Diablo 2: Resurrected Deep Dive Panel | BlizzCon 2021


Check out this deep dive panel with the team behind the upcoming Diablo II: Resurrected to find out more about the remastered classic.


  • Joseph Grima
    Joseph Grima2 dni temu

    shading looked bad on original were they even running it with 3dfx , couldnt see much shading or anything didnt look like it, original d2 the best

  • Caio César
    Caio César3 dni temu

    I just hope i dont die from Covid before playing this.

  • Philip Schroeder
    Philip Schroeder3 dni temu

    Are there torch runs, are there world events?

  • Turtles Bruh
    Turtles Bruh4 dni temu

    MrLlama KILLED this interview

  • Cpt_Rubber _Duck
    Cpt_Rubber _Duck5 dni temu

    Hi all i got too test it this weekend and they have done amazing work keep too that nostalgic d2 we all love but with very needed upgrades . despite the much improved graphics its still feels like the d2 i know and love they have done justice with the improvements while keeping the feel and essence of what the game is . Ty Blizzard for doing it the right way many thanks PurpleDragon@/21474

    CJLAKE5 dni temu

    The darkness adds to the creepiness of it and makes it scarier. It adds to the experience of the gameplay. Which is why I prefer D2 the best. Opposed to D3

  • Kristiyan Hristov
    Kristiyan Hristov6 dni temu

    The game is that good, after 20 years they make it again and they are not going to change anything.

  • Richard
    Richard7 dni temu

    This would be the best shit ever if they then added another expansion.

  • Drygord Spellweaver
    Drygord Spellweaver7 dni temu

    Wonder if glitched 6 socket windforces that single shot cow level will still be around

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent7 dni temu


  • D.C. Gold
    D.C. Gold8 dni temu

    You choose a great Interviewer. Well done Game Spot

  • Matthew Thomsen
    Matthew Thomsen8 dni temu

    Lvl 99 bc o min right up

  • Alientcp
    Alientcp8 dni temu

    Dont get me wrong, i like newer graphics and stuff, but when i saw them, i thought they actually rebuilt the game on d3 engine, not really impressed.. But after watching this, worth looking forward to. Maybe the last gem of Blizzard.

  • Marlon Brans
    Marlon Brans9 dni temu

    my pc is dead im so glad its coming to console :) i can still play it now :)

  • Caveman Jack
    Caveman Jack9 dni temu

    awesome stuff

  • boyboy
    boyboy10 dni temu

    The thumbnail looks like Dave Bautista playing as Kratos

  • benj1b
    benj1b10 dni temu

    Seriously way more excited about this than d4. Even bought the original again for the 3rd time just to play again lol

  • Gen the Master
    Gen the Master11 dni temu

    They better fix the melee combat system, it was crappy in the original Diablo 2 (LoD). Having your % to hit and block go down each time you level up? Your defence reduced to zero not only when you run, but during attack animations as well? (something that the monsters always try to exploit) Block lock. 95% chance to hit yet missing often? I could go on and on. Fix that shit, Blizzard.

  • Gen the Master
    Gen the Master11 dni temu

    I can't stand this lama or whatever his handle is.

  • Chris
    Chris11 dni temu

    I have watched this too many times.... I'm so stoked.

  • GloatingRick
    GloatingRick11 dni temu

    do they dicuss LAN?

  • Christopher
    Christopher12 dni temu

    I am excited for this game honestly just playing this was so fun.

  • BKA29
    BKA2913 dni temu

    shared stash and magic/rare throwing weapons in classic !

  • Asta Is A Beast!
    Asta Is A Beast!14 dni temu

    *Hi do I need to play the 1st game to understand what’s going on in this game?* I’m only asking because I really want to play this game looks really fun.🙂

  • Neeg Tsis K
    Neeg Tsis K16 dni temu

    They didn’t mention the Runes farming for the unique equipments. So which means I will have to buy Runes from Blizzard to make unique equipments? Eh.. Bought the game and will still have to buy Runes and Unique items that cost more money. I’ll have to pass. Loves the memories with D2.

  • Xam Mendoza
    Xam Mendoza18 dni temu

    Oh shoot!!! Would that mean I have to upgrade my Pentium 4 and 7800GTX for this?

  • Mauro Tyler
    Mauro Tyler18 dni temu

    29:40 OMFG YES!!! ( Been saying "omg yes" the whole frkn interview ), but even the browse normal/night/hell from hell??? I can't wait for this. This might be the best game of all times if they get it right.

  • james reid-lourie
    james reid-lourie18 dni temu

    Tony Hawk remaster and Crash, I've got high hopes for this one!

