Diablo 2: Lord Of Destruction by MrLlamaSC in 2:05:09 SGDQ2019


Runner introduction starts at 00:06
Run starts at 01:03
Couch commentary is provided by Musical_Daredevil, Nospimi99 and Icyrayne
WeGoGiant is host.
This speedrun was recorded live at Summer Games Done Quick 2019, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2019 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ2019, find us at: gamesdonequick.com
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  • Games Done Quick
    Games Done QuickRok temu

    Runner introduction starts at 00:06 Run starts at 01:03 Couch commentary is provided by Musical_Daredevil, Nospimi99 and Icyrayne WeGoGiant is host.

  • Night Parade
    Night ParadeMiesiąc temu

    damn i'd love to play this on smartphone..

  • vali
    valiMiesiąc temu

    ive played battle net single playing with a password too just didnt want to make a single player unless internet issues

  • King Nipper
    King NipperMiesiąc temu

    Don't mind me... just studying for the remaster... :D

  • Blake Shiley
    Blake ShileyMiesiąc temu

    why does his game look more zoomed out then mine

  • Deep Blue
    Deep BlueMiesiąc temu

    was that a joke ? "objectively the worst character in the game" excuse but necros are one of the best....

  • Nawas
    NawasMiesiąc temu

    Why isn’t people using shift in shop to buy potions lol

  • Yellow
    YellowMiesiąc temu

    Now we got an amazing remaster. Super hype

  • Ryan Treat
    Ryan TreatMiesiąc temu

    Anyone else have this pop up in the recommended after d2 res was announced? Just me? Oh...okay

  • Nick Naccarato
    Nick NaccaratoMiesiąc temu

    Kuddos to Blizzard for letting him interview the devs for the remaster. You could tell he was so excited.

  • stumpedII
    stumpedIIMiesiąc temu

    get my socket items in a2

  • qay666
    qay666Miesiąc temu

    is he playing players 8?

  • Fernando Zavaleta Bustos
    Fernando Zavaleta BustosMiesiąc temu

    A Diablo 2 remaster has been announced!

  • Adam Singer
    Adam Singer2 miesięcy temu

    Good gosh darn I love what you do, why you do it, and how you do it.

  • Despond
    Despond2 miesięcy temu

    Still better than Diablo 3 lol.

  • Krösus
    Krösus2 miesięcy temu

    Grown ups = Like because its Diablo 2 ffs! Kids = Dislike because them graphics aint next geeeeen xD Me = Lemme tell ya, when granpha was a kid this was THE next gen OG graphics ;)

  • Hibou
    Hibou2 miesięcy temu

    The ironic thing is that while D2 contains a multiplayer mode, most of the best player only play in Single Player mode lol

  • DB N
    DB N2 miesięcy temu

    Nice little Mitch Hedburg reference!

  • WorstSpy
    WorstSpy2 miesięcy temu

    Saw how he didnt click on the waypoint. When he pulled up the menu screen I was shouting at the screen, "don't exit!"

  • Ninja Sushi
    Ninja Sushi2 miesięcy temu

    Man he reads fast as hell.

  • Voidroamer


    Miesiąc temu

    after a while, you just kinda know where the affixes land and how long the various ones are. they become shapes more than words, after 17k hours im sure hes not reading anything anymore

  • IveGottenSoLucky
    IveGottenSoLucky2 miesięcy temu


  • ghysling
    ghysling2 miesięcy temu

    What is glorious is when you make it to the flayer jungle, but the one part of it you need to go to to get the quest is actually seperated by trees and you have to go from the flayer jungle, through the great marsh, just to get back to the separated part of the flayer jungle smh

  • GRat9717
    GRat97173 miesięcy temu

    Llama is the only guy who could do a full on speedrun and detailed commentary without batting an eye.

  • St Ben
    St Ben3 miesięcy temu

    This Doesnt run on Windows 10 or does it?

  • Housecat


    Miesiąc temu

    they updated it like last year so it runs now

  • lamosos
    lamosos3 miesięcy temu

    Haven't touched this game in two decades, why the fuck am I watching this?

