(CC) 🔮ITZY Magicians Will Give You the SHOCK of Your LIFE!ㅣIT’z PLAYTIME EP.6


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Crazy magic show brought to you by ITZY and kids!
⚠️ DO NOT blink even for a second while the magic show is happening ⚠️
This is the final episode of IT’z PLAYTIME.
Thank you for showing the IT’z PLAYTIME series so much love ❤️
hello82 will be back with more series!

Let us know your favorite moments and why in the comments below!
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  • hello82
    hello8221 dzień temu

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  • Wan Derek

    Wan Derek

    5 dni temu

    My favourite part is 5:55. When Yuna copied the reaction of Lia, it looked exactly the same, and made me can’t stop laughing.😂

  • G B

    G B

    5 dni temu

    my favourite part is at 4:55 because lia‘s surprised reaction when the apple disappears is just too funny 😂

  • A I

    A I

    5 dni temu

    My favorite part is 5:01💐 I like the fact that a girl from Chaeryeong's partner asked ITZY, "Do you want to try it?" and tried to get them to experience magic.

  • Traduçao Br

    Traduçao Br

    5 dni temu

    @Rafaella Zevallos me too

  • Jessie Chow

    Jessie Chow

    5 dni temu

    My favorite part of the video is 4:53!!!! Because ITZY’s surprise reaction when the apple disappeared is literally same as mine while watching😭 It’s so funny and the best reaction to the magic 🪄🔥

  • Mandu YSL
    Mandu YSLGodzinę temu

    2:57 our Maknae just wrecked me!

  • Zedric Mamaril
    Zedric Mamaril2 godzin temu

    Kids: Knowing every single magic trick Itzy: Being impressed by a apple disappearing

  • breadtomiii
    breadtomiii4 godzin temu

    2:11 lmfao😭

  • Jieyl zzz
    Jieyl zzz5 godzin temu

    Our Maknae Yuna is such a cutieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Yani Daryas
    Yani Daryas6 godzin temu

    Yuna being a comedian for 13 minute i can't 💀🤣

  • _ YORu
    _ YORu10 godzin temu

    可愛いマジシャンのおかげで、今日も楽しく過ごせた!!  次のショーが楽しみです🪄✨

  • AndSiTea
    AndSiTea10 godzin temu

    Wait where's the episode 5?

  • Lucia Alarcon Benitez
    Lucia Alarcon Benitez17 godzin temu

    Where is the fifth spisodium?

  • jinnie kwang
    jinnie kwangDzień temu

    The way when yuna said amazing ? Waa so cute 😭♥️

  • Clara Diniz
    Clara DinizDzień temu

    hey where is episode 5?? the one where they eat with the kids!!!

  • anindhita vzz tsurayya
    anindhita vzz tsurayyaDzień temu

    where is ep 5??

    MABEL CHUA POH YI MoeDzień temu

    Ryujin English is very good

  • bunny kookie
    bunny kookie2 dni temu

    Wait, hello82 where's the eps 5? I can't find it

  • aryo episg
    aryo episg2 dni temu

    Hey hello82 can you please make more it'z playtime with itzy please

  • Adella’s Channel
    Adella’s Channel2 dni temu

    This so cool

    SSARANGHAE로꼬꼬2 dni temu

    아 진짜 아가들 너무 귀ㅕ엽다ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  • Sangita Srivastava
    Sangita Srivastava3 dni temu

    Charyeong is just a icon

  • Shadow Playz
    Shadow Playz3 dni temu

    Ryujin: can u introduce yourself Alex: I’m Alex Ryujin: okay *laughs* Lia: I’m Alex

  • chaergworx
    chaergworx3 dni temu


  • christian citrus
    christian citrus3 dni temu


  • 『Maria』
    『Maria』3 dni temu


  • Isabella Zago
    Isabella Zago3 dni temu

    8:06 bruh why'd they add the girl's voice

    DAYAL SINGH4 dni temu

    I love yeji ❤️❤️❤️

  • Narinder Arora
    Narinder Arora4 dni temu

    The real magic is how ITZY interacts with these kids

  • karla
    karla4 dni temu

    "can you please make chaeryeong disappear"

  • johnny
    johnny4 dni temu

    my favorite part is 5:15 when chaeryeong says ruby is different and starts singing dalla dalla, and then lia asks ruby to make chaeryeong disappear, i was crying so hard😭💖

  • Belle Perez
    Belle Perez4 dni temu

    Itzy and the kids being the happy pill that we need in this time of loneliness

  • Belle Perez
    Belle Perez4 dni temu

    2:04 to 3:31 Robin working and showing his magic while logan chillin out there and being cute 24/7😂

  • Gerry Estrera
    Gerry Estrera4 dni temu

    Itzy dont make that content that kid because that's not funny

  • samira shaib
    samira shaib5 dni temu

    7:43 aella’s reactions are so funny, misunderstanding on his face 😭

  • miyeon kim
    miyeon kim5 dni temu

    4:06 chaeyoung is so cute!!!

