Apex Legends - Legacy Launch Trailer


There’s nowhere to hide this season, Legends. Ready to find out if you’re predator or prey? Discover your true nature when Apex Legends - Legacy launches May 4!
Valkyrie, daughter of notorious Titan Pilot Viper joins the Games. Take advantage of her jetpack to own the sky and rain missiles down on your foes. Master the new high-precision Bocek Bow to skewer your opponents and drop into an Olympus mysteriously transformed. Plus grab the latest Battle Pass and prove yourself in Ranked.
And get ready to go beyond battle royale.
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin and Steam for PC.
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“Watch Me Now”
Performed by Tommee Profitt (feat. Beacon Light)


  • Captain Critter
    Captain Critter6 minut temu

    One little advice, when you play Arenas play with friends because if you play with randoms (strangers) you are going to be with very toxic people that would lose it when you lose, my ears still hurts from some immature Hispanic guy.

  • Ali Maximus Power
    Ali Maximus PowerGodzinę temu

    Ali Faheem has left the game.... known as the Emperor of Apex

  • David Parkes
    David Parkes2 godzin temu

    Is this fornite now? I haven't played in a while.

  • KnavishKnack
    KnavishKnack2 godzin temu

    wamen ftw.

  • Dildo
    Dildo3 godzin temu

    просто ахуительно! Спасибо разрабам за этот контент!!

  • Oscar Portillo
    Oscar Portillo4 godzin temu

    I already hate this women she kicked Gibraltar

  • gimmie ur toes
    gimmie ur toes5 godzin temu

    they look like they are having so much fun in a war

  • Softnumnums
    Softnumnums5 godzin temu

    All lives matter

  • Geeko the Gecko
    Geeko the Gecko5 godzin temu

    Lol this be dumb

  • Brian Campman
    Brian Campman6 godzin temu

    1:54 ASH POG

  • Brian Campman
    Brian Campman6 godzin temu


  • Strange What if's
    Strange What if's7 godzin temu

    1:27 wraith with a wingman yes I so remember you

  • Youtuber Hunter
    Youtuber Hunter7 godzin temu

    The new legend is op

  • Bird Bird
    Bird Bird7 godzin temu

    Me gusta

  • Stixxer
    Stixxer10 godzin temu


  • Flame Pig
    Flame Pig12 godzin temu


  • Ratu Rasari
    Ratu Rasari12 godzin temu


  • WolfOfMen
    WolfOfMen12 godzin temu

    Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.

  • idroscimmia
    idroscimmia13 godzin temu

    Mirage is that guy in every battle royale that tries to befriend the lobby and gets mowed down by sweats immediately

  • GenjiShimada7269


    7 godzin temu


  • Wolfgang Kögler
    Wolfgang Kögler16 godzin temu

    soo hyped für neue Season

    BLAZİC aB18 godzin temu


  • Boomer Kaan
    Boomer Kaan19 godzin temu

    pls get some fps optimization

  • huda ryba
    huda ryba21 godzinę temu

    yoooooooooo this trailer is soooo sick yeah yeah, i know i should write this a week ago

  • The Ap-Sap
    The Ap-Sap23 godzin temu

    Why do Mirage, Wraith, & Fuze look so tired?

  • Dorian Bond
    Dorian Bond23 godzin temu

    Are we just going to ignore that we now see ash from titanfall back from the dead and with a new look,I bet money that she is going to be a legend in season 10

  • GenjiShimada7269


    7 godzin temu

    Ye I play titan fall 2

  • BPM
    BPMDzień temu

    Dear Apex Legends: I’m sorry, but i always being duos, or solos, although im in trio mode. Im sure this is a bug, please fix it. And 1 more, when I’m low in health, and I’m trying to heal. It’s delaying, I’m spamming for syringe of course, so please fix this bug.

