Watch Dogs: Legion vs Watch Dogs 2 | Direct Comparison


Review code provided by UbiSoft.
Direct visual and gameplay comparison of the upcoming "Watch_Dogs: Legion" and the previous entry to the series, Watch_Dogs 2.
Both games are being played on the PC at their highest graphical settings. However, Extra details will be set at its defaulted 0%, and Ray-Tracing will be enabled intermittently throughout depending on the topic.
Computer Specs used:
RTX 3090 Founders Edition
Intel i9 10900kf
32gb DDR4 (3200Mhz) DRAM
Installed on SSD
Learn more about my setup here:


  • Nick930
    Nick9305 miesięcy temu

    Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning in :) 4K/60 will be available soon - PLclip is still processing it (Several days later and still 1080p... why YT?). And stay tuned for a lot more coverage on all the new games and hardware (There's a LOT of it coming this next month or so!) Note: You may notice footage of "Watch_Dogs 2" flickers occasionally. It turns out this is a problem with the game running above 60fps. I locked the framerate and the issue went away. Not sure if there's any other fix for it. Edit: 5:18 the clips are on opposite sides. Point still stands. Streets are empty in Watch_Dogs 2 when compared to legion.

  • Peter Israel

    Peter Israel

    Miesiąc temu

    @Clyde Wesson Checking it out right now. Looks to be working.

  • Shadow Moses

    Shadow Moses

    Miesiąc temu

    I find legion you craft your own unique story with your own character, If in games you hate the main guy/girl your playing it doesn’t make the game fun, in legion you have your own unique hero or team. I hardly did any missions so far I’m just going around finding my own cool team which is fun in my opinion, plus Changing there looks aswel just gives that extra element of customisation to your protagonists.

  • Marcus Angstadt

    Marcus Angstadt

    3 miesięcy temu

    Nick, can we get a Watch Dogs Legion vs Cyberpunk since they came out around the same time?

  • Furkan sefa

    Furkan sefa

    4 miesięcy temu

    Dog 2 yle licını 2020 de dog 2 2016 d aarada kaç yil fark var aln

  • Aspyr


    5 miesięcy temu

    Can you make a realistic test? 4k with raytracing is what only 5-10% of players can afford to experience, test it with an RTX2060 Super on 1080p with ray tracing, settings on High/Very High

  • NaK4 parallax
    NaK4 parallax6 godzin temu

    I more like the outfits from wd2

    HP CARLOS11 godzin temu

    Best Visual image for me is Ultra quality @ 1080p with my Rtx 2060 Super + 32gb Ram & R7-3700x @ 4.5ghz butt keep Dlss & Ray Tracing off to stay above 60 fps 🖥

  • Raresttooth3168
    Raresttooth316815 godzin temu

    In my opinion I think the original watch dogs is the best one

  • Zefanyo
    Zefanyo2 dni temu

    But that the characters are mire detailed is becaus eyou ca be anyone in legion

  • Billy Burkey
    Billy Burkey3 dni temu


  • Hosea Matthews
    Hosea Matthews7 dni temu

    Only thing they nailed in Legion was actual city and vehicles looked really good, everything else was utter trash, graphics are average at best, those clouds look horrible and physics are awful.

  • Panthera _uncia
    Panthera _uncia8 dni temu

    16:17 I like that the first thing we hear in London is -No, you twat!

  • Magnus Spil
    Magnus Spil8 dni temu

    am i the only one who loves legion



    16 godzin temu


  • Pavel Chigarin
    Pavel Chigarin12 dni temu

    Ambient that plays in video - what is it?

  • bleukreuz
    bleukreuz13 dni temu

    Also, I noticed there's no wet clothing effect if you fall into water or walked in the rain :( EDIT: I stand corrected, there's a very subtle wet effect only. If you stand in the rain your clothing becomes glossy like a leather jacket. But I don't think it changes to a darker colour as expected. I don't expect it to change dynamically e.g. only pants are wet if you walk in puddle or shallow creek/sewer or rain drops appearing gradually on clothing, but I have seen this done in older game like Uncharted.

  • ganzschwieriegesthema
    ganzschwieriegesthema13 dni temu

    They should add the phone in watch dogs legion

  • William Ledbetter
    William Ledbetter14 dni temu

    It’s clear what game is better

  • shuraiga
    shuraiga14 dni temu

    the mission display and alert popup in legion is just taken from far cry 5 smh

  • LEWD Nightcore AMV'S
    LEWD Nightcore AMV'S15 dni temu

    Yeah watch dogs 1 is the best but 2 comes close to it but legion is just trash

  • Durpity
    Durpity16 dni temu

    The fact that they literary took almost everything out from the last games really makes this a downgraded game.

