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Check out The Marksman Official Trailer starring Liam Neeson! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: January 22, 2021
Starring: Liam Neeson, Katheryn Winnick, Teresa Ruiz, Juan Pablo Raba
Directed By: Robert Lorenz
Synopsis: A rancher on the Arizona border becomes the unlikely defender of a young Mexican boy desperately fleeing the cartel assassins who've pursued him into the U.S.
#TheMarksman #LiamNeeson
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  • natosuperman1
    natosuperman12 godzin temu

    Poor choice of title, says anybody that served in the military. Marksman is; you shoot just barely good enough to pass. Followed by sharpshooter and expert.

    JULIO F3 godzin temu

    Boring dumb movie. Save ur money and time. Nothing happen. Low budget movie. 👎👎 2 out 10 i would say

  • Bruna Duarte
    Bruna Duarte5 godzin temu

    i lovely

  • Tazin Lira
    Tazin Lira12 godzin temu

    Hell yeah I’m ready 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Cold Medicine
    Cold Medicine15 godzin temu

    "if they find you, they will kill you" they're not gonna make it

  • Edvinas V
    Edvinas VDzień temu

    this was such a dumb movie....

  • Mohd Hirman Bin Tajuddin
    Mohd Hirman Bin Tajuddin2 dni temu

    Best movie..

  • Mark Hicks
    Mark Hicks2 dni temu

    Does the dog die? If so I'm not watching

  • PedroDJDaddy


    Dzień temu


  • Toxic ZR
    Toxic ZR2 dni temu

    Man!!! I saw this and it was an emotional rollercoaster

  • Efrain Sanchez
    Efrain Sanchez2 dni temu

    This movie looks great excited to see it

  • Richard Meikle
    Richard Meikle3 dni temu

    Tengo un conjunto particular de habilidades

  • Daniel Ducati
    Daniel Ducati3 dni temu

    Taken: Sinco Dias En Mayo..................

  • New Jersey Devils Superfan
    New Jersey Devils Superfan3 dni temu

    Qui Gon Jinn has a new apprentice.

  • ADR King
    ADR King3 dni temu

    Waste of time... for him to die at the end and he doesn’t kill the main cartel guy he kills himself. All that to have his dog die and he dies as well damn. Could’ve gotten help from Miguel family or something boy gonna grow up not knowing where he went and whole time he dead crazy ending plot but ok.

  • g. cisco
    g. cisco4 dni temu

    you dont remember me do you ? i told you id find you

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson4 dni temu

    Killing cartel members.. Sounds like fun.

  • افغان افغان
    افغان افغان4 dni temu


  • Deimos Georgias Mercator
    Deimos Georgias Mercator4 dni temu

    Bruh, please don't include or cast a dog if its just going to get killed later, coz we all know boogeyman will turn the world upside down to get some justice for his dog. Well, i was expecting some crazy action stuff where he goes to Mexico to find the boss of the cartel and you know the usual stuff. Well, that's for another movie "Taken: Vengeance"

  • Kooe Rtipi
    Kooe Rtipi5 dni temu

    واووووو يفتح النفسس

  • Dustin
    Dustin5 dni temu

    Is an M1A a politically correct rifle? Wood colored with no pistol grip even though it's semi-automatic and accepts box magazines? More punch than an AR15? That's cool with me!

  • Premdutt Sudhakar
    Premdutt Sudhakar5 dni temu

    Loved it ....a simple good movie to watch ..and the lead actor liam neeson ..a great acting must watch guys

  • Alan Walkman
    Alan Walkman5 dni temu

    Taken 4: I'm Taking Him Home

  • Riski Janwar
    Riski Janwar5 dni temu

    Finally new taken movie

  • John Fowler
    John Fowler6 dni temu

    Liam Neeson movies are the best!

  • Miguelcdim
    Miguelcdim6 dni temu

    So glad this time I read the comments first.

  • Lead Farmer
    Lead Farmer6 dni temu

    Anti-gun Liam doing yet another movie with guns. Hypocrite much?

  • Abraka Dabra
    Abraka Dabra6 dni temu

    I watch all his movies only for his voice..

  • MoreRWayTV
    MoreRWayTV6 dni temu

    They just showed the movie in 2 mins haha

  • K Digiacomo
    K Digiacomo7 dni temu

    Democrat that is against guns yet every movie he does involves the personal use of guns. How ironic...

  • Prince Whitely
    Prince Whitely7 dni temu

    It's amazing how I can watch an entire movie in just 2:35 minutes

  • IlDuce
    IlDuce7 dni temu

    Odd time for this love to come out.

  • Nick
    Nick7 dni temu

    EVERY new movie looks lame AF!

