Verdansk '84 Trailer | Call of Duty Warzone


Check out the all new trailer for the new Call of Duty Warzone Map, Verdansk '84!
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  • A3t5u7 DK
    A3t5u7 DK6 dni temu

    I would much rather have a totally dead area after the nuke and pockets of radiation around on the map!

  • hMsT
    hMsT7 dni temu

    What a cheap and lazy update. Activision just making money on this shit

  • Demon Electro
    Demon Electro10 dni temu

    I want work on the video games industries one day and my heat feel wow when i see the vidéo are sync with audio and a lot stuff like this with good content

  • Niko Robinson
    Niko Robinson10 dni temu


  • Nervoso_69
    Nervoso_6911 dni temu

    Eyes Of The TIGER !!!!!!!

  • Tanner Connolly
    Tanner Connolly11 dni temu

    It'd be better if it had a hardcore game mode.

  • LupoNero
    LupoNero12 dni temu

    There is a baby version of Bale?

  • seba_ CoDyt
    seba_ CoDyt12 dni temu

    *que mal que no tengo moni pa comprar warzone y menos una ps4* ptm

  • Mac
    Mac12 dni temu

    Am I just greedy or is this incredibly lazy? This is the same thing!

  • Jay Matts
    Jay Matts12 dni temu

    But I liked the old one better

  • Maciek 910
    Maciek 91012 dni temu

    Eye of the tiger!!!

  • I am bwed
    I am bwed12 dni temu

    I love the song cod uses

  • Cindy Yaa
    Cindy Yaa12 dni temu

    Warzone is not like this in the cutscene

  • Arcane
    Arcane12 dni temu

    i wish warzone played like this

  • Brandon Carson
    Brandon Carson12 dni temu

    I would love this so much is I was any good but its shit cuz I'm shit 😅

  • Ngo Duc
    Ngo Duc12 dni temu

    Name of the music?

  • Ryder
    Ryder13 dni temu

    Imagine still playing warzone knowing it’s full of PC cheaters lol

  • Kojiro's 7th
    Kojiro's 7th13 dni temu

    What about traditional MP. Is Warzone all they care about?

  • Kqwert •
    Kqwert •13 dni temu

    this is badass aint gonna lie

  • Kqwert •

    Kqwert •

    5 dni temu

    @hMsT shut up

  • hMsT


    7 dni temu

    This is not

  • Skullduggery
    Skullduggery13 dni temu

    It’s a Minecraft texture pack for free!

  • Anthony Quagliano
    Anthony Quagliano13 dni temu

    The closest trailer I have seen to ever even come close to the hype the Modern Warfare 2 Launch trailer created Whoever edited this is incredible 🔥🔥🔥

  • Gavin Miguel
    Gavin Miguel13 dni temu

    0:21 Let’s go Back to the beginning Shall we?

  • Tuzemec
    Tuzemec13 dni temu

    Ремикс пожалуйста????

  • okey mmeje
    okey mmeje13 dni temu

    2.05 whats sledge doing in verdansk. Shouldn't he be in house?

  • Scire Net
    Scire Net13 dni temu

    verdansk nice!

  • MrDarkEzh
    MrDarkEzh13 dni temu

    Back in USSR! Прикольно, даже "дятла" добавили)

  • Features
    Features13 dni temu

    imagine if they nuked it... and than made it like cod mw1. 50.000 nerds used to live here... Now it's a ghost town... i would play that shit like you wouldn't imagin XD

  • freedm7.62
    freedm7.6213 dni temu

    2:08 who's that operator?

  • Tom_Fruit _Salad
    Tom_Fruit _Salad13 dni temu

    Minecraft vesion: THE EYE OF SPIDER.

