The Controversy of the 331mph SSC Tuatara World Record - Case Closed?


The SSC Tuatara's 331mph world record top speed run has certainly been a controversial discussion! Following my questions surrounding the published video, Jerod Shelby has now announced that SSC will be doing another run with the Tuatara to set the record straight. However, there are still concerns that haven't been addressed that will play a part in the next attempt.
SSC reported that on 10th October, 2020, the Tuatara in production specification form broke a top speed record with one direction at 331.15mph and the other at 301.07mph for an average of 316.1mph - beating the previous record of the Koenigsegg Agera RS by 38.2mph (from 277.9mph). The runs took place on the very same road, the Nevada Highway 160 from the intersection with Tecopa Road with the Tuatara's fastest direction heading South-East towards Las Vegas and the slow speed on the return.
After the initial questions I raised surrounding the video published by Top Gear, a number of statements, press releases and bits of information have surfaced which introduce further questions to discuss. Equally, the topic has generated all sorts of stories published and discussed at length, some of which have perhaps been incorrect.
With further analysis of the initial record run itself, join me to further establish the particular video footage used, the gearbox within the car through sonic visualisation, and the speed traveled relative to an Airbus H125 helicopter flying alongside.
A huge shout out goes to Kaare for his work starting on the analysis of the audio, and the guidance to continue doing so in a bid to understand the gearbox ratios further.
Robert's analysis:
Misha's reply to Jerod Shelby:
Information and data sources:
Jerod Shelby Statement:
BBC Top Gear 331mph Record video:
SSC Tuatara vs Koenigsegg Agera RS head to head video:
Start location for the run:
Oli Webb confirming 6th gear for the run:
SSC Press Releases:
Running Data:
SSC Tuatara 331.15mph on 10th Oct 2020
Average run speed of 316.1mph
Faster run SE, slower run NW of 301.07mph
Median Comparisons:
Start to 1st median
Distance: 1.69km / 1.05m
Time: 38.18s = 99.5mph avg
1st to 2nd median
Distance: 1.81km / 1.13m
Time: 22.64s = 179.7mph avg
Entry at 192mph, exit at 307mph
2nd to 3rd median
Distance: 2.28km / 1.42m
Time: 28.24s including a pause
Pause is 3:82
Total time: 24.40s = 209.5mph avg
Entry at 307mph, peak of 331mph, exit at 242mph
1st to 3rd
Total excluding the pause is 47.39s = 195mph
Entry at 194mph, exit at 242mph, 331mph along the way
Thanks for watching, Tim
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee1502 miesięcy temu

    It's been a week of questions and discussion surrounding the controversial 331mph world record top speed run by the SSC Tuatara. However, to put this behind, Jerod Shelby has now announced that they will undertake a second run to set the record straight!

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    Spyros panopoulos automotive is on the game too

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    SSC Tuatara is RS cola and Hennessey F5 is Pepsi and the king Koenigsegg is Coca-Cola

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    Jon Alarcon

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    @Aman Aman I was thinking the samething ,but remember they have the world record with one of those trust vehicles out in the black Rock desert 🏜.

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    Jon Alarcon

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    He'll do it those pilot pro cup 2s will handel the speed, , he should take it to thevsalt and used mickeys LSR tires

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    Whiny babies what we left with... Gosh

  • david sellers
    david sellersDzień temu

    They dishonor themselves the First time. Can't give them a chance to cover a Lie with a second run. They are no different then DeveL Sixteen, which we know that car is a fairy tale.

  • TheBestGame Reviews
    TheBestGame Reviews2 dni temu

    The only way we clean this is SSC Tuatara Make Clean Speed Test Run with Official World Guiness people who make this official other way it will be lie

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    They invited ole Shmee to observe the new run. 🤔

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    welp! its more than meets the eye

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  • evil elf
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    smoke and mirrors.....if the numbers were believed....they would sell a shitload of the present (although they have had a 2nd crack at it) the figures are still unverified.good vid schmee,very good info.when they do roll out for another crack,they will be subject to a hell of a lot of scrutiny.

  • Luke_3_1
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    It's true because if you repeat something enough it becomes true - proof Donald Trump.

  • Luke_3_1
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    Fair play, there have been some dubious claims about top speed 'production' cars and this seems to take a serious look at the evidence.

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    He sounds like that one og minecraft youtuber (not hating)

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    Ccxx. H5h. Vvrd CV

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    issnt air speed in knots? and car speed in mph?

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    18o knots is a lot faster than 180mph

  • Axel Blaze
    Axel Blaze13 dni temu

    The Jesko Absolut is currently the pinnacle of car design and human engineering, even then Christian said that theoretical top speed will only be around 330 mph.

