BlizzConline 2021 | Behind the Scenes of Overwatch 2 | Overwatch


Group up and go behind the scenes with the Overwatch team at BlizzConline as they dive into the development process and give players a sneak peek at Overwatch 2.
00:00 - Welcome to BlizzConline
02:06 - PVP: New Maps & Role Updates
12:25 - Hero Missions
17:08 - Progression & Talents
19:21 - Enemy Units
24:47 - New Hero Looks
28:46 - Story Development
36:21 - In conclusion
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  • Aleksandr Ural
    Aleksandr Ural13 godzin temu

    32:08 was epic

  • Callum Chappell
    Callum Chappell18 godzin temu

    Forced diversity

  • Oscar Campbell
    Oscar Campbell19 godzin temu

    When is it coming out

  • Kemmo Ado
    Kemmo Ado2 dni temu

    Can we just admire how ALIVE the PVE looks? For crying out loud you have maps with different times of the day and natural changing whether with parts that are distractible with unique objectives all of this mixed some realistic enemies that behave differently and fall on top of each other when you shoot them, with enemies that don’t try and attack YOU but try to attack the OBJECTIVE. Then you have some omnics crawling to you before they die to blow you up and enemies having weak spots or distractible limbs, all of that wrapped neatly with characters interactions during the each level and cut scenes before and after each mission AND a crazy skill tree And that’s only the story mode, when they said this is mainly focusing on PVE they weren’t joking cuz this makes the archive events look like a joke. This alone made my excitement shoot through the sky

  • ashen dragon 456
    ashen dragon 4562 dni temu

    I'm sharing this on discord

  • Prehistoric Pal
    Prehistoric Pal3 dni temu


  • Mr Huskyz
    Mr Huskyz3 dni temu

    can confidently say im not a fan of the look and animation of this new overwatch

  • Kavilor
    Kavilor4 dni temu

    When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When?

  • Mr. AdvocateSeal
    Mr. AdvocateSeal4 dni temu

    25:17 Torb and bastion lookin fire

  • سعيد العمري
    سعيد العمري4 dni temu

    Wow 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • chase Iacolino
    chase Iacolino5 dni temu


  • vėjjelis
    vėjjelis5 dni temu

    Please slow down the speed of crouch in OW2.

  • vėjjelis
    vėjjelis5 dni temu

    If they release OW2 this summer then they would avoid having to compete with Halo Infinite in December.

  • Luisjr Trevino
    Luisjr Trevino5 dni temu

    Release date

  • UltraJack299
    UltraJack2995 dni temu

    I love the OW2 art.

  • MonsterZ
    MonsterZ6 dni temu

    Everyone a year ago: pff, it’s just a dlc add on.. Everyone a month after this trailer: TAKE MY MONEY!! I WANT IIIT!

  • hacker man
    hacker man6 dni temu

    Can you please please make it keyboard compatible on ps4-ps5 if so i would and maybe lots of people would love the game even more

  • فرزان صادقی
    فرزان صادقی7 dni temu


  • Trickysnacks
    Trickysnacks7 dni temu

    Hey blizzard i bought diablo 2 the original but i cant find it cause theres no library tab only games tab and its not there

  • SomePerson
    SomePerson7 dni temu

    Fine ill wait a little bit longer

  • Michael Scofield
    Michael Scofield7 dni temu

    What is the ost at 29:40?

  • meg gy
    meg gy9 dni temu

    13:40 is a new hero Rolonts😎 keen eye if i do say so myself

  • the OK guy
    the OK guy10 dni temu

    WHEN IS IT COMING OUT ON PS4 (i’ve been looking everywhere)

  • TacoBoy6754


    Dzień temu

    @TimTime Oh yeah, that's what I meant. The wording was a little confusing.

  • TimTime


    Dzień temu

    @TacoBoy6754 There's no release date at all, neither a specific nor unspecific one... don't get his hopes up for that xD

  • TacoBoy6754


    9 dni temu

    There is no release date yet

  • SmittySmerk
    SmittySmerk10 dni temu

    I wonder do we keep are past skins or get new ones or get out past skins and new ones because like I got a lot of fav skins

  • TimTime


    Dzień temu

    You get to keep all of the cosmetics you own. They haven't said if you'll still be able to obtain the old skins, but I'd really think so, at least with the legendary skins.

  • sYsTem1337
    sYsTem133711 dni temu

    same developers, will result same boring and unpopular game

  • TacoBoy6754


    9 dni temu

    Unpopular? 40 million players at its peak, 6 million now, 5 years later? 2016's game of the year? What would be your definition of popular?

