. Another worst thing they ruined my camera in their latest and final update. Never got fixed. I hope they changed though.

  • C K
    C K2 dni temu

    Exyshitnos phone are overheated but Sony phones are even more overheated! And the battery is Pretty small! 4K display with 4000mah lol

  • Bukkakalypse
    Bukkakalypse2 dni temu

    sony should come back..these Chinese smartphones doesn't provide quality like sony does.

  • avronaut
    avronaut2 dni temu

    Counter question: Why do people buy Apple? Brand image is everything.

  • Y.H. TANG
    Y.H. TANG2 dni temu

    We will buy the next one

    JUL IEN2 dni temu

    It used to be called Sony Ericsson, how to trust a brand that keeps changing name.

  • if u have anime profile pic u're trash
    if u have anime profile pic u're trash2 dni temu

    I miss my z5, if i didn’t drop and shatter it i’d still be using it

  • Derpy Dimentio
    Derpy Dimentio2 dni temu

    Secret Sony phone club lol

  • Henry St. Ours
    Henry St. Ours2 dni temu

    The thing that Sony is the second most popular in terms smartphones in Japan, behind Apple of course. Most likely the reason they are still even making phones.