Top 10 Most Viewed KPOP SOLOS of Each Year - [2013 - 2021]


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    Keeping up with Weird Me!

    Miesiąc temu

    @Tzuyu's Candy yesss

  • Tzuyu's Candy

    Tzuyu's Candy

    Miesiąc temu

    @Keeping up with Weird Me! I know right! isnt it nice :)

  • angel gualli

    angel gualli

    Miesiąc temu

    @AE Top Musics love

  • Fiona Gleeson

    Fiona Gleeson

    Miesiąc temu

    Love your vids man

  • Mimikyu
    Mimikyu16 godzin temu

    2016 is the year of OST

  • Aditi Salvatore
    Aditi Salvatore20 godzin temu

    2021 : need to stream BAMBI more

  • Aditi Salvatore
    Aditi Salvatore20 godzin temu

    Solo Female Artists 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 hit just different...

  • Aditi Salvatore
    Aditi Salvatore20 godzin temu

    2016 was THE YEAR for OSTs🔥

  • amy
    amyDzień temu

    iu freaking queen

  • Lil_ Bubble_tea :3
    Lil_ Bubble_tea :3Dzień temu

    No one: Me waiting for Jennie and rosé

  • Drashti Sharma
    Drashti Sharma3 dni temu

    Jennie and Rosé amazing and on the top 😍😍

  • Nikki miracle
    Nikki miracle3 dni temu

    Where is 'Gone'??

    BLACK ROCK4 dni temu

    Jennie_2018_solo Rosé_2021_on the ground

  • Karthik Diwan
    Karthik Diwan4 dni temu

    Bro where is dynamite bts

  • Jju C
    Jju C6 dni temu


  • Jeremie Jqt
    Jeremie Jqt6 dni temu

    Blackpink queens sheeeesh

  • my garden
    my garden7 dni temu


  • Dayana Syukri
    Dayana Syukri7 dni temu

    Jennie SOLO 2018 Rose ON THE GROUND 2021 Waiting for Lisa and Jisso solo

  • Shailesh Choudhari
    Shailesh Choudhari8 dni temu

    My most to most Favourite blackpink member Favourite kpop soloist Favourite vocalist Favourite visualist Favourite dancer Favourite kpop idol One and only Rosé(Roseanne Park)

  • bts army girl
    bts army girl8 dni temu

    I'm so glad my all favorite bts, blackpink and IU's solos are here

  • Chelsea Chan
    Chelsea Chan9 dni temu

    there's no WHEEIN-WATER COLOR

  • Sandra 99

    Sandra 99

    5 dni temu

    Cuz the last one on 2021 have 11 m while wherein only have 6

  • Malemnganbi Moirangthem
    Malemnganbi Moirangthem10 dni temu

    2016 is the year of best ost 🔥

  • Autumn Leaves
    Autumn Leaves11 dni temu

    Maknae On Top is on here and it's not even a comeback omg

  • ᴊᴇɴɴɪᴇ ᴘᴀʀᴋ
    ᴊᴇɴɴɪᴇ ᴘᴀʀᴋ11 dni temu

    Blackpink 👑 Bts 👑

  • Zainab Plays Roblox

    Zainab Plays Roblox

    8 dni temu


  • Nish i
    Nish i11 dni temu


  • Shrisha R
    Shrisha R12 dni temu

    Rosé gone also has 65 million views 😉🌟

  • TH4!5 L0P35
    TH4!5 L0P3512 dni temu

    Day Dream, Solo, Ego, On the ground, Gone, Epiphany, Euphoria

  • Alby Nation07
    Alby Nation0712 dni temu

    JENNIE And ROSÈ Queen Solo (2018) (2021)👑👑

  • Jaykay
    Jaykay12 dni temu

    The power of blackpink

  • Tanuja Kiran
    Tanuja Kiran12 dni temu

    Queen Jennie and Queen Rosé Social Distancing is a must

  • navy blue
    navy blue12 dni temu


  • Ecyoj
    Ecyoj14 dni temu

    Its the fact that BTS doesn't have an official SOLO DEBUT for me!!! The fact that Yoongi and Hobi owning a YEAR with their FREE MIXTAPE speak so much volume for me. Can't wait for Taehyung's 1st mixtape this year or in the future. Armys are willing to wait regardless what. 💜

  • Rudra Nath
    Rudra Nath14 dni temu

    Where is gone?

