Diablo 2 RESURRECTED - Private Q/A Answers!!


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  • Snarfsnarfff
    Snarfsnarfff4 dni temu

    subbed. I need more friends too, I feel like I've known you for 21 years friend.

  • Jason C
    Jason C5 dni temu

    Ray tracing support?

  • Stickto YourDrums
    Stickto YourDrums10 dni temu

    Multiplayer character not transfered over. Literally the only detail I cared about...lol! Will I have to start over again? Yes, yes you will.

  • ol'skool
    ol'skool10 dni temu

    Kids, don't do heroin. Look at him wrecked by it

  • AldarisFenrir
    AldarisFenrir16 dni temu

    Moom! im friend of mr llamasc too!!!! xD

  • Wild West
    Wild West29 dni temu

    It looks really good. They are doing everything right it looks like so far. I hope its a home run, but I am waiting a few days to see what its like first.

  • Wild West
    Wild West29 dni temu

    I think stash and shared stash should be made larger although even changing that can lead to many more items being hoarded and out there. Maybe that is a good way to offset the fact bots wont be farming as much so easier way to help compensate for that. IDK

  • xxxTRACKERxxx
    xxxTRACKERxxx29 dni temu

    I can't tell you how grateful I am to the small company (V.Games) that they don't want to change the core of Diablo2. And I hope that they will consider any changes AFTER release VERY well. (Would the "big" Blizzard Diablo 2 touch they would destroy the game! Look at this huge pile of crap called Diablo 3...)

  • Neeman 70
    Neeman 70Miesiąc temu

    Why would they limit shared stash :( WTF! PLUGY HAS IT RIGHT!

  • Joshua Xiong
    Joshua XiongMiesiąc temu

    a good amount of these answers are purely frustrating when they're done for the most stupid reasons or you know a thing can be implemented without much complaint from the community.

  • P K
    P KMiesiąc temu

    If they try to make it playable for console they gonna fuck it up! Complexity is not possible if they try to srew it down on a controller....

  • Matt_Tag
    Matt_TagMiesiąc temu

    Well this is fantastic news! Maybe a stupid question, but will it be possible to play the 4k 60fps game on a laptop? Or is that irrealistic?

  • The Child Indigo
    The Child IndigoMiesiąc temu

    They should do lvls of cow where you can enhance the population of cows

  • Chief Unknown
    Chief UnknownMiesiąc temu

    I want stackable runes 😭

  • Content Creators
    Content CreatorsMiesiąc temu

    I don't care now because I'm PC Master Race but back in the day my dad had mac computers and Diablo was one of the only games that was good you could play on mac.

  • Get Buff
    Get BuffMiesiąc temu

    the devs said they were gona reduce the seasons to 3 months. i think this is a big mistake. id rather it get made into a year if anything so time to enjoy and push your builds. why not get rid of seasons altogether so you can keep your best characters current and have a feeling of progression and power creep

  • Saltiney
    SaltineyMiesiąc temu

    Stop rewarding these people for taking a old beloved game, and slapping a new coat of paint on it and selling it to you yet again. the two main diablo 2 mods Project Diablo 2 and Path of diablo are far superior to anything blizzard will release, "blizzard" has been shit ever since activision bought them out many many years ago and they havent released a single thing since then worth playing. Now they are just literally releasing games we already bought once before to sell them to us again "wow classic" what a joke they cant just make a new good game so they re-release the classic blizzard ones. dont give this shitty company any of your money.

  • Trolle
    TrolleMiesiąc temu

    I hope there is no Personal Loot. This will change the whole game to a new chapter, and I don't want this to happen. Can you ask them next time?

  • Jason Peterson
    Jason PetersonMiesiąc temu

    I really hope they fix the Werewolf fury blockiing animation bug

  • Lesser Flamingo
    Lesser FlamingoMiesiąc temu

    hi friend

  • baumfritz
    baumfritzMiesiąc temu

    Performance looks like shit at least they show it unlike wc3 reforged

  • mjs560
    mjs560Miesiąc temu

    Please make drop rates a little bit higher, some items and HRs are just stupid hard to get, and skill balancing, some skills are useless late game, Pathofdiablo does it right

  • Benkenobi8118
    Benkenobi8118Miesiąc temu

    thank God for the offline mode :)

  • Trevor Ouellette
    Trevor OuelletteMiesiąc temu

    How manny people will be on console ... will my brother and I be it.?

  • Trevor Ouellette
    Trevor OuelletteMiesiąc temu

    A bug where I can shoot rapid fire bone spears with out a butt load of fcr

  • Trevor Ouellette
    Trevor OuelletteMiesiąc temu

    What about support for keyboard and mouse for console. ?

