Overwatch 2 5v5 PvP Rework & Clan System LEAKS! - Sojourn Gameplay Abilities


The Overwatch 2 Sneak Peek was riddled with easter eggs to further changes to Overwatch that weren't explicitly discussed by the developers. Let us know if you found any more Easter Eggs or changes that were hidden in the gameplay clips!

00:00 Intro
00:29 SFS Championship Roadhog Skin Midas
00:57 Overwatch 2 PvP 5v5 Rework
06:19 Overwatch 2 Solo Queue Friendly
07:32 Overwatch 2 Clan System Leak
09:56 Overwatch 2 Sojourn New Hero Gameplay & Abilities

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  • Randomisatocity
    Randomisatocity2 dni temu

    team work makes the game last making it a one-player queue game will kill overwatch its the best multiplayer game and I hope that doesn't end keep 6v6

  • TheRedStoner MC
    TheRedStoner MC2 dni temu

    I think it would be super cool to see an overwatch game mode similar to the original star wars battlefront games. Objectives are bases that you capture that give points over time. Capturing bases gives you different spawn points over large maps . Each base gives different buffs when you're within proximity so defending or capturing is interesting and different. Maybe there's generators or something to destroy to deactivate the buffs making bases easier to capture. They could even have their new AI on the battlefield like in battlefront. Idk. I think they could do it.

  • Vivid Daydream
    Vivid Daydream5 dni temu

    Y.O. _(commenting on the fact that teamwork-based heroes have been nerfed into the ground)_ "The upside is that players have a lot more room to land their own plays... at least, *on characters that are built to do so"* IN OTHER WORDS: Only a handful of heroes in Overwatch are allowed to make big plays anymore. If you don't have amazing aim and a hyper-aggressive kill-oriented playstyle, the most impact you're allowed to have on a match is enabling the players who _do._ (sigh) _this_ is why Overwatch's playerbase cratered. It started out as a very inclusive, accessible game where _anyone_ could make a big play with enough planning and know-how, to "just another FPS" infested with elitism and systemic gatekeeping.

  • Cronos Dimitri
    Cronos Dimitri9 dni temu

    Blizzard needs to focus on whatever they need to shorten queue times and make the population of the game healthier. Right now I wait from 10 to 40 minutes between comp matches and play with the same ppl every night.

  • mighty poeT
    mighty poeT10 dni temu

    They wont make it solo tank because dps would cry over playing with ball/road/dva

  • Josh P
    Josh P25 dni temu

    ok so i see what youre saying however consider the following: the OWL makes blizzard too much money. and what this is saying is: "Hey OWL team! youre doing great but youre gonna have to kick out one of your team mates to fit the meta of the OW2!, OK good luck!" im all for a 5 V 5 but i wonder if they will really do that

  • Misherop Tur
    Misherop Tur29 dni temu

    Probably it is going to be real hard too kill the tank because if tank is dead the team fight is lost

  • It's a solo mission bro
    It's a solo mission broMiesiąc temu

    A change to 5v5 will mean I can't play with my friends anymore :/

  • Xman
    XmanMiesiąc temu

    In moba games I believe a hero in the tank role that's not quite a tank is called a warrior

  • R2Catastrophic
    R2CatastrophicMiesiąc temu

    5v5 would be a mad move for Overwatch in my opinion. What happens to people that have 6 squads what would they do. A lot of people like having that one extra player that a lot of other Tactical/Hero shooters do not have.

  • WhatRnames
    WhatRnamesMiesiąc temu

    5v5 would also bring overwatch into line with team sizes from other major esports like league, dota, csgo etc. Removing one player reduces the cost of teams a lot.

