18 New Features Were Added In Diablo 2 Resurrected!


In the Diablo 2 Resurrected Deep Dive at Blizzcon the Developers revealed quite a few new features that they are adding into the remaster. This video shares these features with you in a timely fashion, so you can quickly get back to the rabbit hole that is the PLclip algorithm.
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  • BmoreGaming
    BmoreGamingMiesiąc temu

    I'm aware that some people are saying German was already a language supported in D2. I wasn't entirely sure which 5 languages were added so I tried to compare the list of languages on the Diablo 2 store page to the Diablo 2 Resurrected page and just listed the new ones that were different, so my apologies. Also, some of the features that people have said that I missed in the comments I have covered in this video here: plclip.info/show/qaB2zouvZ57UpKA/wideo

  • SangoReborn


    13 dni temu

    @bigger Ben Implemented in single player d2R. : allowCowPortalWhenCowKingWasKilled

  • bigger Ben

    bigger Ben

    13 dni temu

    I want cow king kills are no more ruin the char change.

  • Cj


    28 dni temu

    @Rage Axis Are .. are you okay? Or just dumb... ?

  • Crampets Shain

    Crampets Shain

    Miesiąc temu

    Yes german exists i play my d2 in german right now.

  • SangoReborn


    Miesiąc temu

    I like your video, however in regards of the period of each ladder reset, for diablo II, 6 months make sense. As it takes around 500 Hours to get to level 99 in diablo II, anyone with a job or that goes to school can actually still manage to get a level 99 on a set season. on 3 months you would need to play a whopping 5 hours and a half per day of pure leveling, however, if you put that on 6 months, were talking about 2hours and 45mins per day, which is definitely doable on a long-time run. Ladder resets on d2 need to remain 6 months for that reason.

  • marz bite
    marz bite4 godzin temu

    why diablo 2 now looks better than diablo 3?

  • dalurin zinia
    dalurin zinia19 godzin temu

    2021 isn't all that bad after all

  • Tobias Bastrup
    Tobias Bastrup2 dni temu

    Hello. I subscribed to your channel based on this one video. Although you seem like a really great guy with really great content, you won me over on the one 'facking' word you said. Without a need to curse or be leud in any way, you really expressed what you felt with that word, and that to me is amazing. gone be censorship in the golden days of humanity. Looking forward to enjoy your content, which you already proved comes from the pit of your heart. Thank you so much.

  • Mheath13
    Mheath132 dni temu

    I think the Amazon looks great, I have seen a lot of people not liking amazon and I don't see it lol

  • Jamie R
    Jamie R3 dni temu

    Ahhh. No more permaing items. That's such a big Quality of Life. I wonder if the dupes are still there. Wouldn't use it this time around, but as a 13 year old having endless access to SoJs, 1/43 GCDs, 3/20/20s etc. Hard to resist :P

  • Kyle Schanz
    Kyle Schanz3 dni temu

    SoJ's here I come baby!!!

  • Wild Mage
    Wild Mage3 dni temu

    What about Join bug? :)

  • palyp509
    palyp5093 dni temu

    why i cant find diablo 2 on ps store??

  • Poutinsky _
    Poutinsky _3 dni temu

    6 months Ladder seasons are too long ? Lmao! Most regular players would barley have time to forge a single high tier RW in that time, if at all... 6 months or less would be ok if best rw were not ladder only, this feature kills something.. it only flavors bot users.. they should've concentrate effort to make bots impossible to use or easly detected and Immediate keys ban..

  • Guiding Light
    Guiding Light4 dni temu

    Anyone know how the online gameplay will work with the consoles?

  • LvL99
    LvL994 dni temu

    i actually don't like the items comparison feature.....

  • Nymbier Tagactac
    Nymbier Tagactac4 dni temu

    Is there going to be an offline mode for this, like the old D2?