  • Slain • Ninja
    Slain • Ninja13 dni temu

    Wow warzone is the best too

  • GambiKid
    GambiKid13 dni temu

    This is the cod trailer we asked for

    R4VE OPTIC13 dni temu

    Absolute joke

  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson13 dni temu

    They fucked it up! It’s the same damn map With very little change

    OKOBAKI BG13 dni temu

    Man I wish Verdansk is on codm

  • Robert Fey
    Robert Fey13 dni temu

    Is it me or did they tease a actual new map with the last like 5 seconds? I don't recognize those areas and the music drops to bring significant attention to those images it feels like. I haven't touched WZ in months because I was bored with Verdansk and an 80s version of it doesn't do to much to pump me up but I like the looks of those areas at the end of the trailer.

  • Twerk Nation
    Twerk Nation13 dni temu


  • Kubilay Sahin
    Kubilay Sahin13 dni temu

    1984 with 2021 weapons? Lol ok

  • ChickenTit
    ChickenTit13 dni temu

    Instead of giving us a proper new meal (fire team maps merged into one), they changed the color scheme, added 4 new areas, fixed the broken looking buildings, didnt fix downtown’s camping on rooftop problem, gave downtown an even bigger line of sight outside of Verdansk, barely changed the promenade section, didnt destroy the roze infestation near storage town, and superstore, still didnt fix the airport control tower camping issue, barely changed the right corners of the map with one notable exception and hospital is still a clusterfuck of corridors with people camping in it. Thanks Activision, very cool would buy anime bundle again

  • irvento l o g y
    irvento l o g y13 dni temu

    Yea basically issa cold warzone

  • Caribou Luu
    Caribou Luu13 dni temu

    Fuck this shit it’s the same thing with a few changes

  • Norman Chan
    Norman Chan13 dni temu

    The play models remind me of classic GI Joes...

  • Lenix Escalera
    Lenix Escalera13 dni temu

    why didnt treyarch just make their own battle royale again? blackout was so underrated 🥱

  • Aaron


    13 dni temu

    Treyarch is adding BR to Cold War and the maps are going to be the ones from fireteam. Agreed that Blackout was an incredible BR. Wish they were the ones who did Warzone.

  • lucrecio tadena
    lucrecio tadena13 dni temu

    people complaining about warzone yet it's free to play. lol

  • OnwardMarchAmerica
    OnwardMarchAmerica14 dni temu

    LOL this franchise truly is still a f###### joke despite MW and all the efforts of the few sane devs at Treyarch. Everyone has been waiting for something new, and its literally just a reskin of MW dev's hard work. F%%% off.

  • Somevideos
    Somevideos14 dni temu

    at 1:34 this is why i use the rytec

  • José Delgadillo
    José Delgadillo14 dni temu

    What’s with the stinger at the end?

  • ChiefR96
    ChiefR9614 dni temu

    I love seeing CoD children complain about campers when they can respawn.

  • Peter Thor
    Peter Thor14 dni temu

    Basically its just a reskin. The map topography is gonna be the same (hills, mountain, rivers-creeks). Just take some buildings and add some new ones kinda stuff

  • Dark Void
    Dark Void14 dni temu

    Wasn’t the whole point of nuking a map was to get rid of that map and not go back in time where most of the modern warfare operators make no sense in being there

  • Bryce S _
    Bryce S _14 dni temu

    This kind of makes cod sound lazy

  • Malcolm Mohamed
    Malcolm Mohamed14 dni temu


  • Peter Kirby
    Peter Kirby14 dni temu

    And what about it being a Cold War map. That doesn’t look like Cold War.

  • Peter Kirby
    Peter Kirby14 dni temu

    Just keep it the same map and not change it. I bet you this will get the community annoyed about this

  • Vato Spooky
    Vato Spooky14 dni temu

    So they got nuked back to the 80's

  • John & Yasya
    John & Yasya14 dni temu

    Yay a reskinned version of the same game

  • yoUNgNdObnOxious
    yoUNgNdObnOxious14 dni temu

    Pretty lazy if you ask me lol same shiet all that hype for the same map?

  • Wilhuff Tarkin
    Wilhuff Tarkin14 dni temu

    When I read all the comments, I wonder if they renamed quarry to salt mine on purpose. ;)

  • Tim Toci
    Tim Toci14 dni temu

    What a shit show

  • Somedudenamenic
    Somedudenamenic14 dni temu

    let's blow it up Now let's go back in time.