  • mlgdrpugs
    mlgdrpugs3 miesięcy temu

    best game ever, prefer 4v4 or 8v8 offline, hardcore is more fun : D

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore3 miesięcy temu

    Nice run dude

  • Tobias Stamenkovic
    Tobias Stamenkovic3 miesięcy temu

    No good escape mechanism: Put a point in Terror mate, the not so nice way of saying "get off the stairs".

  • Emet.V
    Emet.V3 miesięcy temu

    Diablo 2 is a cornerstone of gaming

  • juan gonzalez
    juan gonzalez3 miesięcy temu

    Arcane sanctuary is always the last path you pick

  • JM#1
    JM#14 miesięcy temu

    18:02 - am I missing something here? He hovered over a wand that gave +2 to teeth.

  • Trolldier of Fortune

    Trolldier of Fortune

    3 miesięcy temu

    He didn't have the money to get it is all

  • RandomMushroom
    RandomMushroom4 miesięcy temu

    Did he really get engaged after finding Tyrael's Might?

  • Withi
    Withi4 miesięcy temu

    bester Mann!

  • Bopples
    Bopples4 miesięcy temu

    The graphics difference between the diablo games would be impressive if the time between each one being made wasn't a million years.

  • Jon K
    Jon K4 miesięcy temu

    I've been stuck on Act 2 for 4 years lmao

  • tyler w
    tyler w4 miesięcy temu

    around the 18 minute mark the vendor was selling a 2 to teeth wand and he didnt notice but he highlighted it, damn

  • tyler w

    tyler w

    4 miesięcy temu

    disregard he noticed it but couldnt afford it, thought he was rushing

  • Keanu Estanol
    Keanu Estanol4 miesięcy temu

    Whoaaaaa! thats my name!

  • Nhifuu
    Nhifuu5 miesięcy temu

    oh its llama!

  • Joakim Solheim
    Joakim Solheim5 miesięcy temu

    Its funny listening to the mouse clicks. i remember when i was a kid playing this and me and my brother destroyed the mouse of our family's computer. mom was mad :D

  • Hiroshima Fried
    Hiroshima Fried5 miesięcy temu

    26:22: "good luck with the objectively worst character in the game" Dafuq did he just say??

  • Lovestruck the Idiot
    Lovestruck the Idiot5 miesięcy temu

    Wow, Diablo II was my childhood, seeing the time already made me quirk an eyebrow, but lord I'm so glad to see something I used to play so often speedran...

  • Hero Neuron
    Hero Neuron5 miesięcy temu

    I bet the fastest powerlevel is at stony field at the stones where has that blue monster with some other runs so quick.

  • W. Souza
    W. Souza6 miesięcy temu

    Então é possível matar o Duriel jogando de necro? =O

  • viktor mizak
    viktor mizak6 miesięcy temu

    im guessing teeth is used over poison dagger since you need a dagger to roll with the bonus for poison dager, so even though its damage may be higher, the fact its melee and has hard equipment find teeth makes more since.

  • David Wildebeest
    David Wildebeest6 miesięcy temu

    One year later they do it within an hour with the sorceress

  • Ghost In My Castle
    Ghost In My Castle6 miesięcy temu

    Seeing a D3 VoD - Falling asleep Seeing this - falling in love instantly - again.

  • Michael Knesevitch
    Michael Knesevitch7 miesięcy temu

    this guys commentary is fantastic

  • Sacred Star
    Sacred Star7 miesięcy temu

    I have played Amazon but it dificult to defeat boses..

  • First Last
    First Last7 miesięcy temu

    How does he have so many stash slots?

  • Thành Tiến
    Thành Tiến7 miesięcy temu

    His 1st map and 3rd map in act 3 connects to each others and he found out right away. *me explored the whole 1st and 2nd map in 30’

  • Lovely Panda

    Lovely Panda

    7 miesięcy temu

    When I was a kid I didn't know the quest log tells you which one is Tal Rasha's real tomb. I remember exploring them 1 by 1, getting it on the 7th try. I was so stupid.