  • Jo Viviano
    Jo Viviano5 dni temu

    the only feature I want: to be able to play as a female necromancer

  • Hyper Sonic
    Hyper Sonic6 dni temu

    Zooming out more than the ordinal game would be nice. I remember shooting monsters way off the screen, that's just crazy!

  • Earl P
    Earl P6 dni temu

    Just being able to reallocate stats instead of creating a new character to try another spec would be my big win.

  • michal rug
    michal rug6 dni temu

    It looks like it will be better to play on the controller couse u will have god damn skillbar...

  • chantal7
    chantal77 dni temu

    Hey! Do you know if the item drops are shared like the classic? Or is it own drops for everyone?

  • Michael Petrovich
    Michael Petrovich7 dni temu

    Hey, great video. You do a really good job at breaking things down so it's edable and there's not alot of fluff inserted between info. Great vid!

  • BmoreGaming


    7 dni temu

    Thank you for the kind words!

  • C.Walter.E Kurtz
    C.Walter.E Kurtz7 dni temu

    HYPE !! Thanks for the vid :)

  • Hyper Sonic
    Hyper Sonic7 dni temu

    5:28 OMG, the reason I stopped playing D2 was the 3 month expiration of characters. This is a very welcome addition!

  • Hyper Sonic
    Hyper Sonic7 dni temu

    1:36 We need shared stash in WoW. Tired of trading ores between Engineering/BS/JC & herbs between Alchemist/Inscriptionist. Ya and trading to mules was crazy, start a game, stay for 5 minutes, log off, log on with another char and pray everything it still on the ground!

  • NaM 7
    NaM 77 dni temu

    The potential of Diablo 2 resurrected is huge but im not sure how long the endgame of baal runs, ubers and pvp will keep me playing so this time im hoping for something more. Also it seems their still using the old way of binding everything to function keys not sure how to feel about that meanwhile all the console/controller players get a real skill bar but keyboard players are stuck on function keys.

  • FoxWizzy
    FoxWizzy7 dni temu

    so most of the things they added was there for SP(and some MP/BN) with the PlugY (stashes are better with PlugY), visually its great, and the SFX is nice, until its out i am not going to get my hopes up....they might f..k it up like with W3 remastered :))))

  • B D
    B D8 dni temu

    There wasn't any zoom when I played the alpha. How do you get it to work?

  • Funkhauzer
    Funkhauzer8 dni temu

    prepare for this game to not work for the first 30 days.

  • Funkhauzer
    Funkhauzer8 dni temu

    unpopular opinion: Diablo 3 was way better with a controller.

  • Worldz_of_Visions
    Worldz_of_Visions9 dni temu

    2:50 Okay I'm listening. Steam controller.

  • Yoshi Toranaga
    Yoshi Toranaga9 dni temu

    one of my big issues with D2 doesn't seem to have been addressed (unless it was addressed in a patch after 1.10 on the original game, that's when I stopped playing it) how the loot is handled in mp. Is it still "everyone sees the same loot and a melee character can just snag whatever the boss dropped, leaving the ranged characters hanging lootless"? Or has ir t moved to the more modern "each sees his/her own loot"

  • Mirinovic
    Mirinovic10 dni temu

    In old D2 potion flask look more like made of glass

  • Liz Kratky
    Liz Kratky10 dni temu

    when people get to duriel, they'll feel some hard ptsd xD

  • Sagar Sharma
    Sagar Sharma11 dni temu

    Dialogue said by players while playing after some time

  • dr4kz0r
    dr4kz0r11 dni temu

    3:33 , non barbs can use barb specific helms now ? same for druid helms pala shields , right ? dumbass statement or u dont know d2

  • Alexa S
    Alexa S11 dni temu

    What about Diablo 2 - Blizzard Telemetry collecting data, Blizzard not talking about this ?? I notice on Win_10, one folder is on location "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Diablo II\GameLogs" wierd ".txt" have data about your system, and second folder "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Blizzard Entertainment\Telemetry" where ".fcr" binary file with hash content.

