Minecraft, But 99% Of The Chunks Are Removed...


Minecraft, But 99% Of The Chunks Are Removed... this was tough.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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  • Kyle Terrell
    Kyle Terrell4 godzin temu

    Iron axe: why you betray me

  • Kyle Terrell
    Kyle Terrell4 godzin temu

    Iron axe: why you

  • Kyle Terrell
    Kyle Terrell4 godzin temu

    Iron axe: why you

  • dew
    dew7 godzin temu

    why does he start in hardcore mode but ends in normal mode?

  • Ace Just
    Ace Just17 godzin temu

    28:00 sup with the healthbar?

  • DaOG_ Beast
    DaOG_ Beast17 godzin temu

    My man got diamonds first instead of making a bed

  • liro2007
    liro2007Dzień temu

    Like in end when i look for elytra.

  • Cameron Hannbach
    Cameron HannbachDzień temu

    If you feed animals they won’t despawn

  • SomethingWeird XD
    SomethingWeird XDDzień temu

    Who donates a dollar

  • Boris Gleichmann
    Boris GleichmannDzień temu

    The reason theres like 10 million entities in a single chunk now is that instead of getting deleted, all the entities that would spawn in nearby chunks just get into your chunk. This is the same of having a tiny world border.

  • Drew _
    Drew _Dzień temu

    He switched from Hardcore...

  • Diana Munther
    Diana MuntherDzień temu

    Gold only spawns at y 25

  • GEorGeo the Oreo lover
    GEorGeo the Oreo loverDzień temu

    He a pro

  • Jamie Threadgold
    Jamie ThreadgoldDzień temu

    Tapl pls do a FACE REVEAL!!!!!!

  • Arthur Martirosya
    Arthur Martirosya2 dni temu

    Wait a minute 😳 He was hard-core at first but at the end he not on hard core mode

  • jugernutsbob
    jugernutsbob2 dni temu


  • Chelsea Meek
    Chelsea Meek2 dni temu

    How old are you

  • Leo Buckley
    Leo Buckley2 dni temu

    He missed them

  • Leo Buckley
    Leo Buckley2 dni temu

    Diamonds I saw em

  • Wasimali Bori
    Wasimali Bori2 dni temu

    srry for not subing u now i am

  • Yeah!
    Yeah!3 dni temu

    17:35 **Stronghold**

  • ImmortalJay
    ImmortalJay3 dni temu

    bruh so cool

  • Amanda Myles
    Amanda Myles3 dni temu

    13:23 ghast be like: omaila si sudau tapl be like: what ghast be like: hacks

  • Amanda Myles
    Amanda Myles3 dni temu


    RIDHWAN SINGH3 dni temu

    teh scream at 2:36 mad me laugh soo much must see

  • Tommaso Ciccarelli
    Tommaso Ciccarelli3 dni temu

    26:20 He turned off hard-core mode

  • pointlesschannel
    pointlesschannel4 dni temu

    Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv (I fell asleep lol)

  • Jelly T. Dalton
    Jelly T. Dalton4 dni temu

    I just subbed put my name in a vid!!!

  • Elizabeth Andrews
    Elizabeth Andrews4 dni temu

    I’ve done this before it’s so so SO hard

  • Big Shrek
    Big Shrek4 dni temu


  • artistic fantastic fantastic
    artistic fantastic fantastic4 dni temu

    The people who are subscribed are legends

  • MiniMoGamer
    MiniMoGamer4 dni temu

    how do i play this

  • balla azad
    balla azad4 dni temu

    TaPL Hi 👋

  • ソcurlyy
    ソcurlyy4 dni temu


  • Oatmeal Omnital
    Oatmeal Omnital5 dni temu

    Chicken Uchiha has appeared.

  • Chayut
    Chayut6 dni temu

    what about 99.99% removed?

  • Anna Glorioso
    Anna Glorioso6 dni temu

    20:10 did anyone else hear him go full Karl Jacobs mode

  • Povilaz
    Povilaz6 dni temu


  • Bella Hardcastle
    Bella Hardcastle6 dni temu

    Love how the chat was talking about ice cream flavors for a minute

  • ibxanimejat


    5 dni temu

    yea i noticed that, that was quite hilarious actually

  • Imposter Panda
    Imposter Panda6 dni temu

    You're better than me TapL

  • gamer 3333
    gamer 33336 dni temu


  • Anis Shukair
    Anis Shukair6 dni temu

    And a new chapter begins...........