  • kiselbob
    kiselbobMiesiąc temu

    That clip of the Rein missing the bus and then proceeding to go through the doorway with Brig is triggering me a little bit :D

  • Synphus
    SynphusMiesiąc temu

    I want clan content, please. Been waiting since closed beta

  • NotGabriel
    NotGabrielMiesiąc temu

    I like the idea of 5v5 tbh, I think it’ll be smoother for gameplay, and would make the role passives even more impactful

  • Anna L
    Anna LMiesiąc temu

    tbh, though I do like the idea of megabuffing tanks and making role queue solo tank 5v5. I think it detracts from one of the key things which makes overwatch feel like overwatch. The interplay that players have with each other won't be as prominent now. i.e. orisa hog doing halt hook combo, rein zarya doing pin bubble combo, not to mention ult combos like shatter bomb etc. some of the interplay will still exist of course, like grav blade n stuff but a lot of it will be gone, and I think players will miss playing with a co-tank and forming up gameplans with them n stuff in the spawn. its a double edged sword, it could make the game better, but it could also completely destroy the game... I will say this for the overwatch team though, im glad they are not playing it safe and seem to be trying different things

  • MrLou2serious
    MrLou2seriousMiesiąc temu

    This game was fine when it launched. They keep making it worse. Definitely not getting the part 2.

  • Sacred warrior

    Sacred warrior

    Miesiąc temu

    And that keep the game the same is a childish mentality

  • Sacred warrior

    Sacred warrior

    Miesiąc temu

    What have they done to make it worse

  • Scepsis
    ScepsisMiesiąc temu

    Orisa's barrier on 11.48

  • Christian Beale
    Christian BealeMiesiąc temu

    i'm worried about tanks. if we don't save them who's going to save us?

  • Inquisitor Ichijou
    Inquisitor IchijouMiesiąc temu

    If the game becomes more solo queue friendly, I'm happy. Tho I don't know how much a top500 player knows about te 'average player', especially the metal ranks.

  • David Fryc
    David FrycMiesiąc temu

    Maybe they could separate off tank and main tank choices? That way they can buff Rein and Orissa to have boostio stats as the "Main" but you can't play both on the same team, meanwhile zarya, winston, and hog could be off tanks. Or maybe these off tanks are available choices for "Dps" which would be a little strange. I see so many issues trying to keep the same characters but change the amount of players, I hope they come up with something good because I see nothing but struggle.

  • zyron999
    zyron999Miesiąc temu

    I haven't seen the main video, but just from watching your clips some of your questions are pretty obviously answered. 1. The slide is bound to left shift. That is the normal movement key and the icon is very slide esque visually. 2. The railgun is bound to right-click. It appears to charge from shooting the enemy, maybe other ways to charge, but in that clip it's charge is going up as she does dmg. 3. The ult is auto charging the rail gun allowing for rapid fire shots without using the main weapon.

  • altrario
    altrarioMiesiąc temu

    I can't stress this enough, there are so many tank players that really enjoy the main-tank/off-tank synergy. Also the 1-3-2 experiment was an absolute failure in terms of balance and even less fun if you wanted to play your tank seriously. I think overwatch already has enough toxicity as is, and putting the fate of the match in the tank pick of only one player on the team really will not do this any good. For me I dread the days that I am only allowed to play winston or ball on Numbani or Gibraltar because if you're the only tank you have to pick them. I think sacrificing this for queue times (which have already improved) is a big mistake. And don't get me started on the downsides of letting overwatch go FTP... anyone still playing PubG?

  • altrario


    Miesiąc temu

    PS: I am a plat tank so yes not all of us are thrilled about this

  • Sam Ducharme
    Sam DucharmeMiesiąc temu

    Wow they just made my life as a low tier tank main a reality. I still don’t have a second tank

  • yobobby9
    yobobby9Miesiąc temu

    I prefer 5v5 soo much more than 6v6. Like a meta comp of 3 DPS, 1 tank, 1 support would be cool to see. More aim skill and objective oriented imo. However, I rather see roles not locked in MM. They should just make sure that there is 1 of each role and leave the rest to chance. So you can get double/triple tank, support dps. However, just have at least 1 of each main in a lobby

  • SubFlow22
    SubFlow22Miesiąc temu

    Another testostrogen hero? Isn't Overwoke overplaying this theme? Might as well make all the rest of the male heroes gay like soldier and make a big gay Overwoke orgy. I'll be playing anything else.

  • Glenn Barres
    Glenn BarresMiesiąc temu

    OW2 seems like just a money grab. So far not impressed.