  • Johnny Flash
    Johnny Flash19 dni temu

    Watxh Dogs 1 has the best water

  • Macwin
    Macwin19 dni temu

    Legion was so bad , I don't ever want to visit UK

  • Green Grugach
    Green Grugach19 dni temu

    WDL is an abysmal game, 1 and 2 far better, they changed Aiden Pierce because he was apparently 'too dark' yet one sold the most.

  • Alex
    Alex21 dzień temu

    i didn't like the fact that in watch dogs: legion there was no dog walkers, it felt a lil unnatural, i still really enjoyed the game though watch dogs 2 shall always be superior to me for nostalgia reasons

  • Katie Tree
    Katie Tree22 dni temu

    I hope Watch Dogs 4 expands on everything that made the previous 3 decent, we may have a pretty okay game in our future

  • Sejuani
    Sejuani22 dni temu

    5:19 , Uh its switched

  • On god
    On god23 dni temu

    maybe it’s jsut me, but i feel like when ubisoft tries to get too good with graphics,instead of improving the game they just make it a total piece of shytee with beautiful graphics it’s triggering man 😂 just remaster wd2 and take some more time to think of a good watch dogs game, i love the fact you can play everyone it’s cool... it the english accent are so bad as overused throughout characters it’s just dull 😓

  • Vertical Clap
    Vertical Clap23 dni temu

    I like the parkour,clothes and Characters more in wd 2

  • PinkStar
    PinkStar23 dni temu

    I dunno why but ı feel like Watch Dogs 2's San Francisco Bay was the most immersive and lived-in world that Ubisoft has ever done,far better than their most other works.

  • kartikeya sharma
    kartikeya sharma23 dni temu

    I still can't imagine what gta6 will look like

  • newbmystic 17
    newbmystic 1723 dni temu

    So the graphics are what the first watchdogs were supposed to have

  • J_C_CH
    J_C_CH24 dni temu

    16:44 Guy fires off a paintball gun and the cops are immediately on it like “There’s a maniac firing off a gun in the middle of the city. Mobilise all armed response units to take him out” Lmfao.

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith24 dni temu

    No no no, watch dogs 2 is better !

  • FUG Slayer Nominee
    FUG Slayer Nominee24 dni temu

    why do i feel like you sound like jarrod from jarrodtech

  • NightOrchid
    NightOrchid25 dni temu

    You shouldve called the video "nVidia vs AMD with Watch Dogs" because Graphics, lighting, shadows, ray tracing dont mean anything really, theyer just window dressing.. ES; Morrowind is an amazing game, but has no graphical prowess.. buy IMO, Legion is a boring, repetitive game.. doing the same missions with different looking models in slightly different ways, but still the same thing over and over inching forward, what really matters is Gameplay, story and character depth.. which was great in WD2, because you actually connected with Marcus and developed over time, but with Legion.. your just using different assets to do the same thing .. It has no meaning really.. so to me.. WD2 is the much better game

    MNDTC25 dni temu

    Legion was a big bore... Took out all the cool hacking stuff. They killed the franchise imo..

  • Siddharth Mourya
    Siddharth Mourya25 dni temu

    Watch dog 2 ( SFO) > watch dog 3 ( London )

  • Harsh Tandon
    Harsh Tandon25 dni temu

    I am playing legion for free as the free weekend is going on 😀😀😅

  • Golden Silver
    Golden Silver25 dni temu

    Watch dogs legion is the best for me 😏

  • Mr Carr
    Mr Carr27 dni temu

    WATCH DOGS 2 IS WAAAY BETTER the world is better and parkour just everything is better except this game had better shooting and fighting but WATCH DOGS 2 Is just overall way more fun

  • -AbPz- Gaming
    -AbPz- Gaming29 dni temu

    I love the colours in wd2, if a game has trash water physics,colours and etc then it’s not worth it

  • Dcdi Wizaya OFFICIAL
    Dcdi Wizaya OFFICIALMiesiąc temu

    i hate camera view watch dog 1/legion 😒

  • dazzrz tg
    dazzrz tgMiesiąc temu

    Fun fact: Watch Dogs legion takes place in 2020, it just takes place in an alternate reality than ours of course.

  • The Sleepwalker

    The Sleepwalker

    Miesiąc temu

    That explains the face masks being added in.