  • Zayne Van Day
    Zayne Van Day12 dni temu

    Is it out now ?

  • Zayne Van Day
    Zayne Van Day12 dni temu

    Amazon looks like a reincarnated David Bowie

  • Brittany Lewandowski
    Brittany Lewandowski12 dni temu

    You could zoom in before.

  • BmoreGaming


    12 dni temu

    You could not, but you aren’t the only person whose commented saying that.

  • Sardauker Legion
    Sardauker Legion12 dni temu

    Sounds nice, let's hope this rework is better than the Warcraft 3 one. Duty ends only in death.

  • Дмитрий Н.
    Дмитрий Н.12 dni temu

    Time back i was really excited by this game and spent thousand hours to, and now my childish miracle happens - the remaster of Diablo II is walks the earth!

  • BS Detector
    BS Detector13 dni temu

    19th feature missing - mac combatible - NOT. After 20+ years of playing all D games, it ends. Devs have screwed up graphics for last 2 seasons in D3 MacOS. GGG did a great job bringing POE to macs. Just saying..... whose loyal.

  • madmotorcyclist
    madmotorcyclist13 dni temu

    D2 was the best. I fondly remembered having a necro with the super rare summoning armor that enabled him to summon so many minions it was easy to solo the final boss.

  • Rachel Gray
    Rachel Gray13 dni temu

    I wish they’d let me hire more than one mercenary. I always thought it’d be cool to have the Rogue and the desert merc at the same time

  • 16bitfrost
    16bitfrost13 dni temu

    I know it's a small thing, but im not a big fan of the new character selection screen. It won't stop me from buying the game but I wish they did something different.

  • rickjamesia
    rickjamesia13 dni temu

    The only thing that I’m curious about is whether it will be mod friendly for non-bnet play. Mods and conversions are what kept D2 alive for me. After awhile I just needed new spells to fiddle with and new challenges to overcome.

  • rollcageuk
    rollcageuk13 dni temu

    can they please add a change so that necromancers can raise skeletons from nothing(like D3), Necros were always in trouble against bosses, when the skellies would die immediately, which for a summoner build is a problem.

  • Beanburritoo
    Beanburritoo13 dni temu

    you forgot the new censorship features that they are adding to the game as well!

  • Woo Kang
    Woo Kang14 dni temu

    I hope they change the skill tree synergism to open up new metas. This adds to the hours spent experimenting what is a viable meta which is where a great portion of the fun is at. Otherwise it would get boring real quick once you have played through the "nostalgia" as it has nothing new to offer.

  • Kam
    Kam14 dni temu

    I just wish they would shrink the size of the items so they wouldn't take up so much inventory space. Oh well, we can't have it all I guess..

  • LexRex
    LexRex14 dni temu

    All of these features were 100% necessary and totally awesome. I am now officially pumped for this game. My favorite inclusions are the zoom, shared stash, and the change in character expiration. One of the biggest things that bothered me about Diablo 2 was that when I would take a break from the game I would come back with all my characters gone, really made me not want to bother starting over and made me feel like I was wasting my time.

  • Nova jay
    Nova jay14 dni temu

    I’m not familiar with what a Diablo “season” is? I’ve played the game for years but I’m not in the loop apparently? What does a season consist of as far as Diablo 2 goes? Help someone !

  • BmoreGaming


    12 dni temu

    ​@Nova jay Not a problem!

  • Nova jay

    Nova jay

    12 dni temu

    @BmoreGaming thanks for explaining that lol. I’m a 40 year old who still plays D2 and the expansion. Cannot wait to get this upgraded version!

  • BmoreGaming


    13 dni temu

    Ladders or seasons are 6 month time frames where players can compete and play with each other during that period of time. After that 6th month time frame is up a new ladder is made and everyone starts over completely fresh in that new season.

  • Burning Heart
    Burning Heart14 dni temu

    They mixed the Amazon toon with the Necro face. Yikes ☹

  • James Webb
    James Webb14 dni temu

    very detailed tyvm!