  • Nardz
    Nardz14 dni temu

    This is probably the laziest new map I’ve seen in a game

  • dont message me
    dont message me14 dni temu

    is this a late april fools joke? this is the same fucking map with barely any differences

  • Ryan LeBlanc
    Ryan LeBlanc14 dni temu

    Yo this shit is NOT bussin

  • Hades-PL
    Hades-PL14 dni temu

    To jest zajebiste 😁

  • Leonel Vaa
    Leonel Vaa14 dni temu

    So like why aren't th vehicles old tech like huey's or black hawks you know?

  • Motorboi 69
    Motorboi 6914 dni temu

    I like how outta all the characters they could’ve chosen to be in the cover, they chose the 420 stone lol

  • Mut4ntG4m3r
    Mut4ntG4m3r14 dni temu

    the compostion between song and in game sound is very well made :D

  • SAMUEL- BR.man__
    SAMUEL- BR.man__14 dni temu

    They didn’t change the map cause they knew it will fuck up warzone like how epic did to fortnite

  • SAMUEL- BR.man__

    SAMUEL- BR.man__

    4 dni temu

    @Dip_ buh1207 yeah you’re right ✅

  • Dip_ buh1207

    Dip_ buh1207

    10 dni temu

    Fortnite was bad when it turned into a Battle Royale, why the hell would they do that to a game they worked on for a fucking decade, and take 2 months to make a battle royale?

  • Blade_ YT
    Blade_ YT14 dni temu

    I hate how Cold War is trying to take over mw game mode man

  • MDrago
    MDrago14 dni temu

    Kind of wishing it had a better color tone this shit looks depressing af with that color pallet it's kind of what threw me off from the past warzone map I was expecting jungles and such quite disappointed

  • Boredom Defense Network
    Boredom Defense Network14 dni temu

    Quit warzone for Apex. One of the best decisions I have ever made in terms of gaming.

  • Agent Linrov

    Agent Linrov

    10 dni temu

    @Boredom Defense Network Sorry

  • Boredom Defense Network

    Boredom Defense Network

    10 dni temu

    @Agent Linrov What's negative about this? Giving honest advice that I feel is true. Not being a hater. I love the CoD franchise and always will.

  • Bluebrick films

    Bluebrick films

    13 dni temu

    @Trinkes Lato nope the mf was invisible and he was punching me instead of shooting

  • Trinkes Lato

    Trinkes Lato

    13 dni temu

    @Bluebrick films Okay that's nice, but he's not a hacker for being invisible nor is it a mod. It just makes you sound like a rabbling baboon, next thing you're gonna talk about everyone else are using "Damage mods" for that juicy increased damage over you

  • Bluebrick films

    Bluebrick films

    14 dni temu

    @Agent Linrov last time I played warzone I got 2nd place cus of a hacker invisibility mod and I've been playing apex for a while now and I have never encountered a camper

  • Melt Down
    Melt Down14 dni temu

    Like just for the music 😀

  • Sydney
    Sydney14 dni temu

    I love the song Eye of the tiger

  • BlacKBerry23311
    BlacKBerry2331114 dni temu

    Nothing like a reskin of a map and calling it "new" lol

  • Agent Linrov

    Agent Linrov

    14 dni temu

    *Looks at Stadium and Dam: Uhhh...

  • BlacKBerry23311


    14 dni temu

    Maybe next year we'll get future Verdansk 2080

  • Thomas Thegrower
    Thomas Thegrower14 dni temu

    It’s about time I got bored and stop playing but ima play

  • ThaGunnerEST19XX
    ThaGunnerEST19XX14 dni temu

    Such a fucking let down.

  • Elder Fidelis
    Elder Fidelis14 dni temu

    Yes, show us verdansk being nuked then give us a map of verdansk with less trees and stadium under construction. Im going back to Monster Hunters

  • FlikM
    FlikM14 dni temu

    Soooo fucking lazy ACTIVISION 😴

  • Rt Rt
    Rt Rt14 dni temu

    Wow they turned the damn into a bridge and the stadium into a non stadium. Very creative.