  • mitta
    mitta5 dni temu

    6:47 Ryujin and 6:49 Yeji are competing for AELLA.So cute🥰

  • らりあ
    らりあ5 dni temu

    My fav part is 4:57☺️ I was surprised at all the magic, but I really liked the reaction of Lia😂

  • *** yulia
    *** yulia5 dni temu

    9:44〜10:10 Yuna is very proud because Lia was surprised by the magic.🤣lol

  • kittyplush
    kittyplush5 dni temu

    2:35 Robin showed his cool magic trick and the girls were really amazed with it!! I find it really endearing 🥺

  • R J
    R J5 dni temu

    07:04 ALLEA is so cute, but not only ALLEA but also ITZY's reaction is sooooooooooooo cute🤩I’m so happy to watch this special program💖I want to watch the program like this again. I want you to plan the season 2 of this program!

  • 金井ヨリ子
    金井ヨリ子5 dni temu

    The one I liked the most was 7:12 It was refreshing to see these girls interacting with the kids in this show. They are younger than me and are like my younger sisters, but when they are with the kids, they become great big sisters. They are younger than me and are like my younger sisters, but when they are with the children, they become great big sisters. I have never seen anything like it before, and when I see them being so kind to the children, it makes me smile and bring tears to my eyes. I'm jealous of their children. Please don't let it end. Thank you for this wonderful program. I look forward to it every time and it made me work harder. Loveeee ITZY

  • Ryujin Hwang
    Ryujin Hwang5 dni temu

    My favorite is 8:10.Yeji is always teased by member.😂Yeji did it seriously but the members were laughing.Yeji is really cute.

  • shrxshn
    shrxshn5 dni temu

    I'll go with 6:53 😍 Aella sang "Not shy, not me" out of the blue when she was reminded of being Ryujin's girl in episode 3 and how she performed Not Shy in front of her.

  • __ RI
    __ RI5 dni temu

    1:41 Lia and her two kids are cute like a family😂💛Healed while doing magic🥺💞

  • eri
    eri5 dni temu

    4:29〜 The part cracked me up🤣 YUNA's mischievous side is so cute and lovable.

  • 애옹
    애옹5 dni temu

    5:09 이때 진짜로 놀르는게 너무 귀여웠습니다. 저도 보고 놀랐어요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Shaira Marasigan
    Shaira Marasigan5 dni temu

    6:36 💖 Ryujin wore the bracelet Aella gave her from episode 3. It just shows how she treasures gifts given to her no matter how big or small. The fact that she wore it here for the last episode also proves that they got to know each other and created a bond while filming the series. 😁

  • Klaudine Keith Valdez
    Klaudine Keith Valdez5 dni temu

    2:36 I just love how itzy react on every things that the kids do. It just show that they really love what they doing. Im stanning the right grouppp ❤️🙇‍♀️ thank you hello82 for this kind of vids. More itzy content with this kids please 💖

  • Ciege Jay
    Ciege Jay5 dni temu

    My favorite part has to be 2:51 where Ryujin asked if anyone knows how the trick works and Yuna immediately said yes (but later on she said she didn’t)😅

  • Chaeyoung Son
    Chaeyoung Son5 dni temu

    4:30 when ruby is getting ready for her magic tricks and hiding the apple inside tha cap and yuna said "where's the apple" broooo haha the magic is just about to begin she's so funny 😂😭

  • 신륮땡
    신륮땡5 dni temu

    1:33 I like this scene the most. It's because ITZY who adore Logan and innocent Logan were sooo cute. Also this scene shows that Ryujin's statement, she doesn't like 5-year-old children, was not true.

  • A
    A5 dni temu

    My favorite part: 2:19 Ryujin being fake unamused that she wasn't being given the sweets, only being shown them as the others laughed. It's always so funny when Ryujin makes faces like that.

