7 Failed Videogames That Were Too Ahead of Their Time


Sometimes videogames fail not because they’re bad but because they’re just way too ahead of their time with technology, gameplay or mechanics that would kill if only they’d come out a bit later, when the world was ready for them. Watch on for seven games that were done dirty by the linear nature of time. Enjoy, and subscribe for more videos like this one!
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  • Axtmoerder
    Axtmoerder8 godzin temu

    resident evil outbreak was not a failure, it sold as good as the main line games like resi remake and 4 on gamecube (it did even outsold re zero). resident evil outbreak for a long time was in capcoms top 20 list of most succuessful games. it got a greatest hits/platinum version. it got a sequel. in what right mind does make it a failure

  • Old_is_always Gold
    Old_is_always GoldDzień temu

    The og xbox was ahead of its time and it failed Why everyone doesn't like things that are ahead of their time People are stupid

  • Malsavias S
    Malsavias SDzień temu

    Outbreak and file 2 were masterpieces that got done real dirty.

  • Ken Gibson
    Ken GibsonDzień temu

    Ooooohh i really loved body harvest!!!

  • ArielWXYZ
    ArielWXYZ2 dni temu

    Eternal darkness was crazy when I was a kid playing with older brother. It freaked us out. But I hated the game as a kid.

  • S1X_K Truu
    S1X_K Truu2 dni temu

    Body Harvest was definately ahead of its time

  • crimsonx xspawn
    crimsonx xspawn3 dni temu

    Super glad Re: Outbreak is here. The series is severly underated. If Capcom brings this back, they should lessen the virus rate. It's difficult lol

  • Doodledibob Mb
    Doodledibob Mb3 dni temu

    Marathon WAS too ahead of its time, however the whole "communication through logs" thing was done by System Shock 1, which released about 3 months before Marathon did.

  • Richard Zeifert
    Richard Zeifert3 dni temu

    Jet grind radio and conkers bad fur day

  • Richard Zeifert
    Richard Zeifert3 dni temu

    I'm so happy they put Eternal Darkness on here that was my favorite game during the GameCube era that deserves a remake

  • TJM99
    TJM993 dni temu

    I feel like I would play Marathon, but I'd just mourn Bungie's glorious past

  • Benjamin Harvey
    Benjamin Harvey4 dni temu

    Blade runner is still awesome

  • WillieManga
    WillieManga5 dni temu

    Eternal Darkness had the absolute worst luck of any video game. As bold a claim as that is, it was between a rock and a hard place, that rock being its rock bottom sales numbers and that hard place being Silicon Knights. Shadows of the Eternals was a sequel that attempted to be funded on Kickstarter, but it ended up not meeting its goal, a telling sign of how forgotten ED was. And sadly it turned out that it might be for the best because they pirated the Unreal Engine which caused all retail copies of Too Human to be permanently removed, devastating their business. So that left the Eternal franchise as ironically something that faded from memory for a lot of people and had no chance to come back.

  • hoochiemoochie
    hoochiemoochie5 dni temu

    I LOVED Body Harvest. Every time I played it, I always felt like it was a hidden gem that no one else really knew about

  • Abdel Jaliil #アブデル#
    Abdel Jaliil #アブデル#5 dni temu

    Lifeline on PS2 is another great example

  • mick aviles
    mick aviles6 dni temu

    Outbreak needs a remake

  • William Schnabel
    William Schnabel6 dni temu

    Bungie also made an early multiplayer rpg dungeon crawler called Minotaur, Labyrinth of Crete. You could also use the Flamethrower and alien version like a jet pack on low gravity maps in Marathon.

  • M&M
    M&M8 dni temu

    '' Resident evil outbreak: good idea in theory Bad idea in practice " The video game equivalent to communism

  • FiZiX610
    FiZiX6108 dni temu

    Marathon was absolutely ported to PC in the mid-90s. I remember buying it out of the clearance section at Staples. My friends and I had so much fun with that game!

  • WhoahDgaming
    WhoahDgaming8 dni temu

    Ok, but how are you going to overlook "Brink" way ahead of it's time.

  • guts4264347
    guts42643479 dni temu

    I put so many hours into outbreak that I would play it on the hardest setting online and solve all of the puzzles myself! I miss those days!

  • MrNightshade2010
    MrNightshade20109 dni temu

    wasnt the marathon games supposed to be like 200 years into the future of the haloverse ?

  • Jake Neumann
    Jake Neumann9 dni temu

    Outbreak File 1 and 2 are some of the best RE titles

  • Babette Daniels
    Babette Daniels11 dni temu

    "Impossible Creatures" - create your perfect animal army by splicing genes together. Played it right up until Microsoft took down the servers in the early 2000s.

