MANKRIK!! NEW LEGENDARY CARDS! All reveals from day one! | Barrens Review #1 | Hearthstone


A ton of Forged in the Barrens cards have been revealed! Here are my detailed thoughts and star ratings for each new card.
Quick Reviews: 26:31
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Card Review | Hearthstone | Forged in the Barrens Card Review #1


  • Pakman X
    Pakman X24 dni temu

    i used to main Samuro in HoTs

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce WayneMiesiąc temu

    "Where you can reliably hit makrik's wife" OOF "If the swing here where you can hit mankrik's wife" Big OOF Phrasing

  • Lukas Hofbauer
    Lukas HofbauerMiesiąc temu

    Thought this could save hearthstone from slowly dying but this frenzy effect is so uncreative RIP

  • larry lauzon
    larry lauzonMiesiąc temu

    nature consists of the 4 elements of nature air water fire earth only other spells would be holy void and arcane

  • WithinTheAshersDepth
    WithinTheAshersDepthMiesiąc temu

    Barrens chat wasn't barrens chat if somebody wasn't yelling "Where's mankriks wife"!

  • Wardonis
    WardonisMiesiąc temu

    Stop promoting aggro. It's degenerate and ruins the game.

  • eddieakjr -
    eddieakjr -Miesiąc temu

    New blade master in aggro demon hunter

  • peshomighty
    peshomightyMiesiąc temu

    Coilfang warlord's little brother druid of the plains. Most minions are 4/5 stats. So its like deathrattle without dieing.

  • Julius Cäsar
    Julius CäsarMiesiąc temu

    Still no new cards?

  • Aaron Windham
    Aaron WindhamMiesiąc temu

    Voljin hurts paladin a little. Silence jsh

  • Clickbait
    ClickbaitMiesiąc temu

    Blademaster Samuro + Inner Fire = People Crying Priest on the ladder.

  • Will Robinson
    Will RobinsonMiesiąc temu

    Mankrik sounds like it might be nuts in aggro demon hunter

  • Simon Adams
    Simon AdamsMiesiąc temu

    Does frenzy trigger every time the minion takes damage and survives in a turn? Would Razormane Raider + bladestorm = 5x5 dam hits?

  • flex
    flexMiesiąc temu

    feels like blizzard is learning some thing from runeterra. good.

  • Dan
    DanMiesiąc temu

    I feel like Razormane Raider is better than you're giving it credit for. With 6 health, the opponent is almost always going to need to hit it more than once to remove it, and that means the frenzy effect is going to proc more often than not. This can put them in a tricky position, where they either are risking taking 5 face damage or losing the big minion that they don't want to trade whenever they try to deal with it. I think that frenzy cards are most likely to see play in warrior decks, since they already have a playstyle that involves wounding their own minions. I also just want to see what happens when the opponent plays a Razormane Raider into your Razormane Raider.

  • HammerfistSC _
    HammerfistSC _2 miesięcy temu

    These frenzy cards are pretty hard counters to spells that deal a single damage at a time like Dark Skies, Mask of Cthulhu etc.

  • HammerfistSC _
    HammerfistSC _2 miesięcy temu

    WoW shaman spell pools: nature,fire,frost.

  • Ban Pls
    Ban Pls2 miesięcy temu

    waiting for razormane raider + bladestorm otk

  • yann beelen
    yann beelen2 miesięcy temu

    Lava = elemental class

  • S Gill
    S Gill2 miesięcy temu

    Remember holy fire for 6 mana. Bring it back at 5 mana.

  • black crystal
    black crystal2 miesięcy temu

    Blademaster samuro plus paladin that one spell the gives plus 8

  • Shawn Rasmussen
    Shawn Rasmussen2 miesięcy temu

    Doesn't frenzy effect trigger even if it dies from the first hit of damage? It doesn't say if it survives damage just that it takes damage

  • Matt Bug
    Matt Bug2 miesięcy temu

    Lava burst falls under fire damage in WoW. I assume all lightning spells are going to be nature and earth shock I think will be nature 2.