  • Trevor Ouellette
    Trevor OuelletteMiesiąc temu

    Anywhere between 5 and 10. I think would be a good number for shared stash.

  • Spoteddy
    SpoteddyMiesiąc temu

    I thought I was going to play it a while, but then it is 40 freaking euros! Thats just insane. Maybe 15€.

  • Spoteddy


    Miesiąc temu

    @Almighty Inferno I do have a job, but Im not willing to pay 40 euros for a HD version of 20 year old game.

  • Almighty Inferno

    Almighty Inferno

    Miesiąc temu

    Omg get a job. Gaming isn't a poor man's hobby. Go flip pogs

    RGx PRIMETIMEMiesiąc temu

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  • Osiris261
    Osiris261Miesiąc temu

    i remember doing cow level in multiplayer sucked ass. because people trolled by killing the cow king.. hope they remove the cow level lockdown after king is dead. it was just frustrating to always fear the death of cow king.

  • Afura33
    Afura33Miesiąc temu

    This is so stupid that they don't add the ladder rune words to single player. I don't wanna play ladder anymore, I played it plenty of times back in time, I am done with playing ladder. I just can hope now that they add the pluggy mod to the playstation, so I can still use the ladder rune words. There are some builds that I always wanted to try, diablo 2 resurrected is the perfect time to finally make them, but the problem is these builds need specific ladder rune words to make them work :/

  • Radosław Derda
    Radosław DerdaMiesiąc temu

    For me the most important thing is patching to keep game alive. I’m sure that plenty of old and new players will play d2r, it will be good to keep patch 1.14d for maby 1 year but later i really want to get new patches. I think that many of diablo2 players are mad at blizzard that they don’t care at all for current diablo 2. Big patches were always something cool, even if some changes were considered as bad they changed some ways of playing and finally became cool.

  • Steel*Faith
    Steel*FaithMiesiąc temu

    Stop calling people your best friend, just because you want their money.

  • Joecrazydirt
    JoecrazydirtMiesiąc temu

    With the agro range v monitor size issue, why couldn't they just implement a fog of war system so you'll see the landscape outside of agro range but not the mobs. I know it's kinda changing it from the original a bit, but surely that's the simplest mechanism to address this problem, you don't have to change any other thing with the game.

  • Corvus Crump
    Corvus CrumpMiesiąc temu

    So, with the widescreen problem, it seems like it would make sense to have a “first strike rule” wherein if you attack a creature, they, and the creatures around them aggro to you.

  • Roffe
    RoffeMiesiąc temu

    If they only have 3 months ladders and dont allow casuals to have access to ladder content in non-ladder, this game is going to be a disaster :( please make blizzard understand this! Content should stay the same for all players, so we can all enjoy the full content of the game stress free even if we have Jobs and/or families.

  • Gimmisomesoap
    GimmisomesoapMiesiąc temu

    Sorry, hearing 'patch 1.14d' gave me bad memories. It is the patch that broke compatibility for me on Mac. Everything up to and including 1.14c worked pretty well. I think it was kind of absurd they made a patch that completely broke compatibility, and called it a day.

  • Eric N
    Eric NMiesiąc temu

    wait wtf, "no couch co op"?!?!?! Fuuuuuuck :(. That's brutal I just assumed that cross progression meant couch co op. Damn. That sucks.

  • Mr Shiggles
    Mr ShigglesMiesiąc temu

    4:02 - 4:30 QQ I've already purchased the game and I know i'll enjoy it again but...fml... I just wanted loot toggle. It just seems too easy to implement and would be amazing.

  • Joel Nilsson Hedekäll
    Joel Nilsson HedekällMiesiąc temu

    I'm trying to get my friends to plat this game (I used to ladder 02-08), how do i tell them they should accept obvious bugs that ppl will take advantage of? Things like that will make them stop playing the game. OR in 4 months every google search will let them know what bugs it is. Shouldnt blizz fix them now so its coherent for players?

  • VladTheBreaker
    VladTheBreakerMiesiąc temu

    Biggest concern is shorter ladder times. If they shorten the time i have to farm ladder rune words ill be pissed

  • Francois d'Auzon
    Francois d'AuzonMiesiąc temu

    I just wanted to know if the D/A/E bug has finally been fixed. That one has annoyed me for over a decade now.... Was also curious if you can still play it offline though, and if ladder-only rune words would still be a thing if mods like RWM aren't allowed. Thanks for getting in there and sharing, Llama.