  • Dante TheFan
    Dante TheFanMiesiąc temu

    0:05 we see 3 tanks on scree, one dead hog, an enemy winston, and a reinhardt... dont know where you got 1 tank per team from

  • Max
    MaxMiesiąc temu

    I don't mind no more off tank, they mostly play like a second class dps anyway. No peels, no shields. Just braindead killing things

  • Dynamic Unreality
    Dynamic UnrealityMiesiąc temu

    2CP is complex? Am I missing something?

  • zalxder
    zalxderMiesiąc temu

    Sojourn Weapon looks like Soldier's gun with a Zarya skin... are the Devs so dry on character inspiration already?

  • Loaaf
    LoaafMiesiąc temu

    You see 3 tanks in one shot when they’re fighting on the New York point, the third being a dead road hog. Maybe road hog DPS?

  • dpete
    dpeteMiesiąc temu

    If we're changing the size of teams, just do 7v7 with 3 DPS!

  • Sloan Rogers
    Sloan RogersMiesiąc temu

    4:27 their are 3 tanks you can visibly see REIN, WINSTON, and a Roadhog who is deadon the ground

  • Chell in a Cell
    Chell in a CellMiesiąc temu

    I stopped playing Overwatch maybe two full years ago. It's so weird to see where this game is going.

  • N. T.
    N. T.Miesiąc temu

    Sojourn looks sicc

  • Samus Aran
    Samus AranMiesiąc temu

    I think 5v5 is good but only if they get rid of the rolequeue. I mean, you'll want to have at least 1 tank and 1 healer, sure. but it would be cool to be able to have 2 tanks and 1 dps with 1 healer, or 2 healers 2 tanks and 1 dps, idk I think the game lacks flexibility at the moment, but I'm really for the game becoming 5v5. 6v6 is too much, back when my friends were playing the game, we couldn't get 6 players, but in Valorant, csgo and stuff, it's way easier to get 5 people. Having a random guy in the team isn't funny for nobody So yeah, 5 players in a team seems fine to me. Tho even as a tank player I'm kinda scared to play alone, but that's why I want the ability to be flexible. When I was playing in tournaments, I was playing flex and it was cool, now that rolequeue is here, there's nothing like that. We should be able to play either a solo tank or 2 tanks, but I guess it could be hard to balance things so it doesn't become too op. Anyway, still excited to see what they got

  • Jordan C
    Jordan CMiesiąc temu

    haven't been in the OW world for about a year and a half or so since Brig was introduced, but I do have to say that it is a let down to hear OW2 will have the same characters. was hoping for a new start

  • Super Globalhero19
    Super Globalhero19Miesiąc temu

    How likely do you feel like a 1-3-1 comp would be? I know there were clips with two support but what if that is an intentional misdirection? Currently there are so many different healing options for support, they usually have their own cool down but they also have another person to throw a heal their way so they don’t have as much of a resource investment. What if the passive is help cover up some of that resource depletion that would come with a 1-3-1 comp? I feel like it would also make sense because DPS is so popular and there are so many more heroes for DPS, so instead of trying to balance or re-arrange the different roles to be more equal, Blizzard leans into the DPS popularity instead away from it?

  • Spoonman
    SpoonmanMiesiąc temu

    Dead content is dead.

  • Shadow Flame SFM
    Shadow Flame SFMMiesiąc temu

    Implosion grenade?

  • NeXesses •
    NeXesses •Miesiąc temu

    The problem for me is, now there is a possibility it’s just gonna be a race of who can kill the enemy tank faster/whoever has the better tank wins.

  • Shiki Orochinagi
    Shiki OrochinagiMiesiąc temu

    Poor tanks

  • A person
    A personMiesiąc temu

    9:38 on the vigilante section on the 5th row down on the right. I hope that is a lock on helix rocket with tac visor

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx xMiesiąc temu

    2:05 Dude Looks like Ahomo with that makeup on ( no homo just noticing that facts )

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx xMiesiąc temu

    We need a Carl skin for hog!, ( from Auqa Teen hungry Force )

  • Norman Gracefield
    Norman GracefieldMiesiąc temu

    ok listen overwatch 5v5 but no role lock how does it sound?