  • Solrex the Sun King
    Solrex the Sun King2 miesięcy temu

    I hope they retroactively add spell types to wild cards. Otherwise this set is a bust for me.

  • Solrex the Sun King
    Solrex the Sun King2 miesięcy temu

    Regin: I know, it’s rotating!!! Me, who plays wild: Um, no it’s not.

  • fritzilycer
    fritzilycer2 miesięcy temu

    This was a really long buildup to "Game on!"

  • Lucas Delhove
    Lucas Delhove2 miesięcy temu

    " She was last seen somewhere in your deck" Okayyyy

  • manaquri
    manaquri2 miesięcy temu

    > draw enough in aggro well, afaik dh is a thing.

  • Miro Leppäsalo
    Miro Leppäsalo2 miesięcy temu

    It will be a sad ending to this love story when Tickatus burns Mankrik's wife

  • Mr Breakmind
    Mr Breakmind2 miesięcy temu

    18:50 I think this can be good with Paladin. Holy seems a good feet for a lot of buff spell, a lot still in standard. Worth trying when rotation comes out (if i crack one out from a pack. Not really keen on spending 400 dust for this card, should be rare).

  • wahat da
    wahat da2 miesięcy temu

    11:48 Wife came back. No regret.

  • Maksim Danilov
    Maksim Danilov2 miesięcy temu

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Hearthstone is that you should NEVER underestimate a 0-cost card.

  • Mich Wis
    Mich Wis2 miesięcy temu

    FUN FACT: We can find Mankrik's Wife, Olgra in shadowlands. In fact, she is now called Decimator Olgra, Vengeance of the Vanquished, She's now a gladiator for the Undying Army, and is in the Burning Thicket area squishing Ranishu mobs

  • Bill Epitropidis
    Bill Epitropidis2 miesięcy temu

    Seems like you are scared to call a card 1-star

    LOCO GATO2 miesięcy temu

    Blademaster Samuro with Toxic Arrow in Wild...

  • Jere
    Jere2 miesięcy temu

    There’s alot of great arena cards incoming I see

  • gewoon Gijs vb
    gewoon Gijs vb2 miesięcy temu

    Mankrik question: Your opponent plays Mankrik and ends turn Later on, you have a weapon and play prize vendor (or some other card that makes them draw) They draw Mankriks wife Would the summoned Mankrik take your weapons damage? Because I don't think minions have ever had the chance to attack into a weapon right?

  • Виталий Васильев
    Виталий Васильев2 miesięcy temu

    so they got rid off "enrage" keyword to make game "more clear", and then they are adding elements to spells. wtf blizzard?!

  • Dwalin 2.0

    Dwalin 2.0

    2 miesięcy temu

    Enrage was removed because it was a keyword that didn't appear on a lot of cards. Adding schools of magic is going to apply to the spellcasting classes, and will be easy to see. I don't think it'll be confusing

  • Ilias Lerias
    Ilias Lerias2 miesięcy temu

    I think you at least consider putting mankrik in aggro demon hunter. The card draw of that deck is nuts.

  • Giovanni Ravagnolo
    Giovanni Ravagnolo2 miesięcy temu

    I think frenzy won't be a great keyword if it activates only once

  • fataxel
    fataxel2 miesięcy temu

    I don't usually pop my Malygos out. But when i do

    YUCHEN SHE2 miesięcy temu


  • fifty shades of grey face
    fifty shades of grey face2 miesięcy temu

    this artwork reminds me of fan made cards what the hell happened to hearthstone?

  • Gautham Dixit
    Gautham Dixit2 miesięcy temu

    huh? if you're zoo, playing a 2 mana 3/2 , especially on turn 2, is not a bad play at all. Consdering the downside is an average play at worst and the upside is amazing, that card is an auto include in zoo decks.