  • PhoenixFlame
    PhoenixFlameMiesiąc temu

    This notion that the game has to be exactly like the original is quite frankly....stupid! I played D2 for greater than a decade. I logged more than 20000 hours playing this game. It is my all time favorite game. If they're not gonna add anything or tweak anything then Im just gonna have to pass. Which makes me sad because it looks great. But updated graphics alone cannot justify for me to play a game that essentially plays the same as it did 20 years ago. For 5 years me and my friends waited for more content after 1.11 and which when it finally was announced in 2009 we were ecstatic, only to be severely disappointed when all we got in 1.13 was a respec token and double stash size. Massive let down. For the previous 2 years I was basically only botting and we had all hoped that maybe in the patch that they would find a way to stop botting, eliminate duping, and finally add new content, but alas it was for not. So we basically just assumed they had put all their eggs in the D3 basket and at the time it seemed fine. And speaking of disappointment, the game was released and just I couldn't believe my favorite game company had made a game so flawed, so unsatisfying, and so unlike its predecessor, that 3 moths prior would be unthinkable, I had quit Diablo. There was an upcoming promising game called Path of Exile and so I made the switch never to return to another Diablo or Blizzard game again. But, now with this release I am intrigued. I would love to play it, but imo they need to address several things which I will make a quick list here. 1. Shared stash, so this is already on the list. Good, but dont short change the tabs. I say we need at least 100 maybe 500 if they stay the same size as classic LoD 1.13 or what ever it is now. 2. If botting and duping are eliminated then HR drop rate must be increased. The D2 economy has always been a house of cards built on botting and duping and with these eliminated, HR's will dry up to insanely low levels. 3. Slightly increase super rare uniques. Again with botting either slowed down significantly or eliminated, access to super rare items will be severely limited. 3. Old rare items that are terrible should be revised. Why the hell is an item like Tyrael's Might so difficult to find when it is so bad, same with Cranium Basher, Grandfather, etc. 4. Enigma is and has always been a major problem. But I unlike most dont think it should be nerfed. Players just need alternatives to teleport (a must skill for just about every character). If they ever just added a couple of more uniques or runewords with teleport, then itemization would be much more fun and diverse. So I am totally fine with adding all sorts of new items, uniques and runewords. Dont be so concerned with balance as overpowered is fun, and balance is not (something POE devs really struggle with too). D2 was never and has never been balanced so dont be afraid to experiment and throw caution to the wind. So more items in general is good! 5, New way to spawn D2 clone. With duping removed (allegedly), the current way makes no sense. 6. Stacking runes and gems. Duh! 7. Realm down. OMG, I swear if I see this one time! 8. A few more maps. Heck you could even use the same tile sets, it shouldnt be that hard even if they are just secret areas in the same current acts. 9. Eliminate 1 soc CoA, personal request. ;) 10. Charm inventory? Mabye? Please? 11. Some sort of new end game content, I'm not picky, just make something new and cool. 12. A better fricking way to trade for the love of God! I'm sure I am missing more, but I'll end it here. Thanks for reading my rant.

  • Detective
    DetectiveMiesiąc temu

    Can’t wait for my D3 story I wrote 10 years ago to finally come to fruition in D2R mod!

  • Blocka Datnikka
    Blocka DatnikkaMiesiąc temu

    Will there be a secret cow level again ?

  • Dustin Mosley
    Dustin MosleyMiesiąc temu

    Has Blizzard announced when alpha starts?

  • Quentin Kerdaffrec
    Quentin KerdaffrecMiesiąc temu

    I think the Amazon must have a face like this: Alyssa Sutherland What do you think about it ?

  • MatLuc
    MatLucMiesiąc temu

    Imo they should really look into those borderline bugged skills, like the amazon standing dodge animation that would lock you into place for a second getting you killed easily. There's no reason not to implement an additional animation in case the player starts walking/running while the dodge triggers or at least an instant animation cancel. Tbh i found the separation of dodge into differents skills kinda shit but they will surely keep it so no use complaining, I guess.

  • BMPK
    BMPKMiesiąc temu

    cross-play = more players on both sides

  • Jan Kožnar
    Jan KožnarMiesiąc temu

    They really should implement things like rune stacking, infitnite stash etc. (at least for single player mode), because what if you want to just chill on SP, collect grail, level another characters (TWINKED with items collected by your main char)? Where you can store all of these items? Sure, you can just do "checks" on your paper list of items, but what if you want to use those items in future? For alt char, or special build etc.

  • LeoNTheSickOne
    LeoNTheSickOneMiesiąc temu

    Put on 1.25x speed, thank me later.