  • giggity
    giggity15 dni temu

    It might of done it and they used a slower run on the vid to make it not look like it to get people talking and making videos on it to get the name out there to get know more nothing like a good or bad story to get free publicity even if it did not do it people will know the name of the car now as i never hear of this car till now so it is working. Think the car was even added to forza horizon 4 as well so might give it a spin on the game soo how it is got to give it to the PR department for this getting the car out there.

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    Shmee Sherlock

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    Investigate cov!d

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    They cheated and cheated by a massive amount ..... there is no other explanation.

  • BITS2
    BITS218 dni temu

    Has it been GPS confirmed? A car telemetry can been programmed just as you wish... I MUST SAY I'M IMPRESSED with the investigation you did, how imaginative, yet conclusive.. P.S.: For official WR there are ALWAYS some sort of officials from some institution which handles that area (motorsport, etc...)

  • Catalino Calimlim Jr.
    Catalino Calimlim Jr.20 dni temu

    TODAY they seek for speed not for durability and effeiency for living.

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith23 dni temu

    Can’t believe I wasted 10 minutes of my life watching this. I mean who cares? Do you really think SSC set this up as some elaborate hoax ? The ceo even said he was going to re-do the run with 3rd party verification. Haters gonna hate .

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  • JDR_208
    JDR_20825 dni temu

    I’m glad the car community turned on it self. We have successfully put a hand full of people out of a job! Congrats guys! Doing good things! Thank you especially Shmee!

    HUMAN25 dni temu

    The fact when it’s still pulling at 300 mph kinda makes me think otherwise, because if it was going for a speed record why didn’t they call Guinness 🤔

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    Spot on! Bravo!

  • Shannon Wilson
    Shannon Wilson28 dni temu

    Anyone here after the second run where they fell really short of the numbers they claimed? Anyone know the excuses they are using yet?

  • Fun & Family
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    Good Job!!, the quick look away by journalism is a real problem, fear if offending, the take care of our buddies behavior, is not true journalism. Taking a neutral position asking position is the honest approach.

  • C41N4
    C41N429 dni temu

    The speed of the helicopter is such a stupid argument. You have absolutely no idea how far the helicopter is from the car, and thus your argument has no leg to stand on. SSC has nothing to gain from lying like this. Once they run that record again, hopefully all the haters will eat their words. Gotta love the age of internet. You make a beautiful piece of engineering, and some fools start some stupid, empty controversies for no reason.

  • Aykan Sönmez

    Aykan Sönmez

    26 dni temu

    SCC has everything from lying like this, they can claim that they have the fastest road legal car of the world Wich would be a big achievement and would bring much money and buyers. And the helicopter is a good argument, ist maybe not on point but ist close enough to say how fast the car is. Helicopter are actually pretty slow and can't fly as fast as many cars and here is the "fastest" one and you still see the helicopter. I know you won't believe me but it's what it is, I would love it if it were true that would be a big achievement for production cars but it doesn't look like it.

  • PilleFryday
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    since trump, the U.S. fake just everything :)

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    Sean CaseyMiesiąc temu

    He saying the helicopter has a top speed of 190 miles an hour. My moms car says it has a top speed of 120 but can easily go 140. The pilots probably just pushing it

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    Cars are different than aircraft

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    why did it say infinity in 8th gear??

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    facts are facts. i hope your wife is honest lol

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    For the record, Dewetron has in fact validated the run.

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    I truly appreciate the simple search of truth, and why there are these discrepancies, ; as well as how it is done through thorough, detailed ,and intricate research about this event.

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    This guy seems so fake

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    Who can hate this guy?

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    So did they re-run the test?

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    Brilliant analysis. Keep your videos coming. Well done. Regards David Brown, UK.

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    Maybe this is the american MO. If you cant't do it... fake it... flashback from going to the moon. :))))

  • art uro
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    You are wrong man the camera is true and the car is true its not fake maybe you are working with the bugatti in europe you guys shock coz your euro cars are no good anymore itd obsulate with the fast cars now america is flying high now with the hyper car heheh ferrari,bugatte ,aston martini, bmw, mercedes is no good anymore

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    Miesiąc temu

    Holy shit what a braindead comment. Those manufacturers besides Bugatti aren't making cars for top speed, it's not economical. Any of those easily have the resources to beat it, they're too busy making practical cars, and cars that can actually race on a track.

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    Shmee would be the worlds greatest traffic ticket attorney.

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    Great analysis, thanks for posting.