  • Little Flip
    Little Flip2 miesięcy temu

    I think you're going to eat those words about Spirit Healer. It starts with a good stat line. Depending on what becomes a "holy" spell, this can become a nightmare to clear very quickly.

  • Jeffrey Labe
    Jeffrey Labe2 miesięcy temu

    The art work looks like crap to me.

  • Luke Thompson
    Luke Thompson2 miesięcy temu

    How is Frenzy any different from enrage.

  • killa6tv
    killa6tv2 miesięcy temu

    If shadow step still exist rouge will b ridiculous... rouge isn't mint to have control options

  • the one and only
    the one and only2 miesięcy temu

    1mana minion or less played zul jin switches it to mechathun and cataclysm for otk

  • paul thomas
    paul thomas2 miesięcy temu

    With samuro, what happens when you use enrage/cruel task master, would the frenzy go off or does the frenzy only work after receiving damage from minions?

  • paul thomas

    paul thomas

    Miesiąc temu

    We'll have to wait for a few rotations for the correct combo

  • Dwalin 2.0

    Dwalin 2.0

    Miesiąc temu

    @paul thomas In Standard, for now, the options are limited for Handbuff. Galakrond-ing into him could be good. But Wild holds many more cards, so should have better options, I'd have thought. Thaurrisan is good, yeah

  • paul thomas

    paul thomas

    Miesiąc temu

    I like where your thinking, what about passive hand buffs that hit sarumo, wait, what about having a few ticks of thurassan to make sarumo cheaper?

  • Dwalin 2.0

    Dwalin 2.0

    Miesiąc temu

    @paul thomas Another option to Stage Hand would be Costumed Entertainer, for a +2/+2 rather than a +1/+1. In the Rush Warrior deck, he would also be good with the Parade Leader giving +2 Attack

  • paul thomas

    paul thomas

    Miesiąc temu

    If you have drawn a stage hand and have sarumo after corrupt stage dive you get a lot more (sarumo being the only minion in hand)

  • IIIAVoiceIII
    IIIAVoiceIII2 miesięcy temu

    I think you missed the point on Vol'jin. It's a dirty rat.

  • Keyan Wozniak
    Keyan Wozniak2 miesięcy temu

    "Does an aggro deck draw enough?" Secret Passage and Cutting Class answer that question

  • Meir
    Meir2 miesięcy temu

    Mankrik in Rouge

  • Antus Fire Nova 64
    Antus Fire Nova 642 miesięcy temu

    We have Zeddy's new favourite card

  • Be Relentless
    Be Relentless2 miesięcy temu

    @13:41 "The swing here where you hit that Mankriks Wife" Kanye West: "Hold my beer"

  • Gaior
    Gaior2 miesięcy temu

    just wait till people see how nuts Malygos is in Libram Paladin with the dragon-drawing murloc

  • Ivan Martinez
    Ivan Martinez2 miesięcy temu

    Frenzy is what overkill should’ve been

  • Thomas Powers
    Thomas Powers2 miesięcy temu

    One thing that wasn’t mentioned with vol’jin is the chance to pull someone’s combo card or tickitus, to disrupt their play

  • Looverse
    Looverse2 miesięcy temu

    It’s been so long since I left Hearthstone that sets I watched implemented after I left are now rotating out.

  • Julian Locileno
    Julian Locileno2 miesięcy temu

    So... what Regis is saying, is that once again, finding Mankrik's Wife is going to be a pain in the ass that might not be worth it.

  • Landon Dery
    Landon Dery2 miesięcy temu

    Spirit healer, plus the light horse, and radiance, plus that healing spell that targets all the minions=stonks.(also sorry my memory is shit.)