  • XXXTornado
    XXXTornado18 dni temu

    so its just..make-up , no game play tweaaking ??

  • Jonathan Stromberg
    Jonathan Stromberg18 dni temu

    Do you think they will add another act or more content in another way? I’m so excited :)

  • Rockstann
    Rockstann19 dni temu

    Yes.. YESS... YEEEESSS!!!!!!!

  • ChumpChangeXD
    ChumpChangeXD20 dni temu

    So Pumped!!! DIABLO 2 FTW!!!

  • Phil
    Phil21 dzień temu

    Now image if they release an expansion in late 2022 with new rune words and content that you basically need to be using some of the more unique gear and lvl 90+ to beat. I mean if there is something missing from the original Diablo 2 it's true end game content. I think even hardcore fans would be down for something like that.

  • Wild West
    Wild West21 dzień temu

    IDK its all nostalgia to say its still a great or maybe even still the best game of its kind. The art and music is a masterpiece. It all works so well. The remake looks amazing so far, and I love every decision so far

  • viol247
    viol24723 dni temu

    This is what Diablo 3 should've been

  • ClubTōuge
    ClubTōuge23 dni temu

    dude ive been thinking about this game... I am hyped had no idea it was going to be remastered

  • Jesse
    Jesse27 dni temu

    Did everyone simultaneously forget how terrible the end game of D2 is?

  • Frank Damato
    Frank Damato28 dni temu


  • Funkle
    FunkleMiesiąc temu


  • Wakane
    WakaneMiesiąc temu

    I'm sure the word "Reforged" is a taboo word during this discussion.

  • Zayne Van Day
    Zayne Van DayMiesiąc temu

    Will this be coming to steam ? If not how do we buy it on the PC ?

  • spacebran


    Miesiąc temu

    Blizzard website

  • Zayne Van Day
    Zayne Van DayMiesiąc temu

    This is going to be a smash hit no question

  • Zayne Van Day
    Zayne Van DayMiesiąc temu

    Sad we can’t even play Diablo on our iPads but we can play Baldurs gate ? Madness

  • Jermz Kie
    Jermz KieMiesiąc temu

    How many players in a game better be 8 or more or it fails already

  • Arbo Ribus
    Arbo RibusMiesiąc temu

    The Barbarian looks like Kratos!!!

  • NightWolfx03
    NightWolfx03Miesiąc temu

    I want the Druid from Lord Or Destruction

  • Felipe Dias
    Felipe DiasMiesiąc temu

    Just told my wife about this wonderful news... she is not very happy about it.

  • Nathan Fischer
    Nathan FischerMiesiąc temu

    These guys should make every diablo game from now and forward 🙌

  • Sv3ngali_ 0000
    Sv3ngali_ 0000Miesiąc temu

    thank you thank you this is really a labor of love

  • Sv3ngali_ 0000
    Sv3ngali_ 0000Miesiąc temu

    GenX kids in the comments represent!

  • Kikísek Scótermann
    Kikísek ScótermannMiesiąc temu

    Well it doesnt say REFORGED, so lets hope it will not be like Warcraft III :D

  • Kikísek Scótermann
    Kikísek ScótermannMiesiąc temu

    I presume we can only have 4 players at once in a multiplayer because consoles would explode if there were 8 people? Thank you consoles, you make PC games truly better..

  • Kikísek Scótermann

    Kikísek Scótermann

    Miesiąc temu

    @K V is it? Is it?? Than my bad I guess, I was thinking 4 looking at the video. I cant wait for this game..

  • K V

    K V

    Miesiąc temu

    8 players

    SWaGGMOREMiesiąc temu

    why is no one talking about PVP in all these breakdowns?

  • Greo G

    Greo G

    Miesiąc temu

    They said it will be the same: you declare hostility and you fight.

  • The Survivor
    The SurvivorMiesiąc temu

    will Diablo 2: Resurrected be available on console?

  • Traian Baraian
    Traian BaraianMiesiąc temu

    When is done this game!?

  • experiment


    29 dni temu

    release end of the year

  • Julian Luigi Nocamasi
    Julian Luigi NocamasiMiesiąc temu

    12:42 liarr!! WHAT U WANT IS MONEY o well i dont care just take ma money!!! i wanna play the remasterized

  • Julian Luigi Nocamasi
    Julian Luigi NocamasiMiesiąc temu

    I WLL PAY ANYTHING for this!!

  • Roland Deschain
    Roland DeschainMiesiąc temu

    Take my money. Take it all. Release a 2nd expansion and take my car as well, I won't need to leave home anymore.

