Diablo One Shot | BlizzConline 2021


We teamed up with BlizzConline 2021 for a special one-shot inspired by Diablo! Matthew Mercer runs players Laura Bailey, Marisha Ray, Liam O'Brien, and special guests Mica Burton and Carlos Luna through a dungeon-crawling adventure!
Character art by Jessica Nguyen: Jessketchin
GM Matthew Mercer: matthewmercer
Laura Bailey: LauraBaileyVO
Liam O'Brien: VoiceOfOBrien
Marisha Ray: Marisha_Ray
Mica Burton: MicaBurton
Carlos Luna: CarlosCrits
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  • Flando Maltrizian
    Flando MaltrizianMiesiąc temu

    HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 0:30 Player introductions 1:50 ADR 2:45 Intro cinematic (awesome art) 3:50 Episode Starts 5:00 Deckard Caine requests aid 7:30 Tauro intro 8:30 Laslo intro 9:25 Mordred intro 10:15 Remuil intro 11:00 Indra intro 14:00 Smashing pots 14:30 Onyx intro 17:55 First battle 23:20 Devour 31:10 Don’t forget to thank your necromancer 34:45 Spell Slots is born 35:45 Spell Slots is doing its best 40:35 Smashing more pots 41:40 Mordred is seeing the simulation 46:55 Mordred threatens a door 48:45 Shoot first 50:00 Just a dude 51:45 Crocodile arm 54:45 Montage 56:10 Spell Slots the bard 57:55 Auto-tune skeleton 59:50 Second battle 1:09:35 You can also kill things that don’t bleed 1:14:10 I’m Johnny 1:19:30 Spell Slots in Yeezy’s 1:22:00 D12 hype 1:26:45 MORE POTS 1:28:55 Domechal, Eater of Storms 1:31:30 Sacrificing Johnny 1:35:00 Regret 1:35:55 Pranking Tauro 1:38:00 This kid sucks 1:41:25 Final Battle (Return of the cows) 1:47:55 Moo, bleep 1:48:45 Mordred the bullfighter 1:51:50 Mooman beings 1:55:25 RIP Spell Slots 2:09:25 Battle ends 2:15:40 Coming full circle on the pots 2:16:30 Justice for Spell Slots 2:17:45 Episode Ends A bit late on my part, but not bad Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  • Chad Aga

    Chad Aga

    Miesiąc temu

    Your the best my man

  • Senok13


    Miesiąc temu

    38:55 - 39:56 Mordred's Final Flash ;) ... I believed you play Diablo, and not Dragon Ball.

  • Kelly R.

    Kelly R.

    Miesiąc temu

    Bless you Flando for not only doing the campaign time stamps but these as well

  • Ben Ingram

    Ben Ingram

    Miesiąc temu

    Absolutely NAILED Deckards voice. He can't have been the voice actor from the original, but just wow.

  • Joshua Bennett

    Joshua Bennett

    Miesiąc temu

    I want Flando to be a special guest. He is a true hero.

  • SirRicardo
    SirRicardo12 godzin temu

    Some feedback...I would preferr to see the combats shown on a map of the dungeon. Like Roll 20 or Foundry.

  • Tiger Mafia
    Tiger Mafia2 dni temu

    Mom : you are 20s you should have more adult friends The adult friends : Me : i’m happy, thanks mom.

  • Lt Spyder
    Lt Spyder3 dni temu

    I....kind of want the homebrew rules they used for this lol

  • Leo52
    Leo528 dni temu

    Deckard Cain! It brings so much memories back to me!

  • Francesco Rizzo
    Francesco Rizzo9 dni temu

    5:00 XD

  • pauloskinner
    pauloskinner9 dni temu

    The awesome art in the intro, I can't find credits. Looks to me like it's by Caio Santos aka BlackSalander?

  • Romualdas Kuzborskis
    Romualdas Kuzborskis10 dni temu

    I dont get it, is that a homebrew or did they actually use some existing rules/game? Carlos seems perplexed at first that he can name jis skeleton

  • M Deder
    M Deder10 dni temu

    Are Marisha, Liam, and Carlos’s classes homebrew or reskinned existing classes?

  • madjarov42
    madjarov4211 dni temu

    Amazing Deckard Cain voice. I'll stay awhile and listen for a specific phrase.