  • once a musician
    once a musician15 dni temu

    do you know what system specs it will need? i can run Diablo III and would be pleased if D II remastered would also run on the same system hardware upgrades are expensive inconvenient and i would rather not unless really necessary any thoughts anyone??

  • BmoreGaming


    14 dni temu

    @once a musician Haha, you're fine.

  • once a musician

    once a musician

    14 dni temu

    @BmoreGaming thanks. i am getting old, it simply did not occur to me to do this . .

  • BmoreGaming


    14 dni temu

    You can check the minimum and recommended system requirements on D2R’s store page.

  • Buyaga Dodzyo
    Buyaga Dodzyo15 dni temu

    1:35 + 2:23 Those feathures can be added with PlugY. Most mods for now already have it build in, but oficial ladder don't support ANY mods...

  • Thomas Feinherb
    Thomas Feinherb15 dni temu

    diablo 2 always existed in german:)

  • Thomas Feinherb
    Thomas Feinherb15 dni temu

    amazons face is like the 1-year-after-meth comparison picture

  • Charles Crossen
    Charles Crossen15 dni temu

    Hands down this is the best RPG back in the days.

  • Goratch the mule
    Goratch the mule15 dni temu

    "Not even death can save you from me".

  • Snake Enjoying a Can of Beans
    Snake Enjoying a Can of Beans15 dni temu

    Can you play it offline and can you still LAN?

  • Maxi Wu
    Maxi Wu15 dni temu

    Global Server!! this is the best feature. So that people could play and social with anywhere on Earth.

  • GRIFFON cs
    GRIFFON cs15 dni temu

    Does anyone know if they're changing or rebalancing any skills?

  • Jakub Načeradský
    Jakub Načeradský15 dni temu

    I would missing entire Median XL if it will not be compatible or remade for Resurrected edition...

  • Al Young
    Al Young15 dni temu

    i didnt read all the comments but the camera zoom option was available also the compare items was available in the original d2

  • Adrien H.
    Adrien H.16 dni temu

    Did they add something to prevent bots playing and ruining the game economy ???

  • zloidooraque
    zloidooraque16 dni temu

    i'm pretty sure item comparison feature was there.. is it D2 LoD they're resurrecting? cuz if it's not, i''ll e very upset

  • Styx Hellmouth
    Styx Hellmouth16 dni temu

    We need transmog items look cool now we can make sick combos

  • Smeargut
    Smeargut16 dni temu

    I miss my fury Druid he could solo Uber trist.

  • SoloAdvocate
    SoloAdvocate16 dni temu

    The Amazon kinda looks like David Bowie...

  • chimeric 777
    chimeric 77716 dni temu

    Anyone know why I can't hear the sound on the d2 game I bought online from Blizzard? Blizzard won't help, they're fucking useless. I will e-transfer money to anyone who can solve this problem for me :(

  • BmoreGaming


    16 dni temu

    Have you tried running it in admin or in different compatibility modes?

  • Йордан Ангелов
    Йордан Ангелов16 dni temu

    trump: make the amazon sexy again (she should be though imo)

  • selman tahiroğlu
    selman tahiroğlu16 dni temu

    if there will be bots like d2 i am out

  • Ashen hero
    Ashen hero17 dni temu


  • Tom N
    Tom N17 dni temu

    You can refresh the gambling store, (gheed)

  • nichtair junalis
    nichtair junalis17 dni temu

    Does the remaster include Act V or is that a separate DLC or something?

  • BmoreGaming


    17 dni temu

    It incudes it.

  • Чернов Слава
    Чернов Слава17 dni temu

    0:38 McCool

  • Felix Umbra
    Felix Umbra17 dni temu

    The armor noises either need to have their own volume option or be a LOT quieter. Just a personal thing.

  • shroomadelics
    shroomadelics17 dni temu

    hope they add an option so that dropped items are always displayed and I don't have to keep pressing "ALT".