  • TSMiller97
    TSMiller9711 dni temu

    I left a dislike on your video because y'all couldn't even go 10 seconds without getting something wrong.

    KANGBA11 dni temu

    ugh. i love the vids but the reused scripts kill me. like the jurassic park one. just watched another video of your about the game and the same lines are used. word for word

  • Aquaman Independent
    Aquaman Independent12 dni temu

    *You forgot to include "Angels Fall First"."*

  • Mr Rationality
    Mr Rationality13 dni temu

    Eternal darkness is not forgotten it’s a cult classic

  • Zandengoff
    Zandengoff13 dni temu

    Anyone wanting to play Resident Evil Outbreak, the japanese version has been patched and can be played online today.

  • BlackCroft666LP
    BlackCroft666LP13 dni temu

    Eternal Darkness is a great game but man the riddles are hard sometimes.

  • Deneko Brown
    Deneko Brown13 dni temu

    Body harvest 64 was absolutely amazing

  • RaithGyaron
    RaithGyaron13 dni temu

    I've never played a Resident Evil game but I've played Eternal Darkness several times.

  • ThatManIsLaGOAT
    ThatManIsLaGOAT14 dni temu

    I live in Pakistan and ps2 back then supported online here

  • Jaime Abad Rodríguez
    Jaime Abad Rodríguez14 dni temu

    Dude, Eternal Darkness is one of the greatest games I've ever played, and I've played A LOT of videogames.

  • bobby boucher
    bobby boucher14 dni temu

    Lol how, the last good game was on ps2 hahaha

  • Axel Hinn
    Axel Hinn14 dni temu

    Eternal Darkness will never be forgotten!

  • Dakota Thacker
    Dakota Thacker14 dni temu

    I wish theyd have remade/re-released Outbreak when the technology caught up

  • Steffen Schmidt
    Steffen Schmidt14 dni temu

    What I was missing here: 2009's RTS/collectible -Hybrid Battleforge.

  • Graham Kelly
    Graham Kelly15 dni temu

    That blade runner game looks genuinely miles ahead of anything attempted around then.

  • Deragai
    Deragai15 dni temu

    Surprised Hellgate London isn't on this list.

  • DinendalLeralonde
    DinendalLeralonde15 dni temu

    Burning Rangers on the Sega Saturn is one of the earliest examples I can think of that had some form of random map generation. Each playthrough of a level (after the first) shared the same general shell, but obstructions, locked doors, and people to save would be randomly placed. And the voice navigation was still able to work and tell you where to go. It's a shame it was released at the end of the Saturn's life, because it was a terrific game for its time that a lot of people missed out on.

  • ElkianLionblood
    ElkianLionblood16 dni temu

    I wonder if Grim Fandango counts. It was pretty ambitious for a 1998 release...

  • ElkianLionblood
    ElkianLionblood16 dni temu

    There are only three things WORTH communicating in online co-op, and past "Help" and "Thanks" the third can be communicated by leaving the match. /jk

  • James DuBeck
    James DuBeck17 dni temu

    RE outbreak better get a remake. And i remember borrowing sanitys requiem off my cousin and almost instantly NOPED right out it lol. That games was good.

  • Herb Hungry
    Herb Hungry17 dni temu

    i had jurassic park trespasser and have been trying to place it in my mind for years... thank you.

  • Dork n' Beanz
    Dork n' Beanz18 dni temu

    Ah, Eternal Darkness. I was actually just playing this last night. One of my personal favorites! It’s too bad it wasn’t more popular. I would’ve loved to see a sequel, or a spin off of some sort.

  • Twiggymc
    Twiggymc18 dni temu

    Man i played Outbreak file 2 on the day they took the servers down, my friend had never heard of it and i was showing it to him, half way through a game i got disconnected when i tried to hop back on i got the message saying they were taken down, my heart was broken

  • Jolene 2 Spirit Tarot Queen
    Jolene 2 Spirit Tarot Queen19 dni temu

    Outbreak File 2, literally my favorite horror game. Never even got to play it online.

  • savagetwinky
    savagetwinky19 dni temu

    It's not that eternal darckness is forgetton.. you can't easily play it nor were there any follow ups in the series. It was popular back in the day but I don't think everyone kept their game cubes.