  • its_hjm _
    its_hjm _Dzień temu

    they need to make a movie

  • Clostridium Tetani
    Clostridium TetaniDzień temu

    "We should bring back Viper, Viper was cool. Maybe give his titan to his daughter" "Alright lets do it" *makes the trailer* "Wait respawn hates titans now" "uhh... give her a jetpack? That's all people remember Viper for anyways"

  • _Burnso _
    _Burnso _Dzień temu

    Man octane is da man

  • Beast Scarlet
    Beast ScarletDzień temu

    dude Wraith entry 😍😍😍😍 remember me boom💥 that's why I love her these 2 charecter loba and wraith ufff...❤️ 😍

  • MeMacaroni
    MeMacaroniDzień temu

    I swear pathfinder always saves wraith and mirage in these trailers

  • Mr Fantastic yellow
    Mr Fantastic yellowDzień temu

    Mirage hands down was the best part of this trailer

  • Terminator Boi 3.0
    Terminator Boi 3.0Dzień temu


  • Tyson hogan
    Tyson hoganDzień temu

    Caustic better get the best of someone in the next trailer 😪

  • AEVO Project
    AEVO ProjectDzień temu

    1:51 I've kinda seen this scene 2 years ago in a strange live action video ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Luckyladdy
    LuckyladdyDzień temu


  • end heart!
    end heart!Dzień temu

    Legacy of the Apex Predators... Titantafll 3 now bois hahaha

  • tiger708
    tiger708Dzień temu

    when my mom sells my lego: 2:13

  • GenjiShimada7269


    7 godzin temu


  • StonePhantom21
    StonePhantom21Dzień temu


  • vicente inostroza
    vicente inostrozaDzień temu

    pregunta porque en la mayoria de los trailers al octane le pasa algo

  • K Jayanth
    K JayanthDzień temu

    Nice video keep it up make more related videos

  • Braeden Co
    Braeden CoDzień temu

    Viper’s got you in the pipe, five by five.

  • Mia Eighty6
    Mia Eighty6Dzień temu

    Are they nerfing Revanents abilities yet?

  • 目薬さすわ
    目薬さすわDzień temu


  • Triss Triss
    Triss TrissDzień temu

    i cant get into sever fixx this

  • Amaritsu
    AmaritsuDzień temu

    Lobs getting smacked into the tv made me laugh harder then I should’ve

  • EasyA9 Brawl stars
    EasyA9 Brawl starsDzień temu

    Valkyrie is Badas*

  • Adsız qəhraman bruh
    Adsız qəhraman bruhDzień temu

    This character owerwatch Apex now OwerwatchPubg

  • Depredador Lopez
    Depredador LopezDzień temu

    Rampage always having a blast.

  • bonko
    bonkoDzień temu

    1:51 path says “I love whoever created this new game”. In the lore, ash was paths girlfriend and she created arenas. I think it was in the s6 comic.

  • RA1NM4N978
    RA1NM4N978Dzień temu

    Love this trailer

    YSY DER BOSSDzień temu

    Ja toll die sollen die verfickten server gerade biegen

  • Beatzalboz90s L
    Beatzalboz90s LDzień temu

    This games soo laggy can u guys please update it, it keeps searching ffs

  • TitanFall
    TitanFallDzień temu

    If they make cooper as a legend I will be happy

  • l104l SuperFeeds
    l104l SuperFeedsDzień temu

    Apex legend is the only game that evolves from season to season from trailler to game quality

  • Aiden Stanger
    Aiden StangerDzień temu

    Why does Bloodhound the only dude I use in this game, Only die in the trailer. 0:22 2:11

  • Wolves_notfar
    Wolves_notfarDzień temu

    Yes that’s cool but the real launch was terrible guys, glitches everywhere

  • heL1um
    heL1umDzień temu


  • Cheese_weasel43 Instagram
    Cheese_weasel43 InstagramDzień temu

    How tf could you scrap your dads titan she would’ve been so op if she had it

  • Bilal Khan
    Bilal KhanDzień temu

    Worst Season Launch Ever, Pure Server Mess can't able to get into game. NO SERVER FOUND

  • YoRHa No.2 Type B
    YoRHa No.2 Type B2 dni temu

    So we all gonna pretend that wattson fences just appeared when octane ran right through it...man lol if that was a buff she'd be op...wattson needs a bufff

  • Ro boss thinking
    Ro boss thinking2 dni temu

    Amazing graphics

  • Taisakuu
    Taisakuu2 dni temu

    I love the music choice. It fits the animation perfectly

  • U'mair Martin
    U'mair Martin2 dni temu

    Apex why can we not play Valk 🤔😕😐ummmmmmmmmmmm

  • Justin Lopez
    Justin Lopez2 dni temu

    Bro I was excited and I'm disappointed now

  • Sox q
    Sox q2 dni temu


  • Chicken-nugget
    Chicken-nugget2 dni temu

    Apex pls fix the stats

  • TheAnc316ientone
    TheAnc316ientone2 dni temu

    So, all my stuff just got deleted from my account that has been accumulating since pre-season 1, am I going to get it all back?