  • Sesshorin
    Sesshorin17 dni temu

    O yes nO character expiration and shared stash O he'll yes

  • Matthew K
    Matthew K17 dni temu

    Don't know why but really liked the sound quality of your vid. Never seen one of yours before

  • BmoreGaming


    17 dni temu

    Thank you! Really appreciate the kind words!

  • James Klebau
    James Klebau17 dni temu

    The game looks all around perfect but ONE thing they didn't do that I'm sure most of us wish they had. Increase the size of the inventory cuz lets face it we all know that its going to be stuffed full of charms and there's just not enough inventory space

  • Brand
    Brand17 dni temu

    I refuse to spend any more of my life on D2 just because they did basically a graphics overhaul. *Sees Meteor spell...* So, I'll start by making Stealth, then shop a 2 socket staff for Leaf... Real talk though, they just need to implement support for loot filters and I'll be happy. ...And figure out how DClone is going to work.

  • Turtles Bruh
    Turtles Bruh17 dni temu

    4 month ladders would be nice. Anything shorter would suck

  • Steven Binks
    Steven Binks17 dni temu

    Probably the best action RPG created, so excited to play this when it's released. I'm a little dissapointed they didn't introduce cross play with different systems, but at least I get to do cow and Baal runs 😁

  • MortSalazar
    MortSalazar17 dni temu

    Man i can't wait

  • Kruzerg Kruzz
    Kruzerg Kruzz17 dni temu

    pls answer this guys is this game playable with win7? i dont want getting any trouble update to win10 and need re download many stuffs

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse18 dni temu

    As a console player with carpal tunnel, I'm happy that I can play one of the best PC games of all time.

  • Zepherlink
    Zepherlink18 dni temu

    If only perm characters exsisted before i gave up on refreshing and lost everything

  • Carlo Luigi Miguel Tumbali
    Carlo Luigi Miguel Tumbali18 dni temu

    Does this include the expansion story as well?

  • BmoreGaming


    18 dni temu


  • Redien
    Redien18 dni temu

    now we need to kick EA to do C&C Generals

  • Tera T
    Tera T18 dni temu

    Did they undid the nerf for drops of duel leech rings? Using alt lowbie characters to farm it?

  • Michael Wagenstein
    Michael Wagenstein18 dni temu

    Great video!

  • svg gridnco
    svg gridnco18 dni temu

    한국어는 뉴랭귀지가 아닌건가...-_- ;;;

  • 9ZweihandeR9
    9ZweihandeR918 dni temu

    I wish they had added a progression system to continue improving max level characters like D3 has. It becomes really apparent with characters like the sorceress that skills that don't scale with weapon damage are capped at too low level for higher difficulties. Even with a hacked character using PlugY to make my stats off the charts, and skills all max level, I couldn't kill anything with the sorceress in hell difficulty. Don't come at me for hacking, I never played online.

  • Meow
    Meow18 dni temu

    clickbaits, those are TWEAKS not features, removed channel from recommended

  • Mr Strange
    Mr Strange18 dni temu

    Rip every game on my backlog because this is what i will be spending my time on.

  • josh nieboer
    josh nieboer19 dni temu

    My smite pally was a god!

  • Marcin
    Marcin19 dni temu

    Audiobook to listen to on your farming runs: He Who Fights with Monsters By Shirtaloon. You're welcome everyone. & Thanks in advance for anyone replying with your LitRPG recommendations.

  • T Ho
    T Ho19 dni temu

    Excellent breakdown! Thank you :)

  • Ernst Traag
    Ernst Traag20 dni temu

    I just hope they fix the summoned minions blocking each other and the character. Going full skeleton necromancer was a nightmare.

  • ObsessedCollector
    ObsessedCollector20 dni temu

    So basically we get Diablo 2 meets World of Warcraft. YESSSSS. Thank you Blizzard for the best game ever.