  • Jamie Ellis
    Jamie Ellis2 miesięcy temu

    Mankrik Rogue is gonna be so dumb. Just a bunch of bounce effects, with the augmented elekk to shuffle more wives into your deck... That's a wild deck i can enjoy xD

  • Nalid hardstyle
    Nalid hardstyle2 miesięcy temu

    I know that frenzy is a single use thing, but I wish it was just a permanent effect. Like, I feel like it would fit with the idea of a "frenzy", with a minion taking a bunch of damage and doing a bunch of stuff in response to that. I think it would also give alot of cards with this keyword alot more power than they already have, and could lead to some great moments when a minions pops off

  • Dwalin 2.0

    Dwalin 2.0

    2 miesięcy temu

    Could be seriously problematic with effects which do repeated damage though, such as Bladestorm & Scavenging Shivarra. Could feel better from a flavour standpoint if it did though, I agree

  • Nyundaa
    Nyundaa2 miesięcy temu

    With desperate prayer I think you missed out on its potential as a burn card in priest decks that run auchenai style effects.

  • The Ven that IQ tho
    The Ven that IQ tho2 miesięcy temu

    Lava burst is fire.

  • Tomas
    Tomas2 miesięcy temu

    My first thought when I saw Vol'jin was "cool, a Dirty Rat with some flexibility".

  • p3rp
    p3rp2 miesięcy temu

    Health buff priest just needs Void Ripper to come into core set

  • GhostWolf
    GhostWolf2 miesięcy temu

    Skipper+frenzy would have been amazing. :(

  • Sir Gir
    Sir Gir2 miesięcy temu

    Desperate Prayer is a perfect fit for Miracle Priest because you're desperately praying for it to work again.

  • swoggity switty
    swoggity switty2 miesięcy temu

    Is it just me or does the card art look pretty terrible?

  • Gurgi
    Gurgi2 miesięcy temu

    Mecha'thun Warlock is back

  • bowie brewster
    bowie brewster2 miesięcy temu

    12:00 my shuffle rogue ❤️

  • William Thompson
    William Thompson2 miesięcy temu

    Be alot better without your speculations to be honest. Video takes too long. Just my opinion, I do enjoy the content with I catch it.

  • 9Howls
    9Howls2 miesięcy temu

    15:23 There is a lot of 2 drop minion genrators, namely evolve-style cards and faceless lackey. In these cases you are likely very happy to see this card. No one will put him in their deck though for sure. 16:58 If Houndmaster Shaw rotates back then this card is insane in Hunter. 21:10 With all these Spell-types coming up I'm sure we are not far off from Tutoring card draw to find specific spells in your deck. Finally Pocket Galaxy style decks start to make sense. Can't wait for Deck of Chaos to become a good deck.

  • 9Howls
    9Howls2 miesięcy temu

    1:07 on top of not being in the coreset Malygos got completely changed right? into battlecry style effect.

  • Jaime Newdigate
    Jaime Newdigate2 miesięcy temu

    Love the idea of beast synergies for the Sunscale Raptor - maybe adorable infestation, saddlemaster, don't feed the animals, guardian animals, etc. I'll definitely put it in my hunter decks as a good solid card in any case. Also - maybe we'll see a small resurgence of cards like tundra rhino with all of these frenzy effects.

  • Nelos
    Nelos2 miesięcy temu

    They are kinda Meh till now not gonna lie. No 5 star cards whatsoever

  • PeterDivine
    PeterDivine2 miesięcy temu

    Frenzy.... Eh. Too little, too late. Maybe if it had been included in one of the early expansions it'd be viable, but considering the sheer number of assassination tools Wild has accrued for every class over the years, to say nothing of power-creep on minions, the best anyone can hope for is damaging your minions yourself to trigger them, which is inherently counterintuitive. Same thing with classification spells- who wants to build a deck of situational use like that, as opposed to general all-purpose reliability? Between "deal 1 but it gets +3 if you have specific minions on-board" or "deal 2 damage to every minion every time," I know which one I would choose. (Besides, they tried that spell augmentation gimmick before with Spell Damage+ minions, and most of them are really crappy, Malygos being the one exception.) This expansion ain't selling on me.

