We broke yet another WORLD RECORD... the most amount elims in a single duos game! 88 Elims... the equivalent of two 20 bombs each in the comeback LTM! We hope you enjoy!
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  • Matt / PlexehFTP
    Matt / PlexehFTPGodzinę temu

    X2 twins : 88kills Me and my girlfriend arguing about taking each others kills 😂

  • Jaxson Monticue
    Jaxson Monticue4 godzin temu

    yo uu and jesse r goated for life

  • Airoixxox Airouz
    Airoixxox Airouz9 godzin temu

    :friend they suck :me aw heck. You did not say that

  • WaterBell
    WaterBell9 godzin temu

    This dude killed 80% of the lobby!

  • Jacob Hillman
    Jacob Hillman10 godzin temu

    the best players

  • Flufy_btw
    Flufy_btw15 godzin temu

    omg you are the best 🔥

  • Amb er Smith
    Amb er Smith15 godzin temu

    Y'all are the best PLcliprs

  • Melanie playz :D
    Melanie playz :D18 godzin temu


  • JamesMCTV
    JamesMCTV18 godzin temu

    aimbot user cough cough

  • Qxzzfy -
    Qxzzfy -20 godzin temu

    its so sad in the outro when they fall...

  • Anson DeVinney
    Anson DeVinneyDzień temu

    Jonsey, DEAD! Aura, DEAD! GUY IN A TREE!!!!! The meme speaks for itself

  • ÑoXý ツ
    ÑoXý ツDzień temu

    pq les top descend pas il reste a 35

  • mitc0580 mitc0580
    mitc0580 mitc0580Dzień temu

    88 elimms HAW ◑﹏◐

  • Layla M
    Layla MDzień temu

    The fact that they both said "dying" at the same exact time is hilarious

  • Trexis
    TrexisDzień temu

    bro i think you have in a duo or arena or custom match 88kills xd

  • Baby Ready For Sacrifice
    Baby Ready For Sacrifice2 dni temu

    7:39 renagade raider

  • HunterElite
    HunterElite2 dni temu

    Thats custom match

  • Maze_Adam
    Maze_Adam2 dni temu

    I got 32 solo duos

  • Finley Cleaver
    Finley Cleaver2 dni temu

    I wish I can be that good as them

    KODIAK3 dni temu


  • TodoXAqua
    TodoXAqua3 dni temu

    The master of snipes without scopes

  • Unfunny Memes
    Unfunny Memes3 dni temu


  • ninja black
    ninja black3 dni temu

    Yea whit soft aim

  • Truffle playz
    Truffle playz4 dni temu

    This basically cheating

  • Mindas The god
    Mindas The god4 dni temu

    They all ways make the impossible possible

  • Frances Tyndall
    Frances Tyndall4 dni temu

    You guys are my favorite PLcliprs

  • Layla Moore
    Layla Moore4 dni temu

    How are they using those guns but they are from last season and the map is season 6

  • Itzz Frranky
    Itzz Frranky4 dni temu

    I did 89 kill with my friend :)

  • Nicolai Wittich
    Nicolai Wittich4 dni temu

    Nicht echt

  • Panda vloger
    Panda vloger5 dni temu

    Them: dieing

  • Panda vloger

    Panda vloger

    5 dni temu


  • Alex 25k
    Alex 25k5 dni temu

    bruh they usin that softaim soo good but i can still see it :/

  • Adam Abusaleem
    Adam Abusaleem5 dni temu

    Do they se comments if you ask this question like

  • Keno
    Keno5 dni temu

    when you drink G fuel once:

  • Mugaaz-
    Mugaaz-5 dni temu

    I like how Jordan doesn’t stop speaking

  • Trudy Egan
    Trudy Egan5 dni temu

    so good

  • Trudy Egan
    Trudy Egan5 dni temu

    i got 100 klis

  • UnknownUchiha
    UnknownUchiha6 dni temu

    Y'all did not get 88 elims this I team rumble you bums

  • Sama Saqer
    Sama Saqer6 dni temu

    And it was 90 kills not 88 you liars

  • Sama Saqer
    Sama Saqer6 dni temu

    And its only because you had 5 lifes if you didnt you were dead no problems

  • Sama Saqer
    Sama Saqer6 dni temu

    Clickbait video not clickbait for my commt i swear its clickbait

  • Forcado
    Forcado6 dni temu

    inpo silvel

  • Nel Ruhe
    Nel Ruhe6 dni temu


  • Andreas Aschaber
    Andreas Aschaber7 dni temu

    In Germany we say: Zu Wyld hrrrrr

  • Eirik Cool
    Eirik Cool7 dni temu

    its supercool

  • Gerardo Huertas
    Gerardo Huertas7 dni temu

    They are insane my guy

  • zomomba
    zomomba7 dni temu

    how i get good?

  • Gracie Schouten
    Gracie Schouten7 dni temu

    Me going crazy about one kill

  • Zel
    Zel7 dni temu

    The fact that they are literally so chill about 50 elims is just mind-blowing. Me and my sister: Don’t steal my kill! 🙄😅 One of the reasons I don’t play with her anymore. On fortnite at least- But wow! My highest kill game is 28.. I’m trash I know... Very impressed! Well done X2twins! ✨💫💛

  • Vynxd_Allan
    Vynxd_Allan7 dni temu

    Me if i get 80 elims: LETS FRICKING GOOO LADS And i jump on my chair xD Them: 88 elims we've done it we beat the world record

  • The Illusion
    The Illusion7 dni temu

    Shut the front door.....

