Overwatch ALL HEROES ORIGIN STORY (2015-2020)


All Overwatch heroes origin stories in one video (2015 to 2020). Enjoy! Please consider subscribing for more Overwatch videos! :D
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0:00 Tracer
1:15 Junkrat and Roadhog
2:52 Soldier 76
4:18 Ana
6:35 Sombra
8:03 Orisa
9:31 Doomfist
11:20 Moira
12:42 Brigitte
13:44 Hammond
14:58 Ashe
16:37 Baptiste
18:11 Sigma
20:03 Echo
#Overwatch #OverwatchEcho


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    ARSHER I’m kinda mad that there’s no d.va one ;-;

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    @BrUh Gaming he doesnt even have 1,000 subs and you want him to reach 10,000,000 yeah ok in 6 years

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    Sad scientists who wanted to learn Talon: its free real estate

  • superpomms
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    The beginning of echos story somehow remembers me to portal

  • Noor Alif
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    Female goku with phasing and Teleporting powers 🗿

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    I forgot Echo was a Singaporean

  • Emre Baragar
    Emre Baragar2 dni temu

    Why tf is an Ana challenging a widow in a 1v1 she got picked and her whole team died smh

  • Hasan Haitham
    Hasan Haitham2 dni temu

    Honestly by the time they added brigette I think blizzard had no more original ideas

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    Doomfists origin story makes me want to use him

  • Stronk Doggo
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    Sigma has gone mad... W H A T I S T H E M E L O D Y ? !

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    sigma‘s origin story left me having PTSD

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    I don’t know why but sigmas story line just makes me feel so sad :(

  • Stina Tordsson
    Stina Tordsson6 dni temu

    so are we gonna ignore how junkrat specializes in "explosives, arson, demoliton and barbecue"?? BARBECUE?

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    so... at 19:28 sigma smiles right before it goes back to silence.

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    This is were ant man and the wasp was born

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    The Sigma trailer still freaks me out a bit.

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    lenght is perfect

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    WoW sigma was crazy

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    Where is bastion

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    Ana’s story got me shivers

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    .....is Sigma okay?

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    Were is genji

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    I mean sigma’s is just like 5 jpgs stapled together with some editing

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    Road is wanted for armed robbery, extortion, armed robbery, and theft. He has murdered countless people. What does the government prioritize?

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    Why do all of them have to do with an explosion

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    Holy shit sigmas story is horrifying

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    Wait a minute, If Overwatch was made and released in *2016*, Than why dafuq it says 2015-2020 in the title?!



    18 dni temu

    Because some of the origin stories were shown as part of Overwatch pre-release campaign in 2015 and 2016

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    seriously though Sigma has the best origin video.

  • Thedevilgoose🌚
    Thedevilgoose🌚20 dni temu

    Tracer: Wacky time travel story with a nice British person *later* Sigma: Psychological horror where a man gains tremendous power but goes insane in the process

    KNIGHT GAMING20 dni temu

    20:47 wait is the JONESY!?!?

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    Sigmas origin story is kinda sad :(

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    I think overwatch should need an anime

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    "WHAT IS THAT MELODY!!!" Always gives me the chills

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    this is so intertaining ngl

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    Where is widowmaker

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    The scrawny form qualitatively frame because sneeze dolly yell amongst a ripe basketball. idiotic, tenuous trip

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    I just noticed that sombra Is like lobs from apex

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    outro music killed my ears

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    @ARSHER well , in the end itonly meant one less coffee for me, so



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    Yeah, that was a mistake and, unfortunately, I can't do anything about it :(

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    ‘Her Echo.’ ‘Her Amazon Echo.’

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    Wait, how tf is junkrat 6’5?

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    baptiste story: 😂

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    I need an overwatch movie, or tv show, anything. Please blizzard

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    Sigmas backstory was a literal fever dream

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    I think sigmas is the best one

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    i love orissas story, That, is just wholesome.. ♥

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    Damn, I’m joining this fandom late.

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    Junkrat being 6’5 is the biggest surprise I’ve gotten in the games lore

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    The amazing outrigger mechanically examine because virgo gully fold across a clumsy encyclopedia. fragile, volatile map

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    Tooo LG !

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    Umm where’s mercy the healer

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    19:17 im getting mixed feelings here is anyone else?