  • Clark H
    Clark H8 miesięcy temu

    Hasn't killed baal after months? The game is hard? :|

  • Zephir
    Zephir8 miesięcy temu


  • Nachfüllbarer Trank
    Nachfüllbarer Trank8 miesięcy temu

    1:39:09 just like in real life

  • SoftSemtex
    SoftSemtex9 miesięcy temu

    mrllama such a pro^^ speedrunning an rng game like this while explaining everything he's doing... how does his mouth keep up

  • Bee Song
    Bee Song9 miesięcy temu

    Maps were so goood on this run

  • Rorensu Gaming
    Rorensu Gaming9 miesięcy temu

    How to stream d2? i am trying to stream median XL " D2 " using streamlabs how ever its not showing on the list in order to capture it :/

  • Inuyasha142222
    Inuyasha1422229 miesięcy temu

    was there a paladin gdq at somepoint? i feel like i remember there being an aura paladin but i cant find it

  • Алексей Алексеев
    Алексей Алексеев10 miesięcy temu

    Это круто

  • John Young
    John Young10 miesięcy temu

    God this brings back the memories. Weird seeing a necromancer thats not trying to lag the instance with a million skeletons

  • MrBakedDaily
    MrBakedDaily10 miesięcy temu

    100x better than D3.

  • Jared Richards
    Jared Richards10 miesięcy temu

    Great job mrllama!!

  • Knubbe37
    Knubbe3710 miesięcy temu

    At 18:00 he dident buy that wand with +2 teeth. Why not?

  • Pedro
    Pedro11 miesięcy temu

    How did he use X..G letter as hotkeys?

  • Xahsio


    7 miesięcy temu

    you can re-bind them in the settings. IIRC the defaults are F1-F12, but you can set them to almost anything you want.

  • Kevin Yoo
    Kevin Yoo11 miesięcy temu

    Just realized at 1:12 Mr.Llama is making a Mitch Herdberg joke.

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan11 miesięcy temu

    This guy play the game 24/7, doesnt it get boring at some point?

  • Кирил Цанков
    Кирил Цанков11 miesięcy temu

    That Mitch Hedburg joke! :)

  • LoveandParty
    LoveandPartyRok temu

    As I recall Diablo was harder than Baal. Diablo has a lower level of course, but his skills were better.

  • EU Go
    EU GoRok temu

    three years of my teenager age in 2 hours

  • Peter Dowling
    Peter DowlingRok temu


  • yelsew82
    yelsew82Rok temu

    Why is one of the best games of all time in such a terrible time slot.

  • Lintford Pickle
    Lintford PickleRok temu

    I really enjoyed watching this run. I must admit, I don't have a lot of experience with GDQ or know how they are organized, but its seems a shame that this run would be so early in the morning (I believe he said .~5:00 am) as there was understandably not a lot of reactions from the crowd. I guess this would have been much nicer to watch had the time be somewhat more sociable. Anyhow, well done

  • SuperTrisset


    5 miesięcy temu

    i agree! i would have loved to be there and watch like a fanboy screaming

  • Phöenix
    PhöenixRok temu

    What you meen cow level doesn’t exist

  • Samuel Gradén
    Samuel GradénRok temu

    Was this from 2001? or the game? I thought this was new in 2018. How old is GDQ?

  • Monkey D. Doomer
    Monkey D. DoomerRok temu

    wait did llama ask the audience if they wanna see the cow level and then he just went to tristram to save cain at the end? lol

  • Nix Nihil
    Nix NihilRok temu

    This is a pretty noob comment, but how was he "pushing" potions into his belt from the inventory? The little thing I hate most about this game is manually loading my belt every fucking time. IS THERE A WAY AROUND THIS?? Same with selling at stores, I've been clicking, dragging, and dropping in vendor window to sell. How is he selling with a single click? Holding down a button or something?

  • Torrey Hoyle

    Torrey Hoyle

    8 miesięcy temu

    Shift+right click fills ur remaining belt slots with that potion. Grabbing a full belt off ur character unequips it and sends all the potions on the belt into ur inventory (fastest way to fill inventory with potions)

  • kakanhejsan


    Rok temu

    Hold Shift-Rightclick i think if memory serves me right

  • Marcello Berry
    Marcello BerryRok temu

    28:42 i did that with ghost armor i was gonna make a smoke and wasted a lum(the highest rune i had at the time)

  • Ed Mallory
    Ed MalloryRok temu

    Tbh d3 seems childish compared with d2.

