NEW Porsche 911 GT3 992: Track Review | Carfection 4K


Henry Catchpole takes the eagerly awaited 2021 Porsche 911 GT3 (992 generation) out on track.
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  • Carfection
    Carfection15 dni temu

    Who wants to see us take this new GT3 on a road trip and where would you go?

  • Mats Norway

    Mats Norway

    4 dni temu

    Always state the speed it makes the downforce values.

  • TheGuerillapatriot


    5 dni temu

    Big Tujunga

  • Fadil Sherrif

    Fadil Sherrif

    9 dni temu

    PENIS 287

  • Chengetai Mangwende

    Chengetai Mangwende

    9 dni temu

    Zimbabwe!!!! Yeah馃檮 last place you would wanna take a car that low

  • Graham Smith

    Graham Smith

    10 dni temu

    Scottish West coast highlands

  • roadracer x
    roadracer xDzie艅 temu

    What is happening at 8:40? Is this a car review or modelling shoot? Kidding, nice review mate.

  • AstonVantage8
    AstonVantage82 dni temu

    Great car review and production. Not sure if it鈥檚 just me , I found it difficult to hear Catchpole. His voice gets drowned out by the engine noise. Perhaps post production can crank up the voice track a bit

  • G0ddEity
    G0ddEity2 dni temu

    wolverine potter finally gets to drive the new gt3

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva2 dni temu

    I think the 991 generation was peak GT3.

  • Longse Skincare
    Longse Skincare2 dni temu

    Perfect video

  • Josh R
    Josh R2 dni temu

    They might have just perfected the GT3 now.

  • Paul Marginean
    Paul Marginean5 dni temu

    Best GT3 review yet

  • Luke
    Luke5 dni temu

    Fantastic video, a lot more in depth than Chris Harris, I loved both though

  • Derrick Allen
    Derrick Allen6 dni temu

    Did the tires really have tread left after Harris was in it? Great video btw 馃憣

  • Wouter Erasmus
    Wouter Erasmus6 dni temu

    Henry and Chris on PLclip.

  • DaxXx988
    DaxXx9886 dni temu

    Sex is great, but have you ever watched a Carfection's 911 gt3 video? 馃槏

  • Kyle Tan
    Kyle Tan6 dni temu

    That鈥檚 the one Chris Harris ran in innit?

  • Kevin Reath
    Kevin Reath7 dni temu

    What does a 鈥 busier car 鈥 mean ?

  • James T
    James T7 dni temu

    Road trip... southern Spain... to my house 馃憤

  • Angelo Tomarchio
    Angelo Tomarchio7 dni temu

    Amazing review! Would you pick this 992 rather than a 991.2 gt3 RS?

  • john george
    john george7 dni temu

    Such good cinematography coupled with sublime driving and commentary! Way to go guys!! 馃馃徎馃グ

  • Nick Transier
    Nick Transier8 dni temu

    The camera work is so good in these, and so is the journalist.

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin8 dni temu

    really no words- just sublime. Henry X Carfection = day made

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh8 dni temu

    Another freaking full length feature film has come out on theaters. I think I might need a projector and armchair just to make them justice...

  • Hassan Saeed
    Hassan Saeed9 dni temu

    I can't believe that I get to watch this for free

  • opzz xsin

    opzz xsin

    8 dni temu

    whether to get manual or PDK--I'm ok with either, I see the pros/cons to each from a driving perspective.

  • Alan Wang #36
    Alan Wang #369 dni temu

    "What are they gonna do with the RS?" More power, bigger wings, stiffer suspension.

  • fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh

    8 dni temu

    pls intro music?

  • Jerome M
    Jerome M10 dni temu

    Fantastic vehicle however the next gen will have to offer more power this engine has been maxed out

  • mopsnuf
    mopsnuf10 dni temu

    Hard to comprehend that Porsche made the press car an automatic...

  • Motoring Botswana
    Motoring Botswana10 dni temu

    Great work guys keep it up Simply classy the car and the production

  • Greiguci Wootchie
    Greiguci Wootchie10 dni temu

    9000 rpm is the new little black dress.

  • Allan C
    Allan C10 dni temu


  • Chris Sandles
    Chris Sandles10 dni temu

    911k subscribers, how fitting.

  • CaptainPrice360
    CaptainPrice36011 dni temu

    The quality of this channel continues to impress.

  • Alanjames besttimeofmylife
    Alanjames besttimeofmylife11 dni temu


  • Samuel Downey
    Samuel Downey11 dni temu

    Revisit (my favourite ever) Evo article by retracing the Targa Florio route and explore the surrounding roads in Sicily. ;)

  • Jon Truelove
    Jon Truelove11 dni temu

    Fantastic video. But the photography. My goodness. Thanks for crediting the camera team. Those morning shots are just next level. Superb.

  • Bathembu Futshane
    Bathembu Futshane11 dni temu

    Again another fantastic review Henry馃憣馃憣馃憣

  • Taylor Woodbury
    Taylor Woodbury11 dni temu

    Did you say hi to chris harris when he hopped out of it

  • 9000Redline
    9000Redline11 dni temu

    I wonder why Porsche didn't go double wishbones earlier and also why when they finally did, they chose to rose joint the suspension components. That's quite the departure. Not that it is bad but those people who enjoyed driving their GT3 with a significant other, say on a Sunday drive will probably want to steer clear of this one. Maybe the touring can be that car in the future.

