ITZY "Not Shy" Dance Practice (Moving Ver.)


ITZY "Not Shy" Dance Practice (Moving Ver.)
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  • sunshine
    sunshineGodzinę temu

    ❤ Chaeryeong is very talented and very beautiful ❤

    ITZY ITZY2 godzin temu

    0:54 riujyn

  • Shreya Choudhary
    Shreya Choudhary6 godzin temu

    Itzy: Let’s wear tie dye but not tell Yeji 🤣

  • TJ Gilbero
    TJ Gilbero6 godzin temu

    Ah yes Main vocal: shoes The high notes are on point

  • 레이첼Rachel
    레이첼Rachel8 godzin temu


  • Divyansha Sahu
    Divyansha Sahu15 godzin temu

    They are in 1 million dance studio i guess

    FARAH ALIFIA UTAMA Siswa 2C15 godzin temu

    I' Like song ITZY Not Shy,so good song,,,

  • slayjisu
    slayjisu15 godzin temu

    30M soon

  • Rihab Chemlali
    Rihab ChemlaliDzień temu

    I love u itzy

  • Nicole june nicolas
    Nicole june nicolasDzień temu

    yeji and ryujin have cleaner moves.. whos the main dancer???

  • Nicole june nicolas

    Nicole june nicolas

    15 godzin temu

    @Raisya Marthiana really?? i find ryujin and yeji as the dancers they have musicality and cleaner moves. im a dancer also so thats what i observe.🤗

  • Raisya Marthiana

    Raisya Marthiana

    17 godzin temu

    I think it's Chaeryoung 😂

  • Jeon, Kim, Park, Min, Jung Klea aka Bts wifeu
    Jeon, Kim, Park, Min, Jung Klea aka Bts wifeuDzień temu


  • Белый Ирис
    Белый ИрисDzień temu

    Ставим лайки! Давайте порадуем девочек 3 танцпрактикой с 1 миллионом лайков!

  • sevalla gaming
    sevalla gamingDzień temu

    Can i ask kung na nonood kayo ng 5 million dance studio bakit parang parehas sila ng background?

  • z z
    z zDzień temu

    잇지 춤 진짜 잘춘다...개잘추네...

  • Elif
    ElifDzień temu

    aaa itzyyy itzyyy

  • Jesse Briseis Mariano
    Jesse Briseis MarianoDzień temu

    여기 자랑스러운 미드지 😍

  • ANDREW playtime
    ANDREW playtimeDzień temu

    Midzy is so tall

  • Kang
    KangDzień temu

    A era infinita

  • —Porno de monjas ;;
    —Porno de monjas ;;Dzień temu

    It's me or Lia looks tired :c

  • só sei que nada sei
    só sei que nada sei2 dni temu

    they are all so beautiful I love u girlss❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • perla grinblatt
    perla grinblatt2 dni temu

    omg 😍❤❤

  • Leticia Nieto
    Leticia Nieto2 dni temu

    I love the girl with the white shoes :3 You all dont understand the joke-

  • dxrkred
    dxrkred2 dni temu

    put it on 0,5 its LIKE SO SMOOTH IT LOOKS LIKE A TWIXTOr

  • Arwen Galadriel Marfil
    Arwen Galadriel Marfil2 dni temu

    my respect for chaeryoung b*tt 2:59

  • Arwen Galadriel Marfil
    Arwen Galadriel Marfil2 dni temu

    itzy: don't tell ryujin to wear crop top ryujin: oh im the only one who wear t shirt just tie the t shirt to became crop top so eazy

  • Raven Curse
    Raven Curse2 dni temu

    I tired jusy by looking at them😳

  • LPS Unicorn55
    LPS Unicorn552 dni temu

    Korean dances are literally the best✨💫

  • Gabriele Mauri
    Gabriele Mauri2 dni temu

    why do the one with short white hair different moves?

  • Gabriele Mauri

    Gabriele Mauri

    14 godzin temu

    @Raisya Marthiana ohhh sorry i didn't notice, thx

  • Raisya Marthiana

    Raisya Marthiana

    17 godzin temu

    Because she says "not shy" (?)

  • Haha Hannah
    Haha Hannah2 dni temu

    Chaeryeong's dance is out of this world (esp. 2:31) and she looks sooo pretty 🦋

  • Swervo Suave
    Swervo Suave2 dni temu

    I love Yeji’s dancing so much

  • •spfía•
    •spfía•2 dni temu

    I'll just say these girls sing and dance and incredible, I love them

  • Valerie Sofia Vanegas Gutierrez
    Valerie Sofia Vanegas Gutierrez2 dni temu

    The only flaw of Not Shy is the lack of Chaeryoung center.