  • just fun
    just fun14 dni temu


  • Anila Rai
    Anila Rai14 dni temu

    Of course Blackpink Jenie and Rosé

  • Sheila Riveros toledo
    Sheila Riveros toledo14 dni temu

    On the ground supremacy 🛐🛐🛐

  • น้อน วิวว
    น้อน วิวว14 dni temu


  • Medish Medishhh
    Medish Medishhh14 dni temu

    ATEEZ FİRE WORK - 2021( NUMBER 1.)

  • Cleide Sampaio
    Cleide Sampaio15 dni temu

    it seems that the UI always appears love her

  • Louis Henderson
    Louis Henderson15 dni temu

    2013 10. Roy Kim - Bom Bom Bom 09. G-Dragon - Coup D'ETAT 08. IU - Ft Jang Yijeong - Friday 07. T.O.P - Doom Dada 06. CLC - The Baddest Female 05. Henry Ft Kyuhyun & Taemin - Trap 04. G-Dragon - Who U 03. Taeyang - Ringa Linga 02. G-Dragon - Crooked 01. PSY - Gentleman 2014 10. K.WILL - Day 1 09. Taemin - Danger 08. Ailee - Don't Touch Me 07. LYN - My Destiny 06. Park Hyoshin - Wild Flower 05. Chen - Best Luck 04. So You X Junggi Go - Some 03. Hyuna - Red 02. Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips 01. PSY Ft Snool Dogg - Hangover 2015 10. Kyung Park - Ordinary Love 09. Baekhyun - Beautiful 08. PSY - Napal Baji 07. J.Y Park Ft Jessie - Who's Your Mama 06. CLC - Hello Bitches 05. Jay Park Ft Ugly Duck - Mommae 04. IU - Twenty Three 03. Hyuna Ft Jung llhoon - Roll Deep 02. Taeyeon - I 01. PSY Ft CL - Daddy 2016 10. Suzy X Baekhyun - Dream 09. K.Will - Talk Love 08. Jay Park (feat Hoody & Loco) - All I Wanna Do 07. Yoon Mirae - Always 06. Lee Hi - Breathe 05. Crush - Beautiful 04. Agust D - Agust D 03. Loco X Punch - Say Yes 02. Chen X Punch - Everytime 01. Chanyeol X Punch - Stay With Me 2017 10. Taemin - Move 09. Taeyeon - Fine 08. Hyuna - Lip & Hip 07. IU - Through The Night 06. PSY - I Luv It 05. G-Dragon - Untitled, 2014 04. Sunmi - Gashina 03. Jimin - Serendipity 02. IU FT G-DRAGON - Pallete 01. PSY - New Face 2018 10. Sunmi - Heroine 09. Chung Ha - Roller Coaster 08. Jungkook - Euphoria 07. Loco X Hwasa - Don't 06. Shaun (feat Conor Maynard [Sam Feldt Edit] - Way Back Home 05. Jin - Epiphany 04. J-HOPE - DayDream 03. V - Singularity 02. IU - Bbibbi 01. Jennie - Solo 2019 10. Lee Hi FT B.I - No One 09. V - Winter Bear 08. RM - Intro: Persona 07. Chung Ha - Snapping 06. Somi - Birthday 05. Chung Ha - Gotta Go 04. IU - Blueming 03. SHAUN (feat Conor Maynard [Sam Feldt Edit] - Way Back Home 02. Hwasa - Twit 01. J-hope FT Becky G - Chicken Noodle Soup 2020 10. Baekhyun - Candy 09. Kai - Mmmh 08. Gaho - Start Over 07. Suga - Interlude: Shadow 06. ZICO - Any Song 05. J-Hope - Outro: Ego 04. JESSI - Nunu Nana 03. IU Ft Suga - Eight 02. Hwasa - Maria 01. Suga - Daechwita 2021 10. I.N (Feat Bang Chan, Changbin) - Maknae On Top 09. Kim Wooseok - Sugar 08. WOODZ - Feel Like 07. JESSI - What Type Of X 06. Sunmi - Tail 05. Kang Daniel - Paranoia 04. Hyuna - I'm Not Cool 03. Chung Ha - Bicycle 02. IU - Celebrity 01. Rose - On The Ground