  • GroMUltimas
    GroMUltimasRok temu

    I don't understand why the maps don't reset when he leaves the game. Anyone explain?



    Rok temu


  • Rafał Apostel
    Rafał ApostelRok temu

    Why the map does not reset after each exit?

  • Ardren


    Rok temu

    Single player. If you change difficulty it will reset the maps though

  • Ace Agdamag
    Ace AgdamagRok temu

    Did he get the Stealth armor? when?

  • Fabricio Pucheta

    Fabricio Pucheta

    3 miesięcy temu


  • Levo GAMES
    Levo GAMESRok temu

    Diablo II Such an incredible game. Must be remastered!

  • Адиль Кылычбеков

    Адиль Кылычбеков

    8 miesięcy temu

    @Tengil Von Tronje we need hd version

  • Tengil Von Tronje

    Tengil Von Tronje

    8 miesięcy temu

    Why remaster? It's already perfect.

  • What TheHeck
    What TheHeckRok temu

    Gotta love some D2

  • TheSunMoon
    TheSunMoonRok temu

    "Stay awhile and listen.." 2hrs later Llama is back to rub it in Cain's face lol

  • KLeiton N1nj4
    KLeiton N1nj4Rok temu

    Nice job playing

  • spencer rodriguez
    spencer rodriguezRok temu

    Are the sell bots still plaguing the game?

  • Franco Sturiza
    Franco SturizaRok temu

    watching diablo 2 speed run while playing diablo 3 while waiting for diablo 4 !!!!

  • marko simic
    marko simicRok temu

    skipping the jade figurine ? i don't know about that. taking 30-40 seconds to deliver it and gain 5-10% max health would save you numerous trips to the vendor for potions essentially balancing out the time difference or maybe improving it. being able to stay in combat longer aswell?

  • The Danzo

    The Danzo

    Rok temu

    Irrelevant. That only equals 5-10% less trips to the vendor which is about 1-2 trips, which is about 15-30 seconds, which is less time than it takes to turn in the jade figurine in the first place. And there was no point in the run where he needed the extra 5-10% health for any reason, much less to stay in combat. So your strat actually has a bigger chance of increasing the time for no reason than breaking even, much less decreasing the time - which would only be in the situation where someone would need the 5-10% extra health.

  • Born2Game
    Born2GameRok temu

    Drop rates were truly terrible in d2 though lol surprised they never really adjusted that.

  • Born2Game
    Born2GameRok temu

    I'm so happy I got to enjoy Diablo 2 it was the greatest gaming experience of my entire life.....from the pve to the incredible pvp no game has ever compared for me. I hope they bring back greatness in diablo 4

  • Taylor fairlie
    Taylor fairlieRok temu

    man missed teeth/fcr at 11:59

  • J R

    J R

    Rok temu

    it was 11k, he only had 8k

  • CouncilofThirteen
    CouncilofThirteenRok temu

    What a game! They don't do anything like that anymore! *sobs

  • mrkiky
    mrkikyRok temu

    This is super impressive! Usually it takes me this long to decide upon the character name....

  • Jadaya Indigo

    Jadaya Indigo

    9 miesięcy temu

    that name is unavailable....

  • Bergi214
    Bergi214Rok temu

    I played this game since day1... but never killed Duriel in such an easy way...

  • GoodOleUltraviolence
    GoodOleUltraviolenceRok temu

    Fuck, I love Diablo 1 and 2 so much. Timeless.

  • Ezekiel Goldberg II
    Ezekiel Goldberg IIRok temu

    Why isn't he using ctrl + click to put stuff in and out of stash and likewise to sell? Much quicker.

  • kumadf
    kumadfRok temu

    1:22:18 17k hours.. holy shiat

  • Fajar Muhammad
    Fajar MuhammadRok temu

    Man you are so great. I play this game for months. And finally i face Baal. And i'm stuck there, and i decided to stop playing.

  • Xristofor Ivanov
    Xristofor IvanovRok temu

    what a legend!

  • Chunky Dumper
    Chunky DumperRok temu

    Deckard Cain: "You must destroy this great evil spreading it's power across..." Llama: "Killed them all in 2 hours." Deckard Cain "Bruh."

  • Mr Harris
    Mr HarrisRok temu

    Ahhh I miss this game... too good...