  • MrDigitop
    MrDigitopMiesiąc temu

    I think they should change their mind on not being able to stack gems and expand the inventory and player stash (I understand not stacking potions as that's a core gameplay mechanic in D2 with belts and stuff like that), but if the idea behind this resurrected thing was to allow current and new players to enjoy Diablo 2, I don't think those limitations will go very well with a modern player base.

  • XVN
    XVNMiesiąc temu

    I agree that gem stacking might be game changing, but loot filters are a huge quality of life upgrade and they should at least explore the idea. Missing a high rune or any amazing drop cause of item clutter is horrible and must not happen to anyone.

  • Brian Ireland
    Brian IrelandMiesiąc temu

    Sometimes 100% original isnt a good thing, would like to see some tweaks and buffs on skills. I.E fire Druid

  • Timeless Pulse
    Timeless PulseMiesiąc temu

    So will items like 08 valk, 08 gaze, imp shanks, wraith brands be a relic of the past? Some lucky few have legit versions of those items on Bnet and now they'll be lost if theres no plan for them to come back :,(

  • hunn20004
    hunn20004Miesiąc temu

    It should be dark. More reason to use light radius. Maybe at most brighten up the inside radius? But mah couch coop 😭

  • simescoun22009
    simescoun22009Miesiąc temu

    did they mention the famous shared loot? in multiplayer, you'll still have to be the first to click on loots otherwise other players will steal it?

  • ethdsth thwethr
    ethdsth thwethrMiesiąc temu

    Happy about no stacking, thats would just break alot fo what the inv game in diablo 2 is

  • Giulio Simão
    Giulio SimãoMiesiąc temu

    Not easing inventory/consumables management is the biggest bummer for me.

  • SDomain
    SDomainMiesiąc temu

    Being able to kill the cow king infinitely would be a huge bonus. I loved just sitting in cow runs all day! MOO, MOO MOO MOO MOO!!!!!! xD

  • Phyx1u5
    Phyx1u5Miesiąc temu

    the REAL question is can we play it on our phones?

  • none information
    none informationMiesiąc temu

    how is gem and rune stacking making a new game its like common sense unless they are going to give alot more stash space its more of a quality of life then a game chganger

  • Franklin
    FranklinMiesiąc temu

    What about spec balance changes? Will I be able to play a Poison Necro in Hell and not get laughed at??!

  • Johnathan Petty
    Johnathan PettyMiesiąc temu

    My main concern is ladder runewords for "console" single player. For those of us who don't have internet. And if not then how about mods. Also would be nice if we get achievements. For bragging rights if nothing else

  • James Jordan
    James JordanMiesiąc temu

    Much Love MrLLamaSC!

  • Gerrit Muhlack
    Gerrit MuhlackMiesiąc temu

    21:44 made my day :DDDD

  • Rey L
    Rey LMiesiąc temu

    If the game has single player offline for real I THANK you Blizzard. A gesture that restores a little of my faith in the company.

  • Xenn000
    Xenn000Miesiąc temu

    RIP no gem/rune stacking. It was the only thing I wanted different. I wonder if they'll add a secret way to figure out 1st waying Arcane? ;)

  • Robbie
    RobbieMiesiąc temu

    I'd rather they ditch the ladder rune words. No fun having characters that basically expire because you can't build the best rune words anymore. All for being on the ladder with people who cheat to the top anyway. Overall though I'd just like to see personal loot. Too much stuff is stolen by bots and swept up super fast by people not contributing much or at all.

  • Justin R
    Justin RMiesiąc temu

    I’d love llama challenge modes like no healing no town stuff

  • yoav bonfil
    yoav bonfilMiesiąc temu

    Why no one asked if we will be able to play with our current D2 profile? Give me the option to migrate my original lod progress

  • bucktooth magoo
    bucktooth magooMiesiąc temu

    17:53 Am I really your friend Llama? cable guyyyyyy! :D

  • Pixel2 Xl
    Pixel2 XlMiesiąc temu

    Damnit this is great, but us classic players always wanted a bigger stash!! It's not fair lod xpac gets more of a stash and we don't..! 😡 lol

  • Onyx Citadel
    Onyx CitadelMiesiąc temu

    i haven't heard any mention about how the game lobbies were back in the day on the old b.net. You could see other player's characters and sort of what the armours looked like and weapons. The feel of the game lobbies was part of the diablo 2 experience for me.. Wonder if Blizz will try to re-create that?... on another thought.. what about the command line commands?.. can i squelch?... lol

  • Elf-King Oberon
    Elf-King OberonMiesiąc temu

    Subscribed to friendship, wit the bell on :D lol

  • Paulius Giniotis
    Paulius GiniotisMiesiąc temu

    Instead of black bars for ultrawide monitors, they could utilize the space to show stats / inventory panels

  • No Name
    No NameMiesiąc temu

    There is a question I would have asked that is trivial for most players but significant in the end product. Will they fix the bug where casting cloak of shadows while fighting the ancients crashes the game ?