  • WhateverDude
    WhateverDudeMiesiąc temu

    Lut Gholein

  • Zinaida Starbomb
    Zinaida StarbombMiesiąc temu

    3dfx Glide still looks better

  • Dark Light137
    Dark Light137Miesiąc temu

    Did you notice that whenever Diablo 2 content is displayed the character is walking? which makes D2 look less attractive. I think this was intentional so the new product looks cooler but to me and to those 16GB RAM in requirements the remastered version looks too much like starcraft 2.

  • Sir Invesalot
    Sir InvesalotMiesiąc temu

    Can we just ask these guys to create D3 and D4? lol

  • Sir Invesalot
    Sir InvesalotMiesiąc temu

    Looks like Diablo's on the hands of the right people again, excited!

  • Patrick Bøgild Bak
    Patrick Bøgild BakMiesiąc temu

    I cannot wait!!!

  • cyl3erduke
    cyl3erdukeMiesiąc temu

    Ok, first I must say great work for the game. Great attention to details. But is no one bothered by the fact you'll have to pay like 50$ to play the same game you already spent hundred of hours playing ? Not saying their work isnt worth that much. But I find its a lot of money for a game we all played with just a minor tweaks and graphic upgrade...

  • spacebran


    Miesiąc temu

    @cyl3erduke oh I did read your post. It's not the same game. It is a remaster. Work went into it. Stop being so cheap. I don't want games to be expensive but even $50 for a remastered game that was a huge part of my life as a kid is worth it. I'll be playing it a lot.

  • cyl3erduke


    Miesiąc temu

    @spacebran it seems like you didn't read my whole comment, or maybe you just don't like what you read, but still, the point remain ; paying twice for the same game.

  • spacebran


    Miesiąc temu

    It sounds like you didn't watch the interview and if you did, it doesn't seem like you realize how much work went into this.

  • Johnny Nonny
    Johnny NonnyMiesiąc temu

    Best interview yet btw. Mr Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama

  • Johnny Nonny
    Johnny NonnyMiesiąc temu

    "Throws hands and arms in air" !!!!

  • Wild West
    Wild WestMiesiąc temu

    If you switch back to the old game does the UI go back to the old game or is it the new UI still?

  • Wild West
    Wild WestMiesiąc temu

    What about the size of the shared stash/stash? Is it going to be bigger or smaller? I feel like making those bigger would be good, not really negatively impact anything else.

  • Wild West
    Wild WestMiesiąc temu

    Its going to be very hard to balance people asking for every new thing under the sun, and keeping it true to the original. People already are whining about personal loot, and tons of other things that would radically change the game.

  • Arares van der Zouwe
    Arares van der ZouweMiesiąc temu

    This remake would be truly a killer if they could add a new act

  • Iras Idwa
    Iras IdwaMiesiąc temu

    Please change the face of Amazon, she looking like grandma, not like hot blonde xd

  • Prince Jamal Minhas
    Prince Jamal MinhasMiesiąc temu

    A time I never thought would arrive, and yet here it is. IM HYPED!

  • Neo Aiden
    Neo AidenMiesiąc temu

    Is this Balista as barbarian??

  • Mustang Racer
    Mustang RacerMiesiąc temu

    I am just sad my grand father is not here anymore to enjoy this game... He used to play with three pc at the same time to diablo 2 he was a GREAT player. Will buy this game so much great memories playing with him.

  • J x s h
    J x s hMiesiąc temu

    Thought that was Dave Batista

  • Aaron Jarnigan
    Aaron JarniganMiesiąc temu

    This game is so nostalgic for me. This game marks a period of my life that was anxiety, worry and stress free; before adulthood set in. I remember playing the Diablo II: LOD on my cousin's Sony Vaio Desktop. I was a poor kid, we never had a household PC until I was around age 12 or 13 which would have been 2001 or 2002. This is the first game that I ever played on PC and it completely took me by storm. This is the only game that I consistently played year in and year out. I am so stoked to see this remaster. I have been silently waiting for it, for years. I can't wait.

  • Artem Wallace
    Artem WallaceMiesiąc temu

    Let's go! 20 years later finally the game I can't wait for! Thousands of hours put in, looks like thousands more to come!

  • mladen83db
    mladen83dbMiesiąc temu

    Mad Respect to you guys and Developers , you are bringing games where it should be

  • Mickeysdude
    MickeysdudeMiesiąc temu

    Hello. Charm inventory tho? Rune / gem stacking..?

