WELCOME BACK LAINE FAM. In today's video we are getting up close and personal with our son Ezra! You will finally get a close up of him!! We are also answering some questions you asked us on Instagram! We hope you enjoy this video! BTW!!! BIRTH STORY COMING VERY SOON!!! BE READY!
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  • vanessa lucas
    vanessa lucas7 dni temu

    He looks like his daddy, beautiful baby congratulations to you both 馃帄馃帀馃帄馃帀鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍馃檹馃檹

  • asiaapolkk
    asiaapolkk16 dni temu

    He is so perfect 馃挋 !

  • Sonia Chlopecka
    Sonia Chlopecka20 dni temu

    Gratulacje kochani

  • martyna
    martyna26 dni temu

    when Matt started talking in polish i literally melted ohhhhh congrats guys!! cant wait to see how hes gonna look when he grows up, after such gorgeous parents馃樆馃槱

  • Bryn Bailey
    Bryn Bailey27 dni temu

    Okay I love how she said animal farm instead of zoo. I don鈥檛 know if it was intentional but man zoos are horrible

  • The Laine Family

    The Laine Family

    27 dni temu

    It was omg i hate the zoo it鈥檚 terrible seeing animals encased

  • bakhtawar saleem
    bakhtawar saleemMiesi膮c temu

    Why doesnt he have his fathers surname

  • Lethea Floyd
    Lethea FloydMiesi膮c temu

    Congratulations on son's birth - You look even more beautiful with your baby weight. You will make great parents and you have definitely stated the values that will benefit him in his adult life. Again congratulation. Ezra is a cutie.

  • veryme03
    veryme03Miesi膮c temu

    - powiedz papa Laine Family! - spierdalaaaj :D :D :D

  • klaudia
    klaudiaMiesi膮c temu

    Czemu nie dodajecie polskich napis贸w? :(

  • Nair Moreira
    Nair MoreiraMiesi膮c temu

    Your family is sooo adorable, wish the best for all of you!! Congrats and welcome Ezra 馃挄

  • xxloveyou77
    xxloveyou77Miesi膮c temu

    you guys are the cutest together

  • Nina
    NinaMiesi膮c temu

    Love the name! Congratulations, you guys! 馃枻

  • Kerona Daley-Brown
    Kerona Daley-BrownMiesi膮c temu


  • Brandi Bee
    Brandi BeeMiesi膮c temu

    omg that baby is perfect, looks like a doll馃槀馃ぉ馃挆 so cute! 馃挆馃挆

  • Miracle Young
    Miracle YoungMiesi膮c temu

    Congratulations haileyyyy!鉂

  • Papaya G
    Papaya GMiesi膮c temu

    Oh my gosh I鈥檓 big boy smiling rn馃槶馃ズ馃グ he鈥檚 beautiful hailey!!! You guys are going to be wonderful parents. Uhh can鈥檛 wait for you guys to get married:):) 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • Regina Dandridge
    Regina DandridgeMiesi膮c temu

    Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! You are going to be great parents! 馃憤馃従馃榿

  • Regina Dandridge
    Regina DandridgeMiesi膮c temu

    Every other feeding gave our baby Enfamil or water. So if something happened to me our baby would be alright. Babies really get attacked to our milk. The hospital suggested that too. Plus I had books on before birth and from birth to 5 years old. Things to do for you and baby. 馃槉馃槆馃グ馃檹馃憤馃従

  • Regina Dandridge
    Regina DandridgeMiesi膮c temu

    Hailey! Please let Matt help you! I let my husband suckal on my breast. This helped me alot. That milk was just squirting out of me. We bought latex plastic bags. We filled them up with breast milk. Got ties from fresh vegetable area of the store to tie off the milk. Sat the milk bags in a plastic coffee cups. Sat them in the freezer. For later.

  • Tonia Godwin
    Tonia GodwinMiesi膮c temu

    The first thing I thought was, u look so great! The weight suites u so nice, that was even before u mentioned it in the video

  • Oluwakemi Amadi
    Oluwakemi AmadiMiesi膮c temu

    Congrats,I love u guys.......