  • Jozsef Esze
    Jozsef EszeMiesiąc temu

    I support would be better than 1 tank

  • ein Dodo ist verrückt
    ein Dodo ist verrücktMiesiąc temu

    In my opinion if they take out 1 tank the should also only have 1 healer.

  • Connor England
    Connor EnglandMiesiąc temu

    going just one tank is an awful decision, so many players would just get annoyed with having all their learnt skill have to be relearnt, and without their 'tank duo' they may normally play with. also it screws over the Flats Emongg duo so it's a no from me

  • MysterioBerlin
    MysterioBerlinMiesiąc temu

    Imagine ball as only tank

  • ocping
    ocpingMiesiąc temu

    Not digging the 1-tank idea. The offtank role provides a lot of depth and expression so taking it away would make the game less interesting.

  • CamoKoopa182
    CamoKoopa182Miesiąc temu

    I wanna throw this out there since I saw this “clan” leak, I think an interesting feature blizzard could put in would be a “faction war” system, like what Mortal Kombat X had. It would function similarly, as you could be given the option to join 1 of (however many) factions comprised of Overwatch players from around the world for consistent competition for faction (or clan) supremacy. By simply playing Overwatch 2 in any game mode and completing daily quests, you can contribute points to your clan. And at the end of each war (which would last for weeks at a time.) the clan with the highest score can be temporarily crowned “champion clan,” earning rewards like extra exp, skins or other cosmetics for all of its members. I just think it’s a good concept to keep people interested in the game.

  • bigfrogs420
    bigfrogs420Miesiąc temu

    these changes worry me, if implemented poorly this could make abilities and ults more powerful not less. less tanks mitigating damage, more ult charge for supports who are now taking the brunt of protecting the team, more ult charge for dps to gain from poke, and more ult charge from tanks dealing damage more frequently. the ult economy making sense counted on a lot of damage just straight up getting deleted. healers will need to have more and more powerful healing abilities to keep everyone alive, dps will need to continue dealing as much damage as echo to burst down pocketed tanks. im also worried that if we nerf everyone's shields and buff healing, it'll be dva vs anti nade meta until defense matrix or anti nade gets removed/reworked.

  • aroneo3
    aroneo3Miesiąc temu

    @YourOverwatch 1:45 the Rein is gaining Green health, possible Lucio rework as It starts as soon as the Lucio Aura is around him. Note the fact that the frame-by-frame shows the aura popping from nowhere. maybe he wont have constant aura's anymore?

    INDERMiesiąc temu

    just copy EA things don't make new game use old tell ppl it's new game there is nothing new i don't play ow for storyline i don't like play in clan or whatever shit i just play comp the only thing i like if dev not gona do anything with ow1 there is others just tell us dev is no more interested in ow1 so ppl will move on to other games

  • Prankur Bishnoi
    Prankur BishnoiMiesiąc temu

    first copy talent system from paladins then make it 5v5 like paladins is OW2 is a ripoff of paladins??

  • Luxen De'Mark
    Luxen De'MarkMiesiąc temu

    maybe I'm blind but I haven't seen anyone mention that ammo doesn't deplete during her ultimate state (rail only, normal bullets do). That IS what i'm seeing, right?

  • Jaysen Summers
    Jaysen SummersMiesiąc temu

    They shouldn't do 1 tank. Tank synergy I think makes better plays than Solo tank with super buffs. It'll also make them unbalanced in other modes where tanks vs dps etc.

  • DrPocketPuss
    DrPocketPussMiesiąc temu

    Imagine picking a tank character other than rein if it was 5v5. You would be throwing

  • Thatowlzguy
    ThatowlzguyMiesiąc temu

    As a long time tank player, I do not want more stats if it means I get longer q times and less chance to get on a team. Blizz wtf, why do we continue to be your punching bag

  • Ryan Palmateer
    Ryan PalmateerMiesiąc temu

    Looks like she will have a sprint kinda like soldier and then a roll move to escape or maybe knock back effect. She’s soldier and mcree’s moves put together lol

  • Ryan Palmateer
    Ryan PalmateerMiesiąc temu

    It looks like the “unknown” sojourn ability is a move where she rolls, the arrows in the graphic make it look like they’re rotating and in the cinematic she does a rolling move.