  • Harry Bouttel

    Harry Bouttel

    13 dni temu

    @zach haskell 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • zach haskell

    zach haskell

    13 dni temu

    hell yeah that might have taken them a couple of days or something,

  • Nicolas Muniz

    Nicolas Muniz

    14 dni temu

    And re-painted the white lines in the roads!! Some serious effort went down in Activision.

  • Connor
    Connor14 dni temu

    The Reconstruction Of Verdansk

  • Jerry Anderson
    Jerry Anderson14 dni temu


  • Eric Gaza
    Eric Gaza14 dni temu

    All this trailer does is remind me how decent cold war would be if it ran on the same engine as modern warfare

  • hunter zepahua
    hunter zepahua14 dni temu

    Bro i think this trailer was the best so far for all warzone trailers and dose anyone know what's this song called i remember it but don't know the name

  • Bluebrick films

    Bluebrick films

    14 dni temu

    Nah bruh this one is leagues behing the season 5 and haunting verdansk trailers

  • Bomb v Skies

    Bomb v Skies

    14 dni temu


  • SomeUnoriginalMaker
    SomeUnoriginalMaker14 dni temu

    I wish it was like this instead of those sweaty players who hasn’t seen a woman or the sunlight in 8000 fuckin years

  • Alex Mercer 3
    Alex Mercer 314 dni temu

    People are saying it's just a re skin? Welp time to wait for COD Vanguard then.

  • sauced.o
    sauced.o14 dni temu

    A whole new map would make a bunch of people complain. A reskin was their best choice.

  • Lil’ Burger
    Lil’ Burger14 dni temu

    Fk cold War, Its slowly removing mw from warzone

  • Agent Linrov

    Agent Linrov

    14 dni temu

    There's still MW guns

  • Timothy Risby
    Timothy Risby14 dni temu

    How did it become 1984?

  • Richlowkey Cinco
    Richlowkey Cinco14 dni temu

    Why can’t they add a fast car like a corvette

  • Erik Harding Hansen
    Erik Harding Hansen14 dni temu

    Eye Of The Tiger 🔥

  • An apple
    An apple14 dni temu

    Guys what do you think about the new map? Personally I have mixed opinions for it

  • Yunior "Fenris" Guerra
    Yunior "Fenris" Guerra14 dni temu

    This a way to murder a song, I'll tell you that.

  • The Odd gamer
    The Odd gamer14 dni temu

    Blue balls at maximum width

  • Karina Nazaretyan
    Karina Nazaretyan14 dni temu

    LOVE IT Warzone

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C14 dni temu

    They blew up Verdansk, ran it back 37 years, and didn't even bother to change the vehicle skins to be appropriate for the time period. There's like two zones on the map that look different at all.

  • somedudewith_no_effort-yt


    13 dni temu

    And you can still blast Skrillex in a age were it's non existent 🤣

  • Diego Esquivel

    Diego Esquivel

    14 dni temu

    I know, that’s lame

  • Raiff Brooks
    Raiff Brooks14 dni temu

    I mean even though its kind of just a reskin gotta love the 80s music lol

  • Dear Imena
    Dear Imena14 dni temu

    oh geez a lazy reskin of Verdansk and not an entirely new map to keep things fresh...thanks Hacktivision, you shouldn't have.

  • Rudi Angi
    Rudi Angi14 dni temu

    OG Ghost, finally, not the reworked juggernaut

  • please kill yoursef
    please kill yoursef14 dni temu

    Its implied they have been using the same cars in Verdansk since the 80's, europe

  • Marlo C
    Marlo C14 dni temu

    Haven't played warzone in like 3 months because I was getting so bored of the same old map. Finally hear a new one is coming out and am so excited! Then they give us a re skinned version of the same thing we've been playing lol... have fun playing the same bullshit.

    LX GHOSTYT14 dni temu

    I know people going camp