  • Higike
    Higike11 dni temu

    And what about Overwatch?

  • Poly180 Animation Studios
    Poly180 Animation Studios11 dni temu

    seems like Overwatch 2 is just a pack of updates that should been done for the first Overwatch, but Blizzard needs the money so they split it into two.

  • Poly180 Animation Studios
    Poly180 Animation Studios11 dni temu

    when people already have Overwatch workshop to make healers more tank, damage heroes more speed, and tanks more damage, also to create AI like in PVE. When PVE sounds like MVM from TF2, upgrading your heroes. I love Overwatch but I need to see more to be convinced, because if I already have Overwatch legendary edition, and have to pay for Overwatch 2 like it's a separate game then no.

  • Poly180 Animation Studios

    Poly180 Animation Studios

    11 dni temu

    plus, new skins and updates are being made frequently for the first Overwatch anyway, why a whole separate thing. but I get you need the money right, lol.

  • Poly180 Animation Studios

    Poly180 Animation Studios

    11 dni temu

    what Overwatch 2 could be or will be, I need to know.

  • ScoutLeader
    ScoutLeader11 dni temu

    Is talents only going to be in the pve missions or are they also going to be in PvP

  • 김재현
    김재현12 dni temu


  • Agustin D'Alessandro
    Agustin D'Alessandro12 dni temu

    I think I'm more exited for the overwatch team and how they feel about the game. You guys are awesome can't wait to play this!

  • Norbert Nagy
    Norbert Nagy13 dni temu

    when will overwatch 2 will be playable?

  • Im Just Saiyan
    Im Just Saiyan14 dni temu


  • Evelin Design
    Evelin Design14 dni temu

    Doom, Cs go, Valorant ... copy copy copy ... Do you have a new idea to be brought to the FPS game concept? Or will you keep copying other games in 2022?

  • Jaylen James

    Jaylen James

    13 dni temu

    So valorant can copy games. But not overwatch? Foh Doom didn't invent nothing new.

  • Festive Pie
    Festive Pie15 dni temu

    this left me shook, i'm shivering in my seat after watching this great work of art comming into life

  • ppokih Li
    ppokih Li15 dni temu

    How are widow and hanzo supposed to be more valuable when there’s sandstorms? From what I saw, it lets u see threw walls but not threw the sand

  • TacoBoy6754


    9 dni temu

    It highlights them, even through the sand

  • Clickbait
    Clickbait16 dni temu

    I hate playing against AI

  • TacoBoy6754


    9 dni temu

    There still is the PvP

  • GreenMcBean
    GreenMcBean16 dni temu

    Jeff just sounds so disinterested all the time.

  • TimTime


    15 dni temu

    Well he's definitely interested in the game, you can hear that when you look into various interviews that he really does care about it a great deal. Yet you can also see that there's a lot going on behind the scenes and that as a Game Designer he's got to manage it all and thus may be busier with heavy decisions and thus be a bit numbed out by "smaller" things, that is specific content. Additionally, the things he talks about have been decided about and developed months ahead. I do really like how he handles everything, though.

  • Eagleking _030801
    Eagleking _03080117 dni temu

    Playstation, Xbox, cross play, cross play, cross play. Honor, justice, Reinhardt, Reinhardt, Reinhardt.

  • CB06
    CB0617 dni temu


  • itshornyhamburger
    itshornyhamburger17 dni temu


  • TacoBoy6754


    9 dni temu


  • Charmy
    Charmy18 dni temu

    Actually looks amazing, keep it up guys!

  • FoximusPrime987
    FoximusPrime98718 dni temu

    I can not wait for this game!

  • ForemostCrab7
    ForemostCrab718 dni temu

    You will be able to Level the heroes up? Well, now we will truly see Hanzo Mains...

  • Flauberte Antoine
    Flauberte Antoine18 dni temu

    i can smell the cap

  • Alexandre Esquenet
    Alexandre Esquenet19 dni temu


    CUM GOBLIN19 dni temu

    I really hope they market this game incredibly well once it’s finished... I’d hate to have them kill overwatch 1 with lack of major content, only to have overwatch 2 not be a huge success

  • Modified Spear

    Modified Spear

    13 dni temu

    Exactly my friend, and that is what scares me. what also Terrifies me is the Release date and such. Sure blizzard takes their time to make good games.... But will Overwatch Survive without new content, even one new dps hero would make me happy

  • rey de batalla
    rey de batalla20 dni temu

    can someone answer me By many they say that because of Blizzard to release overwatch 2 it caused the crisis of the bot in team fortress 2

