Big Scarr - Frozone [Official Music Video]


Big Scarr - Frozone
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Directed by Jordan Spencer
Gucci Mane Presents: So Icy Summer Out Now!
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Get into Big Scarr 馃挵
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    DRIPPLORD NICK17 godzin temu

    0:43 idk

  • Andre Blakeney
    Andre BlakeneyDzie艅 temu


  • Tonyyail 28
    Tonyyail 28Dzie艅 temu

    Big scarr about that life you cantell by the scars

    DRIPPLORD NICK2 dni temu

    "had a clear shot hit me in the hip" FIRE!

  • Gotti Kasino
    Gotti Kasino2 dni temu


  • Tyler Dixon
    Tyler Dixon3 dni temu

    How he came out of that intro into the clapping was the hardest, give whoever made this video a raise.

  • Derrick Johnson
    Derrick Johnson4 dni temu

    Big bloods 4s up

  • NorfSideMan
    NorfSideMan4 dni temu

    馃槀馃敟馃敟馃敟a foooool

  • Britt Cr
    Britt Cr4 dni temu


  • David Ruffin
    David Ruffin5 dni temu


  • Weedie Thugga
    Weedie Thugga5 dni temu

    Big Scarr Da Hardest Iswear Pay attention to his Wrd Play

  • Mac Maine
    Mac Maine6 dni temu


  • Lacie Weston
    Lacie Weston7 dni temu

    Favorite song !!!

  • David Gardner
    David Gardner8 dni temu


  • Rudeboy Savage
    Rudeboy Savage9 dni temu


  • Deavis Pewitt
    Deavis Pewitt10 dni temu

    Ye big buldddddddddddffdff

  • Ty Luciano
    Ty Luciano10 dni temu

    Let鈥檚 go Scar it鈥檚 yo turn nigga

  • Wesley Smith
    Wesley Smith11 dni temu


  • Sosa2k
    Sosa2k12 dni temu

    Pushing more weight then LA fitness 馃幁馃嵓

  • FG Onefiv3tmo3
    FG Onefiv3tmo312 dni temu

    Fwm recent song

  • 2k_Keelen 10
    2k_Keelen 1012 dni temu

    Bitchh u raw馃ぃ

  • Rico Kendrick
    Rico Kendrick13 dni temu

    Scarr lit

  • ACE 7TM
    ACE 7TM14 dni temu

    Gucci got a all star team BIG1017 馃敟

  • Knife Fight in the Big City
    Knife Fight in the Big City14 dni temu

    The instrumental is cold ! 馃ザ馃鉂

  • Kings Roberson
    Kings Roberson15 dni temu

    Part 2 this bih Fr my g# 1017

  • Cortez Chapman
    Cortez Chapman15 dni temu

    That's my city and that young niggas was trapping Forreal one of the jump s tracks in Memphis

    GWAPOELKAY THE STAR15 dni temu

    Bro I hear his chains shakein thru the whole song that's nice

  • Tomorio Johnson
    Tomorio Johnson15 dni temu

    Mans was in the phone with Pooh Shiesty 馃槶 0:25

  • Bankroll Jay
    Bankroll Jay15 dni temu


  • Smgjuice23 SaVv
    Smgjuice23 SaVv16 dni temu


  • stank
    stank17 dni temu

    Mexicans gone take all of y鈥檃ll one by one one day if y鈥檃ll not careful near the border

  • stank
    stank17 dni temu

    LA gone take y鈥檃ll to Mexico 馃嚥馃嚱 to chop ya heads off.. respect LA and y鈥檃ll good

  • YKDV Beats
    YKDV Beats18 dni temu

    too hard!

  • J Money
    J Money18 dni temu

    Big scarr for president #soIcy馃ザ馃ザ馃ザ

  • Huncho Mon2k
    Huncho Mon2k18 dni temu

    He definitely the best in 1017 he gonna snap the next couple years and go listen to me and Yung mal song

  • The Footes
    The Footes19 dni temu

    So icey馃挭馃徔

  • Dante Lloyd
    Dante Lloyd19 dni temu

    This shot so slept on 馃槱馃槱馃槱馃槱馃槱

  • Tyrone Paige
    Tyrone Paige20 dni temu


  • crookedboi dirty
    crookedboi dirty20 dni temu

    Hold on 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • MiMM PRO
    MiMM PRO21 dzie艅 temu

    Nothing is more gangster than skinny jeans and a pink shirt

  • jpakajw
    jpakajw21 dzie艅 temu

    His jewelery messing with his audio smh.

  • LJ Alleyne
    LJ Alleyne21 dzie艅 temu


  • XT Fuel
    XT Fuel22 dni temu

    Hold on dat jive hit馃敟馃挴

  • dj123b
    dj123b24 dni temu

    Played this 20x today.

