In this video I will show you a ranking of TWICE choreographies, starting with the easiest or simplest and ending with the most difficult, the range of difficulty of TWICE choreographies is increasing since its debut because they are a group with a lot presence and energy when presented, so the most difficult part of his choreography is energy and his choreographies stand out for that.
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  • Park Katiana_Army_Forever

    Park Katiana_Army_Forever

    2 miesięcy temu

    como se llama la cancion del comienzo y como se llama el grupo del segundo 0:03 y 0:04 pliss

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    Kpop Tea

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    What is the app you use for your intro

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    En español por favor XD

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    I LOVE YOUR INTRO!! any onces and nevies here?

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    Actually dances by girls groups are easy but boy group dance are another level

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    All you need is friends and skills to do these

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    the moment you realise your favourite dances are the hardest:

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    i'm a dancer and let me tell you that you won't regret learning *more & more and feel special* because it's really addicting and it will make you break a sweat. I do each dance at least twice a day and it actually helps me keep fit 😌☝🏼

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    11:07 momo's hand is just like a helicopter

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    I agree with Your rating but the fact i dont know the dances they reccomend for begginers but know top 3 twice hardest dances

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