  • Spencer Reed
    Spencer ReedMiesiąc temu

    I really want a robust map editor/cteator for ow2, even if it has a steep learning curve. I would even purchase it seperately from ow2. Some of the most fun i've had in wc3 was in custom games and the map editor

  • Travis Webb
    Travis WebbMiesiąc temu

    5v5 would be terrible.

  • Yaxxy Desu
    Yaxxy DesuMiesiąc temu

    I don't think is a good idea. The concept of they're kits is here to work with another tanks If the game is 5v5 solo tank we need to rework all the tanks / the role of a tanks, so, completly change the game for everyone

    EVOL QCMiesiąc temu

    Sheeesh noooo

  • Adam Davies
    Adam DaviesMiesiąc temu

    if you notice the tanks move slower than the dps

  • Adam Davies

    Adam Davies

    Miesiąc temu


  • thejunkmanlives
    thejunkmanlivesMiesiąc temu

    idk how to feel about playing single tank. its nice to not have to worry about who im paired with but now i can already hear the non stop complaints if u pick anything other then rien. ffs people do that shit now, so imagine solo tanks picking hamster or dva.

  • Blaze143
    Blaze143Miesiąc temu

    No! Dont givf me 5v5! No! No! NOOOoooooo0000000r99r9r9eokek3nrlfocogrkrnek!

  • James Llyod
    James LlyodMiesiąc temu

    1 tank sucks ass! Booo I don't want 5v5 that sucks!

  • RagingJoJo
    RagingJoJoMiesiąc temu

    fellow degenerates welcome....... wait wrong video this was supposed to be on redo of the healer....... my b

  • Stoic
    StoicMiesiąc temu

    Sounds like a nightmare for supports if you lack mobility etc. Less tanks to play around or protect you and you completely rely on a single person for an entire role. Rn I’m saying fuck that

  • Aazerous
    AazerousMiesiąc temu

    In your videos you always say ‘all but’ which does not make sense in the way you use it. Like in this video you said Sojourn’s abilities are ‘all but’ figured out which means they AREN’T figured out.

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger DodgerMiesiąc temu

    I don't know man. I remember solo tanking pre role-queue with exactly 0% fondness.

  • Cameron Wyatt
    Cameron WyattMiesiąc temu

    @Your Overwatch. Is it me or is that Rein canceling his charge, Because that would be an astronomical buff

  • Ellie
    EllieMiesiąc temu

    lol the missions look deep? It's just moving around old maps to fight waves of AI enemies, with some environmental animations added. Shallow asf.

  • Kuinzu
    KuinzuMiesiąc temu

    RIP Open Queue if this ever goes through. Permanent tank meta with 2-3 on each team. I don’t even wanna imagine-

  • Pires
    PiresMiesiąc temu

    Orisa appears with a shield when showing Sojourn playing PvP

  • Jerry Memes
    Jerry MemesMiesiąc temu

    mini grav

  • Jai Netts
    Jai NettsMiesiąc temu

    Some of y’all big stupid, on the part where the hog was dead and we were looking through the perspective of rein there were 6 people y’all just couldn’t see the lucio in the corner with the mei mcree, mercy, rein, and How all being on the same team lol

  • ComptonEMT
    ComptonEMTMiesiąc temu

    in regards to the 5v5 thing. If you played a private game 5v5 with only one tank during the 1,3,2 experiment it was apparent to you the game felt A-MEI-ZING. having 3 DPS was weird but just 1,2,2 with those tanks felt great. When it comes to the clan system and mentioned destiny 2. It was at least apparent to me that in 2019 when destiny was leaving battlenet and they announced Overwatch 2 it was a signal to me that this would be the thing that would fill that void. Not just "ItS aN eXpAnSiOn" but actually a sequel that is getting a ton of RPG content.