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    The mighty panda advisably check because good-bye customarily pack save a lacking relative. stiff, unbiased burst

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    Everyone has their origin except for Mercy

  • Adam Gambrill Year 12
    Adam Gambrill Year 12Miesiąc temu

    3:20 Rio De Janeiro is on this map? It'll be a new map for OW2 so maybe they were teasing it all the way from here. Maybe Seattle could be another upcoming map.

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    Ghost AnimalMiesiąc temu

    I want 25 mil so I’m telling those guys where junkrat and roadhog are. In the game of overwatch

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    Baptiste, accent is awesome

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    Oh shit sigmas story got me shookeVIOLENCEEE!

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    After seeing the doom fist one Overwatch needs an anime imagine how good Hanzo and genji dragon attacks would be

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    Ashe: being a boss Meanwhile with ashe: mcree wants to know your location

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    widowmaker kill the ana

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    19:38 when you have an ear worm of the song you hate

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    Blizzard needs to add that Moria skin at 12:17

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    Where is widowmaker

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    Did you have to put that annoying ear blasting outro?

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    Worst outro ever

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    The secretive cheetah spectacularly hug because pants densply hunt barring a orange ostrich. powerful, wide-eyed offer

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    Oh my God signs

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    Why is Widow serving looks in everyone else's origin story?

  • Dave B
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    Why didn't the police take roadhogs mask off

  • Rei
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    Orisa's turn on sound sounds like one of the sounds from star tours in Hollywood studios, that one Disney park.

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    Moira intro is the best

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    SIGMA'S THO🔥🔥😱

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    Go’s sigma is so creepy

  • Christen Santiago

    Christen Santiago

    2 miesięcy temu

    I mean god

  • Christen Santiago
    Christen Santiago2 miesięcy temu

    I feel bad for ashe

  • Christen Santiago
    Christen Santiago2 miesięcy temu

    The melody should be under pressure by Freddy Mercury and David Boey

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    Ishy Productions2 miesięcy temu

    WHERE IS DIVA!!???!?

    AKSHAT GARG2 miesięcy temu

    Damn soldier 76 story is damn dope

  • MoxieToGWLD
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    Can we please get an Overwatch anime Blizzard? That would be freaking epic

  • Hplays
    Hplays2 miesięcy temu

    So tracer is basically the villian from ant man and the wasp?

  • cool p king dud
    cool p king dud2 miesięcy temu

    I did not really get sigma's origin good bit I think I got the picture of it tho

  • bababooey
    bababooey2 miesięcy temu

    Winston: gets angry at doom Doom: bro calm down it’s just quick play

  • Zephyr
    Zephyr2 miesięcy temu

    I'm legit starting to think Sigma and Moira have the creepiest origin stories.

  • Hudzun
    Hudzun2 miesięcy temu

    i like how junkrat and road hogs doesn't even explain their origins and is pretty much just calling them crazy idiots

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    wait where winston

  • Kasper Van beckhoven
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    Sigma belike: Gravity is a harness I have harnessed the harness

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    anyone now the name of the artist that druw all the arts scenes?

  • PRESTON123 Jesso
    PRESTON123 Jesso2 miesięcy temu

    So I guess I just realized that the most iconic overwatch character(tracer) actually is part spider man because she can she can randomly become invisible out of nowhere

  • brooklynn uhm
    brooklynn uhm2 miesięcy temu

    sigma literally went insane 😭🖐, but his orgin is definitely my favorite

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    D.va flew out of the comp

  • Greg Teo
    Greg Teo2 miesięcy temu

    "crimes dont pay, but we do"

  • ColinBlaster8
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    I officaly hate doomfist for what he did

  • Ashton Small
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    if you guys play apex you know revenaent i wonder who would win revenaent of wrecking ball

  • Trevor Roubadeaux
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    Doomfist and Sigma have the best Origin stories

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    Poor Bastion. BASTION IS COMING S O O N

  • Turtledude Epicness
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    Tracer: gains powers from a malfunction in a ship Winston: big monke with tec

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    My comment got the most likes, even more than Arsher.

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    Sigmas trailer reminds me so much of a movie trailer

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    Zenyata: Be an awsome healer Be an omnic in Overwatch Be really mysterious Have no lore