  • Dafie Rahmat Hidayat
    Dafie Rahmat HidayatMiesiąc temu

    Select sleeping dogs or watch dogs legion Please answer!!

  • Moon
    MoonMiesiąc temu

    * Watchdogs 2 vs Watchdogs 2 w/ rtx ray tracing

  • shane Ang
    shane AngMiesiąc temu

    Dont forget about watch dogs 1

  • Jay Dubz
    Jay DubzMiesiąc temu

    I have given WDL a chance and I gotta admit it's not as good as WD2, the way it traded damn near everything cool about the game just so that you can play as anyone really didn't do the game any favors, would have been better to just focus on the storyline and a single or small crew of protagonist than a whole city of people with the same voice actors trying to alter their voices....

  • FEEdbACK 0P
    FEEdbACK 0PMiesiąc temu

    Came here because ubisoft midweek sale is there

  • Helvin Team
    Helvin TeamMiesiąc temu

    I like this game i like graphics and games main idea!

  • Joseph Ritenour
    Joseph RitenourMiesiąc temu

    Ubisoft took a step back with Legion, Watch dogs 2 is way better in my opinion when it comes to actual gameplay.

  • PinkStar
    PinkStarMiesiąc temu

    Biggest difference is that ı actually enjoyed playing Watch Dogs 2 for the most part.

  • Matej Poljsak
    Matej PoljsakMiesiąc temu

    LOL 5:18

  • chachel
    chachelMiesiąc temu

    At 5:18 he messed it up

  • Ciemny
    CiemnyMiesiąc temu

    I'm sorry but I think WD1 with Aiden Pearce was the best, its just my opinion tho

  • Obscured Love
    Obscured LoveMiesiąc temu

    I do have to say the game itself came out not even done, This was due to the high high HIGH requests of people wanting it to be released, Same with cyberpunk (Even due it was delayed), I know that WDL had this bug at the start that you couldn't even play it and people who pre ordered it couldn't even play without crashing or having LAG spikes every half a second,

  • Dixon
    DixonMiesiąc temu

    Ngl , wd2 is better than wdl visually.

  • Tagging Chan
    Tagging ChanMiesiąc temu

    They properly smile too much.

  • Nekqo Ortiz-Billins
    Nekqo Ortiz-BillinsMiesiąc temu

    Watch dogs 2 better

  • Andrew Cota
    Andrew CotaMiesiąc temu

    Watch Dogs Legion is a waste of money



    Miesiąc temu


  • Boberca
    BobercaMiesiąc temu

    I like WD2 better but if im going to buy a ps5 i will definitely buy the legion

  • Kimby Israel Yoro
    Kimby Israel YoroMiesiąc temu

    Bobo si WD Legion

    AMADER SHONGSHARMiesiąc temu

    I really like the wd2

  • Damage Xxxx
    Damage XxxxMiesiąc temu

    If they took the graphical fidelity from legion and made a sequel to WD2 and showed marcus and his group leave America from bloom attacks and show what they did after WD2 like 2018 or i don't even mind if it took place a couple days after the game ends but every game during the end of 2020 literally had a future setting instead of a past or modern setting

  • absalon pierce
    absalon pierceMiesiąc temu

    the best but last and most realist is watch_dogs is the first

  • The Big Sad
    The Big SadMiesiąc temu

    So in short WD1 good story, lacking variation of gameplay. WD2, ok story, good gameplay. WDL, lacking both

  • Ryan Henderson
    Ryan HendersonMiesiąc temu

    Just to clarify, the albion holograms on the famous landmarks disappear when you liberate an area. By the time you do that, London looks more like it does today. On my next playthrough I will probably concentrate on doing the liberation first (rather than flying around on my construction worker everywhere grabbling tech points).

  • Anh Minh Phạm
    Anh Minh PhạmMiesiąc temu

    Dear game creators , Instead of creating one milion main characters with bland and radom characteristics ,just focus on ONE or A FEW main characters at a time ,so that u dont make the players feel like playing an online mmo game

  • No Commentary
    No CommentaryMiesiąc temu

    legion selects from a pool of models and voices in my first playthrough, my character met a carbon copy of itself, same clothes and everything

  • SS Seal Puff
    SS Seal PuffMiesiąc temu

    Thunder ball sounds better then what me and literally everyone I knew a “metal yo-yo”

  • William Rice
    William RiceMiesiąc temu

    W2 still is one of the most beautiful games out there now...I live in S.F. bayarea so maby it is how familiar everything looks ...they scaled down alittle but most of S.F. and Sausalito they recreated with amazing detail. The world of WD2 is colorful and vibrant and has geography...and variation in it's environment...I've been to london also but I mostly stayed in camden/brixton area and they did a decent job with London also ...WDL has better reflections but in some ways it is inferior graphically...The skybox and fog affects and general atmosphere and better water makes up for reflections not being ray-traced in WD2...Reflections still aren't bad though... WDL is more technically advanced overall but it is like 0.5 steps ahead of WD2 not a full step or generation ahead...RD2 blows them both out of the water imo... now imagine RD2 or WD2 if they had a full ray tracing overhaul..not just reflections but the whole lighting system!