  • Dahyeoonn
    Dahyeoonn5 dni temu

    5:07 I can't get over it when they saw the apple in the same blue cup even though they thought it disappeared. :D

  • its_grizzly
    its_grizzly5 dni temu

    13:01 yuna is an amazing magician 😍😍

  • Anne Yuna
    Anne Yuna5 dni temu

    My favorite part is at 13:27 because Chaeryeong looked so surprised and happy that Aella remembered her name 🥺

  • meuryu
    meuryu5 dni temu

    4:56 bcs lia's reaction is just PURE REAL HERE 😭🤣🤣🤣 the whole episode got me thinking, the kids and their magics are just AMAZING! and itzy reacts very well towards the hosts and the magic shows 😂 i truly enjoyed this ❤️

  • itzryu
    itzryu5 dni temu

    2:16 is literally so funny i think this series made me actually like little kids. or maybe it’s because itzy were there 🤔🤔

  • 。 right
    。 right5 dni temu

    My favorite part is here 9:50 🥺 Magician Yuna is very cute 🥲💝

  • MiltPalacio
    MiltPalacio5 dni temu

    Where is episode 5..

  • MiltPalacio


    4 dni temu

    @Fay SknYeah they took it off because they accidentally criticized food brands, I think. Google Itzy playtime ep 5 and scroll down a bit and you'll find something eventually..

  • Fay Skn

    Fay Skn

    4 dni temu

    I can’t find it either :(

  • chani
    chani5 dni temu

    therapy is EXPENSIVE but THIS ?! this is for free

    ZIU ZIU5 dni temu

    12:34 look at how happy they are when around kids🥺 they are all mother material 😍

  • n a o
    n a o5 dni temu

    My favorite part is 6:27 ~ 6:47 because Ryujin remembers her memories with AELLA and the scene is very cute 😊🌼

  • 劉映廷
    劉映廷5 dni temu

    4:29 It’s funny that the magic hasn’t started yet but Yuna said where’s the apple and ryujin said no overreacting 😂

  • D
    D5 dni temu

    3:29 They are the cutest🥰

  • n y
    n y5 dni temu

    5:54 Yuna's imitation of Lia was so funny😂😂😂 Yuna's facial expressions and behavioral variations in this video made it difficult to choose😇🥰 but every minute,every second, ITZY is my favorite girls group🥳 thx a lot!!

  • 齊藤祐美
    齊藤祐美5 dni temu

    ‪My favorite is from 9:35 to 10:36.‬ ‪Because everyone's reaction when doing magic and the pair of Yuna and Alex are cute🤍‬

  • 하늘색
    하늘색5 dni temu

    2:04 Surprised Lia is so funny🤣 2:16 Ryujin who thought he was giving candy, and the little magician who said he was just showing it 😝

  • DR Sucaldito
    DR Sucaldito5 dni temu

    I know I'm a little late for this but to be honest with you, I never missed any of your Premiere with ITZY. :) Thank you hello82.

  • 평생믿지한다
    평생믿지한다5 dni temu

    Hello82's IT'z PLAYTIME series made me so happy to see ITZY without getting bored.

  • Caciana Sauceda
    Caciana Sauceda5 dni temu

    8:10 was my favorite part🤣 Yeji looked so funny doing that and when ryujin was exposing her right after lmaooo.

  • Casandra S
    Casandra S5 dni temu

    4:30 This is my favorite part because when yuna asked "where is the apple?" I was laughing so hard😂 I love these girls they are so funny!!

  • Ken Ken
    Ken Ken5 dni temu

    9:40 - 10:05 My favorite part is when Yuna is so confident in showing her magic trick with all her facial expression. Her saying ‘amazing’ is on a whole new level. Love it!!

  • Anne-Marie Branson
    Anne-Marie Branson5 dni temu

    2:36 When Robin tore the tissue and all the candy fell out, the looks on the members faces were priceless! 🤣 If i was there, I’d be as shocked as well! 😲

  • na nami
    na nami5 dni temu

    1:56 Chaeryeong and Yeji’s yawn is soo cute😻 I love her and ITz playtime was so fun🤩 thank you for these contents and event!! I hope that season2 will public😏😏

  • Enny Herawati
    Enny Herawati5 dni temu

    04.29-04.37 is my favorite part, because when Ruby and Chaeryong apple magic just started, Yuna acted as if the apple had completely disappeared, so Ryunjin said don't over-act 😂😂

  • 퀸나
    퀸나5 dni temu

    Wow! I like magic shows😘 I wanted to see the kids and ITZY do magic shows, and I'm so happy to see them through Hello 82! Thanks 😍

  • Douniacha
    Douniacha5 dni temu

    1:52 the little boy is so cute, he not answering 😂 so cute 🥰

  • popa
    popa5 dni temu

    CAN YOU INVITE ITZY & NCT DREAM IN THE SAME TIME ? i mean . . make itzy & nct dream collaboration ? 🥺

  • 서야sooyaaa
    서야sooyaaa5 dni temu

    Where is the ep when they will be doing asmr!!