  • Blade
    Blade11 dni temu

    0:12 Diablo 2: ( *Matt's voice suddenly teleports to a recording booth* ) Resurrected

  • Marcus Svensk
    Marcus Svensk11 dni temu

    As far as the lore goes with heroes ending up as corrupted puppets for the prime evils... that necromancer is allready halfway there :)

  • Fallout Corpse
    Fallout Corpse12 dni temu

    Nooooooooooooooo spell slot

  • Fallout Corpse
    Fallout Corpse12 dni temu

    I love johnny Edit wait no dont Edit 2 noooooooooooooooooooooo you monsters you killed him

  • JasonRichter
    JasonRichter13 dni temu

    *Spoilers* WOW. The Offering of Johnny. I do not saw that coming. When i think of Diablo i knew that World is cruel but this from our Heroes.... just. WOW.

  • Jon Civils
    Jon Civils13 dni temu

    How did he do the echo

  • Dimitris Malisovas
    Dimitris Malisovas14 dni temu

    Matt's intro is sooo Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen!

  • Andrew Laverghetta
    Andrew Laverghetta14 dni temu

    I have no idea how I'm just now seeing this.

  • Andy Goes to Hell
    Andy Goes to Hell14 dni temu

    57:48 Matt's shriek even has its own reverb

  • LordAaronus
    LordAaronus15 dni temu

    Genshin Impact oneshot when

  • Daxdleader
    Daxdleader15 dni temu

    omg i used to mess around with reverse reverb all the time as a joke. Love seeing it used professionally - and live too!

  • some guy
    some guy16 dni temu

    1.21 millions subscribers to critical role of D&D players and DMs...and i struggle to find people to play with xD. Also never played 5e only 4e. Also also, i wish i was a voice actor to play with these amazing actors.

  • Simon Diamond
    Simon Diamond16 dni temu

    Is there a way to download this specific one shot for Diablo? I.e., all of the GM notes, maps, etc.? As a fan of the Diablo series and a returning DM, having access to material like this is wonderful.

  • plewtz80
    plewtz8016 dni temu

    Mica is a badie yo

  • Lifeform Project
    Lifeform Project16 dni temu

    I wish we could get at our hands the ruleset/classes used for this.

  • Alex K.
    Alex K.16 dni temu

    Das ist ziemlich "aufgesetzt" und wirkt nicht ehrlich.

  • Kvothe
    Kvothe18 dni temu

    1:24:43 I'm good.. with faith 🤣

  • Francis Magallanes
    Francis Magallanes20 dni temu

    i would immediately get killed by leroy jenkining every growl heard.

  • James Long
    James Long21 dzień temu

    Matt's Deckard Cain is absolutely uncanny. I'm just going to need to role a perception check with advantage, because my finely tuned ear can't make a distinction between the two.

  • Celtic Batman
    Celtic Batman21 dzień temu

    Necromancer may not have been the Diablo min/max but was hell of a lot of fun to play. Like a darker Edgar Winter or something

  • Lars Terner
    Lars Terner21 dzień temu

    Wow , this version of Diablo is low budget

  • Iwan C
    Iwan C22 dni temu

    Aarg! Brain overload from all the video games these voices are bringing back to me! I need to play pillars of dragon age!

  • Sacramentoidioto
    Sacramentoidioto23 dni temu

    This is sooo gooood!

  • U Jim
    U Jim23 dni temu

    sean connery ??

  • Owain Hale
    Owain Hale23 dni temu

    That Deckard Cain impression was incredible!

  • Snatchyo Gato
    Snatchyo Gato24 dni temu

    Clay pots: *exist* Laura Bailey: So you have chosen death!

  • Keith Watson
    Keith Watson25 dni temu

    I'd love to get ahold of whatever homebrew classes these are.

  • Mildred Lopez
    Mildred Lopez25 dni temu

    The annoying weeder habitually battle because step-uncle univariably paddle an a well-off deborah. hilarious, beautiful crate

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson25 dni temu

    As a very very very big fan of Diablo since the days of Diablo 1, all I have to say to this is thank you, I never knew I needed something so much till I saw this!

  • Hades Zero
    Hades Zero25 dni temu

    one shot crit role crew are monsters lol.

  • darqentries
    darqentries25 dni temu

    I can smell the soy from here.

  • A A
    A A26 dni temu

    Carlos Luna was fantastic on D20, we demand more!

  • Andrei-Nicolae Farcas
    Andrei-Nicolae Farcas26 dni temu

    Hoolyyy freeeak , your getting old Man...I mean Matt! 😜🤗 Love the show guys! Havent watched in a (long?)while, but damn i miss it! Wish u guys all the best!

  • Andrei-Nicolae Farcas

    Andrei-Nicolae Farcas

    26 dni temu

    Omfg! Deckard is aliiive!