  • Shadow Moses
    Shadow MosesMiesiąc temu

    Plus aswel what makes legion slightly realistic is your operatives during a shootout will either be arrested or injured and you can’t play with them for a certain amount of time, to decrease the time you have to recruit a lawyer or a paramedic.

  • Underwhere5
    Underwhere5Miesiąc temu

    you can't go into a store to buy clothes in legion :( no music player in legion :( no main marcus in legion :( I'm struggling playing legion :( I played wd2 2x and will be playing a 3rd :) I wish 2 was the new one :(

  • Gesti Mataj
    Gesti MatajMiesiąc temu

    I do 10.10


    1 3d printer weapon creator 2 better graphic 3 better hack skills especially money atm and bank account stealing also wd 1 better this than legion 4 better driving nos in auto and cars 5 water colours better and ship! 6 annual money salary visible and profession far better than legion!!! 7 silicon valley is damn cool in wd2!! 8 wd 2 got that summer feeling fresh and pure 9 the real issue is that they still don't release a game with all REALITY AND GRAPHIC Explained bank station in London and tube stations are poor no emtrance no train real no bank real inside made with caveaut gold and money reserve Bank no cool shops dresses ! I know that this will employ 450gb of gane no possible with 4k bd disc but at least would be perfect !!! like this is zero!! has to contain everything of the city every details bank inside train stations inside not st pancras withouth bakery sellers inside withouth train downstairs !! so on

  • Ryan Henderson
    Ryan HendersonMiesiąc temu

    Legion crushes WD2 in graphics. NPC hair in Legion is mostly trash though.

  • Alexandru Escu
    Alexandru EscuMiesiąc temu

    Man, I can’t believe how good Legion looks on PC compared to my base PS4.

  • Disciple of Lucifer
    Disciple of LuciferMiesiąc temu

    It's like a less cartoony exaggerated saints row 3+ and GTA V. I still like the game tho, but I will inevitably get bored of it after some point.

  • John Can
    John CanMiesiąc temu

    I just want to not have to switch to a character to get a gun, the gun variety is very small in wdl whereas in watchdogs 2 have 2 sections, military, and dead sec, watchdogs legion doesn’t even have one category worth of weapons. Ps: I play legion on non permadeath so I like shooting things with a big variety of guns which watchdogs legion does not offer yet. Wd2 does

  • Pastor Troy
    Pastor Troy2 miesięcy temu

    WD2 is way way better than WD LEGION.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott2 miesięcy temu

    All it need is a goddamn barber

  • Dababy
    Dababy2 miesięcy temu

    WD2: alright graphics, amazing game WDL: amazing graphics, meh game

  • AJ


    3 dni temu

    Wd2 amazing game?

  • Łīttłê Špëśïmíń

    Łīttłê Špëśïmíń

    Miesiąc temu

    I think I prefer WDL

  • EROS830


    Miesiąc temu

    wdl amazing graphics?

  • Call me Daddy • 69 years ago
    Call me Daddy • 69 years ago2 miesięcy temu

    I just bought watch dogs 3 and I have to say I like watch dogs 2 better it has a better map and it’s way more colorful

  • StansStuff
    StansStuff2 miesięcy temu

    Legion gets a bad rep, and I get that, but I think it's unfair - it's introduced a whole new, pretty revolutionary open world gaming system with the playable NPCs, and let you almost tell your own stories. The gameplay itself was bound to lack. Reckon the next game that uses this concept will be insane.

  • ThE EnSiDe
    ThE EnSiDe2 miesięcy temu

    Am i the only one who loves Watchdogs 1 more than these 2?? that game was... just amazing in every way

  • Xerius


    2 miesięcy temu

    watchdog 1 was a dissapointment though, they promised too much and gave too less.