  • Moi- Ma

    Moi- Ma

    19 dni temu

    Overwatch and blizzard has nothing to do with bot crises.. it’s someone’s fault

  • Nightykk
    Nightykk21 dzień temu

    Will the game actually support 21:9 this time around? -- Or is it your current bollocks approach from OW1? You know, like SC2 - Industry's worst Ultrawide support (which is a bit weird, seeing as HotS has some of the best). "Oh noes, advantage. Whatever did people do when we went from 4:3 to 16:10, to 16:9? Oh noes." In short: Black bars, or current worthless system of losing a massive amount of vertical view (without gaining anything horizontal - Essentially just.. getting a smaller picture overall) .. and I'll throw my money somewhere else. If you do get it sorted out, then I look forward to it.

  • Harris Sabastian
    Harris Sabastian21 dzień temu

    Omg can you please put this game on mobile i just wanna play this game so badly but i dont have pc or laptop

  • Ateş Fırlatan Deniz Anası
    Ateş Fırlatan Deniz Anası23 dni temu

    Also a story mission or event where you fight in junkertown tournament and after that fight against Junker Queen as a boss would be nice. Other idea is where you play as Ashe and making some stealing mission with the gang would cool.

  • Ateş Fırlatan Deniz Anası
    Ateş Fırlatan Deniz Anası23 dni temu

    I really want other type of enemies different from Null Sector. Maybe some omnic terrorists, some junker guys or gangs like Deadlock gang would be nice.



    17 dni temu

    Yeah they said there’s more units they haven’t showed yet, and also talon soldiers


    i can't wait for it :D

  • Yuno Takahashi
    Yuno Takahashi24 dni temu

    I’ve read and seen so much sad stories/animatics about these characters. Something about seeing them smile just makes me happy- Honestly, everything about this makes me happy

  • James Blair
    James Blair24 dni temu

    and YES yes YES yes YES yes! :D

  • James Blair
    James Blair24 dni temu

    me to :]

  • Qupds
    Qupds25 dni temu

    I’m so excited

  • Hollow shadow
    Hollow shadow25 dni temu

    Just an opinion here in the story mode I think there should be a mission based on tracers time travelling from her crono exelerater (sorry I don’t know how to spell) I feel it will make a big mission when it comes to law and cool to play as tracer (a famous character in this game) since it will make her stand out more.

  • Vano Sanchez
    Vano Sanchez25 dni temu

    Can't wait to see new Winston!

  • TheScaryPimp
    TheScaryPimp26 dni temu

    Warcraft 3 Reforged hab ich schon bezahlt, war aber so kacke, das ich das hier besimmt nicht kaufen werde.

  • Bandar Salh
    Bandar Salh26 dni temu

    35:26 The only reason I'll play this game

  • Live Round
    Live Round26 dni temu

    I am willing to wait if this game comes out well, I feel like this game will be one of the biggest if they deliver on what they promise

  • Live Round
    Live Round26 dni temu

    I gotta say, overwatch 2 NEEDS to come out as a new game, not a huge update to the current game, a NEW game. It’s gotta have a ton of new characters and a ton of new maps and maybe new game modes, it just NEEDS to be a new game otherwise it’s a flop

  • TimTime


    18 dni temu

    It's literally all they talked about in this vid lol?

  • Ded Meems
    Ded Meems26 dni temu

    35:27 yesssss

  • biiyell
    biiyell26 dni temu

    Please make the game 120 fov. many game companies don't understand but increasing the fov makes gameplay so much more enjoyable. I will donate every fragment of my soul into this game if you raise the fov a little more.

  • Cristian Garcia
    Cristian Garcia26 dni temu

    This is soooooooooooooooooooo gonna be worth the wait.

  • Siturba
    Siturba27 dni temu

    15:20 Rain in Paris. How did they know that it rains 4 days on 3 in France? (especially in the North of the France)

  • Jack Dickinson
    Jack Dickinson27 dni temu

    Make it so that you can set a music playlist when playing lucio that would be awesome and an absolute buff without making him OP Thank You

  • Soiketsu
    Soiketsu27 dni temu

    для меня остался один главный вопрос , а первая часть будет поддерживаться ? будут ли в ней выходить новые герои ?

  • Ryan Hollis
    Ryan Hollis28 dni temu

    I just want a full feature length movie from the fall to the reformation of overwatch. Even an overwatch movies series.

  • Its Nobbie
    Its Nobbie28 dni temu

    Will Overwatch 2 have Mailboxes?