  • TzuWuNa
    TzuWuNa5 dni temu

    4:30 Yuna joking about the apple disappearing before the trick was so funny >

  • Allen Z
    Allen Z6 dni temu

    My favorite part is 5:54 because Yuna was so funny here, actually the whole episode showed Yuna's comedic side and she was really funny. Please make a Season 2 of ITz PLAYTIME because we need more Itzy and kids interaction. :)

  • minachewy
    minachewy6 dni temu

    4:30 "oh where is the apple?" LMAOO YUNA IS TOO FUNNY

  • ユナユナ
    ユナユナ6 dni temu

    13:03 My favorite scene!

  • nico b
    nico b6 dni temu

    5:02 있지 멤버들 뿐만 아니라 저도 굉장히 놀랐고 트릭을 몇 번이고 확인했습니다 ㅋㅋ 5:02 ITZY members as well as I was very surprised and checked the trick over and over again. Lol

  • まめ
    まめ6 dni temu

    4:43 Everyone's surprising reaction is the funniest and the best🤣💗 It was a very interesting time, and everyone was very cute and happy!

  • Azcy
    Azcy6 dni temu

    The way Ryu said "she's my girl (referring to a kid Aella) bruhhh this is the first time I get jealous from a kid! Lmao

  • chew ks
    chew ks6 dni temu

    3:04 is my favourite part of the video! the way yuna said you are an amazing magician was so cute!! her facial expressions and the way she clapped were also very love-able

  • Azcy
    Azcy6 dni temu

    Lia: Can you please make CHAERYEONG disappear? I burst! 🤣

  • める
    める6 dni temu

    My favorite scene is 8:17.Yeji and Ryujin's relationship was so funny and cute.Yeji said no! She was cute too😳

  • さら
    さら6 dni temu

    5:09~ is my favorite part. because I was surprised by Ruby's magic, and ITZY's surprised face was so cute.🤍🤍

  • JayBae
    JayBae6 dni temu

    Wow the overall series was fun as well as the episode, but my fav part is in behind the scenes at 13:36 where Logan just starts drifting apart into a different dimension. I love how his other brother is into the magic and Logan sits there nonchalantly and lets things happen. His expression makes it even more funny / priceless! Thanks for this content!

  • Prasith Oudomvilay
    Prasith Oudomvilay6 dni temu

    Can't wait to see them on hello82 again this time as a mafia

  • 붉은악마믿지
    붉은악마믿지6 dni temu

    4:53 🍯: W😮W lmaooooo I think she's really surprised 🤣

  • Stan Red velvet
    Stan Red velvet6 dni temu

    Yall is it just me or am I jealous I want to 😭those children are so lucky

  • Cleo Clarinan
    Cleo Clarinan6 dni temu

    “Hey! No overreacting” Lmao HAHAHAHAHHA

  • Canal da Lauh
    Canal da Lauh6 dni temu

    Te amo Itzy com crianças, TE AMO.

  • jisu_7_21
    jisu_7_216 dni temu

    5:13 Socute♡♡

  • Aila Karylle
    Aila Karylle6 dni temu

    4:31-4:37 is my favorite part when ruby ​​was just putting the apple in the cup and yuna reacted immediately saying “where is the apple” which made everyone laughed because ruby hasn’t started her magic yet and they told yuna that she was overreacting. that’s one of what i love about yuna is she knows how to make people laugh. SHE WILL NEVER NOT BE FUNNY

  • Gideon DelaCruz
    Gideon DelaCruz6 dni temu

    2:17 Ryujin's face when she got rejected... Haha

  • Angelica Sinongco
    Angelica Sinongco6 dni temu

    Where's the ep 5??

  • Karimah Kinanti
    Karimah Kinanti6 dni temu

    josh is so cute

  • 藤本亜美
    藤本亜美7 dni temu


  • Suzusawa.すずさわ
    Suzusawa.すずさわ7 dni temu

    My favorite is 4:54.I fell in love with LIA's sincere expression and honest reaction that made me stand up.I also like the way Ruby has become a magician.