  • luxuryyacht
    luxuryyachtMiesiąc temu

    I know most people probably won't care, but I am worried about any change to OW that increases the mechanical demand individual players over teamwork. I'm worried because I'm visually impaired, and there's nothing I really bring to the table besides teamwork and shotcalling skills. If it goes far enough, I'm afraid of losing the only competitive shooter I can play. End of the day though, Blizzard is a business and I'm a timy minority, so it's not really correct to care about what this does to me.

  • Joe LaF
    Joe LaFMiesiąc temu

    I like 5v5 in regards to cleaning up the game... but I never want overwatch to become a game with any more solo carry potential. It’s best as a team game

  • Gamer
    GamerMiesiąc temu

    As a tank main, I don’t know how much I would like this. I love the tank + synergies, zarya/rein, orisa/hog, dva/winston, and this would completely eliminate that. I don’t want to have to play zayra or hog like a main tank, I enjoy the split responsibility

  • Jacob Noel
    Jacob NoelMiesiąc temu

    I mean what's the difference between 6v6 and 5v5? It still wont stop ranked players getting picked early and fighting in a 4 vs 5

  • Nergal Nargulg
    Nergal NargulgMiesiąc temu

    The ability looks like a singularity bomb

  • elijah smith
    elijah smithMiesiąc temu

    My main issue with having only 1 tank is that it’ll increase player toxicity, people are already quickest to blame the tanks when something goes wrong and if there’s only 1 that anger will be even more directed at tanks

  • Austin D
    Austin DMiesiąc temu

    what the point of the off-tank, if there is only one tank allowed? I love playing off-tank.

  • Stray F0X
    Stray F0XMiesiąc temu

    Please take the tanks out of the game!

  • MayuriKurotsuchi
    MayuriKurotsuchiMiesiąc temu

    So it's gonna be another year of speculation videos huh. Smh l

  • UncleFings
    UncleFingsMiesiąc temu

    I think it is a new Ability called ogon po gotovnosti

  • Perfect Human Interface
    Perfect Human InterfaceMiesiąc temu

    Sojourn works like this: Dealing damage charges energy; When she has 100 energy she can right-click to fire the railgun; The railgun also charges energy if it hits, so a headshot puts you right back at 100 energy and you can fire another railgun shot immediately. Also her powerslide was shown (in cinematic form) at the end of the 2019 trailer, as well as what is probably her remaining ability where her arm transforms into a launcher of some kind, although it's not shown being fired. The slide looks like it lets her move quite quickly across the ground and she can shoot while sliding.

  • youshimimi
    youshimimiMiesiąc temu

    I'm so happy they are adding another DPS. We have so little DPS heroes right now and no one want to play them, so it's good they decided to add another sniper to the DPS section instead of adding tanks or healers or anything interesting

  • Chonky Cat
    Chonky CatMiesiąc temu

    Making tanks "brawlers" is the best thing that they could have done.

  • donkeyhigh
    donkeyhighMiesiąc temu

    The Sombra cinematic had a ton of her climbing and grabbing on to stuff, but she had none of that. I don't think you should put too much thought into the fact that she did a somersault. I mean, everyone jumps high in animated cinematic..

  • VirusOW
    VirusOWMiesiąc temu

    poggers or not poggers ?

  • TheCrazyGamer
    TheCrazyGamerMiesiąc temu

    What if they’ve made it 5v5 but the off-tanks are in the dps category?? I think that would be an interesting change rather than just get rid of a tank entirely

  • Paul Stargasm

    Paul Stargasm

    Miesiąc temu

    That wouldn't reduce queue times, likely push them up.

  • Matt Sonneillon
    Matt SonneillonMiesiąc temu

    The icon looks like a vortex or portal to me. Also they may not need to buff tanks that much because they would have one less opponent to block damage from in 5v5.

  • Spectrum
    SpectrumMiesiąc temu

    For the PvE mission involving the skill tree, I wonder if as a solo que player I can have my teammates set as AI bots instead of human players as default.

  • radslug
    radslugMiesiąc temu

    I think 5v5 is a great switch for majority of play. I really hope they implement some degree of talent selection for PVP (possibly a non competitive mode) just so it can feel like each hero has a "loadout"