  • Tobi Oren
    Tobi Oren7 dni temu

    5:32 when people say that twins aren´t connected

  • Curv
    Curv7 dni temu

    I got 34 kills on gray

  • Muhammad Bakhtiar Shahazad Year 3
    Muhammad Bakhtiar Shahazad Year 38 dni temu

    Oh my god!!!

  • Juan Jaramillo
    Juan Jaramillo8 dni temu


  • Juan Jaramillo
    Juan Jaramillo8 dni temu


  • Aqeef Arif
    Aqeef Arif8 dni temu


  • Aqeef Arif
    Aqeef Arif8 dni temu

    Wow you got lucky that girl skin had low health the pump headshot did 12 famage

  • Aqeef Arif
    Aqeef Arif8 dni temu

    whats your favorite weapon i like the pump

  • Aqeef Arif
    Aqeef Arif8 dni temu

    Boney burbs*

  • Aqeef Arif
    Aqeef Arif8 dni temu

    I got those kills in bpney burbs i killed 2 times squad in boney burbs thats crazy

  • Aqeef Arif
    Aqeef Arif8 dni temu

    At least the practive map worth it i got 14 kills

  • Aqeef Arif
    Aqeef Arif8 dni temu

    I have play this game mode 2 times because i was doing practice maps

  • FayeurZ
    FayeurZ8 dni temu

    Amazing 🤩

  • Amaan Narsindhani
    Amaan Narsindhani9 dni temu

    My max kill record is 7 and I was so happy and then I watch this and it makes me mad but amazed because they are so good

  • Korton Spackkmon
    Korton Spackkmon9 dni temu

    nice job ya'll.

  • Vga big
    Vga big9 dni temu

    People like u r why people don't like fortnite anymore

  • super custard
    super custard9 dni temu

    i love u guys!!! you pro

  • Atomix
    Atomix9 dni temu

    8:15 twins :D

  • seey
    seey9 dni temu

    1:22 wtf?

  • это не REVOLYSION
    это не REVOLYSION9 dni temu

    a bot server just like you

  • Fotis Vasilakis
    Fotis Vasilakis9 dni temu

    emmm is actually not duo or arena or something like that. is a ltm

  • Prince León
    Prince León9 dni temu


  • Prince León
    Prince León9 dni temu


  • Baden
    Baden9 dni temu

    why a kill count 2 ?

  • litty
    litty10 dni temu

    Jesse: This guys tryna thunder pump me! Do you know who I am?!? Me: ur 1/2 of the thunder-pump kings!!!🔫👑 Love ur content. Keep up the great work👍❤️🐐

  • garf
    garf10 dni temu

    nice they both got 44 elims

  • trainsirf
    trainsirf10 dni temu

    Who cares... who still plays this game?

  • oliver Jackson
    oliver Jackson10 dni temu

    Dang bro. You're cracked at fortnite my guys

  • Virvex .
    Virvex .10 dni temu

    they kinda just got 17 kills cuz everyone had 5 lives so 88 kills in a 500 pepole game so 88 devided by 5 is17. 6

  • Anthony Jewer
    Anthony Jewer10 dni temu

    I have that pug skin that you showed in the beginning of the video

    CRIZIO10 dni temu

    team fr

  • Wondraschek
    Wondraschek10 dni temu

    Aim bot

  • Lukáš
    Lukáš10 dni temu

    Fortinite world rekord IS 153 ils

  • Samar Rachid
    Samar Rachid10 dni temu


    MAMALINDO10 dni temu


  • Abo5Klb
    Abo5Klb10 dni temu

    2000000milon sub

  • Pixel_Lato
    Pixel_Lato10 dni temu

    it is a 1,99 subscribe omg

  • Ruby Hahn
    Ruby Hahn10 dni temu


  • Dragan Lovrinovic
    Dragan Lovrinovic10 dni temu


  • gaara
    gaara11 dni temu


  • I am KuBajsz
    I am KuBajsz11 dni temu

    Cz/Sk = 174 kills (Halien)

  • Team xd
    Team xd11 dni temu

    Pozdro z polski

  • Playford Richardson
    Playford Richardson11 dni temu

    I have a question x2twins how are you amazingly good but get really bad people I mean a few have been good but then there’s you guys

  • TXSH
    TXSH11 dni temu

    2 millionth sub

  • Saif Omareyeh
    Saif Omareyeh11 dni temu

    Him breaking the world record for the most due kills: Also him not knowing that *lazarbeam broke the fortnight kill record with 45 something thousand*

  • error
    error11 dni temu

    i spent the whole video thinking there was just one dude talking, their voices are the same wtf but, wtv, epic game!

  • Gonzalo Sae
    Gonzalo Sae11 dni temu

    New suscriber

  • astr0nomical
    astr0nomical11 dni temu

    Bruh those two are freaking cracked 😲

  • Lorianny Rodriguez
    Lorianny Rodriguez11 dni temu

    This is fake because there is no more pistols no more lever shotguns and there is no more charge shotguns on season six

  • Eric BRUNEAU
    Eric BRUNEAU11 dni temu