  • PinkRose Fancy Fairy
    PinkRose Fancy Fairy16 dni temu

    Jennie in 2018: I’m on the top Jennie: now I’m going solo Rosè in 2021: at the top Rosè on the ground: 100m views in a week Rosè: on the ground

  • 난유포
    난유포17 dni temu

    2018 - jinnie " solo 2019 - jhope " chicken noodle soup 2020 - rose " on the ground

  • Ghazale Eskandari
    Ghazale Eskandari17 dni temu

    Exo is king Soloiestay exo kingaaaannnnnn

  • Elif Can
    Elif Can17 dni temu

    The power of YG

  • Anh Trâm
    Anh Trâm17 dni temu


  • kawa yabi
    kawa yabi18 dni temu


  • kawa yabi
    kawa yabi18 dni temu


  • mikep polio
    mikep polio18 dni temu

    Mine fav kpop soloist is jennie v and rose


    army blink forever my favorites are Solo 2018 Chicken noodle soup 2019 daydream 2018 sigularity 2018 on the ground 2021 ..and everything that has to do with bts and blackpink

  • jhackelin yujra
    jhackelin yujra19 dni temu

    Jhope y suga .. 👏👏😊

  • Isratul Jannat Priety
    Isratul Jannat Priety20 dni temu

    Where is gone

  • Blink Mochi ღ
    Blink Mochi ღ20 dni temu

    I Love💖

  • العف الفغ
    العف الفغ21 dzień temu


    BTS LEGENDS21 dzień temu

    SOPE 💜

  • Theworldbelongs togod
    Theworldbelongs togod21 dzień temu

    Augustd looks like suga

  • I'm Rose
    I'm Rose21 dzień temu

    Ah descendents of the sun's osts... My heart...

  • Azra Jabin Zaara
    Azra Jabin Zaara22 dni temu

    Me blink and army

  • Hasanat Jahan
    Hasanat Jahan22 dni temu

    I jast hate black pink

  • Khushi Sshi
    Khushi Sshi22 dni temu

    But where is sweet night in 2020

  • Sandra 99

    Sandra 99

    5 dni temu

    It’s an ost

  • Rokeya Apurba
    Rokeya Apurba22 dni temu

    Jennie solo and Rose on the ground

  • Limario straykids
    Limario straykids23 dni temu

    I think lisas solo will be 2021 most viewed solo mv

  • Enes Abi Tüm Videolarına Aboneyim
    Enes Abi Tüm Videolarına Aboneyim23 dni temu

    Baekhyun's solo bambi 28 million 😥😥😥

  • 12 Gunchenba Khuraijam
    12 Gunchenba Khuraijam24 dni temu

    You should add BTS's V Sweet Night

  • Sandra 99

    Sandra 99

    5 dni temu

    No cuz it’s an ost for a drama

  • Vanes Lin
    Vanes Lin24 dni temu

    Me, not a teeny bit surprised Rosé and Jennie are 1st

  • Vanes Lin
    Vanes Lin24 dni temu

    Your intro is everything!