  • Shih-han Chow
    Shih-han Chow11 dni temu

    Great video! Love the content from Henry Catchpole! Would the manual be a more durable/reliable transmission over the PDK with long term ownership? I am torn about whether to get manual or PDK--I'm ok with either, I see the pros/cons to each from a driving perspective.

  • Adam Pa啪ick媒
    Adam Pa啪ick媒11 dni temu

    pls intro music?

  • Aaron Hart
    Aaron Hart11 dni temu

    GT3 was born for the track. Can't imagine this ever truly being a daily commuter (that is what the Carrera is for).

  • Weaponised Potato
    Weaponised Potato11 dni temu

    Anyone know the brand of the blue puffer jacket Henry is wearing please?

  • Justin Langley
    Justin Langley11 dni temu

    Mr Henry Catchpole Never fails to deliver world class car reviews. the camera angle , music everything is just always spot on ! and such an amazing beast of a machine this new GT3 is... lovely !

  • Michael Gakanga
    Michael Gakanga11 dni temu

    Holy cow. You guys keep reminding me why I subscribed. I keep falling in love with this channel.

  • limpunsing22
    limpunsing2211 dni temu

    Great review, Henry Catchpole

  • tfunkhou88
    tfunkhou8812 dni temu

    First GT3 I can鈥檛 say looks beautiful 馃槩

  • Luiz Ramos
    Luiz Ramos12 dni temu

    Excellent timing for the 911k subscribers.

  • Zulkefly Abu Bakar
    Zulkefly Abu Bakar12 dni temu

    911K subscribers

  • Paul Blackman
    Paul Blackman12 dni temu

    Why do people moan about being sat high in a car. Most people I know love the viewpoint from a transit van

  • Paul Blackman
    Paul Blackman12 dni temu

    One small problem. Your side of the road is often only 3 meters wide? So in reality. It's only straight line speed that counts in the real world?

  • Paul Blackman
    Paul Blackman12 dni temu

    Just need some ADHD meds to stim you up. Keep you sharp while you drive the car. And some painkillers so you don't feel the bumps. Then you are ready to go racing?

  • chevymaro92
    chevymaro9212 dni temu

    Just saw the Top Gear video, for all their budget they can't touch the passion and level of quality here.

  • Trottle position Sensor
    Trottle position Sensor12 dni temu

    What a monster !!.....馃槮

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig12 dni temu

    Well worth the wait, the opening sequence says it all for me 馃檭

  • Douglas Rea
    Douglas Rea12 dni temu

    Excellent review, Henry! What a nice way to start my day. Thanks!

  • mopsnuf
    mopsnuf12 dni temu

    All the comments saying they go to Carfection first when the embargo lifts is a beautiful example of selection bias ^.^ I hate embargos! It's just not interesting to watch multiple videos on the literal same car. Nobody wins.

  • stefan64 S
    stefan64 S12 dni temu

    Catchpole wins vs: Harris: 1 commercial vs 5 commercials

  • mark jones
    mark jones12 dni temu

    NICE MOTOR BUT IL stick with the ASTON MARTIN James bond is right

  • Yasir Arafath Zisan
    Yasir Arafath Zisan12 dni temu

    have anyone noticed that this is the same exact car which chris harris reviewed a few days prior.... he actually drove this same car for a 1000 mile ...

  • Jon Man
    Jon Man12 dni temu

    sloppy seconds u are

  • robochitti
    robochitti13 dni temu

    love the blue, love the car and love your content...

  • Joel Klassen
    Joel Klassen13 dni temu

    Love Henry's style. No hyperbole, just pure joy

  • Augusto O.R
    Augusto O.R13 dni temu

    The RS is going to be just... wow

  • Donovan Tompkins
    Donovan Tompkins13 dni temu

    I should not be able to watch this for free. So good.

  • Didi Matjila
    Didi Matjila13 dni temu

    I dont like that long break light

  • jay jay
    jay jay13 dni temu

    Like the gt3 but ill wait for gt3 rs to come out

  • 袣褉懈褋褌懈褟薪 袚械芯褉谐懈械胁
    袣褉懈褋褌懈褟薪 袚械芯褉谐懈械胁13 dni temu

    Simply the best!

  • Matthew Gaither
    Matthew Gaither13 dni temu

    Gorgeous film, Carfection. You all are doing some amazing work in the automotive review space.

  • John P
    John P13 dni temu

    if they keep making 911s bigger its gonna be the size of a panamera before long

  • morphyon
    morphyon13 dni temu

    So, how many miles has Knick Knack put on it before?

  • Rudi Ristow
    Rudi Ristow13 dni temu

    Top Gear makes great videos and they have Chris Harris (all due respect to Henry), but, oh boy, you have the most amazing videos!