  • Sagi
    SagiMiesiąc temu

    Reforged? Pog

  • David Rochon
    David RochonMiesiąc temu

    Console couch coop?? couch coop made D3 greater on console than on pc.

  • spacebran


    Miesiąc temu

    D3 sucked on consoles. Terrible interface.

  • NickMcMusic
    NickMcMusicMiesiąc temu

    dont you fucking dare Remaster this game. I finally stopped playing it after 20 years.. Theres other things I need to do in life

  • Hooded Ghostmask
    Hooded GhostmaskMiesiąc temu

    Kratos with blue tats

  • John Bamberg
    John BambergMiesiąc temu

    Wonder how many of us played together through out the years never really knowing eachother that will inevitably end up playing in games together without even knowing.

  • Brandon D

    Brandon D

    28 dni temu

    Your my best friend I've never known, hopefully one day we'll not know each other again.

  • Zechariah Krogen-Curtin
    Zechariah Krogen-CurtinMiesiąc temu

    ummm need to make it available for mac!

  • Devon Hood
    Devon HoodMiesiąc temu

    As much as I hate to admit it I'm looking so much more forward to Diablo 4. I'm 22, I've been playing Diablo 2 since I was 7.. you can only play the same game so many times. Like yeah, the remaster will look awesome but it's going to be the same game. have fun doing Baal runs over and over until you go insane beacuse forcing yourself to pretend to have fun.

  • spacebran


    Miesiąc temu

    Your comment is so confusing. You've been playing for 15 years and suddenly it's a terrible thing to play this game? Were you pretending to have fun?

  • mario1ua
    mario1uaMiesiąc temu

    Everything about Diablo 2 is a masterpiece, I think modern games don't get there even close

  • Shams Hassan
    Shams HassanMiesiąc temu

    Will there still be Uber leveling, Cows? Man I’ve been a retired Diablo, Starcraft, and Frozen Throne player for a lonnnnng time, and seeing and hearing about Resurrected ! The excitement this brings me! I will not mind starting over from scratch just to bring back that nostalgic feel when I was little 10 year old. One thing I will miss though is the friends I made on Diablo. Hope I’ll be able meet some cool peeps.

  • jacquel combs
    jacquel combsMiesiąc temu

    1st diablo i ever played was d3 and i still play it till this day for my cosole. Never played d2 but reading these comments make my anticipation for this game unbearable, so glad i will be able to experiance it for the 1st time

  • Smart Pig
    Smart PigMiesiąc temu

    25,000 hours of diablo 2 would require 8.5 years straight of playing 8 hours per day, every day.

  • Ray Roberts

    Ray Roberts

    Miesiąc temu

    bold of you to think i stop at 8 hours ;) growing up my dad, brother and myself would play 14+ hours a day if not more. im looking forward to playing with my dad again for old times

  • Fyghosn
    FyghosnMiesiąc temu

    I'd rather they keep the 6 month ladders. I still play ladder off and on to this day. D2 is different from most games because you play a lot of different characters and don't just focus on one.

  • Justin Maidment
    Justin MaidmentMiesiąc temu

    Just another money grab from an artistically bankrupt industry, symbolizing the hollowness of modern culture. Reboot reboot reboot... There is no authenticity left

  • TheOldOrgön
    TheOldOrgönMiesiąc temu

    Why not an infinite stash, though? Why? Whyyyyyy?! -_-

  • Sigismund
    SigismundMiesiąc temu

    Finally!! It's time to dust off my hc elemental druid after all these years!!

  • Sameer Sambrani
    Sameer SambraniMiesiąc temu

    Eagerly waiting....no...dying for this game to release!!!!!!!!

  • hb song
    hb songMiesiąc temu

    classes should be able to pose before and after killing a boss for example...

  • edcel quinto
    edcel quintoMiesiąc temu

    cant wait to play it again..

  • Léo Turbide
    Léo TurbideMiesiąc temu

    In the past years I have learned not to have too much expectations with coming games cause I’ve been disappointed a lot. But man I just can’t help being absolutely psyched up about this, I played this game everyday for like 10-12 years growing up. Definitely my top 1 game of all times. I think there’s no game that has and will continue being timeless like Diablo 2. 20 years later and the servers were still packed last time I played 2 years ago. Holy fuck I can’t wait

  • Léo Turbide
    Léo TurbideMiesiąc temu

    They better re-do the runes/runewords system exactly as it was. Biggest flaw about d3 they fucked up the runes. I mean there was so many runewords combination possible in d2 I read there is actually a couple unknown combination left that no one discovered. Also some unknown cube recipes