  • Masterhene3
    Masterhene32 miesięcy temu

    fill ur deck with mankirks wife, steal mankirks wife as a priest. the possibilities are endless

  • techditto
    techditto2 miesięcy temu

    In addition to the ways he listed I see Shadow Hunter Vol'jin being used to try and pull combo pieces out of your opponents hand so you can destroy them before the combo goes off.

  • Kamil Nurkowski
    Kamil Nurkowski2 miesięcy temu

    I'm excited to play some no face-beastshuffling hunter!

  • disneyforthewin
    disneyforthewin2 miesięcy temu

    his name is "bro-ken" for a reason.......gonna be super nuts......BUT, heres hearthstones modus operundi..... throw out exciting broken cards, get your money...then nerf the wary

  • Confused Knight
    Confused Knight2 miesięcy temu

    This nature spell stuff seems interesting but I think it might also be annoying.. can't add certain spells to my deck because it's not this type of spell.. hope they don't screw this all up..

  • Confused Knight
    Confused Knight2 miesięcy temu

    If face hunter is still viable... They are going to have a fun field day with Mankrik

  • Sallomon
    Sallomon2 miesięcy temu

    With the Spirit Healer it depends whether Librams will be Holy spells. Cause if they will... Oh boy, this might be really playable in Libram decks

  • Regal Eagle
    Regal Eagle2 miesięcy temu

    What’s the difference between enrage n frenzy

  • Normund
    Normund2 miesięcy temu

    First card Shudderwock 🙂 Mankrik Makes people wife hitters 😀

  • 12Rman21
    12Rman212 miesięcy temu

    bru kan makes earth shock pretty nutty

  • Ethan Bentley
    Ethan Bentley2 miesięcy temu

    druid of the plains is just how dnd druid works

  • Mattis Ekeli
    Mattis Ekeli2 miesięcy temu

    "hit mankrik`s wife" be careful what u say lmaooo

  • Boldi Nagy
    Boldi Nagy2 miesięcy temu

    19:16 if libram cards going to be holy spells, im gona quit the game

  • Boldi Nagy

    Boldi Nagy

    2 miesięcy temu

    @Eduardo Santos i disaggre, paladin is always in tier 1 or top tier 2 since the libram buffs, and in my oppinion they are just as frustrating as priest , a ton of heal, a ton of buffs , a ton of taunt /divine shield , a ton of big dudes , even have several board clear or debuffs .

  • Eduardo Santos

    Eduardo Santos

    2 miesięcy temu

    The power level is not that great in the glide meta we are in

  • Matthijs Norg
    Matthijs Norg2 miesięcy temu

    You know i gotta say it. Worst card review ever

  • Jebu911
    Jebu9112 miesięcy temu

    Mankrik is too sad of a card. His thicc orc wife is dead

  • Hearth Raven
    Hearth Raven2 miesięcy temu

    How do you feel the core set will affect variety in the meta after rotation?

  • Francesco Visconti
    Francesco Visconti2 miesięcy temu

    Sunscale Raptor honestly looks just good enough being a 1 mana 1/3 Beast. Shame that Fresh Scent rotates out come next expansion, but you never know if Hunter's getting something similar in the core / Barrens set.

  • The Absolute Zero
    The Absolute Zero2 miesięcy temu

    Shadow Hunter Vol’jin return Imprisoned Phoenix summon Kalecgos play free puzzle box. :))

  • Sean Campbell
    Sean Campbell2 miesięcy temu

    Feel like the Mankrik follow up should have taunt

  • Zoifersan
    Zoifersan2 miesięcy temu

    Hit Mankrik's wife, life good. Reject humanity, return to orke.

  • Victor Zucca
    Victor Zucca2 miesięcy temu

    The 1 drops minions that deal 1 damage and get divine shield, rush, spell power are gonna be really good with frenzy

  • Earl Green
    Earl Green2 miesięcy temu

    I think Regis missed the shadow priest aspect on desperate prayer. The archetype has been teased and 0 mana deal 5 will 100% see play in some form!