  • Edwin Huijskes
    Edwin Huijskes13 dni temu

    This car is ran in by Chris Harris.. he did the first 1000 miles. Beautiful review from Chris.

  • Spinister
    Spinister13 dni temu

    Gt3 love

  • Tom Jennings
    Tom Jennings13 dni temu

    Looks like a wonderful driving machine, kill to have a few laps in one, but it almost feels boring how uniformly excellent these 911s have become. I feel sentimental for the days when one false move would put you through the hedge!

  • Desmosnob
    Desmosnob13 dni temu

    Perfection, both the car and the video. Henrys voice is so calming to listen to, the narration is spot on.

  • Ash Neel
    Ash Neel13 dni temu

    Henry is the best out there..

  • Oj Aloha
    Oj Aloha14 dni temu

    Henry for the details and nuance, smoking tire to see it beaten on...

  • Sisekelo Duma
    Sisekelo Duma14 dni temu

    Just came from Chris Harris to watch this.

  • brent powell
    brent powell14 dni temu

    It鈥檚 only good value if you can actually buy one 鈽濓笍

  • Ra Ra Shamash
    Ra Ra Shamash14 dni temu

    One of the Best car Journalists in the Business, this man is always calm and compassionate about the great car's he reviews, and he can Drive..

  • fast_eddie
    fast_eddie14 dni temu

    Well done! Great overview and vid production! Henry and Chris for the new TG

  • G B
    G B14 dni temu

    If anyone knows.. When you see the brake lights go on and off into corners, is this an on off brake pedal technique, or is it just the LEDs flashing being filmed?

  • godiraone moatlatsi
    godiraone moatlatsi14 dni temu

    Acceptong that i will never be Mr Henry Catch. But really gotta atleast get a gt3 991.2

  • Nikolei Graham
    Nikolei Graham14 dni temu

    I cannot believe that this is the end of the road, I have always wanted to own a sports car, however, I will never be able to feel this joy, since ICE cars will be banned very soon. Funny why politicians are not giving alternative or synthetic fuels any chance. Imagine telling people they are not allowed to have sex anymore, because the world is overpopulated. This desperation is exactly how I feel, and the depression I am drowning in doesn't seem to have a bottom. Autonomous cars are coming and naturally politicians will jump all over that and ban driving all together, and it makes me wonder why I wake up in the morning. Whats the point anymore?

  • Nikolei Graham
    Nikolei Graham14 dni temu

    I wish reviews would make a big fuss about the central tachometer being analog. I think it looks amazing, and way better than just having a screen infront of you.

  • Jamie Wilkins
    Jamie Wilkins14 dni temu

    It's a shame that Porsche limits sales so tightly and anyone wanting a GT3 has to buy about half a dozen other Porsches then beg to get on the list. Real cost of one these, about 拢600k and some dignity. But yes, I'd love one. Great job on the film, Henry and team.

  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael14 dni temu

    10:19 I said this to myself 1 minute before

  • the1beard
    the1beard14 dni temu

    拢150,000 and you can't get one 馃檮 Porsche

  • James O neill
    James O neill14 dni temu

    GT3 HYPE continues a model only the Porsche Anorak fans will be able to tell the difference between old and new and Sharks Blue looks an awful like Audi's Turbo blue of which it no doubt it but put this paint colour on a 911 its almost a PTS colour

  • Kramnam
    Kramnam14 dni temu

    Love Henry C ! Top quality as ever馃憣馃檹馃徏 now I鈥檒l see what nipper Harris says

  • Nathan Robert
    Nathan Robert14 dni temu

    Henry's joy is palpable

  • infidel900rr
    infidel900rr14 dni temu

    Glad Henry was here to share this with us! Amazing video.

  • Devi Prasad
    Devi Prasad14 dni temu

    The production quality, narration music etc.. Damnnn馃挜馃挜馃挜

  • Alex Westworth
    Alex Westworth14 dni temu

    Only available in the UK to those who allow the Dealer Principal to have sex with their wives.

  • Robson Jesu铆no
    Robson Jesu铆no14 dni temu

    que nave 茅 este porche

  • NEPTUNE117
    NEPTUNE11714 dni temu

    This car should be priced at 80k

  • fuhrerpolizei86
    fuhrerpolizei8614 dni temu

    3x the price of the new golf it 3 times the car?? Hmm...

  • john fazackerley
    john fazackerley14 dni temu

    Nicely done.Why is it so ugly and sounds synthetic.I will stick to my 997 gts thank you.

  • FRY-998
    FRY-99814 dni temu

    Stunning! I just need 拢150 grand lol

    CLUB BIZARRE14 dni temu

    if you could own 1 car for the rest of your life... man... this would be it.

  • Spencer Marks
    Spencer Marks14 dni temu

    So it鈥檚 got a bigger wing and an uglier body. Congrats. These cars are so overrated.

  • Brian D.
    Brian D.14 dni temu

    It seems like an RS without the extra body work. If an RS is planned, I'm not sure exactly how much more precise it could be. Maybe we'll see a GT2 before a GT3-RS?!?!

  • Jonathan Suhy
    Jonathan Suhy14 dni temu

    Spherical bushings all around:)