  • ruth n
    ruth nMiesi膮c temu

    I don鈥檛 get PLcliprs , you were dying to show us and tell us his name, BUUUUUUUUHT..... what was stoping you, like what was actually stopping you. 鈥淓hem views鈥 okay bye

  • asiula ;-;
    asiula ;-;Miesi膮c temu


  • AmyGuyana Guerrier
    AmyGuyana GuerrierMiesi膮c temu

    Omggg why am I just seeing this, I'm so late. I'm so happy for y'all... Welcome little baby

  • Patrycja Berli艅ska
    Patrycja Berli艅skaMiesi膮c temu

    You鈥檙e gonna be the best parents 馃グ

  • Bangtan Day
    Bangtan DayMiesi膮c temu

    Congratulations.... happy to see this moment i m waiting for you both have became parents. Have a great life ahead!! such a cute baby god bless uhh all..

  • AlexAna 21
    AlexAna 21Miesi膮c temu

    S艂owo na ko艅cu by艂o powiedziane perfekcyjnie / The word at the end was perfect 馃槀

  • Ceersley
    CeersleyMiesi膮c temu

    tylko niech Matt nie uczy go polskiego tak samo jak uczyl HaileyXD

  • hawac23
    hawac23Miesi膮c temu


  • Gloria Manning
    Gloria ManningMiesi膮c temu

    Who has been here before she announced she was pregnant, wow time goes by fast!!??! He is so cute 馃グ 馃ズ鉂わ笍

  • Olesia Pukish
    Olesia PukishMiesi膮c temu

    Nie, no ostatnie 3 sekundy to co艣 pi臋knego :))))))))) 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Emilia Patynowska
    Emilia PatynowskaMiesi膮c temu

    On jest prze艣liczny! Gratulacje

  • BlueberrySweetie
    BlueberrySweetieMiesi膮c temu

    Why is he laine not tusiek?

  • blasianpanini millibops7
    blasianpanini millibops7Miesi膮c temu

    Soooo cute!!!

  • eliza martinez
    eliza martinezMiesi膮c temu

    Him speaking polish to the baby is so cute 馃ズ

  • Cute lilgirl
    Cute lilgirlMiesi膮c temu

    I love the naaameee馃槏馃ズso cute

  • Katarzyna Maciaszek
    Katarzyna MaciaszekMiesi膮c temu

    Gratulacje. 艢liczny zdrowy ch艂opczyk .

  • diamond heart
    diamond heartMiesi膮c temu

    I'm so happy for you guys

  • :[
    :[Miesi膮c temu

    wtf???? maybe give ur child sum privacy? a baby A FUCKIN BABY have his own ig account? r u kidding me? this is not okay

  • :[


    Miesi膮c temu

    @The Laine Family u can record his growth & dont upload this? just think abt ur baby future:) Im watching this channel for a long long time and Ive alwyas support u both, so maybe just take it as advice, not attack, and imagine how would u feel in his place:)

  • The Laine Family

    The Laine Family

    Miesi膮c temu

    Yes I wanna document his growth lol calm down & worry about ur own life :)

  • Amy Celestec
    Amy CelestecMiesi膮c temu

    He is adorable 鈽猴笍馃ズ

  • Ayanna T
    Ayanna TMiesi膮c temu


  • Mascha Kucher
    Mascha KucherMiesi膮c temu


  • Tjima Kavita
    Tjima KavitaMiesi膮c temu

    Can't wait for your birth story鉂も潳

  • Celina Duguay
    Celina DuguayMiesi膮c temu


  • Emily Comaris
    Emily ComarisMiesi膮c temu

    My hearttttttt馃槶馃グ

  • Alanna Garner
    Alanna GarnerMiesi膮c temu

    Your whole family is so beautiful!!!! 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ

  • Deborah Idehen
    Deborah IdehenMiesi膮c temu

    The amount of times she touched her hair lmao

  • T Ah
    T AhMiesi膮c temu

    she looks mad different wtf

  • oyinkan
    oyinkanMiesi膮c temu

    beautiful family

  • Stella Maris
    Stella MarisMiesi膮c temu

    Matt looks like he doesn't sleep at all馃槀馃槀馃槀 y'all got this鉂

  • candy lover
    candy loverMiesi膮c temu

    Congrats guys am so happy for u guys

  • Olokunola Eniola
    Olokunola EniolaMiesi膮c temu

    Omg 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ

  • Nikolaa aaa
    Nikolaa aaaMiesi膮c temu

    Uwielbiam was ogl膮da膰馃挅

  • Gabriela Souza Oliveira
    Gabriela Souza OliveiraMiesi膮c temu

    Congrats!!! 鉂

  • Sophie June
    Sophie JuneMiesi膮c temu

    Omg Matt likes his twin so much! Hardly see a guy like kids so much鉂わ笍

  • Yvonne Minino
    Yvonne MininoMiesi膮c temu


  • Katiana Bonifacio
    Katiana BonifacioMiesi膮c temu

    Already such great parents wow 馃ズ what a lucky lil bean

  • Ly
    LyMiesi膮c temu

    They are sick to register account on instragram for a baby...

  • Sophia Satre
    Sophia SatreMiesi膮c temu

    My mom actually wrote a parenting book called Parenting Sensibility turning messes into successes(you can get it off Amazon). I have read it and it's not a book for taking car of a newborn.But, I am one out of ten so she wrote this book with the intent of guiding parents through different personalities and talking about different love languages. She teaches different parenting classes and has lots of experience with all sorts of personalities. I hope you get a chance to read it 鉂 love you guys

  • Heather Stringer
    Heather StringerMiesi膮c temu

    Baby Ezra is simply adorable. Congratulations and welcome to parenthood, I do hope it treats you well x

  • Midnight Eclips
    Midnight EclipsMiesi膮c temu

    Omg I see the fire you guys got. So amazing. You guys are great!

  • _mandyyyxxx
    _mandyyyxxxMiesi膮c temu

    He鈥檚 so cute 鈽猴笍 congrats guys your family is beautiful 馃

  • Aleksandra Braciszewicz
    Aleksandra BraciszewiczMiesi膮c temu

    when wedding ?

  • Meghan Huff
    Meghan HuffMiesi膮c temu

    He looks so cute!! (this is meghan btw) off fortnite haha

  • Wiktoria Przymus
    Wiktoria PrzymusMiesi膮c temu

    He is so freaking pretty i can鈥檛!!!!!!!!鉂o笍

  • asra
    asraMiesi膮c temu

    Omg it鈥檚 so similar to my name 鈥淎sra鈥 . I love him already馃ズhe鈥檚 so precious

  • LadyLemon 20
    LadyLemon 20Miesi膮c temu

    He鈥檚 adorable! So beautiful. And Hailey, you look amazing! -She just gave birth people, of course she鈥檚 gonna gain some weight. But honestly, she didn鈥檛 even gain THAT much, she looks so great

  • Tay W
    Tay WMiesi膮c temu

    My daughter has the same 鈥渂irth mark鈥 vein on 1 of her eyes since she was born, she鈥檚 almost 3.5 now! I love it馃槏

  • Bella D.S
    Bella D.SMiesi膮c temu

    Omg 馃挆馃挆馃ズ馃ズ

  • Shaina Flowers
    Shaina FlowersMiesi膮c temu

    Such a cute little baby boy!!! My heart! Omg. He does look like dad! I can鈥檛 wait to see more videos

  • Ayigoni Andrian
    Ayigoni AndrianMiesi膮c temu

    Congregation to u guys

  • White Plains Apartment rental
    White Plains Apartment rentalMiesi膮c temu

    The look we both gave at not knowing Oliver Twist...馃ぃ馃ぃ He is beautiful and mom looks amazing! Enjoy your body changes. Its a blessing.I pray he has your curly hair!!! Question: You will have a son that much of the world will see as black. How do you plan on preparing him on that and how black men are viewed in society?

  • Ajwa Hira
    Ajwa HiraMiesi膮c temu

    So cuteee鉂わ笍鉂わ笍馃槏馃槏馃槏馃Э馃Э馃Э

  • Roksi R
    Roksi RMiesi膮c temu

    Gratuluj臋 Wam i 偶ycz臋 zdrowia dla ca艂ej tr贸jki. Tworzycie dobran膮 par臋鉂o笍co do dwuj臋zyczno艣ci to 艣wietnie. Jest wspania艂a tzw. 鈥濳rakowska metoda鈥 dla dzieci dwuj臋zycznych polecam馃槉

  • kariiiinaxoxo
    kariiiinaxoxoMiesi膮c temu

    I鈥檓 curious what color eyes does little bubs have馃槏馃ズ he鈥檚 precious Matt and Hailey, a million congrats鉂o笍

  • EatPlay Laugh

    EatPlay Laugh

    Miesi膮c temu

    He has blue eyes now but many newborns do he may have blue eyes like his grandfather or maybe brown eyes like his parents. Hailey also said he might have green eyes because I think someone closely related to her has green eyes maybe her mom? Im curious if his hair will be straight, wavy, or really curly like his mom and if he will look more like matt or hailey in a couple months. I think he has haileys nose and cheek and head shape.