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    They pulling and Apple sales techniques massive publicity, it's the 1000$ monitor stand, very few will buy one but a lot of people will end up talking about Apple Not many people even know SSC before the questionable n record. In short... No publicity is bad publicity because Some rich people will still buy them anyway.

  • Henry Cruz
    Henry CruzMiesiąc temu

    Thanks for the information. I hope the speeds are proven but it doesn't look good. Anticipating the follow-up

  • Jon Alarcon
    Jon AlarconMiesiąc temu

    One way to make that vehicle to go faster is use a turbine instead of a piston driven engine , but I guess that's the whole point, most built piston driven engines rpm top out around 8-9 thousands rpm , were as a turbine engine can double that and then some.

  • Jon Alarcon
    Jon AlarconMiesiąc temu

    If the Ford GT did 301 mph and its a 50 year old design im sure this ssc did the 331 mph run , the guy that built the engine is tom Nelson out of Chatsworth CA, this guy definitely builds engines that make the horse power , I want him to build me a engine but I only have half of the 53,000 dollars for one, twinn turbocharged at 2500 hp coupled with a Jericho 4 speed manual transmission and the Ford 9 inch rear-end.

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    Being lied to is the worst, no matter the circumstances, no matter by who.

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    Unnecessary cars

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    I don't care the ssc tuatara is beautiful.

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    Shmee, you’ve come along way from being Anakins Mum?

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    What a load of crap. Fake News mate.

  • Jonathan Byrd
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    Tim. you’re a social media giant and up to date on all info. Motor Trend is a magazine (remember those). Proving your hard-earned data is correct is like me trying to convince my grandfather that my iPhone camera is better than his Polaroid. Long after their newspaper and magazine articles are forgotten and end up on the bottom of a bird cage, we will all still be watching you. Keep up the great work buddy.

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    Apparently I have been living under a rock and missed all of this.

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    SSC took a hit to its reputation...

  • Fernando Barajas
    Fernando BarajasMiesiąc temu

    I'm a resident of Pahrump and the record run was about 20 miles out of town on the 160. The highway was closed of and to watch this car fly by at over 500 k.p.h./300 m.p.h was BAD ASS...

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    Miesiąc temu

    how much did he pay you? car did 220 mph foo!

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    Stop wasting time with cars and start analyzing the US government.

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    Everybody cheats at everything now, I don’t believe anyone anymore, they even lie about he pettiest bullshit

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    Who said you could use that data from my ford fiesta 1.2?

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    Slow the video and look at the camera guys arm at 20 mph the car is not moving

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    The perfect car for the Democratic party

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    I like how this dumb motorsports magazine is fanboying over SSC and just disregards any criticism that is based on science. They laugh at somebody that uses his own brain and questions things, investigating further into it using logical thought. Who is the idiot here?

  • Uniongamers
    UniongamersMiesiąc temu

    I went to MotorTrend and found the article. Looks like they removed most of the assertive crap like the 'Case closed' ending and added the new updated information.

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    This guy is a fake bunch of crybaby’s

  • Ronin
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    When will the second run be? This scandal die down after the second run claim faster than the top speed was debunked

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    While we're at it, can someone verify the Ultimate Aero's top speed run?

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    cocaine is what went wrong

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    Lol this is just like the election. We all know Joe Biden didnt get 80 million votes its ridiculous. The numbers and evidence all point to fraudulent corrupted voting. The data and statistics and mail in ballots all point to fraud. Everyone should see it. Its blatant and wrong how the Democrats used the covid 19 to steal the election.

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    Yea, only that this video is about cars. Keep your poltical bs to yourself or channels of that content.

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    Has anyone count the lines in Bugattis videos? How about the Egg? McLaren F1? No? That's weird.

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    Pompous, to the nth. degree

  • username 1
    username 1Miesiąc temu

    This shouldnt be a suprise to anyone.. Supercar and hypercar companies have always been faking many things about their cars. The Jaguar 220.. has that name because it can go 220mph.. Except the fact that it cant do that. The Lamborghini Countach with its crazy supercar aerodynamic design so it can go even faster.. Except that the aerodynamics of it actually make the car SLOWER. I can go on with many others, We've been spoiled lately with car companies being HONEST.. But what SSC is doing is old school super/hypercar fakery to sell cars. Too bad for them it doesnt work in the modern era.

  • Dexter Madingledorf
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    Anything is possible with Trump Math

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    maybe they used dominion ....

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    What I think SSC should do for the next top speed run with that car is just put a GoPro right in front of the speedometer LOL

  • Vidal J
    Vidal JMiesiąc temu

    How about just have the tatuara drag race the chiron and then really see who hits the 300 mph mark??