  • Kuya Eb
    Kuya Eb7 dni temu

    "He'll find you and when he does, he'll kill you" That's a reference 🤣

  • Primping
    Primping7 dni temu

    That's why the wall needs to be built better

  • Luigi R.
    Luigi R.8 dni temu

    you want to fight a master jedi , go ahead..I will wait here by the cementery

  • Mike S
    Mike S8 dni temu

    Does anyone else realize this is almost the same story as Logan? A guy protects a kid from a group of men in the desert.

  • doctor james
    doctor james8 dni temu

    Lol to the whole movie

  • Beau Magana
    Beau Magana8 dni temu

    Screw that illegal big headed pisa bean bag kid miguel!!!!!!!

  • Taha Rizwan Kamil (TRK)
    Taha Rizwan Kamil (TRK)9 dni temu


  • Neda
    Neda9 dni temu

    Ummm...Logan much?

  • Peacock
    Peacock9 dni temu

    After 'Taken', now he becomes 'Taker'.

  • James Bond
    James Bond10 dni temu

    This was actually a good movie. Well worth it.

  • Alexsander Saintjames
    Alexsander Saintjames10 dni temu

    TAKEN: across the rio grand

  • let's be real
    let's be real10 dni temu

    Liam Neeson making his money on another gun movie but most people don't know he's a very big anti gun activist I used to really like him till finding out this info now I refuse to watch a movie with him tied to it in any way

  • homero pr
    homero pr11 dni temu

    The guy hate guns , but he like make action movies 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Dylan Bollinger
    Dylan Bollinger11 dni temu

    Katheryn Winnick be the only reason to watch this.

  • Iggy
    Iggy11 dni temu

    If you want to watch a horrible movie, this is the right choice.

  • Free Bird
    Free Bird11 dni temu

    White savior trope but even, Liam Nesson did a great performance and the ending is top notch, Collateral vibes right here.

  • pavan durgad
    pavan durgad11 dni temu


  • cookie842
    cookie84211 dni temu

    Did they literally just put the whole movie in the trailer.

  • Wasp Salander
    Wasp Salander11 dni temu

    Why is Liam always an ex marine in his action movies?

  • Pradumn Soni
    Pradumn Soni11 dni temu

    Why does this desert reminds me of Pubg miramar map O_O

  • Andreas Altmark
    Andreas Altmark11 dni temu

    I thought that Liam Neeson Was tired of doing action movies?

  • hardworkingtaxpayer
    hardworkingtaxpayer12 dni temu

    Going the way of Nicolas Cage 🧐

  • macarious nibireto
    macarious nibireto12 dni temu

    yaaa Liam Neeson .....

  • F dL
    F dL12 dni temu

    Where are the Lagertha fans at?!

  • DaveyJones
    DaveyJones12 dni temu

    Liam Neesons Takens!!!

  • Karan Agarwal
    Karan Agarwal12 dni temu

    This movie reminds me of Gran Torino

  • superdag tyre factory

    superdag tyre factory

    12 dni temu

    Tru dat

  • J Archer
    J Archer12 dni temu

    2008: "when I find u, I will kill u" 2021: "when HE finds u, HE will kill u"

  • Kevin Dang
    Kevin Dang13 dni temu

    This is basically Logan but instead of mutant powers Liam Neeson Quickscopes the bad guys

  • Motor Head
    Motor Head13 dni temu

    Oh look ! The rabid anti Second Amendment guy making another gun movie !

  • Steve Harding
    Steve Harding13 dni temu

    Been done 100 times and better than this.

  • icekick101
    icekick10113 dni temu

    Thanks good movie in under 2 mins!

  • K d
    K d13 dni temu

    Very predictable movie. Not worth your time

  • ben davies
    ben davies13 dni temu

    Why do they insist on spoiling the movie with the trailer these days!

  • killer boy
    killer boy13 dni temu

    very boring

  • QualServ Electric
    QualServ Electric14 dni temu

    Well, now I don't have to watch the movie, the trailer gave it all away!

  • Jordan ZZ
    Jordan ZZ14 dni temu

    Such a horrible movie. Saw it. Don’t recommend.

  • Jitkundough
    Jitkundough14 dni temu

    (In the voice of R. Lee Ermey) "One Marine with his rifle can make a difference." [ The Barracks then fills with the sound of a platoon of fellow Marines acknowledgement ] "OORAH!"