  • Amanda Cristina Almeida Cabral
    Amanda Cristina Almeida Cabral2 dni temu

    ㅐ ㅠㄱㅁㄴㅑㅣ ㅁㅡㅁ ㅍㅐㅊㄷㄴ😍😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  • chichu das quebradas
    chichu das quebradas3 dni temu

    They're on 1 MILLION dance studio omg

  • OoOOooOOOH _
    OoOOooOOOH _3 dni temu

    Sad fact: No one talked about YUNA

  • Lian Lobaton
    Lian Lobaton3 dni temu

    Hear me out LIA ISN'T LAZY

  • زهراء حسام
    زهراء حسام3 dni temu


  • Lea Largo
    Lea Largo3 dni temu

    I just heard them yesterday with this song.. hihi.. it's really really good.. esp. the one with long brown hair, i can't take my eyes off her, her movement is fluid.. the choreo is really good as well.. I just finished memorizing it.. And all i can say is.. it's exhausting.. 😂.. it's been a while since the last time I danced.. dancing with all that movement now makes me exhausted.. 😂

  • Drama Love

    Drama Love

    3 dni temu

    Her name is chaeryeong 💙

  • Selma Göksoy
    Selma Göksoy3 dni temu


  • Yeji Blink
    Yeji Blink3 dni temu

    Love this so much!! y'all so perf!! 💯 just don't like the fact that some chaeryeong stans just keep on hating and dragging Yeji down lol why not hate on JYP instead

  • Honey Comb
    Honey Comb3 dni temu

    Man once you start stanning chaeryoung there is no going back

  • Moadzy Capsule
    Moadzy Capsule3 dni temu

    2:59 Chaeryeong killed me 😵

  • твой краш
    твой краш3 dni temu

    Let's hit 1 million vws for yeji's "guess who" teaser !!!!

  • Isabelle Warrican
    Isabelle Warrican4 dni temu


  • Lera Solnce
    Lera Solnce4 dni temu

    Ryujin is my bias!!!

  • نايف المطيري
    نايف المطيري4 dni temu

    احلى فرقه😭

  • Sareh Alawi
    Sareh Alawi4 dni temu

    Yeji: Not shy Not me- Chae: ITZYYYYYYY Yeji: let's pretend I didn't hear that

  • thepinks
    thepinks4 dni temu

    why is ryujin the synonym of perfection

  • rens
    rens4 dni temu

    Pray this prayer to be saved from the bottom of your heart plzzz Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior. Jesus Powerful Name, AMEN‼️‼️❗️❗️❗️That is the bEst thing YoU CoUDLd HaVE done

  • tiara tms
    tiara tms4 dni temu

    Aku suka banget ini

  • Yin Than
    Yin Than4 dni temu

    Yuna- young and energy dances everytime Ryujin- perfect dancer Yeji- full of swag and beauti Chaeryoung- clear dance movement Lia- cute dances and good body movement

  • Sthefany
    Sthefany4 dni temu

    pov: eu qr ser uma idol d kpop mas eu n sei dançar isso n é um pov.

  • iloveyauna
    iloveyauna4 dni temu

    Lia is definitely trying rlly hard to get better

  • 첼시
    첼시4 dni temu

    류진,리아.유나 더 잘 보이네요. 예지.채령도 보이지만요. 있지 비공식 류진 팬입니다. 춤.랩. 보컬(노랫말) 전달력이 다 좋아요.

  • Putri Najwah lubis
    Putri Najwah lubis4 dni temu

    Salfok sama sepatu nya heheh

  • Nailaputri Suyadi
    Nailaputri Suyadi4 dni temu

    OT5 FANSS 👇

  • kim lola
    kim lola4 dni temu

    Just Woow!💔💞💞

    HIRAI MOMO4 dni temu

    Jyp 👏 👏

  • ᴋᴘᴏᴘ
    ᴋᴘᴏᴘ4 dni temu

    Wow so pretty ilk that 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👌🏻.

  • Kalpita Saikia
    Kalpita Saikia5 dni temu

    Yejji look like black pink rose

  • it's me루하니
    it's me루하니5 dni temu

    Is this is 1 million dance studio???