  • Josie Ayam
    Josie Ayam24 dni temu

    Rose always I m proud of being blink🖤💗

  • I am a Blinkı
    I am a Blinkı24 dni temu


  • Patryk Koza
    Patryk Koza24 dni temu

    On the ground.....Solo

  • jennieisthequeen k
    jennieisthequeen k25 dni temu


  • tristesse
    tristesse26 dni temu


  • H-Girl
    H-Girl26 dni temu

    Jennie: 2018 Rosé: 2021 The best songs 😍😍😘😘

  • Hany Rancy
    Hany Rancy26 dni temu

    I think almost song at here I know it😝❤️

  • Moh andra
    Moh andra27 dni temu

    2018 Jennie solo 2021 Rose on the ground

  • Ondogo Oochko
    Ondogo Oochko27 dni temu

    Rosè and Jennie

  • Shan Jaya
    Shan Jaya27 dni temu

    The next top solo 2021 LISA BLACKPINK

  • Maxing
    Maxing27 dni temu

    제니가 쩔긴 하네 아이돌 솔로 전부 2억뷰 전후인데 혼자 6억대 조회수 ㄷㄷ

  • Valentina Juliana Busto
    Valentina Juliana Busto27 dni temu

    resumen de 2016:ost de joyitas

  • jichu x
    jichu x27 dni temu


  • UniquelyKeiri
    UniquelyKeiri27 dni temu

    I did an On The Ground Lyric Prank video in roblox lol *On the Ground* is a MASTERPIECE but ofc my vid sucks LOL 🖤💓🌹✨👑👑👑👑

  • Iness Anaïs
    Iness Anaïs27 dni temu

    Blackpink is the Best like Jennie and rosé ♥️😍😭🥰😏😎🤩🖤💕♥️❤️

  • Amora
    Amora27 dni temu

    For me, rosé didn't deserve all of that, it wasn't such a good solo debut I expected

  • ieman fairus
    ieman fairus27 dni temu

    Psy Gangnam style Is 4b

  • Sharin Twinkle
    Sharin Twinkle27 dni temu

    Rosé is queen 👑👑👑

  • Razia Bristy
    Razia Bristy27 dni temu

    LISA Queen👑👑

  • 김태라
    김태라28 dni temu

    2016 is really a wonderful year of Korean Drama

  • ꨄ乃ㄗ乙口れモꨄ
    ꨄ乃ㄗ乙口れモꨄ28 dni temu

    Rosie Posie did it again NO.1 Jennie Nini did it again NO.1

  • ПуФыСтЫй ЗаЙкА
    ПуФыСтЫй ЗаЙкА28 dni temu

    My fav soloist is Jennie and Rose❤💖

  • Sheha Fathima
    Sheha Fathima29 dni temu


  • Rejhana Neimarlija
    Rejhana Neimarlija29 dni temu


  • Sara Zotelo
    Sara Zotelo29 dni temu

    creo que te equivocas te en gaho y zico any song

  • Janete Rocha Alves
    Janete Rocha Alves29 dni temu

    나는 k-pop을 좋아한다

  • Sagittariuz12
    Sagittariuz1229 dni temu

    Jennie and Rosé

  • Justin Russel
    Justin RusselMiesiąc temu

    from this video i realized that these soloists cure most of my depression

  • Nesha does everything
    Nesha does everythingMiesiąc temu

    Ringa lingard has a special place in my heart

  • Fiza Maqsood
    Fiza MaqsoodMiesiąc temu

    Yes Rosé is on the top now The way she does effort to make her career she deserves everything . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sk
    SkMiesiąc temu


  • Nur Atiqah
    Nur AtiqahMiesiąc temu

    2018 literally BTS take the places in top 10 also 2019. And 2020 was the year of Agust D to shine. 😂💜

  • Syukri Limbong
    Syukri LimbongMiesiąc temu

    V Rose Jennie 🥰🥰🥰

  • Rakhi Sharma
    Rakhi SharmaMiesiąc temu

    90% people r here bcoz of blackpink and bts

  • pangel773
    pangel773Miesiąc temu


  • ayu Dysa.
    ayu Dysa.Miesiąc temu

    •Agustd: Agustd (2016) •Jimin: Serendipity (2017) •Jungkook: Euphoria (2018) •Jin Epiphany (2018) •Jhope: day dream (2018) •V: Singularity (2018) •V: Winter bear (2019) •Rm: Persona (2019) •Jhope: Chicken noolde soop (2020) •Suga Shadow (2020) •Jhope: Ego (2020) •Iu ft Suga: Eight (2020) •Agust D : Daechwita (2020) 💜💜Bts💜💜

  • Bunkookie Fanfics
    Bunkookie FanficsMiesiąc temu

    Ladida by everglow was my alarum ringtone and then u know what would have happened 😭

  • Kusun Mohanty
    Kusun MohantyMiesiąc temu

    Rose and Jennie are my favorite