  • vonhizzle
    vonhizzleMiesiąc temu

    Classic needs shared stash too!

  • Ryan Mahaffey
    Ryan MahaffeyMiesiąc temu

    Mouse and keyboard support for console? I'm honestly shocked no one is asking this

  • Odin Øian
    Odin ØianMiesiąc temu

    Oh. rune/gem stacking and HDIN NERF are like my two main wishes

  • westo127
    westo127Miesiąc temu

    Telestomping is the worst. I've died many times in early game from this...

  • Kooky Kutter
    Kooky KutterMiesiąc temu

    Do we know how/whether breakpoints will change as a result of the game running at 60fps? Could be nice for leveling if there's a breakpoint for each frame, since we'd have more intermediate breakpoints than the base game that way.

  • Fubuki
    FubukiMiesiąc temu

    I don’t get them being so reluctant to add loot-filters and gem stacking but are completely OK with shared stashes, controller support and auto gold pickup. Keep to QOL coming guys. Having runes stack or having a charm inventory vs changing uniques and bosses are completely different things. It’s the latter that should be avoided. Like 3-4 more QOL additions and the game is basically perfect. Pu-lese, VV.

  • Andrew Blackhorse
    Andrew BlackhorseMiesiąc temu

    NGL I hope botters figure out a way to run on this remaster , but not because I bot but because they literally keep the game alive for those who don't have enough time to grind out or do 1000 runs to find one item that's not even close to perf. They should increase loot drop chance as well since it will only be 3 months rather than 6 for each ladder reset its simply not enough time.

  • Michael Ioannou
    Michael IoannouMiesiąc temu

    anyone know if there will be unique loot?

  • Pixel2 Xl
    Pixel2 XlMiesiąc temu

    Damn it wtf classic > lod.. why wouldn't they make the stash bigger ! Damn it lol

  • Anthony Kneip III
    Anthony Kneip IIIMiesiąc temu

    One thing I’d like to see added to this game is the inclusion of the ladder rune word items to 1 player and open b . net characters. Not only would that make the experience more inclusive, it would add some depth to the rune word system only experienced by people that use the pluggy mod or have ladder characters.

  • czesiek47
    czesiek47Miesiąc temu

    Hello @MrLlamaSC, any news on any differences made to the respec functionality?

  • silvernode
    silvernodeMiesiąc temu

    Single player offline is one thing but if they disable LAN play then I am probably not going to buy it.

  • Your Mailman
    Your MailmanMiesiąc temu

    1.14D? Dang I think I stopped with 1.10? I mainly remember 1.08 and 1.09. All I remember is they added a ton of runeword items. Enigma beings favorite with a hammerdin

  • Mathieu Bastien
    Mathieu BastienMiesiąc temu

    Can we know if knm will work on console?

  • jef
    jefMiesiąc temu

    THIS IS AMEZINGGGGGGGG!!!! YES yes YES YEEEsss we did it guys. WE did it !!

  • defden
    defdenMiesiąc temu

    Idk man. Lookin at Warcraft 3 reforged story I am a little concerned ...

  • fastpace101
    fastpace101Miesiąc temu

    Mod support should be able to give us filters etc

  • J N
    J NMiesiąc temu

    so no crossplay with friends over pc/consoles ?

  • Body Builder
    Body BuilderMiesiąc temu

    if you dont welcome new changes, you are clearly not a fan, so just stfu. i been playing d2 for 20 years off and on... i want new items in the game.

  • Battle Animations
    Battle AnimationsMiesiąc temu

    Will the barbarian still suck... as well as any melee build?

  • suicidesorcerer
    suicidesorcererMiesiąc temu

    yeah ladder season time is reduced to like 3 month instead of 6 and maaaaaybe you can find 2 of 3 runes for youre glorious runeword in that time. season is over and becomming useless. gg

  • Pilton Jones
    Pilton JonesMiesiąc temu

    I also think they shouldn't be TOO afraid to make big changes outside of lore, I mean if it makes the end user experience that much more enjoyable and streamlined at the sacrifice of 'not recreating it perfectly' I think that's perfectly fine.

  • Al
    AlMiesiąc temu

    barbarian face looks like a retired UFC fighter. please fix the campfire scene and all the faces back to the original artstyle.