  • John Meyer
    John Meyer20 dni temu

    I'd put Darklands for radiant quests and aging party members

  • Darth Tourette
    Darth Tourette20 dni temu

    6:57 what word is he saying

  • Mascãdá Del Pántiòn
    Mascãdá Del Pántiòn21 dzień temu

    Currently playing Eternal Darkness: Insanitie's Requiem right now! And holy man can I attest to the fact that this is one bad ass game to this day

  • sadowolf
    sadowolf22 dni temu

    Just came to make sure Eternal Darkness was on the list haha. Not sure if it's exactly a valid entry, but I thought of Kill Switch as well. It invented the modern 3rd person cover system and the game's lead designer was integral worked on the game that would actually popularize the cover system, Gears of War. Kill Switch basically employed a game changing idea for 3rd person shooters, but at a time where 3rd person shooter mechanics in general weren't solid enough to take full advantage of it and maintain a good flow of combat.

  • marc raygun
    marc raygun22 dni temu


  • MonochromeWench
    MonochromeWench22 dni temu

    Marathon's story presentation did not inspire audio logs in other games. Audio Logs were first used in the original System Shock that was released a few months before Marathon. Other games are just copying system shock 1 and 2

  • MonochromeWench
    MonochromeWench22 dni temu

    Trespasser's controlling an arm is not too different to how vr games do things except vr controllers are desinged for doing that. Trespasser definitely ahead of its time there

  • The Grinderman
    The Grinderman23 dni temu

    'Future Cop: LAPD' was a big budget EA flop on the PS1, and was essentially the first ever MOBA, but since multiplayer online didn't exist yet, it's just 1v1 local multi. And that was a secondary mode on top of the main campaign mode. Brilliant game. Me and my bros used to settle arguments with games of it, lol. Sadly I've never met anyone else who has ever even heard of it.

  • Remmington Birman
    Remmington Birman23 dni temu

    outbreak :(

  • Jerome is here
    Jerome is here26 dni temu

    I think we're all glossing over that drag race reference

  • Off-Color Darkrai
    Off-Color Darkrai26 dni temu

    ok, but hear me out... April Fools video idea: (however many) Times Oxbox/Oxtra reused the script, and the fans didn't notice ; ) See how much you can get away with! Love the videos BTW

  • PATH of the UKNOWN
    PATH of the UKNOWN27 dni temu

    Eternal darkness deserved a sequel but it dont look like we will get it

  • John Mcguire
    John Mcguire29 dni temu

    Skyward sword was for the wii Not the wii u

  • John Mcguire
    John Mcguire29 dni temu

    Skyward sword

  • Jarda Hála
    Jarda Hála29 dni temu

    The OUTBREAK failed because the PS2 "online" was available only for privileged countries. You can buy HDD, and all things to get online in Czech Rep., but SONY banned you if you tried get online :(

  • Mike Castleberry
    Mike CastleberryMiesiąc temu

    When I worked at Hollywood Video, I repeatedly rented Eternal Darkness. Never finished it, but God that game was awesome at the time. Definitely deserves a remake.

  • neoanimegirl
    neoanimegirlMiesiąc temu

    I played both Outbreak games. I had the connection but no one was on. I wish they would make a reboot of the game cuz it was really good add on to the story, especially outbreak file 2

  • FoxyAreku
    FoxyArekuMiesiąc temu

    Was happy to see Outbreak on this, it was so ahead of its time.

  • Vitor Bilharinho
    Vitor BilharinhoMiesiąc temu

    Lol didn't even know re Outbreak had multiplayer until now, one of the best resident evil games and one of the best survival horror games for me.

  • Trond Haugland
    Trond HauglandMiesiąc temu

    I didn't really get to enjoy Under a Killing Moon untill I played it in DosBox with all six discs mounted and highest graphics level. Awsome game, but way ahead of it's time.

  • Zachary Erickson
    Zachary EricksonMiesiąc temu

    Skyward Sword was on the Wii not the Wii U. Why the hell is there an exclusive game on the Mac? I thought Macs weren't meant to be gaming computers.

  • Iyammarrok 'Rok'
    Iyammarrok 'Rok'Miesiąc temu

    I wouldn't exactly call eternal darkness a survival horror... definitely a lovecraftian mess, but more of a hallucinate-em-up than a horror. so much of it was hilarious.

  • Eric Mikesell
    Eric MikesellMiesiąc temu

    Outbreak was amazing and still fun to play through now for side objectives and secret items

  • MrScratchproof
    MrScratchproofMiesiąc temu

    That's two Drag Race references in one video. Go Andy!

  • Brando M
    Brando MMiesiąc temu

    Resident Evil Outbreak was actually sweet

  • Fach Yutuob
    Fach YutuobMiesiąc temu

    I looooved apb. Wish it was released in todays time, would have been so good.

  • Cantobotz
    CantobotzMiesiąc temu

    4:43 who holds a gun like that? 😆

  • Augie 82
    Augie 82Miesiąc temu

    Exploding Bobs... Still love Marathon 2!