  • ordatwins
    ordatwinsMiesi膮c temu

    aww cute family!

  • Elaine Rose
    Elaine RoseMiesi膮c temu

    He is absolutely adorable! 馃グ

  • Fatma Khamis
    Fatma KhamisMiesi膮c temu

    Still can't believe that Hailey is a mooom! Remember watching her videos back in the days! Wow time flies!! Ezra Oliver is lucky to have you guys as his parents!!

  • Pearl Angel
    Pearl AngelMiesi膮c temu

    He lookx so much like Matt

  • Hanee Ojimadu
    Hanee OjimaduMiesi膮c temu

    You鈥檙e literally glowing

  • Fatna B
    Fatna BMiesi膮c temu

    The baby look like his dad omg 馃槶馃槏馃槏

  • Weronika Verr
    Weronika VerrMiesi膮c temu

    That鈥檚 great you wanna teach him Polish from the start it鈥檚 gonna be way easier! 馃槃鉂わ笍馃槃鉂わ笍馃槃

  • Khushi Dubey
    Khushi DubeyMiesi膮c temu

    He looks like dad!

  • Charlotte Hay
    Charlotte HayMiesi膮c temu

    Aw! Congrats you guys! 馃槉馃槉

  • laulla by
    laulla byMiesi膮c temu

    omg I love you guys, wish you all the best, may Ezra Oliver be always healthy and happy!

  • Weronika Verr
    Weronika VerrMiesi膮c temu

    It鈥檚 such a beautiful name! 馃槏鉂わ笍馃槏

  • Nereee
    NereeeMiesi膮c temu

    It's one of the cutest newborn babies I've ever seen. Gratulacje for the new amazing parents

  • Dollar Maxwell
    Dollar MaxwellMiesi膮c temu

    Congrats u two馃構馃槏

  • Anna Burianska
    Anna BurianskaMiesi膮c temu

    Gratulacje dla was kochani! B臋dziecie cudownymi rodzicami a ma艂y jest taki s艂odziutki! 馃槏馃槏馃槏

  • Bertie-Rose
    Bertie-RoseMiesi膮c temu

    He already has the best side profile!! Model baby 馃懚馃徏馃挋

  • EatPlay Laugh

    EatPlay Laugh

    Miesi膮c temu

    You and I think alike. Seriously though how is this baby real? He looks like a baby doll. He barely looks premature.

  • viola 26
    viola 26Miesi膮c temu

    Hah ko艅c贸wka mnie rozwali艂a 馃構

  • Zeynep
    ZeynepMiesi膮c temu

    Soooo cuteeeeee

  • Serafina Ant贸nio
    Serafina Ant贸nioMiesi膮c temu

    i love馃槏

  • Wanda Wullschleger
    Wanda WullschlegerMiesi膮c temu

    Speaking to your precious boy in Polish is beautiful. Congrats l!

  • Bryn Luttrell
    Bryn LuttrellMiesi膮c temu

    His nickname should be oli

  • Katarzyna Winiarska
    Katarzyna WiniarskaMiesi膮c temu


  • Kamryn Baker
    Kamryn BakerMiesi膮c temu

    Wait I swear you announced your pregnancy 2 months ago

  • Matt and Kate

    Matt and Kate

    Miesi膮c temu

    Right I feel that I haven鈥檛 watched them in a while then all of a sudden he鈥檚 born and I鈥檓 like what

  • Lyndsey Warren
    Lyndsey WarrenMiesi膮c temu

    Did anyone else realise that she accidentally said his name in the last video at 6:16 when she held up the bear? Love his name btw and congratulations you two!!!

  • sabri Na
    sabri NaMiesi膮c temu

    Laine.. you look like my friend ...鉂も潳

  • Cutecaitlinfilms
    CutecaitlinfilmsMiesi膮c temu