  • Illegal Pizza
    Illegal Pizza28 dni temu

    By my cauculations heres how many new maps ow2 will have (at least) In blizzcon 2019 they revealed 4 new maps, then after they revealed the rome map here (current count, 5) they said to announce of of the new maps ONE OF then they announced NYC (current count, 6) so by the wording "one of" that guarantees there will be at least 7 new maps, but probably more like 9 or 10 seeing how long this project will be Do you agree with my reasoning?

  • TimTime


    12 dni temu

    @Illegal Pizza it kind of sounds like they don't want you to play with the old maps in the normal rotation anymore, like a "new game". I hope that won't be the case but we'll have to wait and see. It'll definitely be a lot of new maps and heroes.

  • Illegal Pizza

    Illegal Pizza

    12 dni temu

    @TimTime 20 maps, that would like double the current main game rotation. i hope its that outrageous.

  • Illegal Pizza

    Illegal Pizza

    12 dni temu

    @Modified Spear thank you!

  • Modified Spear

    Modified Spear

    13 dni temu

    Interesting. I agree with your way of thinking!

  • TimTime


    18 dni temu

    They said that they'd develop multiple new maps for each mode, assuming 3 per mode, including Push that's 15 maps. Then there might be other maps outside of that, maybe for the arcade mode or PvE only, so I'm assuming we'll see roughly 20 new maps, maybe a little less.

  • Ole Rasmussen
    Ole Rasmussen28 dni temu

    I think the most popular kind of mission would just be to wipe out an omnic army completely. Nothing to defend, nowhere to go, just pure metal armageddon.

  • Ole Rasmussen
    Ole Rasmussen28 dni temu

    That crawling robot arm freaks me out! This is the kind of content I want!

  • Mo Pri
    Mo Pri28 dni temu

    Pls keep up your great work and motivation! 🔥 If there will be a collectors edition I'm in already haha xD

  • Bodyful09
    Bodyful0929 dni temu

    0:48 the fact that omnic wasn’t show in other art of null sector and didn’t even was show to the presentation of the new Null sector units just make me think if it’s a prototype of some sort of talon assassin mix with null sector you clearly see that it use the same weapons as the talon assassins and move very fast would love to see this as a enemy unit :D

  • ZerqTM
    ZerqTM29 dni temu

    one thing i think would be nice to do with holographic tech in rome is if they painted the statues... because the romans did not just make marbel statues... that was not how that worked... they became plain white because the color wore of and no one mantained the paint and then they just assumed that was how it was intended... but that is not actually how they looked originally.. now you probably would not paint ancient statues today because the paint my damage the statue or something of the like.. may may spray them with some kind of sealer after its been rigoursly tested and ferified to help more then harm (pollutants can destroy stone structures over time) But if you can project an hologram or a Augmented reality projection over it or just use a regular projector (something we can do irl) then you could show it as it was meant to be... would nice to see that in game but probably blizzard did not think to do that.. it would be cool if they added it in though... ideally after consulting with those that studied what kind of paints and dyes would be used at the time to get the idea of the colors that may be used... but maybe i am just nerding out to much on historical accuracy :p Notably the pyramids also never had naked stone exposed they would have outer casing block making for a smooth finish... lots of thing wear out over time. and they stand like that so long we forget how they originally where.. i do like that they depict the roman building in a more intact state.. that is intresting..

  • yo Diamond
    yo Diamond29 dni temu

    There's going to be crossplay right?

  • Evan


    19 dni temu

    Jeff says he loves the idea of crossplay so most likely

  • Hugo Valente
    Hugo ValenteMiesiąc temu

    @PlayOverwatch 3rd person view option for pve missions is out of question right? ^_^' i understand that contradicts the essence of the game but... :P

  • T Ray
    T RayMiesiąc temu

    Which new character is @10:00 ?

  • T Ray
    T RayMiesiąc temu

    Guarantee you that Reinhardt build gets nerfed before launch or shortly after.

  • Jest1fu l
    Jest1fu lMiesiąc temu

    Question ! The guy throwing up the 666 you do realise ....GOD WON😇

  • Cold Fire
    Cold FireMiesiąc temu

    33:46 that shot almost made me cry. It's soo beautiful

  • ゆい714
    ゆい714Miesiąc temu

    Let me unlock things by playing Quickplay Classic. Role restrictions take the fun out of the game. Sometimes you absolutely need to change roles to turn the match in your favor. Sometimes a character with a different role counters 3-4 enemy characters. I get that you're trying to make it more competitive and less toxic but restrictions in games are never fun. It would also be nice if non-competitive modes felt equally rewarding to competitive. Competetive is by far the least enjoyable mode in the game. Not because it's difficult (it's really not), but because role restrictions and toxic players. I can take toxic but at no point am I enjoying myself in that game mode. I'm glad it's there so people aren't toxic in Quickplay Classic. A nice trick to remove toxicity from the rest of the game. Just don't make me play competitive to get rewards.