  • Clay Odonnell
    Clay Odonnell26 dni temu

    dpes anyone know if there will be a way to access these character sheets? I NEED to run a daiblo campaign

  • psykopyro
    psykopyro27 dni temu

    Lost a lot of respect for Critical Role now. They actually took a paycheck to advertise Diablo. So that's a three-step sin; taking money from Activision, taking money for supporting Diablo (the support of which will 'justify' Diablo Immortal to shareholders) and supporting Blizzard who have actively been disrespecting their own franchises, laying off workers and cutting their own creative heart out to replace it with Hasikoztis and the like.....

  • Krazy Pinoy
    Krazy Pinoy27 dni temu

    this was great

  • Nicolaj Krog
    Nicolaj Krog28 dni temu

    would really like to read the rules for this

  • 3rock33
    3rock3329 dni temu

    Is this 5e? Where do I find the adaptation?!

  • Justin C
    Justin C29 dni temu

    The pots with gold make sense. I always assumed they are burial urns. Gold to pay the death tax or the ferryman or whatever. It is the barrels which have gold inside that are weird. Unless they belong to smugglers.

  • 17joren
    17jorenMiesiąc temu

    44:04 "The right seems dangerous... the left also seems dangerous.... I'm feeling if we're looking for some fun, we go right; if we're looking to stay safe, we go to the left" oof politics right now...

  • Josco Himself
    Josco HimselfMiesiąc temu

    I'll stay awhile and listen...

  • Mark M
    Mark MMiesiąc temu

    I really liked this one shot a lot and I wish it was longer but the difference was awesome in addition to the Mighty Nien and Vox Machina shows. This as a bit darker and it was enjoyable and I can’t wait to watch it again. I really love Matt’s voice alteration the echo was bad ass. The cast was good the I love Mica and Carlos plus how the different characters that were played as darker characters

  • Kludayen
    KludayenMiesiąc temu

    There Marisha goes again... Rolling multiple attacks before knowing the result of the first one... One of these days, I want to see her first hit kill something, then matt tell her "you already rolled your second attack, so you shot a corpse, wasting it completely"

  • Nick Wallace
    Nick WallaceMiesiąc temu

    All the Kanye references! 😂

  • Hayley Helms
    Hayley HelmsMiesiąc temu

    Echoing the sentiment of others: I hope we get to see Carlos Luna again sometime, he was a delight!

  • Nick Wallace
    Nick WallaceMiesiąc temu

    Lmao, Liam is slipping into Caleb when he’s not speaking as his character. I love it. 😂

  • Gideon Hansen
    Gideon HansenMiesiąc temu

    Laura's character sounds like Gump from Legend.

  • Tim B
    Tim BMiesiąc temu

    Liam is on fire in this. I have so many new favourite quotes. "Time to do some reverse healing." "Eight Dee-Eights and a heartbreak." (8 D8's & a heartbreak) Sounds like a bands name. "I once hit a waffle and 3 gold popped out of it."

  • William Johnstone
    William JohnstoneMiesiąc temu

    Wow. That audio with Wurt

  • 17joren
    17jorenMiesiąc temu

    Any plans to share the custom classes being played here? Curious how the necromancer and crusader are handled.

  • Mr. Mouse
    Mr. MouseMiesiąc temu

    I love these people. Much love !

  • Bryan Ebert
    Bryan EbertMiesiąc temu

    Where can we find these homebrew classes? I have a player interested in the necromancer from this.

  • jumariaz
    jumariazMiesiąc temu

    This was fun. I really loved seeing tabletop Diablo!

  • Vallant Tyrant
    Vallant TyrantMiesiąc temu

    Thanks for the inspiration my peeps. This was great

  • Makotroid
    MakotroidMiesiąc temu

    Rest in pieces Johnny

  • James A
    James AMiesiąc temu

    I was like, "Why is Matt doing a Sean Connery impression?"

  • Brandon Faughn
    Brandon FaughnMiesiąc temu

    I just have this visoin of them feeding Jonny to the imp is going to somehow helping them later if the story were to continue. lol The get surrounded by a lot of imps and this one just pops up outta nowhere and is like "hey! it you guys again!" and turning to the rest of them and being like "leaves these fellas alone they's alright. Gave me a whole human in fair trade" and the other imps being like "but..." and him going "are they here to kill you specifically?...no then leave'em alone." Shame it's a one-shot.

  • Enuma Elis
    Enuma ElisMiesiąc temu

    that Cain, god damn!