  • Daniel
    DanielMiesiąc temu

    Numbers don't lie if you are honest and ethical.

  • Arminder Batth
    Arminder BatthMiesiąc temu

    That helicopter also have the SSC top speed gear ratios installed.

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    Top ten anime deaths

  • Magnus B
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    Maybe SSC is lying about the cars spec as well and that's why they had to fake it...

  • Mr Noob Hunter YT
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    I mean u can customize yur gear ratio n the seconds for each shift. As the car travels faster in slight over-rev, the weight is lighter than the HP, special tyers used, Race fuel used. But how does that heli travel that fast😂😂😂 maybe upgraded(not stock)🤣

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    Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to do an analysis of the 2020 voting in Philadelphia.

  • Antman4656
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    So SSC lied and placed the fake telemetry and then keep digging themselves deeper by saying its everything else but not the telemetry. Because to admit that would be admiting to lying to everyone which would be deteimental to the company. So now SSC now needs to do another run and im guessing will get an engine that puts out 2000 to 3000 plus hp specially for this run to save face.

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    Miesiąc temu

    cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • Audrius Palionis
    Audrius Palionis2 miesięcy temu

    Shmee150 - let's admit this - you were supplied such detailed data, which makes to compromise this run..I am sure you are and you was paid to put all data on a table by other hypercars makers! Let me point this out, in no way you would be able to dig it up>>such data on your own! But I am not saying that run figures are genuine.

  • Nick Georgakis

    Nick Georgakis

    Miesiąc temu

    You seriously believe what you are saying? If another big brand like Bugatti or Koenigsegg had this data they wouldnt give it to a youtuber, pay him and tell him to make a video about what he comes up with, they would expose the run themselves lol. What you are saying makes literally no sense. And he provided links to all the data he used, they're out there so its not like he was secretly supplied by someone.

  • Humma Kavula
    Humma Kavula2 miesięcy temu

    Either way, they have generated more interest in the next run than any speed run in years

  • GoldenG450
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    my answer just race a chiron ss lol :D

  • bergrud
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    How is this Even a thing. Its 110% fake. Physics dont and wont add up. Ever. They will never ever set this speed with this car.

  • John Brown
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    These days... if you see a solid group of all white American men... some lies are gonna get told at minimum. Some times they lead to war and blood , sometimes just humiliation

  • bama Fan
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    So who killed Kennedy????

  • wahash316
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    Put them all together ( bugatti , Königsegg ,tesla roadster and this )on a topspeed run drag race to see the authenticity of all of them. #shmee u can make this happen

  • benjamin Cristini
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    Ssc have big problems for the moment lol the helicopter thing killed them lol

  • Guy Tsitsiashvili
    Guy Tsitsiashvili2 miesięcy temu

    It's amazing how this guy tries sincerely to be objective and non toxic knowing how bold and unjustified the claim is... I wish to see more debunks like this.

  • ludocrat
    ludocrat2 miesięcy temu

    Amazing comments from some pretty massive PLclip motor enthusiast peers on this thread. I think it's because Tim strikes exactly the right tone for everyone: objective verification and enthusiastic positivity with no name calling or emotional accusations. He's opened a door either for SSC to step through and set the record straight - an exciting and valedictory opportunity for them - or to admit that mistakes were made and correct that record with dignity mostly in tact. They can soldier on. For me - a fan of many years - this is Shmee150's finest hour.

  • Mihai Ştețco
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    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3: 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Mark 16: 16 “.....Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Matthew 3: 2

    JOY VLOG2 miesięcy temu

    Seems pretty obvious they cheated...shouldnt be that shocking...America is the land of cheets.

  • robpowers27
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    Wow! I’m more impressed with his analysis than the car. Respect as a scientist and investigator.

  • You F'coffee
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    Hmm strange that they are putting so much effort into perfecting the combustion engine when it will soon be consigned to the history books and the only driving permitted will automated. I give it ten years then satellite will monitor all our driving, including our speed, you'll be unable to make a driving infringement even if you wanted to and ten years after that there won't even be steering wheels on new cars.

  • Ahmed LAHLOU
    Ahmed LAHLOU2 miesięcy temu

    It would be fun if they are able to reach 331 really but made up all of this so that the cobtreversy will make them more visible than any other brand currently and then show us a video with a real 331mph saying ow sorry wrong video few weeks ago :D

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    Thank you

  • VUO4E
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    When a car's name is the contraction of 'tutu' and 'diarrhea', and it's alleged speed is exaggerated by 20%, backed by reverse engineered drive ratios... then this is a car for Donald Trump.

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    Don't go to amirca he gonaa kill you just don't go