  • The Trollenator
    The TrollenatorMiesiąc temu

    Eternal Darkness was the SHIT!!!🤘🤘🤘

  • Basim Ramzan
    Basim RamzanMiesiąc temu

    kinda like fancying a tall vampire lady😂😂

  • Abdel Ali
    Abdel AliMiesiąc temu

    Man, never heard of that APB or I just completely forgot about it but yeah, 2 factions one trying to complete objectives and the other faction of sorrounding players trying to stop the other one at all costs is basically GTA O, only that is not a simple cops vs robbers dynamic but more like, grinding players vs p2w griefers. BTW at least they beat GTA O with real character creation tools instead of the weird let's mix & match parents to see what abomination results.

  • ericb31


    19 dni temu

    oh, there was a VERY old arcade game called APB. it was a top-town driving game where you play as a cop!

  • Abdel Ali
    Abdel AliMiesiąc temu

    First Mr Game & Watch appearing first in Smash 4 instead of Melee and now Skyward Sword being an underperforming Wii U release instead of a highly grossing release in the very popular Wii, but anyway it's not that I don't like these videos, but at times you gotta do some little fact check.

  • Nodakear
    NodakearMiesiąc temu

    APB Reloaded is not just for Xbox... it's also on PC.... I didn't even know it was on xbox tho.... are we sure it's on xbox? I only know it on PC..... Glad to know it on PC tho, xbox sux :P

  • SBJ 974
    SBJ 974Miesiąc temu

    Andy honestly read trespasser’s old script from an old video like no one will notice XD

  • Krystal109
    Krystal109Miesiąc temu

    I actually remember me and a friend setting up the PS2 to play Resident Evil Outbreak and playing it a bit. It was actually a really fun game, but without wifi and all that good stuff it really was ahead of its time.

  • ghosthunter08
    ghosthunter08Miesiąc temu

    Im still waiting for that outbreak remaster

  • Ineke Pronk
    Ineke PronkMiesiąc temu

    Body harvest. I can't believe I forgot about that game. One of the first games I actually finished.

  • FunnyGaming
    FunnyGamingMiesiąc temu

    i miss resident evil outbreak i play the 1 and 2 and both are fun and i find myself sometime searching way more than the regular resident evil series ...The music of the outbreak games is fantastic too!

  • Furry Scythe
    Furry ScytheMiesiąc temu

    I think the main problem with Outbreak is that it's main focus was being played online/multiplayer. Playing it solo for the first time were they just throw you in a stage without any clue what's going on is something I'm not a fan of. I always prefer the regular RE game mechanics.

  • ceos gamer 016 _
    ceos gamer 016 _Miesiąc temu

    Im gona disagrese and say god of war? Meybe?

  • black citadel9
    black citadel9Miesiąc temu

    Funny, RE: Outbreak is the only Resident Evil game I actually played. The main series has never grabbed me tbh. I played Blade Runner as a kid, didn't manage much, I didn't understand what I was doing. Heh I played APB Reloaded, it was alright, but it's got issues with aimbotters and P2W lootbox type mechanics. The character creation and customisation is still top notch though.

    I-YELL- A-LOTMiesiąc temu


  • D'Andre Smith
    D'Andre SmithMiesiąc temu

    Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero

  • BlqrgdeBlargdeBlarg
    BlqrgdeBlargdeBlargMiesiąc temu

    Weak, System Shock predated Marathon by a few months and was most definitely the precursor to Bioshock. Do your research.

  • Baggy Trousers
    Baggy TrousersMiesiąc temu

    Project Gun metal was definitely a missed opportunity. 3rd person shooter, giant mechsuit, 2 arsenals of weapons and the ability to seamlessly transform into a fighter jet & back again at the touch of a button. Currently on Steam 75% off. Down from $4 to $1.

  • DJ ProJugs
    DJ ProJugsMiesiąc temu

    14:40 not the kind of car I'd imagine Will Smith to ever steal.

  • Ryan Richey
    Ryan RicheyMiesiąc temu

    Killing Time. If the 3DO version was ever remade, it would be amazing!

  • NickyDeDuck
    NickyDeDuckMiesiąc temu

    Re:Outbreak is so good, especially with friends. It's insanely fun

  • Jeremy Elkayam
    Jeremy ElkayamMiesiąc temu

    Two words: Viva Piñata.

  • Tarek Said
    Tarek SaidMiesiąc temu

    Oh wow, i had the Blade Runner adventure game! I didn't get all (13?) endings, though... At the time, I had no idea the replicants were randomized, only that there were multiple endings, so I was extremely confused when I shot a guy that was clearly a replicant on my first playthrough and ended up in jail for killing a human being :)

  • NiccoH34db4ng
    NiccoH34db4ngMiesiąc temu

    Add Hellgate London,the first looter shooter.