  • SENTO x
    SENTO x2 miesięcy temu

    Y’all trippin legions is a way better game overall but idk . Wd2 seems empty af to me better story ig but both fun

  • belaid belaid
    belaid belaid2 miesięcy temu

    I pike watch dogs 2

  • Racecar the Destroyer
    Racecar the Destroyer2 miesięcy temu

    i like to use dalton wolfe when it comes to comparing lead characters since he was the first person you play as

  • Jason B
    Jason B2 miesięcy temu

    i prefer watchdogs 1 and 2 over 3/legion. the npcs in legion may look better but they act more fake. they just walk around and going into the subway or a random doors, the npcs dont seem to react to the world as much ether. in watchdog 1 if they get into a fender bender the npcs will get out and react to the damage, they react to hurt npcs and sometimes get pissed off and get into fights. the world feel more alive and real to me. watchdogs 1 also has that graphics mod that turn on the higher graphics from the trailers. when on the world looks much nicer, i sometimes just drive around or walk around just taking in how real and alive it all looks. plus i love the cold fall weather with all the wind blowing, you can almost feel the cool air. funny thing i noticed recently is you can tell how old open world game are by looking as the fashion. the older the game the bigger the clothing, men in tights start in watchdogs 2 lol.

  • 23 Kapilan P S
    23 Kapilan P S2 miesięcy temu

    Water doesn't seem to be that bad as he quotes. That's how water glows in such well intensely lit lighting environments.

  • Lewand Rashed
    Lewand Rashed2 miesięcy temu

    WDL:Is not for me but wd2 is the best open world game or gta 5

  • Davide Bianchi
    Davide Bianchi2 miesięcy temu

    in your video you have the same flickeing that i have in watch dogs 2 and i cant find a solution :( i want to play that game but the flickering problem is driving me crazy...

  • Filipe Alves
    Filipe Alves2 miesięcy temu

    The First one still has the better story anyways.

  • Napalm


    2 miesięcy temu

    It was the first time I heard the words “TRUE STORY” ha ha I always use it now

  • wuspopin
    wuspopin2 miesięcy temu

    Watch dogs 2 is way better

  • Jess Corletto
    Jess Corletto2 miesięcy temu

    I've just started WD3 but I will be returning to WD2 after its my favourite

  • Jinrui Li
    Jinrui Li2 miesięcy temu

    I feel like I prefer legion, maybe because I played watch dogs 2 with GTA V, and apparently GTA V is much more better. Legion for me has its uniqueness.

  • theAlgorithim
    theAlgorithim2 miesięcy temu

    The graphics are giving me an eyegasm, if that's a thing

  • Shawn Brasuell
    Shawn Brasuell2 miesięcy temu

    I enjoyed WD2 much more than WD: Legion which would crash on me on the PS4 and voice dialog stuttered

  • Bongos January
    Bongos January2 miesięcy temu

    Nah man wtf is that music in the background 😕 agh the heebie geebies 💔

  • Caliber
    Caliber2 miesięcy temu

    For me, Legion’s world looks the best but it has the worst character models. For some reason Legion’s characters look soft

  • Mohd Salman D
    Mohd Salman D2 miesięcy temu

    Everything is fine in Legion except parkour and water.

  • Cedric Geppert
    Cedric Geppert2 miesięcy temu

    I am kinda scared to try legion cause I think it's will destroy my expectations on the game. Wd 2 was and is my favorite game and

  • Vanceagher
    Vanceagher2 miesięcy temu

    Big ben only has holograms if you didn't make the area defiant.

  • CM 96
    CM 962 miesięcy temu

    Watchdogs 2 is my favourite game of all time🤣 played it so many times

  • Gold_Gaming


    2 miesięcy temu

    Poor guy

  • CM 96

    CM 96

    2 miesięcy temu

    @Twan M.D awww right🙌🏽

  • Twan M.D

    Twan M.D

    2 miesięcy temu

    @CM 96 longer than wd1. Wd2 had a lot 2 store expansions and a pre-order expansion the zodiac Killer.

  • CM 96

    CM 96

    2 miesięcy temu

    @Twan M.D Wish the game was longer too short. Iv finished it 4 times

  • Twan M.D

    Twan M.D

    2 miesięcy temu

    @CM 96 I have the whole game Platinum the only thing I need is to buy the rest of the cars. If I start a new game after start everything from scratch research points Etc. Just give me a new game plus so I can just go crazy with everything already earned and I'm a happy camper

  • Andrew Nicholls
    Andrew Nicholls2 miesięcy temu

    Legion looks terrible on the series S. Personally watchdogs 2 is all round a far superior game in the franchise

  • Sad Socks

    Sad Socks

    2 miesięcy temu

    Do you have eyes? Wdl looks 1000% percent better