  • Jozco Foz
    Jozco FozMiesiąc temu

    Yeah. I'll admit it. Carlos was an awesome player. His character was unique and quirky. 10/10

  • Thomas Tumlinson
    Thomas TumlinsonMiesiąc temu

    Only Laura Bailey could make the description of a dirty fly buzzing druid sound so sexy

  • E Rod
    E RodMiesiąc temu

    that deckard cain voice is on point

  • Brett Brown
    Brett BrownMiesiąc temu

    How can there NOT be a barbarian in a diablo 1 shot...

  • Jozco Foz
    Jozco FozMiesiąc temu

    What app does Matt use to make those awesome voice effects at 57:50? If someone knows please tell cuz I really wanna use this at my table.

  • Luis Enrique Salas Tobias
    Luis Enrique Salas TobiasMiesiąc temu

    anybody can ask me where i can find that character options? looking amazing

  • Acid Burn
    Acid BurnMiesiąc temu

    YES! WERT'S REVENGE! xD God, I loved every second of this, I wish it was longer lol

  • Dabi
    DabiMiesiąc temu

    Spellslots nooooooooo!

  • Metal Face
    Metal FaceMiesiąc temu

    WHOA--Diablo RPG by CR crew...

  • SomebodyOutThere
    SomebodyOutThereMiesiąc temu

    @the character artist give female characters proper clothes challenge :/

  • Zunjij
    ZunjijMiesiąc temu

    Yo! the dude from the roll20 ads

  • DarklordIra
    DarklordIraMiesiąc temu

    I definitely hope we can get Carlos to appear in the next campaign.

  • joker ledger
    joker ledgerMiesiąc temu

    this episode is just edgy lol

  • Eric L
    Eric LMiesiąc temu


  • Matt Grantz
    Matt GrantzMiesiąc temu

    Liam is looking more and more like the Hound

  • Eric L
    Eric LMiesiąc temu


  • lapinrouge
    lapinrougeMiesiąc temu

    XD, omg I feel soo bad for jhonny.

  • David Wilcock
    David WilcockMiesiąc temu

    I enjoyed this sooo much, thanks guys. Love the necromancer - very good player.

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming
    Yo Dawgz GamingMiesiąc temu

    Loved how silly they were across the board!

  • Lachlan Birch
    Lachlan BirchMiesiąc temu

    is there anywhere talking about the rules for how liams character plays? as that kind of character is exaclty the thing i want, grabbing everyone attention and being able to do things with the attention but nothing quite seems to match it

  • Kyouran 53
    Kyouran 53Miesiąc temu

    i want the rule set for this. I want to dm a game of this but im way to lazy to make a homebrew a 5e version of this.

  • Rovenx Eschall
    Rovenx EschallMiesiąc temu

    Damn that Deckard Cain voicing was gold

  • turtle kappa
    turtle kappaMiesiąc temu

    I request Matt to say Stay awhile and listen. This must be in my life.

  • Mizzko
    MizzkoMiesiąc temu

    Um. I need to know how this reverb effect was done live. kthnx

  • manaray steve
    manaray steveMiesiąc temu

    Does this mean we will be getting an official Diablo “Sanctuary” setting for 5e?

  • Derek Stein

    Derek Stein

    Miesiąc temu

    There was, apparently, some Diablo II supplement for D&D a couple decades back. I only recently heard of them. They could be helpful with my own campaign idea of making an inter-universal breach between Faerun and the Burning Hells that the PCs must attempt to close by any means necessary.

  • Chris Hicks
    Chris HicksMiesiąc temu

    And I'm now convinced as a DM to have my players roll for magic missiles now. Player: I have to roll for magic missiles? Me: Yes, just because I like 1s! :D :D

  • Shwaazi
    ShwaaziMiesiąc temu

    Is there rules or a module we can find to run our own Diablo ttrpg fun?

  • Kosteri x
    Kosteri xMiesiąc temu

    diablo the board game? It looks terribly... boring.

  • TheWarriorSage 1
    TheWarriorSage 1Miesiąc temu

    Best.... Deckard Cain impersonation.... now I gotta watch the whole thing....

  • Corven Mortes
    Corven MortesMiesiąc temu

    Who invited Garra Of The Sand?

  • Adonai Lion Fishermen
    Adonai Lion FishermenMiesiąc temu

    This the first video I have watched from critical role and got instant respect for them ( I love Diablo 2)

  • Sammael
    SammaelMiesiąc temu

    Wait. He’s NOT the original voice actor for Cain? Coulda fooled me.