  • 천사의 에이스AOA
    천사의 에이스AOA5 dni temu

    happy birthday to Ryujin

  • Alina Anil
    Alina Anil5 dni temu

    What Is itzy fandom called

  • Drama Love

    Drama Love

    4 dni temu


  • Azka Ashindie
    Azka Ashindie5 dni temu

    the best dance

  • Ali Fahad
    Ali Fahad5 dni temu

    رقصهم صعيب 🥲💕

  • Grace Alcala
    Grace Alcala5 dni temu


  • Asal k.l
    Asal k.l5 dni temu

    Each member has their own dance style

  • Pink Black
    Pink Black5 dni temu

    It seems they dance so effortless while me complaining bc this is so fast😭

  • Blinku Cutie

    Blinku Cutie

    5 dni temu


  • Maryam Ounacer
    Maryam Ounacer5 dni temu

    itzy is queen (and blackpink)

    VALERIE BAUTISTA5 dni temu


  • Neetu Chauhan
    Neetu Chauhan6 dni temu

    Guys don't be SHY JOIN the fandom

  • Anoushka Singh
    Anoushka Singh6 dni temu

    A moment of silence for all the 11K ppl who didn’t like this video..

  • aria
    aria6 dni temu

    I can’t take my eyes off Yeji 🥺 she’s so beautiful, they all are 🥲

  • Shanley Kent Deriada
    Shanley Kent Deriada6 dni temu

    Happyy bday ryujin myloveee

  • Silvia Maibam
    Silvia Maibam6 dni temu

    I love itzy Yiji and Lia ❤❤❤❤💜💜💚💚💛💛

  • Uner Pun
    Uner Pun6 dni temu

    Yeji dance wow

  • Arriane Kimno
    Arriane Kimno6 dni temu

    Chaeryoung has the best execution of Not Shy chorus. I love her..

  • ღɢαcнα-Luna ღ
    ღɢαcнα-Luna ღ6 dni temu

    I LOVe YoUu

  • Kirana Putri Mahesti
    Kirana Putri Mahesti6 dni temu


  • Isle Viñaviles
    Isle Viñaviles6 dni temu

    Yeji's hair vs. Karina's hair.

  • Is Sana Gay
    Is Sana Gay6 dni temu

    My Queens

  • Is Sana Gay
    Is Sana Gay6 dni temu

    Please stre@m all of the songs Please don't only focus on Wannabe I am not saying that u cannot listen to That Masterpiece but please listen to other songs 3-5 times a day It will make them succesful if all of the mvs have great views

  • Hwang Eva04
    Hwang Eva046 dni temu

    Wow very powerfull

    MJ_ DATOON6 dni temu


  • Yuki M
    Yuki M6 dni temu


  • Yuki M

    Yuki M

    6 dni temu


  • Riri Dris
    Riri Dris7 dni temu

    Who’s excited for the new era on April 30th???

  • Hiba Youssoufi
    Hiba Youssoufi7 dni temu

    It's 1 million dance's studio

  • Zira Aziz
    Zira Aziz7 dni temu

    Yeji is pro dance skill..but kinda like chaeryung dance style and move ..

  • Улжалгас Дуйсебай
    Улжалгас Дуйсебай7 dni temu

    Yeji is so beautiful. Very pretty.😻💛

  • suhanaveshni bargali
    suhanaveshni bargali7 dni temu

    Blackpink in your area!!!!

  • suhanaveshni bargali

    suhanaveshni bargali

    5 dni temu

    Blackpink is the best and I'm showing it to everyone okay you !!

  • Pink Black

    Pink Black

    5 dni temu

    @suhanaveshni bargali its just disrespectful. This is ITZY video not PINKS video, okay? Go stream aiiyl mv then comment anything u want abt the pinks!

  • suhanaveshni bargali

    suhanaveshni bargali

    5 dni temu

    @Pink Black what can we do blackpink is so good no?

  • Pink Black

    Pink Black

    5 dni temu

    oh pls stop embarrassing our fandom

  • suhanaveshni bargali

    suhanaveshni bargali

    6 dni temu

    @Janeta Gale blackpink is the revolution

  • nura lestari
    nura lestari7 dni temu

    awsome i like this itzy video /love

  • Benazir Shaikh
    Benazir Shaikh8 dni temu

    The sound when they slap their thighs at 0:26 is the most satisfying part

  • Sofia Diaz
    Sofia Diaz8 dni temu

    They're beautiful

  • tokuchi toua
    tokuchi toua8 dni temu


  • Zaidee Heartwilla
    Zaidee Heartwilla8 dni temu

    Just looking at them makes me tired Ya'll amazing 👏

  • Audrey Kawilarang
    Audrey Kawilarang8 dni temu

    she,s look so pretty

  • Audrey Kawilarang
    Audrey Kawilarang8 dni temu


  • feaven tadesse_방탄소년단
    feaven tadesse_방탄소년단8 dni temu


  • Danyu King
    Danyu King8 dni temu

    man, watching this in 2160p60 4k in a 144hz monitor is something

  • Forever Blink
    Forever Blink8 dni temu

    Itzy means To Have. What talents do they have? can sing? can hit high notes? can dance? can rap? legendary? worldwide famous? get awards? has international fans? pretty? Answer - All of these