  • Trollz Gamer
    Trollz Gamer24 dni temu

    Big. S

  • Trollz Gamer
    Trollz Gamer24 dni temu

    Post 馃摨馃摨

  • AJ Fiore
    AJ Fiore24 dni temu

    Best part of the song is the sound of the chains rubbing in the background

  • EuroTechM7
    EuroTechM725 dni temu

    This shit hard as fuck馃敟

  • 38live.visual_concepts studios
    38live.visual_concepts studios25 dni temu


  • James S
    James S25 dni temu

    Dude blowing back out while making a music video

  • Reece Baker
    Reece Baker25 dni temu

    Songs to underatted

  • weuptopbabyy
    weuptopbabyy26 dni temu

    On god he like dat馃挙馃挜馃挰

  • Guwop Guwop
    Guwop Guwop26 dni temu

    Big Scarr is my favourite artist from the new 1017. Brrrrrr 馃ザ馃ザ馃ザ馃ザ馃ザ馃ザ馃ザ

  • Reece Baker
    Reece Baker27 dni temu

    Bro this hits different

  • ray smith
    ray smith28 dni temu

    Weak as strokes

  • lilswag YNG
    lilswag YNG29 dni temu


  • lilswag YNG
    lilswag YNG29 dni temu


  • lilswag YNG
    lilswag YNG29 dni temu


  • lilswag YNG
    lilswag YNG29 dni temu


  • Deon Moore
    Deon Moore29 dni temu

    I鈥檓I鈥檓 was a bitch night for my birthday today and I鈥檓

  • FrostBite
    FrostBite29 dni temu


  • Damaris Franklin
    Damaris Franklin29 dni temu

    鈥淯h Hol on, Uh Ice on me cold like I'm frozone.鈥 鉂勶笍Brrrr

  • 小邪褕邪 袪邪蟹褍屑芯胁
    小邪褕邪 袪邪蟹褍屑芯胁29 dni temu


  • 小邪褕邪 袪邪蟹褍屑芯胁
    小邪褕邪 袪邪蟹褍屑芯胁29 dni temu

    Pifffffff pafffffffff

  • Ot Genesis
    Ot GenesisMiesi膮c temu


  • iam youngBaby zae Hoodboy zae
    iam youngBaby zae Hoodboy zaeMiesi膮c temu

    This song fire

  • Tayy Millz
    Tayy MillzMiesi膮c temu

    Sound like key

  • Realsausygod Frfr
    Realsausygod FrfrMiesi膮c temu

    This one of my favorite song馃ザ馃ザ

  • Cordareo Vaughn
    Cordareo VaughnMiesi膮c temu

    This so bumping cuz

  • Zaki Shakir
    Zaki ShakirMiesi膮c temu

    This Beat makes it 馃敟

  • Christian Arrington
    Christian ArringtonMiesi膮c temu


  • Dayahvae _
    Dayahvae _Miesi膮c temu

    dis beat to magical馃槶馃槶馃敟馃敟

  • Chief TommyGuns
    Chief TommyGunsMiesi膮c temu

    that piano go crazy

  • skrap fetti
    skrap fettiMiesi膮c temu

    Favorite artist from the new 1017

  • Nsuku sharlock
    Nsuku sharlockMiesi膮c temu

    Bigg frozone鉂勨潉鉂勨潉

  • Htx Prime
    Htx PrimeMiesi膮c temu

    That Piano note in the background going CRAZY!!

  • Eeoc Johnson
    Eeoc JohnsonMiesi膮c temu

    Gmtquann the hottest

  • MoneyMitch
    MoneyMitchMiesi膮c temu

    "Let the BandPlay" 馃ザ馃ザ馃ザ

  • MoneyMitch
    MoneyMitchMiesi膮c temu

    1017 signing all the memphis rappers on fire 馃敟馃敟馃敟

  • 1st SmoKage
    1st SmoKageMiesi膮c temu

    Drae Em brought me here

  • K Money
    K MoneyMiesi膮c temu

    So Icey gang make a bitch say blurr馃ザ馃ザ

  • Daniel Phagans
    Daniel PhagansMiesi膮c temu

    Only been rapping 6months it didn't take long馃挴馃馃憜

  • S.P.K SR.
    S.P.K SR.Miesi膮c temu

    This beat 馃敟

  • BigGucci Sosa
    BigGucci SosaMiesi膮c temu

    0:45 bra look like a throwback foogiano

  • 2low Moneymaker
    2low MoneymakerMiesi膮c temu

    He sound like he from Memphis

  • Kayy Wayy
    Kayy WayyMiesi膮c temu


  • jae keez
    jae keezMiesi膮c temu

    Them chains clanking is TOO DOPE

  • A.R.O.D Cross
    A.R.O.D CrossMiesi膮c temu


  • SoraKami6
    SoraKami6Miesi膮c temu

    How this only got 1 mil馃檭proof that people taste in music went down lol all this fuck shit they listen to now

  • A. C
    A. CMiesi膮c temu

    What type of beat is this classified as lmfao, it's CRAZY!

  • justin trees
    justin treesMiesi膮c temu


  • justin trees
    justin treesMiesi膮c temu

    I hear the shit still the whole worpd aint shit go agead im nothin ta talk about last hundred years had tree stamdimg talk no doublt two tone guess my nigga on the same shit keep it for trees fortress so big yo gotti nogga jezzy my nigga gucci is two pooh shiesty is my rule on body for foty foty hundred moe somg

  • Jerrod Ellis
    Jerrod EllisMiesi膮c temu


  • Lavanna Luxxx
    Lavanna LuxxxMiesi膮c temu

    Best song In the world馃寧馃寣

  • Samuel KJ Leighton Leighton
    Samuel KJ Leighton LeightonMiesi膮c temu


  • Quindarian Scott
    Quindarian ScottMiesi膮c temu


  • Dj Blount
    Dj BlountMiesi膮c temu


  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua SmithMiesi膮c temu

    12s 馃攰馃攰馃攰馃攭馃攭

  • Dylan Hines
    Dylan HinesMiesi膮c temu

    Bruh hearin all them chainz in the background make the song even harder 馃ぃ馃敟

  • SoloCEOBoy 150
    SoloCEOBoy 150Miesi膮c temu