  • HearthOwners - هرثستون بالعربي
    HearthOwners - هرثستون بالعربيMiesiąc temu

    since im a huge fan of Gears of War and this sounds like a 80% rip-off the gameplay (20% rip off tomb raider) i think im gonna love this game

  • The Joker
    The JokerMiesiąc temu

    I know most people hate it but I will miss 2CP

  • Nawaf Del Rey
    Nawaf Del ReyMiesiąc temu

    Is it who’s just scared of the idea that Zenyatta is walking!! 32:00

  • The LORD
    The LORDMiesiąc temu

    shut up and take my money

  • Hax H
    Hax HMiesiąc temu

    soo... levels? now i can be phisically weaker AND skillfully weaker!

  • Mr Clean

    Mr Clean

    21 dzień temu

    Levels are only in pve unless they add it in pvp

  • TheEdgy Boy

    TheEdgy Boy

    Miesiąc temu

    Levels are only in pve.

  • Bog Bastard
    Bog BastardMiesiąc temu

    NOOOOOOOO PLEASE JEFF NOOOOOO don't kill 2cp i love 2cp please dear god don't do that. give it its own game mode or SOMETHING but don't just kill my favorite game mode!!!!

  • yellow cat
    yellow catMiesiąc temu

    17:33 пажилой солдат

  • Matthew Booth
    Matthew BoothMiesiąc temu

    Nintendo direct: absolutely no news on BOTW 2 Blizzconline: a 38 minute segment dedicated to overwatch 2

  • Chow
    ChowMiesiąc temu

    i hope the first overwatch will be freetoplay then

  • Rorome Todoro
    Rorome TodoroMiesiąc temu

    38:26 who is this????

  • Rorome Todoro

    Rorome Todoro

    Miesiąc temu

    @Ateş Fırlatan Deniz Anası omg thank you I was like is this baptiste or not.

  • Ateş Fırlatan Deniz Anası

    Ateş Fırlatan Deniz Anası

    Miesiąc temu

    it's pirate Baptiste skin

  • IkEetKroketjes
    IkEetKroketjesMiesiąc temu

    widows booba's go like

  • Snakinatrix
    SnakinatrixMiesiąc temu

    Well this eases some concerns I had. The only thing I have left in uncertainty in my mind is that I'm really hoping that the game will let me take on hero missions and other campaign styles that are meant for a full team of 4 just on my own with noone else for funsies. Like if I am tired or just don't feel like communicating much or literally just want to see if I can.

  • TimTime


    15 dni temu

    They've said that they're experimenting with AI companions. They want them for the case of leavers but if they can get them to work well enough open them up to be played alongside a single player. I wouldn't hold my breath for it, though... everything will be fundamentally built and balanced around 4 players, anything less than that would make it pretty hard to balance

  • Mc stabby
    Mc stabbyMiesiąc temu

    Dont make the same mistake cyberpunk did take your time

  • Mercy one Trick
    Mercy one TrickMiesiąc temu

    Cringe :/

  • Mercy one Trick

    Mercy one Trick

    12 dni temu

    @Modified Spear cringe :/

  • Modified Spear

    Modified Spear

    13 dni temu

    Still salty that you lost your mass rez mercy?

  • Mercy one Trick

    Mercy one Trick

    29 dni temu

    @Moi- Ma cringe :/

  • Moi- Ma

    Moi- Ma

    29 dni temu

    @Mercy one Trick saying “cringe” for no reason makes you cringe :/

  • Mercy one Trick

    Mercy one Trick

    Miesiąc temu

    @TheEdgy Boy Cringe :/

  • Ramblast4
    Ramblast4Miesiąc temu

    I have an idea for the enemy units Bosses: they will appear at the end of some missions an will have unique attacks, ways to defeat them and will do a lot of damage to the objective but they are easily distracted by players... and loud noises if they hear a loud explosion of something like that they will stop what they are doing to investigate. Ow and they will have a lot of health!

  • Gabrielle Fluet
    Gabrielle FluetMiesiąc temu

    I don't like mccree,,, he looks younger?? And his serape works against gravity, it's a cape, too weird ugh(widow is fkn cool tho)