  • Chrioni Johnson

    Chrioni Johnson

    2 dni temu

    Same here.

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine2 dni temu

    Lifeline's shield is gone😭

  • Ryan McHetz
    Ryan McHetz2 dni temu

    Season 8 made me lose brain cells, thank you apex ;)

  • killer seis
    killer seis2 dni temu

    Ápex my ápex is bug :(

  • Nathaniel Salas
    Nathaniel Salas2 dni temu


  • Damani stewart
    Damani stewart2 dni temu

    this animation makes me wanna bust Jesus christ its so good

  • BISCUIT Gamin 2020
    BISCUIT Gamin 20202 dni temu

    Apex legends launch trailer _________

    SOULFIRE2 dni temu


  • lucifer
    lucifer2 dni temu

    0:34 justice rains from above 🙃

  • [GD] sweep
    [GD] sweep2 dni temu


  • Elkabad
    Elkabad2 dni temu


  • Elkabad


    2 dni temu

    Also Valkyrie says one of the same voice lines from Titanfall 2 where Viper says "vipers got you in the pipe, 5 by 5"

  • Xrelax
    Xrelax2 dni temu

    The servers are down for specifically PS4 users fix it ea

  • amywatkins1000
    amywatkins10002 dni temu

    *fix season nine this instant or I will break your niko niko knee caps

  • Saber Hg
    Saber Hg2 dni temu

    Expectation: Reality: Uhh, so you can loot at anything on the menu if your lucky enough to get in

  • Liam S
    Liam S2 dni temu

    We gonna talk about how Watson deleted Octane from existence



    50 minut temu

    That’s literally her finisher

  • Ali Maximus Power

    Ali Maximus Power

    Godzinę temu

    Wattson is arguably the best.... that's if you know how to use her right ;)

  • Blackvenom *
    Blackvenom *2 dni temu

    Viper in apex?

  • Francesco Pio
    Francesco Pio2 dni temu

    I think Arena is a Deathmatch mode

  • Madara Uchiha 90
    Madara Uchiha 902 dni temu

    The new legend is such a copy off of Pharah from overwatch

  • KAKYOIN?????
    KAKYOIN?????2 dni temu

    mirage was hilarious, petition to make hydroponics an arena map, one team starts on the left, the other starts on the right, high ground has low tier loot, and one legendary loot item. the low ground has all mid tier loot, purple, gray stuff. actually i know that’s not how it works you don’t find weapons but whatever i thought it was a good idea, but the idea it you can go high ground, high risk, high reward, or, you can go low grounds, low risk, medium reward.

  • HeyItsNate2
    HeyItsNate22 dni temu

    2:37 I’ll let your dad know you said hi

  • justaquietweeb
    justaquietweeb2 dni temu

    i just cant how wraith said "remember me"

  • ifd qwieh
    ifd qwieh2 dni temu

    if only i could actually play it RESPAWN FIX THE SERVERS

  • Eunique Vlogs
    Eunique Vlogs2 dni temu

    Crypto casually slapping Horizon 🤣

  • blaqalbert
    blaqalbert2 dni temu

    watching this while waiting for servers to be back up :(

  • Anomalie 16
    Anomalie 162 dni temu

    seeing wattson and horizon vibing puts a smile on my face

  • djmcc83
    djmcc832 dni temu

    This cinematic pretty much sums up how the devs treat caustic...

  • Gaming J.A.C
    Gaming J.A.C2 dni temu

    Am I the only one who feels a bit bad when legends like wraith dies the way she died

  • Apple532
    Apple5322 dni temu

    0:49 thats my boi look at him go?

  • LuckyCharmz
    LuckyCharmz2 dni temu

    “No servers found”

  • GokuSSB 18
    GokuSSB 182 dni temu

    Yo at 0:53, that dude octane is out of here dude, and he's also my main 😅😅😅

  • Human Being
    Human Being2 dni temu

    Why does this look like a new fortnite season trailer...

  • Cows say bark
    Cows say bark2 dni temu

    0:35 no one My brain:justice rains from above

  • Kodak Nakamats
    Kodak Nakamats2 dni temu

    Can't even play a game after this update SMH.... RIP servers