  • Willy Wilson
    Willy Wilson14 dni temu

    Bad thing with Liam Neeson he never knows how to make bad action movies

  • Niño Quisel
    Niño Quisel14 dni temu


  • Kent John Vistar
    Kent John Vistar14 dni temu

    Great movie but it's a little bit too short at 2:35

  • Mr Stifler
    Mr Stifler15 dni temu

    Republicans are gonna hate this film 😂

  • Mr Stifler
    Mr Stifler15 dni temu

    Ending got me. Ngl😭

  • Mr Stifler
    Mr Stifler15 dni temu

    It hurt me to see him burn the damn money !!

  • DEX YouTube
    DEX YouTube15 dni temu

    When you master the kilo bolt action rifle in codm🤣

  • RealisticGMR
    RealisticGMR15 dni temu

    Just watched the movie , its great finally a good movie on prime video

  • ian gringo
    ian gringo15 dni temu

    Not a Taken type of movie. Good story though but few action scenes. Juz an old man and a kid roadtrip. I felt a little disappointed

  • Jovan Banks
    Jovan Banks15 dni temu

    arguably the worstt trailer ever made. Damn thing gave away the whole movie

  • Charango123quena
    Charango123quena15 dni temu

    the same old bs with these movies... he is a retired , ex marine, special ops, CIA, FBI , Mi6, navy seal, green beret, Air Force Pilot that now works at McDonalds and helps the downtrodden and takes on the Russian Colombian Asian Mafia single handedly ... get a new story line will ya ???

  • Sage Akporherhe
    Sage Akporherhe15 dni temu

    ok, im in.

  • Norlan Maravilla
    Norlan Maravilla16 dni temu

    Similar to Rambo Last Blood.

  • Skalla Official
    Skalla Official16 dni temu


  • Lebo_Mac'Tseke
    Lebo_Mac'Tseke16 dni temu

    I just they didn't watch John Wick. Never kill a man's dog💀💀🐶😂

  • Bruno
    Bruno16 dni temu

    Liam is a great actor but he is becoming another Nicolas Cage. This movie is very predictable and boring.

  • Ahmed khan Changwani
    Ahmed khan Changwani16 dni temu

    I really like unknown 2011 movie of Liam Neeson

  • Claude LeBel
    Claude LeBel17 dni temu

    His most useless movie ever. And not a whole lot of marksmanship.

  • Rodrigo Borges
    Rodrigo Borges17 dni temu

    Why the hell people thought Liam Neeson is badass? Can't watch his movies. He's no Harrison Ford for crying out loud.

  • Tape
    Tape17 dni temu

    Just dont waste time watching this movie, saw it last night and is very poor, bad history, bad act...Lian Neeson is a good actor but he did not shinned in this one....all bad...i give it 4/10

  • Tape


    14 dni temu

    @Mr Stifler yes, a marksman who fired only 7 shots in a 2 hours movie with bad CGI effects.... Shame is you loving a movie just because you are an illegal emigrant.

  • Mr Stifler

    Mr Stifler

    15 dni temu

    Movie was good. You’re crazy. Probably don’t like it because a dude was helping out a little illegal immigrant. Shame

  • sengleang
    sengleang17 dni temu

    very good movies

  • branka majstorovic
    branka majstorovic17 dni temu

    I adore Liam a great actor has a very interesting specific voice all his films are great there is a lot of action i don't care about his age who cares about it. I adore movies where Mexicans are involved live Mexico and their people 🇷🇸 ❤ 🇲🇽.

  • yendys Ennui
    yendys Ennui18 dni temu

    Title: Let’s Drive and Talk Amigo

  • Jeffrey Blackburn
    Jeffrey Blackburn18 dni temu

    I was boringly bored the whole time I was watching this movie.

  • DonnyB


    16 dni temu

    good to know

  • id104335409
    id10433540918 dni temu

    You are never going to see a quote from this movie in the comments. Taken quotes however.... It's very easy to tell a good movie from a mediocre one.

  • Justin Macarrhur
    Justin Macarrhur19 dni temu

    Imagine how we could thrive as society, if we didn't try so hard to bring everyone so blatantly fast n close to our level.

  • sunny sandhu
    sunny sandhu19 dni temu

    Dear liam indeed you have aged i think its really time we cant expect the magic of taken ever again i wish you retirement sir you have been a rare gem and its been an honor to have experienced your art and to the director for making such a crap movie i mean sir liam gets shot and stabbed but he still walks the kid to chicago 🤣🤣🤣 its like a bollywood movie

  • Monroe45
    Monroe4519 dni temu

    Good movie Good story Good acting Nice lil action Recommend

  • seravenerdi
    seravenerdi19 dni temu

    An Irish cowboy...I guess it works for Liam ?

  • An G
    An G19 dni temu

    I guess lagertha has come back from valhalla to work at border patrol