  • ayu siti
    ayu siti7 dni temu

    nice Tapl gg

  • Marinos Kyriakou
    Marinos Kyriakou7 dni temu

    Tapl logic:This has been the fastest 7 hours of my life

  • tiana Land
    tiana Land7 dni temu


  • Brent Cessna
    Brent Cessna7 dni temu

    you should give a link giving us these mods there so funny

  • JudeCase17
    JudeCase177 dni temu

    1:36 someone just said their address in chat

  • Boozerblue3
    Boozerblue37 dni temu

    looks like skycube

  • Xyren James Decin
    Xyren James Decin7 dni temu


  • Xyren James Decin
    Xyren James Decin7 dni temu

    Pls.pls.pls..tapl im sad of you not do it..[do it on the next video]bye

  • Xyren James Decin
    Xyren James Decin7 dni temu

    Tapl can pls do vr😭😢😣ok,,, pls

  • Dondlo
    Dondlo7 dni temu

    Imagine beating Minecraft but 99.999999999999999999999% chunks are removed

  • Tyson’s amazing world
    Tyson’s amazing world8 dni temu

    bigger skyblock

  • Omg_Prince YT
    Omg_Prince YT8 dni temu

    pog stronghold wtf :P

  • Frydek
    Frydek8 dni temu

    Někdo cz? 😂

  • Andy Vschubrock
    Andy Vschubrock8 dni temu


  • Abon Washi
    Abon Washi8 dni temu


  • Gudi Lopez
    Gudi Lopez8 dni temu


  • alex king
    alex king8 dni temu

    "Hardcore" bruh you're hardware normal

  • Tim Arview
    Tim Arview9 dni temu


    LEASTER9 dni temu

    At least the skeleton almost killed you for a good reason.

  • Maya Stevenson
    Maya Stevenson9 dni temu


  • Karma_ Anahola
    Karma_ Anahola9 dni temu


  • Noah Holt
    Noah Holt9 dni temu


  • Benny_Boi57
    Benny_Boi579 dni temu

    Y slabs because it just uses up more stone

  • Palo Buček
    Palo Buček9 dni temu


  • KaneGod _W.12
    KaneGod _W.129 dni temu

    Nice vids man

  • Rohan Kindalkar
    Rohan Kindalkar9 dni temu

    There are 2 diamonds in each chunk

  • Goku
    Goku9 dni temu

    Are you jelly??!.It's your voice when you scream It's suspicious

  • ibinstim straven
    ibinstim straven10 dni temu

    WAIT the Minecraft world IS Infinite so that means when 99% are gone STILL EVERY CHUNK IS HERE

  • Jade plays
    Jade plays10 dni temu

    ⊂('ω'⊂ )))Σ≡=─💨💨💨

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando10 dni temu

    for a year it unsub me so i missed so much content :C

  • Aric Gardner
    Aric Gardner10 dni temu

    1:31 Kek

  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez10 dni temu


  • Lanny Ntukidem
    Lanny Ntukidem10 dni temu

    He gets 100k subs in a day

  • Emperor Kazuchi
    Emperor Kazuchi10 dni temu

    i will like this seed because my phone frame is low.

  • Suwandri Vanwyk
    Suwandri Vanwyk10 dni temu


  • Milena Kovaleva-Håland
    Milena Kovaleva-Håland10 dni temu

    18:56 Yellow iron poooogg! 😂 XD

  • Ben Wilder
    Ben Wilder10 dni temu

    Let’s go up wait let’s go down

  • kimsim M
    kimsim M10 dni temu


  • Prince Farrell Polestico
    Prince Farrell Polestico10 dni temu

    tapl like minecraft skyblock looks one block hehe

  • Ash Gameji
    Ash Gameji10 dni temu

    I think He Did It In Hardcore (See The Hotbar Guys) I Believed You But You Are A Cheater

  • texsi
    texsi11 dni temu

    this looks like big skyblock

    DX TX PRO11 dni temu

    Wait is actually it unsubbed

  • Fino Lam
    Fino Lam11 dni temu


    MYSTERY11 dni temu

    That is like skyblock

  • Bella
    Bella11 dni temu


  • Bella
    Bella11 dni temu


  • Dola Chakraborty
    Dola Chakraborty12 dni temu


  • man fart
    man fart12 dni temu


  • man fart
    man fart12 dni temu


  • Rudy Ramli
    Rudy Ramli12 dni temu


  • mo nika
    mo nika12 dni temu

    He was not in hardcore when he went in the end portal

  • Pupboiz _
    Pupboiz _12 dni temu

    I wanna see this combined with the you mine a entire chunk at once vid

  • flashlightnin0419
    flashlightnin041912 dni temu

    Anyone else notice his hardcore hearts went away?

  • blastbladevx
    blastbladevx13 dni temu

    This man really went in peaceful mode for the end

  • Amani Rose
    Amani Rose13 dni temu

    This triggered my anxiety ☹️

  • Gopi Lama
    Gopi Lama13 dni temu


  • Jace Dunlap
    Jace Dunlap13 dni temu

    It’s not yellow iron it’s a stick of butter

  • zigzag waffles
    zigzag waffles13 dni temu

    bedwars after the nuke: