AC/DC - Demon Fire (Official Audio)


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  • Shade Bloodhound
    Shade BloodhoundDzień temu

    I don't care about D4C anymore this is my new favorite song

  • stephan viala
    stephan viala2 dni temu

    AC DC of the galaxie.

  • Mrcookie
    Mrcookie2 dni temu

    This should be a music disk in fortnite

  • Notbudd
    Notbudd2 dni temu

    2:40 0:04

  • Daniele Musmeci
    Daniele Musmeci3 dni temu

    If this album had come up in the 80's or 90's would have been more successful, in my opinion this is one the best their album

  • Lloyd Terrible
    Lloyd Terrible3 dni temu

    The start reminds me of whole lotta rosie

  • Boone Robertson
    Boone Robertson4 dni temu




  • Reginald Copperbottom
    Reginald Copperbottom4 dni temu

    if this was released 1 day after, it would have been an amazing birthday present

  • Saleh Zwai
    Saleh Zwai4 dni temu

    Everything about this song is perfect, except for the chorus! it could've been better in my opinion.

  • J S
    J S5 dni temu

    I can't wait till this song will be played live

  • Vectorlarity
    Vectorlarity5 dni temu

    Imagine 2021 ends with a health bar appearing in the sky with this playing

  • Edward Scott
    Edward Scott5 dni temu

    Ghost rider 3 theme song has to be

  • Notbudd
    Notbudd5 dni temu

    2:40 fear not I shall divert your strange war wagon

  • Jose Alejandro
    Jose Alejandro6 dni temu

    1:15 Kick Buttowski Intro 😳

  • Delleon Thomas
    Delleon Thomas6 dni temu


  • Sammie Mac
    Sammie Mac7 dni temu

    Pov: if in galactus arm

  • Sammie Mac
    Sammie Mac7 dni temu

    Who came after the galactus event

  • s hoebert
    s hoebert7 dni temu


  • Anthony’s Slime & Putty Channel Art & Muffie Clips
    Anthony’s Slime & Putty Channel Art & Muffie Clips8 dni temu


  • Jäde
    Jäde8 dni temu


  • BuddyTube
    BuddyTube9 dni temu

    If you are watching this from 2000 to 2021 you are a legend

  • Reginald Copperbottom

    Reginald Copperbottom

    3 dni temu

    Dude this song came out in 2020. Unless your talking about something else

  • Saul Contreras

    Saul Contreras

    8 dni temu

    If you're watching this in 1942 you're a time traveler.

  • Mecha Team Leader
    Mecha Team Leader9 dni temu

    Me and the bois fighting Galactus in a flying nuclear bus like an X-Wing.

  • Kevin Mitchell

    Kevin Mitchell

    3 dni temu

    me and the boys fighting thanos

  • Ali Hamarat
    Ali Hamarat10 dni temu

    This one's my favourite from the new album and already became one of my favourite AC DC songs

  • the real fear da fantom
    the real fear da fantom11 dni temu

    This is how my friends would define me

  • Healing
    Healing11 dni temu

    That’s The Song from Fortnite

  • kien erez

    kien erez

    11 dni temu

    @Healing xd

  • Healing


    11 dni temu

    @kien erez lmao 😂 but real talk I be playing Warzone

  • kien erez

    kien erez

    11 dni temu

    Fucking kid

  • Ralph Reinhardt
    Ralph Reinhardt12 dni temu

    When Angus rocks................people listen !! 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸



  • dr.J3ky11シ
    dr.J3ky11シ12 dni temu

    I love this

  • Dutch van der linde
    Dutch van der linde12 dni temu

    Well boys we did it fortnite comments are no more

  • Ananasita GOLD
    Ananasita GOLD13 dni temu

    Demon fire is ghost rider

  • NitroSpider 04
    NitroSpider 0413 dni temu

    This is the ultimate Final Battle song. Glad Fortnite knew that.

  • Tom Belanovic
    Tom Belanovic14 dni temu

  • Reginald Copperbottom

    Reginald Copperbottom

    3 dni temu


  • Hernández Ramírez Elián Osvaldo
    Hernández Ramírez Elián Osvaldo14 dni temu

    In event id galactus

  • Ronnie James Dio
    Ronnie James Dio15 dni temu

    Can this be in the intro of the new Evil Dead game?

  • jack oliver
    jack oliver15 dni temu

    Iron man: good new I got the sterio working Me: cool what did you put o.... *hears this* this is a banger

  • Howard Gomez
    Howard Gomez15 dni temu

    Good music

  • gg
    gg16 dni temu

    Its been a month😔✊

  • Bee Marie
    Bee Marie16 dni temu

    It’s my fav

  • cichlid freak
    cichlid freak16 dni temu

    brians voice sounds just like it did 40 years ago!!!!

  • Steven Howie

    Steven Howie

    15 dni temu

    agreed lol

    JACK THE GAMER PRO16 dni temu

    I love ac dc he makes the best music in the entire world and this one is my favorite song of them all

  • Matteo Bottigella
    Matteo Bottigella16 dni temu

    High way to hell: Song that you play when you are going to school. Demon Fire: Song that you play when you are in the school.

  • foamuno
    foamuno17 dni temu

    What´s Fortnite?! Hail AC/DC!!!

  • Saul Contreras

    Saul Contreras

    8 dni temu

    @foamuno there's really stupid people on the internet, I don't know anymore.😂🤦‍♂️

  • foamuno


    8 dni temu

    @Saul Contreras Really?

  • Saul Contreras

    Saul Contreras

    8 dni temu

    Is that actually a question or are you just...? It's just a video game.

  • Jacktgamingtv!
    Jacktgamingtv!17 dni temu

    Cool! A new way to get a speeding ticket!

  • MilkShaken RBLX.
    MilkShaken RBLX.17 dni temu

    Kids: FoRtNiTe GODS: t h e l e g e n d i s b a c k

  • Reginald Copperbottom

    Reginald Copperbottom

    3 dni temu

    I kinda dont like fortnite sooo.... H A I L A C D C

  • MilkShaken RBLX.

    MilkShaken RBLX.

    16 dni temu

    stfu dunkin donut employee

  • Vitor Mello

    Vitor Mello

    16 dni temu

    @CTapK kid

  • CTapK


    17 dni temu

    Wow,another joke about kids in fortnite,that's realy funny,you are so original my guy

  • Pannda
    Pannda18 dni temu

    Esta canción es perfecta para un viaje casual en autobus mientras peleas con un villano gigante hambriento que lanza drones de ataques y amenaza con destruir la realidad entera... Ya saben, lo habitual

  • among A.S
    among A.S18 dni temu

    the music is owesom and it makes me wana do the event of galactus with a batle bus

  • Nicolas Villegas Vera
    Nicolas Villegas Vera18 dni temu

    very pog

  • Pilot_Frank
    Pilot_Frank18 dni temu

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Irish_potato_no2
    Irish_potato_no219 dni temu

    It's the song from fortnite

  • Octo Shot
    Octo Shot19 dni temu

    Stereo on the battle bus: exist Tony: It's free real estate.

  • Yah boi kyle Perrys Channel
    Yah boi kyle Perrys Channel19 dni temu

    Everybody Gansta intill someone Drives the battle bus

  • ProJameZplayZ 2
    ProJameZplayZ 219 dni temu


  • BlueGeckoTV
    BlueGeckoTV19 dni temu

    yes, I came here from fortnite (catching up on the last season cuz i have no clue what is happening cuz i last played in season 7). but I am an avid AC/DC listener and this is now one of my favourite songs

  • Crusadetronic
    Crusadetronic19 dni temu

    I can just imagine this song if they Actually a Really Good DOOM Movie since 2005 and not DOOM Anahliation and use it for the final battle of the slayer fighting either the Icon of Sin, Spider Mastermind, Demon Mother, etc...

  • Kmlo
    Kmlo20 dni temu

    Driver... we are sending you up his arm

  • Vald 1996
    Vald 199621 dzień temu

    Hopefully Tfue got his bus upgraded. It would be cool to see a gamma bomb bus flying across the sky

  • Mc Donald’s
    Mc Donald’s21 dzień temu

    play any war video game and then play this song and get into intense combat you will get a ton of kills due to the hype I played a game of shipment while listening to this and got 112 kills

  • Stormbreaker Gaming
    Stormbreaker Gaming21 dzień temu

    This song should be in every action movie when shits about to pop off

  • Shade Bloodhound

    Shade Bloodhound

    Dzień temu

    I want a proper doom movie with this song in it

  • Galactic Gaming

    Galactic Gaming

    7 dni temu


  • James Van Hest
    James Van Hest21 dzień temu

    The thing I love about AC/DC is that they make me feel like I've been friends with them for years, even though I haven't met them. I feel like I'm having a conversation with them when I watch stuff like interviews even though I've never been able to say anything to them. They always puts a smile on my face and make me happy, ever since I first got into AC/DC before I could walk. thank you AC/DC. You've inspired me as a 17 year old to pick up my guitar, microphone, drums and bass and give it my best shot to make more rock n roll in the world

  • HighVoltageWS6
    HighVoltageWS622 dni temu

    Ac/Dc and Disturbed would be the ultimate concert

  • Egghead skateboarding
    Egghead skateboarding22 dni temu

    If you know this band from fortnite ur weird

  • salvadormandujano
    salvadormandujano23 dni temu

    wow what a song makes me wanna dance with some rock ho

  • Bandsuche Bandsuche
    Bandsuche Bandsuche23 dni temu


  • ARG Dolphins
    ARG Dolphins24 dni temu

    When 2021 starts, we play this song

  • FLICKS_ Redspecter

    FLICKS_ Redspecter

    20 dni temu

    We get the virus and we burn it in DEMON FIRE

  • Ayden Canizales
    Ayden Canizales24 dni temu

    That riff dough.

  • Big Bertha
    Big Bertha24 dni temu

    Who else thought it was gonna be like back in black or something

  • Big Bertha

    Big Bertha

    20 dni temu

    @Kevin Mitchell that to

  • Kevin Mitchell

    Kevin Mitchell

    20 dni temu

    i expected thunderstruck

  • rocko west
    rocko west24 dni temu

    One of them died and who's the replacement?

  • TutordCosine36
    TutordCosine3625 dni temu

    This song is the B E S T

  • Benjamin Randall
    Benjamin Randall25 dni temu

    if you came from fortnite, I'm disappointed in you, especially if you start commenting about it

  • El Frutero

    El Frutero

    18 dni temu

    @Benjamin Randall Let's go point by point. 1. Bold of you to assume my age as less than 16, even if I tell you my real age we would gain nothing from it, it's the internet, there's nothing stopping me from saying I'm 81 and there's nothing stoping you from saying I'm lying, there's no reason to address that. 2. You're saying _"I could care less that it was used in the event"_ but at the same time, your original comment was _"if you came from fortnite, I'm disappointed in you, especially if you start commenting about it"_ you're both caring about it being used in a videogame, and contradicting that original _"specially if you start commenting about it"_ funny thing if I may add. 3. _"You dont need to go on a song just to be like OMG IT WAS IN A FORTNITE EVENT"_ Nobody's doing that, the only comments like that are all obviously ironic. The only person doing something remotely similar is *you* going into a song specifically to complain (again) about a demographic that you were most likely part of "OMG I'M DISAPPOINTED BECAUSE PEOPLE COME FROM A VIDEOGAME!!!1! I HATE PEOPLE HAVING FUN BECAUSE OF MY OWN ISSUES!!!1!" Just... Stop, I bet you were one of those kids who got bullied because of playing some game and then started to do the same to others when you got remotely older.

  • Benjamin Randall

    Benjamin Randall

    18 dni temu

    @El Frutero funny thing is I've been listening to them before you were born, I dont really have anything against fortnite, but I could care less that it was used in the event. You dont need to go on a song just to be like OMG IT WAS IN A FORTNITE EVENT

  • El Frutero

    El Frutero

    18 dni temu

    @Benjamin Randall Exactly, neither do you. The difference between us is that I don't lie about it trying to shame a demographic that you were probably part of 1-3 years ago.

  • Benjamin Randall

    Benjamin Randall

    18 dni temu

    @El Frutero oh ok? What was the first pre album release song? Oh wait you dont know until you google it

  • El Frutero

    El Frutero

    18 dni temu

    @Benjamin Randall At this point boomer's a mentality, which you're following. Also what you're assuming is that "Oh jeez, everyone who heard this song from fortnite sucks and must be obsessed, it's not like people could play casually and just heard the song, right?" The song was already 2-3 weeks old when the Fortnite event dropped. I could bet that you didn't know jackshit about the new album until the fortnite event hit.

  • Dan Ahern
    Dan Ahern25 dni temu

    And DC delivers again regardless of all the ups and downs the band has had. I have been a fan all my life and I can say this track sounds like classic AC/DC. I love the album!! 🔥👏

  • ben r

    ben r

    25 dni temu

    Wow someone who isn't talking about fortnite. I agree this album is pretty good, I dont know if it's the best but it might be from nostalgia from the older songs

  • PS 4
    PS 426 dni temu

    AC ⚡ DC ❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Julián David Álvarez
    Julián David Álvarez26 dni temu


  • Javier30Latios
    Javier30Latios26 dni temu

    This song makes me wanna drive a bomb into someone's mouth

  • Spicy Penguin

    Spicy Penguin

    23 dni temu

    Yes, me too, if they have a stupid looking helmet and if they are taller than my mom.

  • Dutch van der linde
    Dutch van der linde26 dni temu

    Okay we can stop with the fortnite comments

  • Dutch van der linde

    Dutch van der linde

    26 dni temu

    Seriously please stop at the fortnite comments and just admire the song

  • Yaya On Sticks
    Yaya On Sticks26 dni temu

    This makes me wanna Drive a bus off a cliff hoping it will fly

  • Ri3he GunPro
    Ri3he GunPro27 dni temu

    Back in Black (1980) The Razors Edge (1990) Stiff Upper Lip (2000) Power Up (2020)

  • Ri3he GunPro
    Ri3he GunPro27 dni temu

    Back in Black (1980) The Razors Edge (1990) Stiff Upper Lip (2000) Power Up (2020)

  • Lorigamer895 :D
    Lorigamer895 :D27 dni temu

    *Iron man has thanked the bus driver*

  • Oliver Fletcher
    Oliver Fletcher27 dni temu

    This is the only good music in 2020

  • Skinny White Kid
    Skinny White Kid27 dni temu

    AC/DC rly looked at 2020 and said watch me fuck shit up

    EL MEJOR ROCK DEL MUNDO.28 dni temu


  • Zio Is the best
    Zio Is the best28 dni temu

    Non temete eroi devierò il vostro bizzarro carro da guerra

  • eliastuber 0906 jo
    eliastuber 0906 jo28 dni temu


  • david el pro xd
    david el pro xd28 dni temu

    Recomended AC/DC

  • Samir Chaar
    Samir Chaar28 dni temu

    I don't like Fortnite and I'd never thought that I was gonna find Fortnite comments in an AC/DC song. But at least I can be thankful that it is because this song was used in a good moment in the Galactus battle and not in some of that ridiculous dances.

  • am goose
    am goose28 dni temu

    Frick fortnight

  • Kennedyseverydaymonday Cummins
    Kennedyseverydaymonday Cummins28 dni temu

    Play ad dc and play ps4 vr star wars

  • Tomas Venegas
    Tomas Venegas29 dni temu

    We defeat galactus with this EPIC song👌

    SUB ZERO PRO29 dni temu

    GET ME UP THERE BUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hacker3.5 Vasquez azañon
    Hacker3.5 Vasquez azañon29 dni temu

    Gracias a este evento de fortnite pude conocer esta musica

  • pumkinbreath
    pumkinbreathMiesiąc temu

    It sounds like Phil is back

  • Z2o Lunatic
    Z2o LunaticMiesiąc temu

    Tried to make it as a beat...... I sucked at it

  • Mago Teyez
    Mago TeyezMiesiąc temu

    O love your songs ac.dc

  • Iván Zlathan Hernández Pérez
    Iván Zlathan Hernández PérezMiesiąc temu

    I am Iron Man ando I like yoir music

  • Panda Habla

    Panda Habla

    Miesiąc temu


  • Montana Hales
    Montana HalesMiesiąc temu

    One of my favorite songs off the album. Every time I crank this album up, I end up listening to it 10 times in a row

  • Muhd Izz Qurniawan
    Muhd Izz QurniawanMiesiąc temu

    Bad news? Galactus? Definitely out to get you. Good news? I got the stereo working.

  • Oficial FERL
    Oficial FERLMiesiąc temu

    Malas noticias galactus va derechito a por ti. La buena es que ya logré reparar la radio

  • I’m worthless
    I’m worthlessMiesiąc temu

    To the people who are coming from fortnite. Don’t call this song “tHe sONg frOM forTNite”

  • I’m worthless

    I’m worthless

    29 dni temu


  • Panda Habla

    Panda Habla

    Miesiąc temu

    YOOOO Thats the song from fortnite!!

    BOBUXMiesiąc temu

    Don't panic, but I think he spotted you